23 Pros And Cons of Living in Cape Coral, Florida! (2023)

Cape Coral is a city located on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida and consists of 150,000 people. This 120 square mile swampland was turned into a locality in the year 1960. People often addressed this swampland as Waterfront Wonderland.  This Waterland has many pros and cons of living here.

So, why you should move to Cape Coral and what are the pros and cons of living in Cape Coral?

pros and cons of living in Cape Coral

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In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Cape Coral. Please check each point before you move to Cape Coral.

What is Life in Cape Coral Like?

Cape Coral is the best option in Florida for young adults for its rapid growth. If you love boating, sailing, fishing or you want to relax on a private boat then Cape Coral is the best place for you. Livelihood in Cape Coral is very affordable. This area is well connected to big cities and surrounded by a lot of canals. The education system, hospitality, and transportation make this area a great place to live in.

Pros of Living in Cape Coral:

Things you must know about Cape Coral if you’ve already planned to move to Cape Coral. Check out these points.

1. Natural Surrounding:

There is a handful of pros and cons of living in Cape Coral. But when we talk about nature, Cape Coral is a great place to live in Florida. Cape Coral is surrounded by nature. If you’re going to live in this area you will get a natural feeling everywhere. This place has 4 big eco-parks in different parts of this Waterland. You will see a lot of animals in these parks.

These parks are designed to promote the eco-tourism of Cape Coral. You will see different animals like alligators, gopher tortoises, yellow-crowned night herons, manatees, osprey, gopher tortoises, and others. Did you try out swimming with manatees? It’s one of the most enchanting experiences!

Cape Coral is surrounded by Cyprus and Mangroves. Local authorities will allow you do camping in these areas. These mangroves are the house of many migrating birds. In winter you will probably see many uncommon birds here.

2. Exotic Beaches:

Cape Coral is one of the best and cheapest beach towns in Florida with exotic beaches on the sides of the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico. These beaches are good for a family trip or even for a party. From small island beaches to huge white sand beaches, you can see both the sides of the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Local people have decorated these beaches for party lovers. If you have a tight budget for your next trip you can come down to Cape Coral beaches on your weekends because this place is quite budget-friendly where you can spend quality time at a reasonable price.

These sea beaches are best for kids as they offer many beachside fun activities. Such as volleyball, soccer, and others. So by the next time, you can bring your kid with you.

sanibel island
Captiva Island

3. Waterfront:

You must know a few things before you move to Cape Coral, one of them is wherever you look at this place is encircled by water. So you can go fishing at any time. Fishing, boating, and other water activities are the perks of living in Cape Coral. If you love these outdoor activities, it’s definitely worth living in Cape coral.

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Cape Coral has many beautiful islands such as Matlacha and Pine Islands. These are the best places to live in Cape Coral which are small and encircled by water areas with great scenic views.

4. Boating Activity:

Cape Coral has a maximum number of man-made canals in the world even it has more waterbody than Venice. Approximately 400 canals are there So if you’re a boater then this is gonna be a paradise for you.

Sometimes people get tired of being surrounded by water. We have seen people who came here to live in Cape Coral from urban areas didn’t like swamped areas but later they fell in love with Cape Coral because of its water body.

One can do different boating activities including boating kayaking etc. You will get the guidance to do boating by the instructors so no need to worry. If you’re a traveler then you’ll love the boating activities in Cape Coral for sure.

Boating in Cape Coral
Boating in Cape Coral – P.C: Flickr

5. Pleasant Weather:

Throughout the year you will get to see the Sun but in the monsoon, you will get heavy rains as well. So, the weather is a vital factor for both pros and cons of living in Cape Coral. A combination of sun and rain make this area green. You may feel a little uneasy during the summer months as the temperature increases but in winter it has the most pleasant ambiance.

You can get the sunshine in the summer for approximately 265 days in a year whereas winter stays for the shortest period.

6. Reasonable Land Price:

Another advantage of living in Cape Coral is its reasonable living cost. Living in Cape Coral in Florida is quite a good experience. You will get houses and lands at a reasonable price. It’s not like other areas of Florida. It has small houses to big mansions for rent. Or if you are looking for a median range house that also you can get in Cape Coral.

A recent survey has shown that 75% of the land has been used for buildings, and the remaining 25% is still there in under construction. If you’re looking for suitable land to settle down in Cape Coral then it is not that tough to find an ideal one for you.

7. Minimal Crime Rate:

The best thing about Cape Coral is that it has a very low crime rate and this makes this area one of the best places to live in Florida for singles.

According to a recent survey on Cape Coral, there is a lesser than 47% crime rate which makes this region safe from any kind of property disputation.

If you’re planning to relocate to Cape Coral then you have great news. Cape Coral has a minimal violent crime rate.

Annual crime rate in Cape Coral: 12.32 per 1,000 residents (Safer than 48% of U.S. Cities)

So if you’ve any doubt that whether Cape Coral is a good place to live or not then we would recommend you that this is a better place compared to major cities in Florida.

8. Great Educational Institutes:

Schooling in Cape Coral is far better than in other Florida cities. If you’re looking for a decent school for your children then we would say Cape Coral has 13 renowned public schools and 10 private schools. That will provide a decent education to your children.

The educational qualification of most locals is quite good. You can expect a great neighborhood in and around Cape Coral. 40% of people of Cape Coral hold a school diploma degree whereas 53% of residents are college graduates. A great education system is one of the best pros of living in Cape Coral.

9. Plethora Outdoor Activities:

There are many reasons to live in Cape Coral and one of them is its outdoor activities. As Cape Coral has sunny weather throughout the year it offers you a lot of outdoor activities including fishing, boating, kayaking and so many others.

There is an annual cycling sport that happens in Cape Coral named Tour De Cape which is very famous in this region. A lot of people take part in this annual activity.

As we have already told you that in Cape Coral there are many parks available. In those parks, you will get tennis, basketball, pickleball, and other outdoor games. Which are great to play with your kids.

So if you’re an outdoor sportsman then no need to worry in Cape Coral you will get so many options to play.

23 Pros And Cons of Living in Cape Coral, Florida! (2023)
Cape Coral – PC: Flickr

10. Delicious Food:

If you love seafood then Cape Coral is heaven for you. It has many world-class seafood restaurants which serve the best seafood in Florida. However, this is not the only food you will get in Cape Coral. A lot of Continental, Italian, Hawai, and Asian cuisines are available in this area. Even in some places in Cape Coral, you will get Australian delicacies as well.

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11. Low Cost of Living:

Are you looking for a budget-friendly place in Florida? Then Cape Coral is the best option you’ve. One of the fastest-growing cities in Florida, Cape Coral offers a very reasonable livelihood. It is also considered one of the cheapest cities to live in Florida.

The cost of living in Cape Coral is 4% less compared to other cities in Florida. From groceries to utility, hospitality to transportation each department offers a low cost of service. Even when the national sales tax is 7.3 but Cape Coral’s State tax is 6.5%.

In a nutshell, you will get a lot of things and services at a reasonable price thus making your life far better.

12. Best Shopping Malls:

A lot of shopping malls you can find in Cape Coral. We always look towards a place where the daily goods and utilities are close to us.

In these shopping malls, you not only get goods and groceries but you will find art pieces, boutiques, theaters, restaurants, and many more options. If you travel with your kids then these shopping malls would keep your kids busy with various activities.

Coral Wood, Cape harbor, and Shop at surfside are some of the best malls in Cape Coral that you must include in your checklist if you travel to Cape Coral.

13. Art Festivals:

The famous Rotary Club each year conducts art festivals for two days in Cape Coral in July.

You can see in this art festival various art forms and crafts such as ceramic crafts, painting, digital painting, sculptures, photography, woodcraft, and many more. Students and professionals get the chance to display their artworks at this art festival.

14. Strong and Growing Economy:

Cape Coral’s growing economy is harboring industries and businesses in this area rapidly. As the economy in Cape Coral is growing, investors are investing their money to develop this area.

The business market is growing rapidly at 1.9% per year. A recent survey says that within the next 10 years the growth rate of Cape Coral will be 41% which is 4% higher than the national growth rate.

As of now, we’ve talked about the advantages of living in Cape Coral. Now we are going to look at the disadvantages of living in Cape Coral.

living in Cape Coral

Cons of Living in Cape Coral:

1. Summers are Humid:

Subtropical weather is great for the other season but not good in summer. In summer you may go through extensive hot weather.

From April to November Cape Coral remains muggy and oppressive. This is not good for those who used to live in cold climates. So if you’re planning to move to Cape Coral then keep this humid weather in mind and take your decision.

2. Heavy Storms:

The storm is another big headache for Cape Coral residents. At least 5 months a year Cape Coral residents face heavy storms. As this area is surrounded by water that’s the reason this area suffers from frequent storms every year.

However, the government take precautions and gives alert to its residents so that they can evacuate before the storms.

3. Flooding Risk:

The whole Cape Coral area is encircled by water which results in heavy rain and a big chance of flooding.

With the help of modern technology, the government has made a map of the flood-affected regions and keeps locals updated through its live website to prevent damages that happen from floods.

4. Car Dependability:

The whole area of Cape Coral is using cars for traveling and transportation. As this area has many canals, it wasn’t easy to build railway systems. As a result, locals generally use small cars for transportation. This is one of the major disadvantages of Cape Coral.

5. Less Interesting for Youth:

Cape Coral mostly harbors retirees but not the youth. It is one of the best places to retire in the Sunshine State. As this area is surrounded by waterfront most youngsters don’t like this area very much.

To enjoy the nightlife youth of Cape Coral travel to Fort Myers for exciting activities which are near to Cape Coral.

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6. Expensive Waterfront Area:

If you have a plan to buy waterfront land then let us tell you that some of these waterfront areas are quite expensive as these areas offer great views. Some lands that offer access to the Gulf of Mexico may cost you up to $2 million.

7. Pest Control Requirement:

As Cape Coral is full of water, it has turned into a heaven for various kinds of pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, termites, spiders, fleas, and mosquitos. So, if you’ve to live here, you might need pest control services very often. And it will increase your living cost as well.

8. Traffic Jam:

In Cape Coral, most of the people use cars as a result sometimes you may find heavy traffic on the roads. In winter you will see the high traffic in Cape Coral as a lot of travelers come to visit this area during the winter months.

9. Low Wages:

We’ve discussed earlier that in Cape Coral the cost of living is lower than in other parts of the state and its wages are also low compared to other cities.  The average income in Cape Coral is $24000 per year which is approximately 19% less than the rest of the parts of the country.

Because of low wages, you might struggle to live a healthy livelihood. So, If you ask us if Cape Coral is a good place to work, it’s a big NO from our side because of its low wages.

Cape Harbor
Cape Harbor

Moving to Cape Coral Checklist:

You must have Checklist if you are planning to move to Cape Coral. You must keep a few points in mind before you are going to step into Cape Coral, Florida. We’ve jotted down a few points for a better experience in Cape Coral, Florida.

  • Make a reservation with a company that will help you to settle down in Cape Coral.
  • Check out the local physicians’ numbers.
  • Take a note of basic things that you might need initially after moving.
  • Keep a journal to note down the name of necessary belongings.
  • Notify your recent address to your friends and relatives.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Cape Coral?

It is quite reasonable to live in Cape Coral compared to other cities in Florida. It will cost you approximately $375000 for an average home.

If you’re looking for a median rental house then it might cost you around $1163 per month which is quite reasonable.

Best Places to Live in Cape Coral:

There are many places to live in Cape Coral but we’ve sorted a few places that would be ideal for your new venture. Please find the below-mentioned list.

  • Coral Lakes
  • West Cape Estates
  • Trafalgar Woods
  • Emerald Cove
  • Cape Royal
  • Bella Vida
  • Sandoval
  • Celebration Cape

Cape Coral is one of the best cities to live in Florida as it offers many exciting activities, scenic beauty, friendly communities and other facilities(like the health system, school, university, and many more) at a very reasonable price but because of its extremely humid weather, many people do not like to visit this area. As the place is surrounded by canals it has many reptiles and bugs that can be an extra headache for you.

So if you’re planning to move to Cape Coral make sure to go through this article, check out the above advantages and disadvantages of living in Cape Coral we’ve jotted down for you.

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FAQs – Pros and Cons of Living in Cape Coral

1. Is Cape Coral expensive to live in?

A: No, Living in Cape Coral Florida is not expensive as its COL(cost of living) is 4% lower than other popular Florida cities.

2. Is it cheaper to live in Cape Coral or Ft Myers?

A: Compared to Ft. Myers, Cape Coral is 8% more expensive.

3. Is it safe to live in North Cape Coral?

A: Living in North Cape Coral is safer in Florida if you compared it with other cities. If boating is not your thing you can stay in north Cape Coral where you won’t find as many canals.

4. Where should I not live in Cape Coral?

A: It is suggested to avoid the southeast part of Cape Coral as few crimes take place often in this part. This is the place that you should always avoid in Florida.

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