13 Most Romantic Florida Beaches for Couples in 2023

The blog takes you miles and miles of the best Florida beaches for couples to plan the best memorable trip. Also, walking around the best pedestrian-friendly towns in Florida can ignite a great romance between the two of you!

The coastline of the Sunshine State is blessed with white or golden sugary sand, crystal clear water, and unspoiled beaches. You have got a great chance to snorkel with your partner in the clear water of Florida.

Most Romantic Florida Beaches for Couples

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I will take you through the 13 best beaches in Florida for couples that guarantee romance, quiet solitude for couples, and relaxation. Also, Florida offers a thriving party scene with beachfront bars and clubs that cater to all music preferences, you can attend these too!

Best Florida Beaches for Couples

1. Honeymoon Island Beach

As a sweet name, Honeymoon Island Beach is one of the most captivating beaches with clear water and a romantic place in Florida that occupies 2.5 miles of hiking trails and 4 miles of beach. 

The Honeymoon Island Beach with fine-grained white sand, turquoise lagoons, palm trees, and deep tangerine sunset makes a picture-perfect destination for romance.

To say, Honeymoon Island sits west of Tampa on Barrier Island with an incredible combination of beauty, nature, and solitude. 

The first beach you enter is Main Beach. Here you bring your favorite pizza, and beach gear and sit with another hundred people and talk about how beautiful Honey Island Beach is.

Once relaxing is done, move to the south of Honeymoon Island Beach, the most dog-friendly beach in Florida that allows 6-foot-on-a-leash dogs. 

Mostly Dog Beach at Honeymoon Island Beach faces Hurricane Pass that separates Caladesi State Park from Honeymoon Island. 

Fee: $ 8 / vehicle


  • Honeymoon Island Beach is a rock beach and has a huge number of seashells
  • For romance and privacy move north of Honeymoon Island Beach
  • Rent a bike and go for a lovely tour around the Pinellas Trail
  • Do not bring alcohol from home. Honeymoon Café serves wine and beer from 10 am to 5 pm. 
Honeymoon Island Beach
Honeymoon Island Beach

2. Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park is one of the best Florida beaches for the couple. The place is mixed with the sweet chirping sound of birds, palm trees, warm coastal breeze and the home of sea turtles. 

During the ferry ride, you can witness ospreys and dolphins and enjoy the cool air that brushes your hair and makes you all messy. Caladesi Island State Park is secluded compared to Honeymoon Island. Moreover, walking through Scharrer Homestead and mangroves with your loved ones is an epic moment.

Fee: $ 16 / adult and $8 for children 


  • Take the life cherishing 20 min ferry ride from Honeymoon Island to Caladesi Island
  • In 1921, a hurricane split Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island
  • Availability of floating camping docks
Caladesi Island State Park
Caladesi Island State Park

3. Gilbert’s Bar

Florida’s “Treasure Coast” along Hutchinson Island sits two charming museums – Gilbert’s Bar and Elliot Museum. 

View from Gilbert’s Bar on an outcropping of Anastasia limestone, St. Lucie Rocks is so gorgeous and breathtaking. The spot offers a spectacular view of the Indian River Lagoon, native flowers, the ocean, and Martin County’s quintessential charisma. 

Hutchinson Island is adventurous yet the best Florida beaches for a couple offering a golden opportunity to witness sunset quietly with your lover. 

For history lovers, this place was originally home to ten House of Refuge operated as safe houses for travelers and shipwrecked sailors. 


  • Visit the south of Hutchinson Island i.e. a 45 min tour from the House of Refuge. The tour is given by volunteers so search for them
  • Hutchinson Island is the unpopulated and unexplored Florida coast and the only safe place for shipwrecked sailors on Florida’s Atlantic Coast.
House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar
House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar

4. Beer Can Island/ Greer Island

The Beer Can Island is one of the coolest honeymoon beaches in Florida, nestled north of Longboat Key just across the bridge. Beer Can Island is intensely decorated by nature with a peaceful vibe, clean shoreline, and incredible white sand.

The 5-8 minute walk through mangroves, green sparse trees, and dead driftwood from Coquina Beach to Beer Beach is so romantic and the most memorable.

The water of Beer Can Island is so clean that it does not need any Lightroom effects to beautify it. The setting is so fulfilling that you feel like you are in a movie set.


  • Beer Can Island in Sarasota is a couple-friendly beach in Florida. Do not confuse yourself with Beer Can Island in Tampa
  • Either walk holding hands or take a boat ride to visit Beer Can Island. However, there is no docking location hence, you have to park on the shallow sandbar
  • Park your car at Coquina Beach
  • A lot of bugs, therefore, bring bug spray
  • Do not forget to get your hammocks to swing
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Romantic Florida Beaches for Couples_Beer Can Island
Beer Can Island

5. Palm Beach

Did you know that the Bride’s website published that Palm Beach in South Florida is the most romantic city sitting between Everglades and Atlantic? 

If you have a close connection with coral reefs and mangroves and a fascination for marine fishes then Palm Beach is your destination. 

The glamorous atmosphere surrounded by powdery white sands and pristine blue water is a dream of many couples. 

Romance in Palm Beach is not only limited to your partner, rather you will fall in love with the food variety starting from seafood to authentic ceviche in Little Havana. 

Again, for shopaholics, Palm Beach has a variety of impressive boutiques and galleries. Explore the place slowly by unwinding its mystery. 

In December, Florida boasts some of the warmest beaches, making it an ideal destination for winter sun seekers and romantic couples.


  • Come to the west of Palm Beach to witness green oasis and Mounts Botanical Gardens
  • Best place to kayak, and parasailing
  • Visit Society of the Four Art- for gaining knowledge on art and culture

6. Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas are primitive and secluded beaches in Florida that sit 70 miles away from Key West that can be accessible by ferry or seaplane. 

Dry Tortugas is a tropical paradise and attracts honeymoon couples because of its history surrounding Fort Jefferson, incredible ecological moat, clear water, and stunning beauty.

Moreover, the place has a lot of stories about pirates, hidden treasures and turtles. Why don’t you two find your luck in exploring the hidden treasure?

The sparkling blue ocean gorgeous garden, migratory birds, endless vistas, and white sand not only cringes on your feet but wishes to spend quality time with your loved person.

Fees: The entry fee is $15. The price from the ferry to Dry Tortugas is $190 and the seaplane is $361-$634 per person


  • The ferry ride includes breakfast and lunch so do not have it separately
  • Bring motion sickness medicines because ferry rides are not for everyone
  • Dry Tortugas lack shades therefore; bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, beach mat, and a lot of water to drink. 
  • Dry Tortugas are expensive as well as primitive. Be prepared with no WiFi, and cell service
  • No bathroom and no place to refill water
  • Dry Tortugas are the best place for stargazing
Dry Tortugas
Dry Tortugas

7. Sanibel and Captiva Island 

Sanibel and Captiva Island both are affordable romantic beach getaways in Florida with bike-friendly trails and modest affordable cottages.  

You’ll find the warmest beach in Florida in February in Sanibel and Captiva Island. Moreover, Sanibel and Captiva Island are known as the best shelling beaches in Florida and coastal jewels of the Lee County coast.

The pristine beach of Sanibel Island has no big stores, street lights, or traffic lights. Hence it is far from the chaos and you can spend the day watching dolphins and manatees. 

Sanibel and Captiva Island were previously known as one Gulf Coast Island, however, God had a different plan and the Hurricane in 1921 separated it by Blind Pass. 

Therefore, to navigate between the two Islands you have to cross a narrow two-lane bridge over the Blind Pass. 

South Seas Island Resort is the best beach resort in Florida for couples that sit on the tip of Captiva Island. 

South Seas Island Resort is a luxury staying option featuring suits, guestrooms, a private swimming pool, balconies, and endless vistas. Moreover, a day trip is also recommendable. 

Fee: $6 to cross the bridge


  • Reconnect with your partner and unwind from the stress in the lap of the Gulf of Mexico shore
  • Captiva Island is the best place to explore underwater activities. Snorkeling and diving are highly recommended.

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8. Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is the most romantic beach getaway in Florida and the largest beach in South Walton. Moreover, Santa Rosa Beach is also called the “Best Beaches on Earth”. 

Santa Rosa Beach is a combination of charm, tradition, ample recreation activities, luxury beach houses, thriving culture, and varied diversity. 

Walking along the shore of blue-green water, passing the crested dunes, and tall desert grasses with your partner is truly priceless and the most romantic thing you can enjoy with your better half. 

If you guys are beer lovers that come to Grayton Beer Company, and Idyll Hounds Brewing Company to taste the local flavors of South Walton.

Also at night you can visit Seaside Repertory Theatre and enjoy a live performance of sketch comedy and can call a day off!


  • During your visit to Santa Rosa Beach do not miss out on the chance to explore 15,000 acres of wetland and swamps, Point Washington State Forest. 
  • Stay back at Santa Rosa Beach to witness the most romantic sunset ever
Santa Rosa Beach
Santa Rosa Beach

9. St. George Island

St. George Island is the gorgeous and serene beach of the Gulf Coast inhabited by majestic dunes, sandy coves, salt marshes, migratory birds, and fishes. 

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The rising sun over the gulf at St. George Island looks like a molten copper ball changing the color of the sky from black to shades of orange, yellow, pink, and purple. 

Walking along the shore of the island in the morning is such a peaceful experience. St. George Island is uncrowded and one of the best beaches in north Florida. 

During the mid-day, visit Blue Parrot OceanFront Café or other eateries that serve fresh delicious seafood, oysters, and another cuisine. In the evening, you can visit nightclubs.

For a romantic setup go to the Gulf and watch the moonrise and stare at the stars holding hands and talking about how much you love her. 


  • Dogs and pets are welcomed however, make sure they are well behaved
  • St. George Island is the unspoiled and unexplored  Florida beach to enjoy a quiet honeymoon 

10. Vero Beach

Vero Beach is Florida’s Atlantic Treasure Coast and known as the “Hamptons of the South”. This relaxed coastal city is ideal and one of the best beaches for couples in Florida.

Vero Beach is an idyllic escape to indulge in long beach walks, experience no hurries, watch out for local flora and unwind. 

For a romantic experience, charter a boat to explore Indian River Lagoon, and Intercoastal Waterway. Visit beach shacks and order the delicious local freshwater fish. 

At night, go downtown to loosen yourself and dance in the local nightclub, cherishing every moment you spend in each other’s arms and forgetting the rest of the world. 


  • If you want to learn golfing then enroll in Sandridge Golf Club or Vista Plantation Golf Club. For practicing, join locals at South Beach or visit a private beach club on the Treasure Coast.
  • Vero Beach has a dressing facility, toilet, and showers. So, do not think and engage in scuba diving or snorkeling. 
  • Make a plan for winter because Vero Beach in winter is more calm and quiet. Also, visit McKee Botanical Garden, and Round Island Beach State Park

11. Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island is part of a chain of west central Gulf Coast Barrier Island separated by Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor making this place an “angler’s paradise” with tarpon and fish.

As per history, Gasparilla Island is the oldest Barrier Island on the Gulf Coast, back 7,600 years ago. Moreover, the estuary is famous for swimming, fishing, and snorkeling.

The true gem of Gasparilla Island is Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, a popular Florida lighthouse that was developed in 1890. Do not forget to check out the museum to learn about its fascinating history. 

Gasparilla Island with its beautiful green-blue water, clean beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and untouched glamour is one of the best couple beaches in Florida. 

Fee: $3


  • Gasparilla Island is dog and pet friendly
  • Take a boat ride to Little Gasparilla Island. This area is secluded and you can spot manatees, turtles, and dolphins

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Gasparilla Island
Gasparilla Island

12. Fernandina Beach

Why don’t you surprise your friends by coming to Fernandina Beach, an offbeat beach on Amelia Island that allows horseback riding?

If adventure is more of your people’s style then choose Fernandina Beach, the most enchanting golden-white beach in Florida.

Fernandina Beach is 13 miles of paradise for visitors and is considered the best Florida beach for young adults. 

Other than the beach, visit Fernandina Beach’s signature craft distillery, the Marlin and Barrel Distillery and bring their signature vodka back home.

The sky of Fernandina Beach paints in different colors every morning and the ocean looks so enchanting. I am sure you do not want to miss this chance with your love. 

Tip: Come to downtown Fernandina Beach which is all spiced up with shops, cafes, and people. 

13. Cayo Costa 

Cayo Costa on the west of Fort Myers is the unspoiled and best Gulf Coast beaches for couples. 

It is 7 miles-long island with scattered sand bars, nature trails, acres of pine, oak palm, turquoise bays, mangroves swamps, and a sense of remoteness and idyllic solitude. 

Cayo Costa is accessible only by Captiva Cruises or private boats. This place promises romance and offers long beach walks through the raw beauty of nature.

You can carry a beach cooler with you, sit comfortably and rest your head on your partner’s shoulder. The cool air, eye-soothing views of Cayo Costa and the loving gesture is worth cherishing for a lifetime.

If you don’t have any, check out our best reviewed beach coolers with wheels before planning your Florida beach getaways.

Fee: $2


  • Cayo Costa offers a campground with 30 sites and wooden cabins with no electricity and water. You will find toilets and a water station near the dock.
  • Hike the inland trails and east of Cayo Costa Island to witness lush hard rocks. 
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Cayo Costa
Cayo Costa

Romantic Things to do in Florida

  • Book a cozy, quaint, and luxurious stay at any Florida beach town. However, I recommend choosing Grayton Beach, a super clean and beautiful beach town.
  • Photo session in Morikami Japanese Gardens in between the beauty of nature and tranquillity of magnificent ponds. 
  • Be Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and explore Apalachicola National Forest. There is no fun to be an explorer with your partner
  • Why don’t you strip off your clothes and enjoy the sun on the nude beaches in Florida? Enjoy mangroves, clean water, and coral reefs at Boca Chica Beach in Key West with your partner
  • Capture beauty not only of your wife but the amazing Captiva Island surrounded by shells, clean water, and white sand.
  • Sit down on your knees and propose to your girlfriend to get engaged at Eagle Trail, the offbeat hiking trail in Florida. Arrange your wedding at Lover Key State Park in Fort Myers Beach known as the best Florida beach for the wedding. 

Best Couple-Friendly Accommodations: Where to Stay in Florida

There are plenty of hotels to stay in Florida however when romance is the priority choosing the right places to stay in a romantic destination is a very important task. 

A memorable honeymoon depends on balanced planning including a budget, destination, itinerary, hotel amenities, luxury, safety, hygiene, and accessibility. 

Here is a list of 3 honeymoon hotels when you are planning a romantic beach vacation in Florida. 

Palm Beach Historic Inn

Address: 365 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480, United States

Palm Beach Historic Inn is an intimate old boutique hotel with only 10 guest rooms making it perfectly decorated and suited for honeymoon couples. 

Love is not only between you two but there is so much charm with the historical building, technology, and customized service offered to you. 

However, there is no elevator to respect the historical charm but that won’t be a problem because the rooms are on the second floor. 

Palm Beach Historic Inn is easily accessible to PBI Airport, Wellington, Worth Avenue, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Garden, and other popular Florida attractions. 

Hyatt Residence Club Key West, Beach House

Address: 5051 Overseas Hwy, Key West, 33040, United States

Hyatt Residence Club Key is dedicated to the couple desiring relaxation, luxury, and leisure. The resort is four miles away from Old Town, away from city shores. 

Each room has king-size beds, with a separate equipped kitchen, and a TV, offering a homely feeling. Each suit sits in a manner that offers a gorgeous view of the pool, the Gulf, and the garden. 

From Hyatt Residence Club Key you can visit Sunset Harbour, Mallory Square dock, Windward Pointe, and other attractions.

Tiki on the Beach

Address: 4360 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Tiki on the beach is an affordable, pleasant, well-maintained apartment-style hotel with beach décor, slightly old-fashioned floral tropical prints, and old wooden furniture. 

Every room is equipped with kitchenettes, a living area, a bedroom, and an open area. The courtyard is surrounded by a picket fence, fountain, plants, palm trees, and a cool breeze.

Rooms are equipped with comfy armchairs, a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, free WiFi, and sofas. In simple terms, Tiki on the Beach is a simple, small and beautiful place for couples to stay.

The Publix supermarket is a five-minute walk and Lovers Key State Park is 10 minutes by car away from Tiki on Beach. 


These 13 beach vacation spots in Florida are spectacularly romantic and the hottest destinations for couples. The setting of these beaches makes you come closer to your partner and whisper sweet things that are heart-warming and lovable. Romance is intriguing and mysterious; however, these best Florida beaches for couples help you to have a whirlwind romance and be happy together. 

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FAQ – Best Beaches in Florida for Couples

1. What part of Florida is good for couples?

A: Southwest Florida is good for couples with the Gulf of Mexico and pristine water, as a backdrop. The best Florida beaches for couples is Lovers Key State Park.

2. What Florida beach has the clearest water? 

A: Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota is home to pure quartz sand and clear water. 

3. What is Florida’s most visited beach?

A: The most visited and crowded beach in Florida is Miami Beach because it is easily accessible from the center. 

4. Is Miami a good place for a couples’ vacation?

A: Yes, Miami is a good place for a couples’ vacation. However, Miami is very crowded with a lot of people, shops, cafes, discos, and restaurants. 

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