11 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Florida in 2023

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how eagerly I wait to decorate you, prepare you, light up your branches, hang tinsel and baubles on you!

Your presence is magical and you make my house cozy and warm. Hence Christmas without a Christmas tree is a celebration without emotions. 

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Florida

The Christmas tree is a symbol of coming back home and spending time together with family – in a word, happy holiday! So, visiting Christmas tree farms in Florida and picking up the real Christmas tree, whether Fraser, White Pine or Douglas, with your loved ones is a memorable experience. 

So, this blog is a complete guide on Christmas tree farms in Florida where you can find a quality tree and can cut it down by yourself too! Here are a few options in The Sunshine State. 

Christmas Tree Farms in Florida

Florida offers a wonderful opportunity to partake in the cherished family tradition of cutting down your own Christmas tree and bringing the festive spirit home. The state boasts a plethora of Christmas tree farms, featuring a diverse array of options from pines and firs to spruces. To assist you in finding the perfect tree, I’ve curated a list of the top 10 Christmas tree farms in Florida, considering both their quality and availability.

Christmas Tree Farm in Orlando

1. Santa Christmas Tree Forest

Location: 35317 Huff Rd, Eustis, FL 32736 

Santa Christmas Trees Forest is the best Christmas tree farm in Eustis Florida that grows Red Cedars, Arizona Cypress, and Sand Pines on a fresh 17 acres farm. The trees like Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Pine, Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, and Black Spruce are healthy and look traditional as regular water and irrigation are done. 

No matter if you decide to pick your own or cut your own Christmas tree, a hayride will guide you and educate you about the farm field. He will take you along the perimeter of the forest and you can get down and walk through the Christmas Trees leading to Santa’s Village. 

If you are cutting your own Christmas tree, then choose the best tree and be sure you cut near the ground to leave enough trunks in the stand. Once it is done drag to the nearest edge of the tree row and a hayride will help you in the processing. Additionally, you can enjoy “The Crazy Elf Christmas Maze”, “Santa’s Flight Zip Line”, and “Reindeer Haystack”. 


  • Christmas season starts from late 21st November –20th December
  • Close on Monday. Opening time: Friday – 1 am to 5 pm, rest of the days- 9 am – 6 pm 
  • Walk-in-tickets are limited so book your tickets online
  • 5 to 8 feet Christmas trees range from around $ 50
  • Trees under 5 feet are not allowed to be cut
Best Christmas Tree Farms in Florida_Santa Christmas Tree Forest
Santa Christmas Tree Forest

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2. Watson Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 1890 Ga Hwy 26 West Ellaville, GA 31806

Watson Tree Farms is the oldest Christmas tree farm in Oak Hill, Brevard County started in 1948 by Donald Watson. Moreover, Watson Tree Farms is a 1000-acre landscape for Christmas trees as well as nursery stock. 

Starting from Scotch Pine, Green Giants, Leyland Cypress, Blue Ice, Murray X, Blue Spruce, White Pine, Carolina Sapphire, Fraser firs and 1000 more varieties of trees are found. Their premium service is capable of dealing with 50,000 customers all over the United States. 

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You can visit early Christmas season and reserve your favorite Christmas Tree and come back later down the month to take it back to your home. This makes Watson Tree Farms unique from the other Christmas tree farms in Florida. 


  • Leashed dogs are welcomed at Watson Christmas Tree Farm
  • Open from 18th November till 22nd December
  • Per foot tree $5
  • Credit card transactions are not encouraged, bring cash
Watson Christmas Tree Farm
Watson Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farms in Dade City Florida

3. Lazy Lay Acres Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 14920 Swift Rd, Dade City, Florida 33525

Lazy Lay Acres Christmas Tree Farm is a beautiful 57-acre landscape, famous among people in the Bay Area. Moreover, it pets turkeys, mossy oaks, horses, hickories, and a little dog. Again, the Lays do not have cable for TV, they rely on Internet service for dial-up, the place is this rural. 

The drive to Lazy Lay Acres is gorgeous as on the way you can see orange groves, a big clear sky, and winding roads. Here you will get Sand pine, Leyland cypress, and red cedar, all fresh and high quality. They also supply Fraser first from North Carolina. Lazy Lay Acre is a place in west central Florida where you can cut down a tree by yourself. 


  • Opens after Thanksgiving, 9 am to 6 pm till Christmas eve
  • Presence of a small petting zoo
  • $30 for six foot Christmas tree
  • If you have a military card then get a 5% discount on every purchase
Lazy Lay Acres Christmas Tree Farm
Lazy Lay Acres Christmas Tree Farm

4. Ergle Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 3331 Treiman Blvd, Dade City, Florida 33523

Ergle Christmas Tree Farm is an award-winning farm in Dade City, Central Florida for almost 30 years. This 24-acre farm is run by a family that guarantees quality over anything. Moreover, Ergle is the longest-running tree farm in Florida. 

You can choose to cut your own, pre-cut or potted fresh wreaths, Christmas cactus, Carolina Sapphire, Ceder, and Sand Pine, at the best price. Ergle Christmas Tree Farm has no entrance fee and a lot of parking spaces.


  • Open from 20th November 9 am to 7 pm
  • $6 per foot to nine feet
  • $7 a foot for 9 feet above trees
  • The place is scenic, so get your camera
Ergle Christmas Tree Farm
Ergle Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm in Jacksonville

5. Songer’s Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 5255 Carter Spencer Road, Middleburg, FL 32068

Songer’s Christmas Tree Farm is a 30-year-old beautiful spot in Middleburg from where you can see Carolina Sapphires and Cedar. Every year once trees are cut down, new fresh environment-friendly trees are planted. 

The firms offer Spruce Pine, Ceder, Leyland Cypress, and Sand Pine trees in different colors. You will be amazed to watch out for such colorful trees in the field scattered between the green trees. The farmers take great pride in caring to ensure that the trees are fresh and application is through renewable resources. 

With a warm atmosphere and helpful staff, visitors can enjoy a memorable tree-cutting adventure. Make cherished memories and start a new tradition at Songer’s Christmas Tree Farm, where holiday magic comes to life.


  • Open on 27th November annually. 
  • For walking in the field wear long sturdy shoes because you may encounter cactus, stumps, briars, and holes. 
  • You can get 3 ft. Carolina Sapphire and Cedar trees planted in pots to plant in your house range from $12.95 – $15.95
  • Songer’s Christmas Tree Farm has frosted trees colored in pink, blue, and white
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6. Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 11965 O.C. Horne Rd. Sanderson, FL 32087

Jacksonville is one of the best Christmas getaways in Florida. Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm is located 46 miles east of Jacksonville. It is one of the most beautiful farms in Florida. Visitors can get a huge variety of different trees like Blue Spruce, Nordman, Balsam, and Grand Fir.

Whether you dream of Douglas, Concolor, Frasier, Noble Fir, Red Cedar, or Leyland Cypress, Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm will have your back. 

The unique service makes Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm famous among the people of Florida. You can order online any of your favorite choices on their website and you will receive same-day delivery of Christmas trees within Las Vegas. 


  • Open after Thanksgiving, daily – 8 am to 6 pm
  • You can harvest Balsam fir, and Spruce
Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm in Florida
Rudolph’s Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm in Gainesville 

7. Neilson’s Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 6780 SE 67th Ct, Trenton, Florida, US

Are you looking for beautiful Christmas tree farms in Florida to welcome the best Christmas tree? A visit to Neilson’s Christmas Tree Farm is a must. The Christmas tree farm is lovely due to its quiet environment and its location, five minutes west of Newbury on Highway 26.

Unlike other Christmas farms in Florida, Neilson’s Christmas Tree Farm is a hidden gem, boasting not only a delightful petting zoo but also an impressive model train. Joyce Neilson and Bob will guide you in selecting the perfect Christmas tree from a variety of options, including Carolina Sapphires, San Pines, Scotch Pines, and Fraser Firs.

Tip: Open from Monday to Thursday (4 Pm-6 Pm), Friday to Sunday (10 Am- 6 pm)

8. Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland

Location: 10001 NE 27th Terrace, Anthony, FL 32617, US

People looking for variety with high-quality Christmas trees Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland is one of the best Florida Christmas tree farms. They offer a ‘choose and cut service’ as well as a netting service for transporting. 

You will choose Sand Pine, fresh-cut Northern trees Fraser Firs, and Leyland Cypress. Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland has the finest staff offering good assistance on your picking journey, never rush and take your time to enjoy the family tradition. 


  • Open on Friday after Thanksgiving, Tuesday through Friday, 1 pm to 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9 am -6 pm
  • Children get colored books and candy canes 
  • Get free peanuts on Saturday and Sunday
  • Visit their website to get a $5 off coupon on every Christmas tree
  • N-Cut trees
Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland
Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland

Christmas Tree Farm in Pensacola 

9. Whispering Pine Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 1603 Penton Road, Milton, FL 32570

There is something phenomenal about visiting Whispering Pine Christmas Tree Farm, the fresh air and the festive charm. The farm is 1.2 hours north of Green Bay in Oconto. They offer you a saw and you can cut your tree.

Choose White Pine, Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, and Spruce. However, if you are not sure of the true name, seek help from the guys there. They have been in the Christmas tree selling business for decades hence they will guide you at every step. 


  • Open till 23rd December
  • Price $ 4.00 per foot
  • Do not ship trees
  • Ceder, Pines are height of 8-9 feet and Leyland Cypress for 6-10 feet
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10. Fish River Trees Christmas Tree Farm

Location: 12825 Woodhaven Dairy Rd W, Silverhill, AL 36576

Not only do Christmas trees make the 48-acre Fish River Trees Christmas tree farm famous but camel rides, pony rides, train tours, and the presence of Santa. This welcoming warm Christmas tree farm sits in Central Baldwin County east of Fairhope. Steve and Sandra Mannhard have been running and maintaining Fish River Trees Christmas tree farm for 39 years.

Moreover, this is a chosen and cut farm that attracts customers from different places as they can find 13-foot Carolina Sapphire and other various options. Apart from that, you can also get high-quality fresh Blue ice, Murray cypresses, Leyland cypresses, and Virginia pines. 


  • Opens from 20th November until 23rd December, except for Thanksgiving
  • 5 feet trees cost $43 and 12 feet tall cost $139
Fish River Trees Christmas Tree Farm
Fish River Trees Christmas Tree Farm

Tips to Take Care: Florida Christmas Tree Farms

  • Cut half an inch across the bottom of the trunk
  • Put it in the bucket of water
  • Water should be fresh and filled up
  • Do not add vodka, ginger ale, or aspirin to the water. Use normal tap water and for one gallon of water add 2 tablespoons of bleach (to avoid bacteria growing)

How Profitable is a Christmas Tree Farm?

Christmas tree farms in Florida are a multi-dollar business as it is a low-maintenance crops. There is a lot of variety of Christmas trees like Arizona cypress, Deodar cedar, sand pine and more. The only most important thing required throughout the process of planting and harvesting is patience

For an acre of land, you have well-drained soil, regular crop care, proper sunlight, nutritional level organic fertilizers and time to earn around $ 10,000 profit. Additionally, growing and selling Christmas trees is something more significant, it brings joy to everyone.

Wrapping Up

The experience of going on a trip to the best Christmas tree farms in Florida and enjoying the winter air, the hot chocolate, and laughing together with family is more than a ritual. Bringing a huge ceiling-size Christmas tree and welcoming that fresh piney wood natural smell is heart-warming. Moreover, these above recommendations will make your shopping trip as smooth as possible. 

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FAQs – Christmas Tree Farms in Florida

1. Are Christmas tree farms bad for the environment?

A: No, Christmas tree farms are not bad for the environment; rather it has ecological benefits by releasing oxygen into the air. The crop is biodegradable, renewable, takes in carbon dioxide and has a smaller carbon footprint. 

2. Can Christmas trees grow in Florida?

A: Yes, the evergreen Christmas tree grows in Florida. You will find Fraser, White Pine, Douglas, and plenty of other Floridian Christmas trees. 

3. Where do most of the Christmas trees come from?

A: Noble Fir Christmas trees come from the West Coast of Florida, mostly in Washington and Oregon. The Fraser fir grows on the East Coast of Florida, with more than 2 million trees in North Carolina. 

4. How long do Christmas trees last in Florida?

A: A fresh and green Christmas tree’s lifespan in Florida is for four weeks. 

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