Orange Picking in Orlando: 8 U-Pick Orange Groves in Orlando

If you’re one in search of “where are orange groves in Orlando, Florida?” then you’re at the right place. Discover some of the best orange groves in Orlando for great outdoor adventure, and tasting juicy citrus fruits.

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Orange Picking in Orlando

Adventures like watching the sunset in Key West, soaking the sun in beautiful natural springs in Florida, snorkeling in clear water, swimming with manatees, exploring nude beaches in Florida, and watching incredible Florida lighthouses and orange-picking with friends are some memorable activities you can gift yourself. 

So, for now, let’s go for Orange Picking in Orlando, Florida. Not only is it a fun and exciting activity for the whole family, but you’ll also get to taste some of the freshest, juiciest oranges you’ve ever had.

Best Places for Orange Picking in Orlando, Florida

1. Bekemeyer Family Farm

  • Address: 1055 E Story Rd Winter Garden, Florida 34787, US
  • Phone: 407-917-8068

Bekemeyer Family Farm is 20 acres U- pick orange farm in Orlando, Florida that is run by fifth-generation farmers as a sign of Bekemeyer’s legacy. It was in 1920 when Bekemeyer’s Great Grandpa and Great Grandma started cultivating pines, palmettoes, peaches, and other citrus fruits just by using a plow and mule.

I came here with my best friend Soniya after learning that they produce vegetables through hydroponic and natural methods. I came here to pick strawberries which were just $6 per pound. However, I want you to know that the farm does not have its website, you can follow them on Facebook for updates.

Soniya was here more than twice to pick her own oranges. She said that if anyone is in search of budget-friendly orange picking in Orlando, Bekemeyer Family Farm always tops the list. I was surprised to hear that they have a fruit washing station and no wonder why everyone has to say good things about this place.


  • Apart from oranges and strawberries, from Bekemeyer Family Farm you get Sugar Bell, Lime, Tangoes, and Pomelos. It is one of the best Orlando orange groves in Florida.
  • The farm is open for picking only on Saturdays. Check their Facebook page before coming here.
Bekemeyer Family Farm, Orange Picking in Orlando Florida
Bekemeyer Family Farm

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2. Grahams U Pick and Citrus Grove

  • Address: 14803 Lake Yale Rd, Umatilla Florida, US
  • Phone: 352-636-3821

I want you to come to Grahams U Pick and Groves, the oldest Orlando orange grove where you not only get a chance to see peach blossom bloom but oranges hanging from the tree. So, if you’re a peach fan, then come here by early May. You can also have a picnic at the farm with your family and stay the night at many homestays nearby.

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I was here with Kelvin, twiceIt is indeed, one of the best places for orange picking in Florida. He introduced me to Mike and Mary Graham who is a couple and together taking care of the farm. The grove was set up by Mike’s great-grandpa back in 1918 when it was simple, not well known, and produced very less.

The family guarantees the taste of Florida in each fruit they sell. I was here in Mid-December. Moreover, till late January, oranges are available. You can also find Collards and Kale. Personally, Graham is one of my favorite orange picking in Orlando, Florida because they allow bringing your own bucket. Isn’t that unique?


  • Graham’s annual Peach Blossom Festival starts on 12th February. Grahams U Pick Peaches is something well-known and famous
  • You get Honey Bells, Sugar Bells, and Red Navels here too
  • Presently, it not only produces but also exports to other countries.
Grahams U Pick and Citrus Grove, Orange groves in orlando
Grahams U Pick and Citrus Grove

3. Showcase of Citrus

  • Address: 5010 US -27, Clermont, Florida 34714
  • Phone: 352-394-4377

When I’m talking about picking your oranges in Orlando, in Central Florida the list is incomplete without mentioning Showcase of Citrus. The farm is owned by the fourth generation of citrus farmers, where locals and tourists come back again and again. Yes, it is well-known and a famous place for picking your oranges in Orlando.

Also, this is Kelvin’s favorite spot. He was the one who brought me here for the first time. The farm is home to 13 varieties of the orange itself. In addition to that, you get ruby red grapefruit, tangerines, limes, pomelos, lemons, and 40 varieties of citrus. There is no way you would not love this 2,500 acres estate.

Showcase of Citrus is indeed one of the best U- pick your own oranges in Orlando without any hurry of going home. Rather it is one of the best Florida adventures to taste than going to Disney parks. I recommend you go for a sashimi-style tasting bar, you’ll love it. You can come here from October to June.


  • Showcase of Citrus offers a truck tour of the whole 2,500-acre citrus grove. You can never miss this fun Monster Truck Tour!
  • Please carry the map of the grove, it will direct you to the directions
Showcase of Citrus
Showcase of Citrus

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4. Lake Mills U Pick, Chuluota

Address: 1701 Lake Mills Road, Chuluota, FL: 32766

I ask you to leave the urban madness of visiting Disney land to come to Lake Mills U Pick grove, a beautiful orange orchard near Orlando. It is a small 5 acres of land where you not only find oranges but also navels, honeybells, grapefruits, pomelos, persimmons, tangelos, kumquats, and tangerines. 

I was here alone. This orange grove in Florida gives you net bags or a harvest basket to pick your oranges. Once you’re done picking, they’ll weigh it and give it to you. But remember, you’ve to bring your bag or box to carry the fruits home. I also love to add that every fruit feels very fresh and natural.


  • The farm opens in October and closes in April
  • Also, U-pick hours at Lake Mills U Pick vary from month to month, so check their Facebook page.
Lake Mills U Pick grove
Lake Mills U Pick grove

5. Dooley Groves

  • Address: 1651 Stephens Road, Ruskin, Florida 33570, US
  • Phone: 813-645-3256
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Orange picking in Orlando is fun when you’re with your friends or boyfriend or want to spend some me-time doing fun activities. Each year, I try to make time to explore Dooley Groves with my boyfriend, Kelvin. January is cool and the sun is not too harsh. What can be better doing such fun on Saturday afternoon? 

Dooley Groves is a magical orange grove near Orlando where you’ll be happy to see a row of honey-bell orange trees. Trust me, the oranges are so juicy! The grove opens only in the citrus season, November through April. The best part of picking orange here is it is done on “tour” so you never feel alone.

Also, throughout the trip there is no rush, you can rest haul and take your time picking oranges. It’s really fun! Another thing I forget to state is that you can buy honey from here. You should also visit their cute stores. There are jars full of honey, and juices. While returning, stop at The Hot Tomato for interesting soups!


  • You should get Amish cheese from Dooley Groves. It’s damn good!
  • Dooley Groves is a U-pick oranges grove in Orlando with over 6,500 trees to pick oranges. You should taste the Sugar Belle Oranges too
  • No pets are welcomed
  • Please do not bring large bags or backpacks inside the grove
  • U-Pick Honeybells are $2.89 per pound
 Dooley Groves
Dooley Groves

6. Sun Groves

Address: Safety Harbor, Florida

Do you want to look at oranges not particularly from trees but from boxes? Sun Grove is not like U- pick oranges in Florida but it is picked up from the trees and kept for you to pick up from a box. If you’re the one struggling with time then coming here to pick freshly picked oranges is best suited for you!  

Sun Grove is a different type of orange picking near Orlando that ensures fresh oranges to your doorsteps. Orange varieties like Navel oranges, Valencias Oranges, Honeybell Oranges, Red Navel Oranges, and Sugar Belle Oranges are available. My mother is an orange juice addict, so she never misses out on this place.

Sun Groves
Sun Groves

7. Dundee Groves

Address: Dundee, Florida, US

Well, who does not want to go for fruit picking in Orlando and ship them off to your friends and families residing away? Dundee Groves is not like any other orange grove place where you can U-picking but surely see it getting picked up from the groves by their people. Their orange grove business is running since 1967.

I was here with Soniya, to taste marmalades, chocolates, candies, coconut patties, and jellies. She told me that they make these products from the finest ingredients, sun-ripened natural fruits, and pure cane sugar coming from Florida Everglades. You get White Navel oranges, Scarlet Navel Oranges, and Valencia Oranges.


  • You cannot pick but can select your orange to take with you. The packing facility is one of the best features they offer.
  • Dundee Groves do not deliver oranges to Alaska and Hawaii

8. Joshua Citrus

Address: Arcadia, Florida

Joshua Citrus is that orange grove in Orlando that is giving fruits since the 1880s, when James Shelfer, his better half, and their three sons came here from Texas. Joshua Citrus orange picking in Orlando starts from the first week in October until around mid-May.

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Here you get not only oranges but tangelos, grapefruits, tangerines, and lemons. Not limited to that, you get fresh vegetables, delicious jams, local honey, homemade ice cream, and fresh juices. You’ll fall in love with the glorious citrus scent in the air. The place is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Currently, it is a 300 acres orange grove in Orlando with a retail store, and a packinghouse. You should take their grove tours which are very enriching and great. Also, you’ll love the peace and view of Spanish moss-draped trees. Joshua Citrus is one of the hidden jewels for orange picking in Orlando.


  • Try to attend “Saturdays at the Grove Stand”. A lot of local musicians and food vendors come here to celebrate and have fun
  • You should check out “Food Truck Fridays” happening in February. During this time there are many wine and food events, paired with five-course meals served to victors
  • I’m going to tell you something which I’m sure you never heard. You get to taste Meyer lemons, a cross between the mandarin orange and a lemon. Also, I love the taste of fresh Murcotts.
Joshua Citrus
Joshua Citrus


Seriously, you do not want to get lost around these gorgeous Orlando orange groves? For me, it is so much fun! Even if you get lost you’ll never feel unsafe because the air is as sweet as honey it’ll always make you feel safe and wanted. So, I suggest, this year let’s go for orange picking in Orlando, Florida.

You can make your Instagram followers go crazy! Also, these citrus farms in Orlando have the power to make your time memorable. No matter what your age is, please taste this adventure once in your life because there is no more thrilling experience than picking your orange and eating it.

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FAQ: Orange Picking in Orlando, Florida

1. Where to visit an orange grove in Orlando, Florida?

A. Visit Grahams U Pick and Groves in Umatilla, Florida. Not only do you get fresh oranges but can also enjoy a true Southern experience. It also has acres of Peach orchards and blueberries.

2. Can you pick oranges in Orlando, Florida?

A. Yes, you can pick oranges in Orlando Florida from Grahams U Pick and Groves in Umatilla, and Showcase of Citrus in Clermont. 

3. When is the best time to go orange picking in Orlando?

A: The best time to go orange picking in Orlando is usually from December to March when the oranges are at their peak ripeness. It is best to check with the particular orchard before visiting since some may have slightly different harvesting seasons.

4. Are there any age restrictions for orange picking in Orlando?

A: Orange picking in Orlando typically has no age limits and can be a lot of fun for the whole family. To guarantee their security while in the orchard, kids should always be under the supervision of an adult.

5. Can I eat the oranges I pick while in the orchard?

A: It depends on the specific orchard’s policy. Some orchards allow visitors to sample the fruit while in the orchard, while others ask that visitors wait until they have paid for their picked fruit before consuming it. It’s always a good idea to check with the orchard before eating any fruit.

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