8 Best Breweries in Gainesville to Visit in 2023

Meeting old friends, going out for a date, or celebrating success? 

What can be better than visiting breweries in Gainesville, and sipping the cold-crafted beer with your bud? 

Best Breweries in Gainesville

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August is here, and there is no way you are planning to seat back at home and watch Netflix. 

So, get your pants on, and let’s squeeze the fun out of Gainesville, Florida. 

Because Gainesville clubs and bars are flavored packed, that quenched your thirst and still wants you to ask more. 

From rooftop lounges to beachside stages, this energetic destination provides a mix of pulsating beats and captivating live performances, Florida is home to some great beach party destinations.

Gainesville, Florida has a great fame for offering exclusively phenomenal “good beer” that makes it distinctive from the other places in the Sunshine State. 

Gainesville is a great place to live in north Florida. I have been staying in Gainesville for the past 12 years and hence I can suggest to you the best Gainesville breweries that will develop a fine experience. 

Check out the best breweries in Gainesville below that connect with locals and greet you with hoppy aromas.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Top Breweries in Gainesville 

1. Good beer = Great experience

I often ask myself why I love visiting breweries in GainesvilleBecause they know the style of appeal and make their customer happy. The top breweries in Gainesville have a unique customized style in serving barrel-aged sour, stouts, rare release, new, and IPAs beers. 

However, if the breweries do not offer quality as well as basic minimal hygiene no customers would love to visit. Therefore, beer should be of top-notch quality and served perfectly. Additionally, breweries in Gainesville have half a dozen of beers to choose from.

2. Ambiance and comfort are key

You love to hang out in a place that is comfy, and pleasant to drink, sit, talk, or maybe spend time. I love the fact that the list of Gainesville breweries’ taprooms knows how to connect with the customers and offer beer in the same way. Come to First Magnitude Brewing Company. 

Gainesville Breweries offers beer flights in unusual glassware and that has always been the reason that attracted me. Just imagine that you are served in a long-stemmed shimmering white glass, resembling a wine service. How will you feel? 

3. Breweries tour

A few Gainesville breweries offer a walking tour to enlighten you about the making process. I must tell you that such tours are so inspiring and also a unique way to find out a little more about the process of brewing. Check out my favorite Swamp Head Brewery. 

There is no chance of you sniffing out of this fun-filled trail because you will be amazed to see the diversification, huge age-mixed barrels filled up with fermented beers, and more. And, interestingly they also allow you to click pictures. 

4. Passionate and knowledgeable staff

When I visited Gainesville House of Beer, I was amazed to find out the staffs were not only passionate about serving but also had huge in-depth knowledge. I was so impressed. I asked him about the ingredients and brewing process and in seconds he explained everything. 

During my recent visit to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, I remember that I was not happy with their beer collection but my conversation with the taproom manager made me suggest a few of my friends about the place. That’s all it took, her passion, and knowledge made me plan for a second visit.

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Best Breweries in Gainesville Florida

1. Big Top Brewing Company 

  • Address: 201 SE 2nd Ave Ste 101 Gainesville, FL, 32601
  • Rating: 4.0 stars 

Big Top Brewing Company in Gainesville is the third newest craft brewery opened by Mike Bisaha after Sarasota, and Pensacola. You will be amazed by the ambiance and the murals on the walls and following a circus theme that reminds you how thirsty you can be! There is also outdoor seating with large TVs, however, it gets crowded as the night descends. 

Big Top Brewing Company is the famous Gainesville brewing company for offering unique beers like Hazy Sky Wire Neipa, Hawaiian Lion Porter, and Okobee American Pale Ale. You should try their Conch Republic Key Lime a wheat beer, Intercostal Amber a Red Ale, Circus City IPA, and Pumpkin Stilts an 8.9% ABP pumpkin ale. 

The owner is highly enthusiastic about offering crafted beer and always try to improve the quality. Check their food menu ranging from sandwiches, daredevil totchos, appetizers, Buffalo Cauliflower bites, chicken, house burgers, and waffles as well as vegan-friendly options.


  • Sunday they offer brunch that includes bottomless mimosas
  • Big Top Brewing Company is a dog-friendly Gainesville breweryLet your pup have fun too.
  • Free Parking
Big Top Brewing Company
Big Top Brewing Company

2. First Magnitude Brewing Company

  • Address: 1220 SE Vetch ST Gainesville, FL 32601
  • Rating: 4.6

First Magnitude Brewing Company is one of the first carbon-neutral breweries in the South-East that offers Craft breweries in GainesvilleMoreoverthey collected more than $34,000 through 7.2k Springs Run to aid the Florida Spring Institute to help students of Florida Spring in gaining knowledge. They also host the yearly Clean Creek Revival, committed to a green solution. 

There’s no better and cool place than First Magnitude Brewing Company to taste chilled glass FM brews and pours pints and growlers. They have outside seating in the fenced–in beer garden that offers the newest exotic flavor from saltwater intrusion series, Homebrewed kombucha, vega blonde ale, Wakulla a Hefeweizen, Drift a session brown Ale, to Coffee Invasive a Coffee, Ursa an IPA, 72 an American pale Ale, sweet chardonnay, glass of cabernet and more. 

This first Magnitude Brewing Company is a huge brewing company in Gainesville that offers delicious food. Sample gourmet sausages, Mexican tacos, creative croquet de monsieur sandwiches, and grilled food. Moreover, the best part of First Magnitude Brewing Company is they conduct many events like trivia, running events, live kinds of music, and other celebrations that keep the place always vibed up.

Tip: CheckFirst Magnitude Brewing Company Facebook page to check their daily food truck

Best Breweries in Gainesville_First Magnitude Brewing Company
First Magnitude Brewing Company

3. Swamp Head Brewery

  • Address: 3650 SW 42nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32608
  • Rating: 4.3

Swamp Head Brewery is one of the oldest and most famous breweries in Gainesville that was built in 2008 and is committed to Florida’s pride, quality, and sustainability. 

Swamp Head Brewery takes pride in offering world-class craft beer and incorporating local flavors. It assures true Florida’s brewery” quality ingredients like aromatic hops, and finest malts into a meticulous brewing process. 

Mostly, Swamp Head Brewery has won awards because of its guaranteed delightful and exclusive brews. The tasting room is called The Wetlands that is illuminated with natural light through window-lined walls. The great outdoor patio area is surrounded by rich Florida hardware tables making the place so impressive. 

Swamp Head Brewery offers the famous craft brews known as Big Nose – filled with IPS flavor and crystal water of Okefenokee Swamp. Moreover, the selection of beers varies throughout the year keeping it fresh and unique. 

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Additionally, honey cream ales, pumpkin spice, summery IPAs, robust porters, blueberry flavored Belgians, American Pale Ale, and Midnight Oil, an oatmeal coffee stout are must try. 

Tip: Swamp Head Brewery tour on Tuesday at 6.30 and on Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm. It will cost $5 in cash.

Best Gainesville Breweries_Swamp Head Brewery
Swamp Head Brewery

4. Cypress & Grove Brewing Company

  • Address: 1001 NW 4t St. Gainesville, FL 32601
  • Rating: 4

Cypress & Grove Brewing Company was built by refurbishing an ice house that sits on a rail line originally constructed in 1896. Worry not, because this rail path is now a bike path, a natural stop to enter the brewery. The new location intersects with hoppy aromas and cool vibes that offer modern creative brews. 

Cypress & Grove Brewing Company is a historic brewery in downtown Gainesville that makes you instantly cool and relaxed with the atmosphere. Again, the brewery takes pride in reducing its carbon footprint by ensuring recycling and reusing in production. If you are a food lover like me then you should visit Grove Street Farmers Market which sits on Monday from 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Moreover, Cypress & Grove Brewing Company is known for their four ingredients formula- Florida aquifer water, yeast, hops, and barley, offering Belgian or German pure standards brew. 

Cypress & Grove Brewing Company taps homemade ciders, Stouts, Blond Ale, Porter, IPS’s, and Pale Ale. Sometimes of the year they release Chocolate Cherry Porter, Citra Session Pale Ale, White Crane a Japanese Style Lager and more. 

Cypress & Grove Brewing Company
Cypress & Grove Brewing Company

5. High Spring Brewing Company

  • Address: 18562 NW 237th St. High Springs, FL 32643
  • Rate: 4.7

High Spring Brewing Company is a family-friendly brewery near Gainesvillewhich is well known among the locals as “The Gateway to the Springs”. The reason it got such a pride name is that it sits in the small town of High Spring surrounded by natural springs. Just imagine, what can be a better place than sitting with a chilled cold beer along the bank of the river? 

The large outdoor patio promises to uplift your quenching thirst by offering a refreshed open-air environment to unwind your energy! High Spring Brewing Company was born in 2019 by four friends. They have committed to cheering the town’s heritage by offering the best-crafted beer and pumping pop-up live music environment. 

High Spring Brewing Company offers 10-13 special own beers with a variety of seltzers, and ciders. The taproom features Sandy Britches, German-style Kolsch with variations from Honey Do, Bikini Top, and Shandy Britches. Apart from it, check out Coco Loco, Molar Express, Cash an IPA tang and Spelt, Smoke Wagon a Larger, Rye a Farmhouse Saison, and Red-Eye-Rye’d.


  • High Spring Brewing Company is a dog-friendly Gainesville brewery 
  • Visit Sister’s Swank, a personal food truck for a small bite or full meals
  • Follow their Facebook Page to get an update about Goat Yoga and Brew and Tuesday Trivia. 
  • Live music and open mic nights on Saturday 
High Spring Brewing Company
High Spring Brewing Company

6. Crafty Bastards

  • Address: 4860 NW 39th Ave A, Gainesville, FL
  • Rate: 3.5    

Crafty Bastards was formed in 2015 by Pat and Betty Brunson with a vision of offering Millhopper Area, North West Gainesvillequality local beer complementing beverages and food. If you visit their place you will see how beautifully Pat loves to cook and Betty loves to serve. If you are searching for breweries in Gainesville with food then nothing can be better than Crafty Bastards.

Their love for work has made them develop 60 unique crafted beers and 750 bottled beers of a large variety. There is no chance you are getting bored, Pat’s cooking style and his preparations with the brews are such a great experience I ever had. You should try Pat’s style St. Augustine style shrimp, sandwiches, and meatloaf. 

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Tip: Have special wings on Monday, enjoy trivia night on Tuesday and live music on Thursday

Crafty Bastards
Crafty Bastards

7. Blackadder Brewing Company 

  • Address: 618 NW 60th St Ste A Gainesville, FL 32607
  • Rate: 4.5

Blackadder Brewing Company is a microbrewery that sits a few minutes from downtown Gainesville owned by Chris and Sissy Hart. Blackadder has a fused old-world vibe with a nostalgic traditional cozy atmosphere making this place perfect for unwinding yourself at the end of the day! They serve Belgian-inspired local crafted beers. 

Blackadder Brewing Company knows to add unique flavors like elderflower, hemp, marsh rosemary, and fresh flavors that have made them earn 30 awards and the Best Florida Beer medal. When you walk into the microbrewery you will see that you are surrounded by wooden tables iron chandeliers and Tudor style taproom.

In Blackadder Brewing Company you will find 12 crafted in-house brews on the tap. You should taste Vegan Barbeque a Rauchbier, The Pink Rider a Saison, Why Not a Belgian Pale Ale, and My Blondest Friends a Hefeweizen. Apart from beers, wines and Ciders are available and I would suggest ordering their lime ginger sodas and warm mulled wine. 


  • There are belly dancing and Trivia competitions in the evenings. Know their wooden nickel policy to get free beer.
  • On Friday they host food trucks like Strega Nona Pizza, FTG catering, and Twisted Tikka
  • The family-friendly tasting room has board games and snacks to keep kiddos busy
Blackadder Brewing Company 
Blackadder Brewing Company 

8. Daft Cow Brewery

  • Address: Tech City Cir, Alachua, FL 32615, United States
  • Rate: 3.6

Daft Cow Brewery is a brand new Gainesville brewery that sits in phrase two of San Felasco Tech City in the City of Alachua. Scott Brown in early 2022 opened Daft Cow Brewery with a vision of offering a unique local flavor of beers to visitors at the Daft Cow taproom. 

The space is decorated with a rustic contemporary industrial style, blending modern and old charms and bringing out the best of the place. Moreover, you should come here to taste English, American, and Irish-style beers like Liquid Therapy, Single Hop Citra, Happy Cow, Highland–Oatmeal Stout, and more. 

I would highly recommend Daft Cow Brewery because their hand-crafted brew, interior and lounge chairs are very relaxing and wonderful. 

Tip: Daft Cow Brewery does not serve food but they do have bar snacks and a food truck.


These breweries in Gainesville are all conveniently located in all the posh and accessible areas that assure you hoppy flavors and happy choices. I promise you will cherish every bit of your memories in Gainesville.

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FAQ: Best Gainesville Breweries

1. How many breweries are in Gainesville?

A: There are many breweries in Gainesville. You will find at least 5 “good breweries” within a 30-miles radius of Gainesville. 

2. What US city has the most breweries?

A: Maine, Portland has the most breweries in the United States. Maine has 16 licensed breweries in Portland.

3. What is the most popular beer in Florida?

A: Funky Buddha Morning Wood, Budweiser, and Stella are the most popular beer in Florida.

4. What town in Florida has the most breweries?

A: Tampa Bay in Florida has more than 24 breweries and brewpubs.

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