16 Beaches With Clearest Water In Florida: Clear as Crystal

Where can I see the clearest water in Florida? 

Let’s be honest, when you think of blue beaches in Florida, what comes to your mind? You do not want to see the sediments. Just imagine seeing the sea floor and tropical fishes when you dip into the crystal clear water.

Beaches with Clearest Water in Florida

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If you’re from Florida, the word “clear blue water” takes you to the long shore of Destin and Keys, because no doubt they’ve some of the prettiest water clarity to spot.

Have you explored Tigertail Beach in Marco Island during December? Ahh! It has sparkling clear water and is one of the warmest beaches to explore in Florida during the winter season.

But in this blog, I’ll take you through the unknown names and best beaches with clear water in Florida which will make you plan your next vacation soon.

The landscape of Florida is among the most diverse in America. The Sunshine State is home to many glittering water bodies, dog-friendly beaches, and natural springs which are termed as its brightest star. 

So, let’s look at the sugary white sandy beaches and some prettiest water in Florida to get lost in the tranquility of the emerald green waves. You should also experience the ultimate aquatic getaway on the Southwest Florida beaches.

Great Places to Enjoy Clearest Water in Florida

1. Fort De Soto

With intriguing military history, Fort De Soto is nestled at the southern end of St. Petersburg, in Pinellas County Park. If you’re looking for the best offbeat beaches in Florida with the clearest water, nothing is great than Fort De Soto.

The water is so blue that beckons many, fortunately, does not get busy during the week and seasons. In 2005, Dr. Beach Stephen Leatherman ranked it as the “best beach in the entire United States”. There are campgrounds that offer surreal facilities. 

The scenic coastline, hiking trails, shimmering views of the Gulf of Mexico, view of the largest island, Mullet Key, white sugary sand, souvenirs, and fishing shops, and a group of 5 separate islands, make it one of the romantic Florida beaches for the couple


  • Fort De Soto is not a State Park
  • The parking fee is $5
  • You’ll see a lot of dolphins and cool shells
  • You can bring your dog too
Fort De Soto, Clearest Water in Florida
Fort De Soto

2. Seaside

The first time I got glimpses of Coleman Tower and Florida’s Seaside in the Florida Panhandle is while watching Jim Carrey’s movie – The Truman Show. Since then I developed an unknown connection with the place. The Seaside has its own personality and it was always on my bucket list to travel!

It sits along South Walton County’s Scenic Hwy, 30A. in Northwest Florida. You can intertwine yourself in the serenity of sugar white beach, cobblestone ways, emerald blue water, Gulf breeze, sandy paths, and night stays at a colorful rental cottage. 

The view of Medjool palm trees beckons you to come with your photographer friend. Seaside has the clearest water in Florida where you can surf non-stop. The waves are gentle and easy for bringing your kids to join in the fun! 


  • I recommend reserving a beach chair with a blue umbrella through Cabana Man, you can sit and relax.
  • Take the bike for rent from Seaside Transit Authority to explore the town
  • If you’ve kids, bring them to Fired-Up Pottery, for indoor fun
  • It is one of the best clear-water beaches in Florida
Seaside, clearest water in Florida beaches

3. Honeymoon Island State Park

As the name sound, romantic and sweet – Honeymoon Island State Park is for every couple and family who loves – nature, and hiking trails, and wants to swim or snorkel in the clearest blue water of Florida. It sits at Causeway Boulevard, Florida.

Here you can explore views of virgin slash pine forests, spotting horned owls, armadillos, raccoons, eagles and so more. It is part of a string of barrier islands, just off Florida’s West Coast. Because of its location, it is a great spot for paddle boarding.

Not only the water is crystal clear but the perfect spot to relax and add adventure to your life with your family. And, yes, Honeymoon Island is the best place to spot sunsetting!

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If you’re one who loves shelling, then come to the North end of the beach. You can also plan to visit the other best shelling beaches in Florida.


  • Get a bicycle from The South Beach Pavilion to explore this three miles of island
  • Rent kayaking equipment from Café Honeymoon
  • Rent paddle boards from Dunedin Causeway
  • You can bring your pet to the Osprey Trail
Honeymoon Island State Park, clearest water in Florida beaches
Honeymoon Island State Park

4. Clearwater Beach

If you haven’t found a spot to swim on crystal blue water in Florida, consider a trip to Clearwater Beach sitting south of Caladesi Island which is on the west coast of Florida near Tampa. Family-friendly waterfront activities have made the place very famous. Also, it is one of the cheapest places to travel in Florida.

However, I would like to tell you that these days, this place holds a lot of crowds and hence the water is losing its pristine blue color. Did you attend the parties, Clearwater Beach is one of the best beach parties in Florida. Something or the other is always going on the beach. People come here to explore the white sand and Pier 60 which is indeed very gorgeous.

You can spend hours frolicking in the water or checking out surfing shops or shopping for your relatives back at home, or eating the best seafood along the waterfront restaurant. You can take a Dolphin cruise to explore Clearwater Beach differently!

Tip: You can take your kid to the shaded jungle gym at Pier 60.

Clearwater Beach, best beaches with clear water in Florida
Clearwater Beach

5. Crystal River

Crystal River is among the clearest rivers in Florida which is not clearly famous for white beaches but for gorgeous manatee swimming in the river. Yes, it is known as the manatee capital of the worldThe access point for all the fun starts from Three Sister Springs, the best spring in Florida!

It sits in the central western part of the state along the Gulf of Mexico, Citrus County. The temperature of the water is 72 degrees making it perfect for river tubing, paddling, boarding, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling around the mantes.

I recommend renting snorkel gear to know more about the underground world and marine creatures. There are hiking trails, boardwalks, and numerous hotels and camping and RV options where you can spend the night.  


  • Please do not harass the manatees – splash water, disrupt, or touch them
  • In the afternoon you can come to Hunter Springs Park
Crystal River, best places to see clear water in Florida
Crystal River

6. Peanut Island

My mother says there are three key elements that make a beach perfect– sand, the sun, and the water. And, Peanut Island has all three. The island sits in the mouth of the Lake Worth inlet to the Port of Palm Beach in South Florida across Phil Foster Park. 

It is truly a hidden gem! Every time the high tide comes you enjoy seeing the clearest water in Florida. It is one of the superior sites for water adventures and water wilderness. The gorgeous water is great to swim and snorkel with your friends.  

It is indeed one of the crystal clear beaches in Florida that you can reach by ferry, water taxi, or private boat. I recommend going to Kennedy Bunker. In the afternoon you can enjoy the 1.25-mile-long walking trails enjoying the views of mangroves and small marine life.

The only reason I’m highly recommending coming to Peanut Island is to spot colorful fishes like small sharks, parrot fish, sea turtles, and angel fish. 


7. Phil Foster Park

Who does not love chasing clear blue waters? Come to Phil Foster Park, this wonderful snorkeling and scuba diving spot in Florida. It sits north of West Palm Beach around the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach. It is an island in Lake Worth Lagoon. 

Recently, I went to Phil Foster Park’s Underwater Snorkel Trail in Rivera Beach. I saw tropical fishes, an artificial 800-foot reef, moray eel, and yellowish arrow crabs swimming in the best bluest water in Florida. However, the water is little rough.

Watching fishes glistening in the water or being able to see the sea bed is really an amazing feeling! I recommend going to the western end where you can spot the shark sculpture, large boulder piles, white buoys, and schools of fish.


  • To reach the place you’ve to take Blue Heron Blvd towards Singer Island
  • Rent kayak, and snorkel gear from Jupiter Outdoor Centre
  • As per Floridian law, carry the drive flag with you if you’re going to snorkel

8. Rosemary Beach

One of the best beaches with clear water in Florida has to be Rosemary Beach. Do you know why it is the best? I was talking to a native guy in Florida and realized that he never heard about it. And, it’s true. A lot of them do not know. 

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CNN named it “America’s Most Romantic Small Town” as here you get a “French Quarter” feel. To get access to this beach either you’ve to be a resident or stay in the area. It sits an hour’s distance from Panama City. 

The beach is very clean and one of the blue beaches in Florida where you can sit on a chair and relax. The most attractive architectures of this place are deep eaves, gardens, and broad porches.

In the evening, go to Amavida Coffee & Tea to enjoy the espresso shots! West Indies style of developing this community is a fun destination to mingle. You can enjoy world-class cuisine at Cowgirl Kitchen for dinner. 

Tip: Along Florida’s Emerald coast Rosemary Beach is best known for clear water.

Rosemary Beach. best places to see clear water in Florida
Rosemary Beach

9. Longboat Key

As the sun goes up, Longboat Key reveals its treasure trove to inspire you and enjoy the breathtaking views of nature and the Gulf of Mexico. This place with the clearest ocean water in Florida attracts fewer crowds. It is near Anna Maria Beach.

You’ll hear a lot of people posting pictures on Instagram using the caption – “Beer Can Island”. Yes, it is the same place. It is north of Longboat Key. It is in the Tampa Bay area just off the coast of Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

The sand of this place is so soft and white that you might confuse them with sugar. You can also spot shells. The water is crystal clear as if you landed in your dreamland. Especially during the low wind, the water looks absolutely beautiful. 


Longboat Key, the clearest water in Florida
Longboat Key

10. Singer Island

Singer Island is a simple cozy barrier island where you’ll enjoy nature and delicious food. Just out of West Palm Beach, you’ll find this beautiful clearest blue water in Southern Florida where people come to enjoy Atlantic waves and the rising sun!

I came here in August 2022, with my friend, Soniya. The place has an air of calmness. It is among the best Florida beaches with clear water where you will enjoy every sort of water sport. I also went to Riviera Beach in the afternoon to explore the place.

However, Riviera Beach has a lot of crowds with beach-themed bars and restaurants. You should come to explore the views of crystalline water and nature. Singer Island welcomes kids, parents, and fish enthusiasts to enjoy the place as they want.


  • Across the Jerry Thomas Memorial Bridge, you’ll see “Get Wet Watersports” where you can rent services for kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and more
  • Come to Ocean Reef Park, a 700 feet beach frontage where you’ll able to spot dunes and different ecosystem
  • Along Florida’s Space Coast, Singer Island has the best crystal blue water

11. Rock Springs

Throughout Florida, there are more than 900 Springs but no one can match the beauty of Rock Springs, an oasis in Apopka, Central Florida. Here you can see the springs bubble up from underground rivers at the rate of 26,000 gallons per minute. 

It is one of the clear springs in Florida with blue water which is also named Orlando’s natural lazy river. Please do not get confused, as Rocky Springs is in Kelly Park. The water is so relaxing as the temperature is only 68 degrees.

I recommend camping here to feel nature as this place sits away from civilization in the midst of the pristine sub-tropical forest. If you’re looking for first-time camping, check out these camping packing lists.

You should try the 8.5-mile Rock Springs Run for kayaking and canoeing to enjoy the view of the wild.

The canopy of the hardwood forest in Kelly Park is something I love.

Tip: Be aware of alligators and cottonmouth snakes

12. Delray Beach

Restore your soul in the middle of an enchanting sea village, Delray Beach, where you only feel a long-lasting connection with nature and peace. USA Today and Rand McNally coined Delray Beach as the “Most Fun Small Town in the USA”.

You cannot even imagine that between Boca Raton and Boynton Beach sits a famous clear water beach in Florida, Delray Beach which is just 50 miles north of Miami. The sun-soaked shoreline with shiny sea made it earn a name – Florida’s Village by the Sea.

You can reach the beach by boat, and on the way, you’ll be treated to mesmerizing views of clear water. The major attraction of this place is – Wakodahatchee Wetland, Japanese Gardens, and Morikami Museum. 

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Tip: The nightlife is wonderful and you’ll find many dog-friendly restaurants

Delray Beach,Beaches in Florida with the clearest water
Delray Beach

13. Grayton Beach

Next to Santa Rosa Beach sits the unparalleled beauty of coastal charm, Grayton Beach, one of the best places to see clear water in Florida. It is 23 miles east of Destin in North West Florida. The main attraction of this beach is soaking in sun and enjoying the warm gulf breeze.

You can bring your family as this is the cleanest and safe place as its focuses on the protection of the environment and health. The sugar-white sand and blue water of the Gulf of Mexico are darn gorgeous! You can stroll around the freshwater dune lakes too!

I recommend an overnight excursion in the rustic cabins where you can yield a unique experience of Grayton Beach. Also, watching the golden sunrise and silver moonlit at the night against the backdrop of the beach is an unforgettable memory.


  • Visit Duen lake and Western Lake too
  • Grayton Beach has been crowned the “Best Beach in America” by Dr. Beach, a beach expert

14. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a beautiful clear water beach on the gulf coast, offering adventure seekers many activities like windsurfing, kayaking, and group tours. You’ll be surprised to see the sugary sand and plethora of things to do around.

It is also home to many nationally branded restaurants, exquisite steakhouses, and award-winning seafood restaurants. I recommend going to Shell Key Preserve, just outside St. Pete Beach for camping. Go to Gulf Blvd for shopping!

The stunning blue water and white sand are like a magnet attracting beachgoers to swim, kids to make their sandcastles, hikes to hit the trails, and swimmers to get a glimpse of turtles and marine life underwater. 

Tip: Make sure you bring your camera and swimsuit

St. Pete Beach, Beaches in Florida with the clearest water
St. Pete Beach

15. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is one of the beaches in Florida with clear water and soft sand where it welcomes adventure seekers to swim, snorkel, and kayak. It is one of those islands which are famous for sunrise views with water in the background. 

Just south of Sarasota and west of Orlando sits Anna Maria Island. Here you can have a lot of exciting things to do with your friends and families – watching the blue water, swaying sea oats, and feeling the salt air on the body and having food at waterfront restaurants is beautiful!

I’m sure you will get a huge adrenaline rush seeing the view of Anna Maria Island beaches in the early morning. The atmosphere is so calm that you cannot hear the sound of Florida too! This 7-mile stretch island is a paradise for Floridians.

16. Navarre Beach

Eight miles of undeveloped unspoiled dunes on the Emerald Coast is Navarre Beach where you’ll find the clearest blue water in Florida. From sunrise to white-list moonlight, the vistas are absolutely gorgeous. The water current is very calm!

You should not miss the beauty of Navarre Beach Pier, the longest pier in all of northwest Florida. The panoramic view will keep you engaged for hours. The best part is this beach is not yet commercialized and hence offers a rugged charm!

I came here in 2021 with my mother in search of clear water in Florida to just find a slice of paradise. I saw children building a sandcastle, families playing around in the water, and some people paddle boarding. I also saw people doing yoga classes.

Beaches in Florida with the clearest water, Navarre Beach
Navarre Beach


Make a little effort to reach here, at the end the clearest water in Florida are all worth it. Also, it has many histories to explore, pristine beaches to walk along, and scenery to captivate your heart. Also, it is truly magical to enjoy your weekends.

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FAQ: Clearest Water in Florida

1. What beaches in Florida have the cleanest water?

A. Rosemary Beach, Singer Island, and Navarre Beach in Florida have the cleanest water as the wind is light and the sea conditions are not worst. The bright blue water is influenced by its geographical location and Ocean currents.

2. Why is South Florida water so clear?

A. South Florida water is blessed with clear water because of the light wind and its geography. The shores have shallow waters that often reflect the sun off the white sea floor making it look like bright blue and emerald waters.

3.  What place in Florida has crystal-clear water?

A. The Gulf Coast and The Space Coast of Florida have good water clarity. Here you can sit and enjoy the views of clear water in Florida.

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