15 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida: Truth of Florida Life

For many people, life in Florida is just a dream but many regret moving to Florida. Now, everyone has different tastes and preferences. Every place has something different to offer.

Florida is not an exception! There are some pros and cons of living in Florida

pros and cons of living in Florida

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As per the statistics records in 2018, Florida was a home of over 65.5 Million people. It is one of the favorite vacation spots for USA residents because it offers a high standard of living. 

The greatest benefits of living in Florida are that you can explore Disney World and Miami Beach regularly. It’s one of the happiest places for children and adults respectively. 

Florida has a lot to offer – no matter what your budget is. There are several budget-friendly places to visit in Florida where retirees can settle and spend their time freely without any disturbances. 

We are all very aware of the famous proverb “Everything that shines is not gold”. And, our Sunshine State, Florida, has its own sets of pros and cons. But what does that mean? 

The tranquil and luxurious life, the tropical climate, the diverse flora and fauna, lush landscapes, are all lies that we read on the Internet. 

No, they are not a lie. But there are pros and cons of living in Florida. 

The splendid beautiful beaches, U-pick own oranges from orange groves, and marvelous sights of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surprise us with their extraordinary beauty. There are also some cons. 

What Type of Life is It in Florida?

Florida is situated at the southernmost State of the United State of America with the most pleasing weather such as the warm climate.

In recent years, Miami has become so congested that you might feel that you are in New York. Tallahassee city is so posh and Orlando is full of temporary tourists. 

Places like Jacksonville, Spring Hill, Tampa, Venice, and Parkland are great and lively places in Florida. 

If you ask me whether it is worth living in Florida, then I would say YES. 

Stunning beaches in Florida, the romantic getaways, the natural Florida springs, and the lakes in Florida have already stolen my heart and I see Florida more than its disadvantages. 

If you’re wondering what are the pros and cons of living in Florida then by the end of this article you will get a clear picture and can decide for yourself whether moving to Florida is your right decision or not. 

Pros and Cons of Living in Florida
Living in Florida – PC: Flickr

The Pros And Cons of Living in Florida: Why Should You Live In Florida?

Florida is a great place to live in and start a family. I will give you the reasons to live in Florida and boost your income and savings. 

The biggest pros of living in Florida are its robust economy, great job opportunities, climatic and weather condition, and beautiful landscape. 

The most affordable cities to live in Florida are Quincy, Cape Coral, Gainesville, Palm Bay, and Orlando. Therefore, you can shift here and take opportunities for all good things. 

You’ll be so happy to know that there are many free things to do in Orlando like Hike in the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, Stroll in Lake Eola Park, watch Vintage Cars, and a lot more. 

But there are certain things to know before moving to Florida. 

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Its humid, hot climate is unbearable, sales tax and unplanned growth and urbanization could question your decision to move to Florida. 

But, I’ll give you the true scenario explaining all the pros and cons of moving to Florida

Let’s Know The Perks of Living In Florida:

No Income Tax– A Lot Of Savings: 

Yaay! Perks of being a Floridian!

Once I got to know about it, Florida became my dream destinationFlorida residents have to pay no state income tax

There are only a few affordable places in the US in terms of Tax payment. 

In 2004 and 2007, Florida declared estate tax and investment on the stock market and bonds as null and void respectively. 

You only have to pay your federal taxes and there is no burden to pay your hard-earned money as tax.      

If you are a resident of Tennessee, Alaska, and Delaware then you have to pay less tax in terms of state and local taxes. 

Quality Of Life At Reasonable Price – Start Family

Moving to Florida might be overwhelming, but did you know that you might enjoy a great standard of living at a very cheap price? 

Yes, living cost in Florida is affordable and reasonable too compared to the other states in the USA. Florida ranks in the middle in terms of affordability rate. 

A great state with great opportunities and a low crime rate like Florida is where you should start your family and give them a new life. 

Therefore, relocating to Florida this year is ideally a great choice. You might choose Oklahoma to move in but do you want a cheap place that doesn’t provide you security? 

Florida is huge and it has so many things to offer. If you’re rich you can stay in Miami and if you have an average income you may choose Fruitland Park or Winter Garden.

For example:

Standard of living in Miami, Florida:

Miami is the place for stars and famous personalities. It is expensive and humans like you and me cannot spend $2,500 every month. Therefore, for us, Florida has other inexpensive places too.

Miami, FL
Miami, FL

Standard of living in Northern Florida:

Do you want to know the pros and cons of living in northern Florida? Let me tell you, the biggest pro is this place is affordable and great to settle. These are some of the best places in Northern Florida where you would want to live.  

A place like Gainesville has low property prices and no income tax burden. You may also choose some remote places in Florida. 

North Florida gets affected during the time of hurricanes; therefore, that’s the biggest con. 

The average standard of living in Florida:

With the above example of Miami and Gainesville, you understand the pros and cons of living in Florida. You can choose what suits your budget and preferences. 

You can stay at Westchase. Don’t think of settling in Putnam County, and Lauderdale Lake. 

Hot Robust Economy – Earn Effortlessly:

Did you ever think Florida was a good place to work? My friend, you will be surprised that Florida’s economy hits $ 1 trillion this year.  

It would be considered as the 17th biggest economy if Florida were its nation. 

A great geographical location has made Florida one of the major hubs for business goals. The tech industries are growing, providing job opportunities to thousands of young fellows. 

In Florida, tourism, financial services, life sciences, aerospace and aviation, international trade, and agriculture are the hot and growing industries. 

If you’re a fresher, then you can start your career by enrolling yourself in professional startup companies which have huge opportunities for economic growth. 

Estate in Miami is flourishing and has been ranked 8th in the nation. 

Cities like Tampa, St Petersburg, Everglades, and Key West are major tourist spots. 

But Covid-19 in 2019 has affected the tourism industry in Florida to a large extent. Therefore, these are the great advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida.  

Huge Job Opportunities in Florida
Huge Job Opportunities in Florida

A Life to Cherish – Tons of Recreational Activities:

The name Florida reminds me to cherish the time I spent in Universal Studio and Busch Garden and other beautiful places. 

If you are thinking, why are people moving to Florida these days, then let me inform you that people are no more work worms; they want a life beyond stress which is packed with fun. 

Advantages of Living in Florida: Water Life

Do you want to enjoy a gorgeous beach life? Just pack your bags and come here! 

If you are looking to move to Florida check out this article on the 10 best places in Florida to Live.

Florida has beautiful beaches and it’s a few minutes drives from the center. 

Here are some of the great beaches you can explore. They are: 

Panama City Beach, St.George Island, Pensacola Beach, Grayton Beach, St Andrews Beach, Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Beach, Bowman’s Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Bahia Honda Beach.  

Miami Beach, Florida
Miami Beach, Florida

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Moving To Florida: Outdoor Water Activities

The beautiful coastline allows you to be adventurous and take part in great water activities.

Here are some of the great outdoor activities you can explore. They are: 

You can take part in Kayaking, Surfing, Canoeing, Snorkeling, ski boat Yachting, Diving, and a lot more. Did you ever think of going for sailboat riding or riding along the mangroves? 

Florida is so much fun! 

Outdoor Land Activities

The sport is a place of love for all golf and tennis lovers. 

You can enroll yourself in The Preserve at the Ironhorse, a friendly golf club. Palm Beach County is known as the state’s golf capital. 

Moving To Florida: Theme Park

You can never stay back at home because you have the opportunity to do so many things.

Spend your weekends in Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Florida’s theme parks, and Legoland. 

Disneyland in Florida
Disneyland in Florida

The Sunny Personality – Warm Weather 

The Sunshine State has warm weather and is believed to have 2,800 hours of sunlight per year. It experiences an average daily temperature of 71 Degree Celsius. 

You can spend hours on the beach getting tanned naturally and play all round the year and enjoy under Palm trees. 

You can click such great Instagram pictures under the bright sunny sky with gorgeous views around you. 

Florida’s weather, Pine Forest, Palmetto Palms, and spectacular nature are something which is integrated with the state’s name. 

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Disadvantages of Moving To Florida:


Let’s be realistic, there are advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida. After studying about the perks it’s time to know the cons. 

Florida’s lifestyle might not be your cup of tea and truly there are a couple of reasons not to move to Florida. Therefore, now it’s time to know the adverse side too – 

Extreme  Weather– That Hurts:

I know you love the warm temperature but will you love it when it gets extreme? 

Florida’s extremely warm climate sometimes makes me regret moving to Florida. The temperature rises to the ’90s and it’s unbearable to go out to my yard. 

Thunderstorms and cyclones are so severe that sometimes I fear staying alone at my own house. I’m sure you’ve heard all the bad news like people dying because of thunderstorms. 

Now, just imagine the thunderstorm, high temperature and high humidity altogether can just make you regret your decision to move to Florida.

Here are some other examples of extreme climatic conditions in Florida – 


Because of its geographical position Florida experiences tornadoes all year round. Florida experiences more deadly Tornadoes compared to the Midwest. 

And, these natural calamities are frightening and dangerous too.


The tropical storms over the water bodies from June to November are so dangerous for fishermen and people who love to spend time on beaches. 

After Florida, Texas has recorded severe hurricanes all-round the year.

cons of living in Florida, hurricane
Day after a Hurricane

Unplanned Growth – Urbanization:

Over years, Florida has grown so rapidly that it has affected healthy growth. 

Tourists, per-time residents have led to overpopulation and urbanization. 

The common effects are – heavy traffic on the road, congestion, too many people on the road, unplanned growth, high price, and low supply of goods and materials. 

You have to have great driving skills to drive in Florida. You don’t want to get hit or hit anyone on the way.

The crime rate in Florida has risen in recent years. Miami-Dade County has a high crime rate. These are the biggest pros and cons of living in Florida

Insurance – Cost Of Living:

Indeed, I don’t have to pay huge income tax but to ensure my property, and health I‘ve to spend as much as you can imagine. 

The biggest pros and cons of living in southern Florida is that with great weather you have to pay a heavy price for living compared to any other state.

Therefore, stay aware of the places you are choosing to reside. 

Local Tax– High Sales Tax:

The local taxes like driver’s license, registration of cars and vehicles, and sales tax are so high that sometimes I regret moving to Florida. 

Combining average sales tax and local tax, I have to pay more than 7 % tax. 

If you are planning to reside in Tennessee, then you have to pay a minimum of 9.5 % tax to the government. 

For registration of your vehicle, you have to pay a high tax per gallon gas tax. 

I know Florida is an expensive place to reside if you don’t earn or save enough. Therefore, there are certain ways you can save more in Florida.

  • Use the Ibotta app for grocery shopping. They provide huge discounts. Check pout the best travel apps.
  • Use Personal Capital to manage your finances.
  • Start investing in shares and mutual funds. 
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Insects Bugs And Wildlife – Regular Visitors: 

Do you like living in Florida? Ask me, and my answer will be yes, but I hate frequent uninvited visitors at my house.

Alligators, gators, coyotes, giant birds, snakes, reptiles, insects, and bugs are frequent visitors. 

Bees, mosquitoes, and wasps are more poisonous than you can imagine. 

Did you know there are 40 types of snake species in Florida? 

They are dangerous and poisonous. Every month I’ve to buy 5 bottles of Carbonic Acid to keep reptiles away from my house. 

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pros and cons of moving to Florida
Alligator on the Road in Florida

Summary of Pros and Cons Of Living in Florida: 

Pros And Cons of Living in Destin Florida:


  • The clean environment and fresh air will keep your lungs in good condition.
  • You can pluck oranges and grapes from your tree in the yard
  • Beautiful Palm trees all over Florida, make it beautiful.
  • You cannot skip the Christmas in Florida.

Cons: The temperature outside is too hot to touch. Do you want to step out at 93 degrees Celsius and swim in water?  

Pros And Cons of Living in Fort Myers Florida:

Pros: This place is best for people who are looking for an affordable and cheap place. The historic Fort Myers River is also very touristy. 

Cons: Public transportation is a huge problem; therefore, you have to own a car. 

Pros And Cons of Living in Orlando:


  • No snowfall in the winter season, therefore, say bye to your winter clothes. 
  • Close to Disney World and a great place to visit and make memories.
  • Affordable shopping centers and great people to spend time in Winter Garden, Windermere, and Winter Park.
  • It has incredibly colorful skies and a spectacular view of the horizon. 

Cons: Too sunny and too summery this makes you regret moving to Florida.

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Pros And Cons of Living in The Florida Panhandle:


  • Affordable and cheap places to live in
  • Such a great climatic condition to reside in. 


  • From the center, it takes hours to reach there.
  • It’s an affordable place to reside but has nothing much to offer. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Florida?

Different places in Florida have different expenses and standards of living. I’ll explain to you the average living cost in Florida, which will help you to know the basic expenses.

Renting a home in Florida will cost you around $1,700 on average and a studio apartment in Florida will cost around $500-$700. 

The property tax rate in Florida is 0.98 %.

Other costs like buying clothes, garbage maintenance, cleaning, and others are around $127.

Including transportation, food, and everything, the whole expense will be around $40,000 per year. 


Honestly, there are many pros and cons of living in Florida. There are many reasons to visit and reside here and many reasons not to. If you have already decided to move to the Sunshine State, here is our detailed guide and checklist to move to Florida. But to make the best decision for yourself, you have to ask yourself what do you want? Research and do your homework and study about the culture to come up with a solid answer. The education and health system in Florida is great and is undoubtedly a great place to reside. 

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FAQ on Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Florida

1. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Tampa In Florida?

A: Pros: Lively place to join parties. Tampa Bay Pride Parade, the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Festival of Beer and Sunset Music Festival, and more. A great place for history lovers to explore the city of Ybor.
Cons: Everyone is visiting this place and it’s too crowded.

2. What Are The Summers in Florida Like?

A: Summers are long and very hot with thunderstorms. The temperature sometimes rises to 90 degrees Celsius too.

3. What is The Dirtiest City in Florida?

A: Lakeland, Ocala, Lake City in Florida are not clean and not properly maintained. 

4. What Part of Florida is Safest From Hurricanes?

A: If you fear hurricanes like me then you can reside in the following places. They are Palatka, Sanford, Fernandina Beach.

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