9 Best Places for Bungee Jumping in Florida

“Alexa, please tell me the best bungee jumping spots near me in Florida,” Kelvin exclaimed while sitting in my parent’s house in Florida, in the dining room.

My mother was reading the newspaper, and my father was watching television. Both of them paused their work and looked at him. 

Bungee Jumping in Florida

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I was watching Instagram reels, but his question caught my attention, so I paused and looked at him as well. Seeing all of us looking at him like that, he became frightened. 

After a few seconds of silence, he looked at us and said – “I did not ask for anyone’s kidney but instead wanted to experience the thrill of bungee jumping in Florida”. Although I giggled a little, I remained quiet, keeping my head down and smiling. He forgot that we’re Floridians!

My parents have spent half of their lives here, so they can suggest the best answer to him, they know what makes Florida the best! Therefore, my mother got up, took his phone, and typed “Fun Spot America in Kissimmee” in the Google search bar. She handed it back to him saying go here and gave him the silent treatment.

You know how our mothers are!

And, that is how we ended up our evening at Fun Spot America in Kissimmee. So, if you’re looking for fun bungee jumping experiences in Sunshine State, this blog is for you. Let’s start!

Bungee Jumping Locations in Florida

1. Track Family Recreation Centre, Destin

Address: 1125 US – 98, Destin, FL 32541

If you want to push your limits and ignite your adrenaline like never before then Track Family Recreation Centre is a theme family park for you. The setup here is going to challenge you and ignite the competitive spirit of your family for sure.

Starting from the exhilarating Wild Woody track, bumper car track, carnival rides, bungee jumping, and more, this place guarantees sheer excitement to all! This traditional bungee plunge here takes three guests at a time to enjoy the fall! 

So, you’re never alone. At about 75-foot towers-based, this bungee jumping in Destin is not the highest bungee jump in the USA, but one of the great spots for bungee jumping for beginners in Florida. 

You can take a break and indulge in mini-golf at Surfing Safari Golf Course. The course uses an immersive landscape, playful jungle animals, and dark tunnels.

For your 13 years old kid, the rides like – The Red Baron Plane Ride, a Ferris wheel, The Jungle Jumper, and The Rip Grande Train are surely going to bring a blast! Moreover, interestingly, these rides cost you point-wise.

Note: You’ve to collect 55 points to spend the basic minimum of $50 in Track Family Recreation Centre, Destin. 

Fee: Each bungee fee costs 20 points.

Track Family Recreation Centre, Destin, Bungee Jumping in Florida
Track Family Recreation Centre

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2. Fun Spot America

Address: 5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819

Oh yes! Fun Spot America in Kissimmee and Orlando is the most adrenaline-fueled dynamic amusement park, promising adventure extreme sports and making your way to the sensational bungee jumping spot near tourist attractions in Florida. 

Though it shares the same name in a different place, it ensures visitors get exclusive rides everywhere. Orlando is the epicenter of high-octane fun, great dining options, and fantastic shopping outlets to create long-lasting memories for visitors of all ages. 

To my bungee fan flocks take the leap at Fun Spot America, Kissimmee which states a free-fall experience from 300 feet height tower, the world’s tallest SkyCoaster. I’m sure you do not want to miss out on this record-setting thrilling place!

Do you know how people have described the feeling as “the closest thing to jumping out of a plane”? You know, this is the only place in the world to offer a seated Sky Sled option with a traditional harness.

To mimic the crazy bungee jumping in Orlando, Fun Spot America offers a fall from 250 feet height and a 90-foot tall liberty swing ride. I was too afraid to take any of it. Kelvin, my husband took the pendulum-style ride that rocked him high into the air. The sight itself feared for me!

Fee: Fun Spot America is one of the most affordable bungee jumping in Florida, as it only charges $40 per head for a single jump

Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America

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3. Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Address: 3200 River Ranch Boulevard, River Ranch, FL 33867

The land of sunshine and beaches is also a place where cowboy tradition took its root back in the 1700s. Westgate River Ranch Resort is nestled amidst 1,700 acres of pristine protected countryside where you’ll find untamed wilderness.

The resort sits south of Orlando in Polk County, Florida offering guests a breathtaking vista of the majestic Kissimmee River. But how can a resort be the best bungee jumping spot in Florida?

For its guests, the resort has issued an “Adventure Park Pass” that includes a rock climbing wall, zip line, mini golf course, mechanical bull, airboat riding, meeting animals at a petting farm, night rodeo, and the last but not the least bungee jumping.

Kelvin’s brother, Andrew, brought us here to celebrate his birthday. And you know what’s truly captivating? Westgate River Ranch boasts a remarkable array of 17 distinct camping accommodations, ranging from traditional tent camping to luxurious Conestoga wagons and cozy suites. 

Note: Our glamping experience was fantastic! You should try it out!

Fee: Westgate River Ranch Resort is one of the best dude ranches in Florida offering a family-friendly bungee jumping experience at only $11

Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo
Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

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4. SkyRide Miami

Address: 2665 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

“Miami’s Eiffel Tower” – SkyRide Miami is not for the faint of heart. The first time when I looked at this 1000 feet height building it looked exactly like my mother’s daily bobby pin but this standing by the water and the marine. 

Now, just imagine a thrill ride from here. If you’re in search of bungee jumping in South Florida, SkyRise Drop is the spot to taste “the thrill of flight”. I promise the experience here you’ll receive is a fusion of excitement, velocity, and adrenaline. 

You experience the longest and the fastest drop in worldwide – a breath-taking SkyDrop that plummets at staggering 540 feet. It takes 12 people at a time, offering a free-fall experience at mind-blowing speeds of up to 95 mph.

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This bungee jumping spot in Miami also features a SkyRise Flying Theatre that is bound to elevate your sense as it suspends 72 passengers in a domed structure, soaring 40 feet above the ground with a video simulator leaving you spellbound.    

For bungee jumping adventures in Florida, SkyPlunge at SkyRide Miami is ready to offer another thrilling experience you can imagine! Through the interiors of the tower at 55 mph you can experience the fall like never before.

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5. Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Address: 3755 W. Seminole Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771

Did you expect that a zoo place can also be the best place to go bungee jumping in Florida? Yes, Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is not only a place to spot tigers, monkeys, and warthogs but have a full family entertainment place. Did you visit the other zoos in Florida? Check it out!

This is an excellent location for affordable bungee jumping in Central Florida. One evening, I brought my cousin here to stroll through the gardens, and we unexpectedly stumbled upon this incredible opportunity. It is not only safe for children, but also for me.

Apart from bungee, you can immerse yourself in refreshing swims, test your skills on the golf courses, and rock climbing walls, feel the adrenaline rush as you zip through the air on thrilling zip lines, and explore nature through invigorating hikes.

Fee: Bungee jumping at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens charges $7 per bounce. If you’re coming with your family then I recommend checking their group rates which are also very budget-friendly.

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

6. Trampoline High

Address: 12395 SW 130th Street #111 Miami, FL 33186

Have you heard of birthday partying with bungee jumps? Well, I found a place called Trampoline High in Miami, South Florida where you can party with soda, balloons, pizza, water, and varying jumps. 

The safe, caring, and secure environment is sure to elevate your jumping experiences. Mostly, Trampoline High has designed its work in both kid and parent-friendly manner where chilling, relaxing, and quality of bungee jump is the top priority.

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi, massage chairs, plenty of food, drink options, big screen TVs, and watch your kids having a safe “FUN-TASTIC” time. They also feature Ball Dash Games, EuroBungee Jump, Dodge Ball Dash Games, and so more.

Fee: Looking for bungee jumping events in Florida, come to Trampoline High in Miami. Their offers start from $250 – $1,200 depending on the packages you choose.

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7. Florida Big Event Slides

Address: 1 Causeway Blvd. Clearwater, FL 33767

When I first visited Florida Big Event Slides in Clearwater, I was captivated by the opportunity to engage in bungee jumping while surrounded by breathtaking sunset views that overlooked the magnificent Gulf of Mexico. 

You might think I’m crazy, but the overwhelming desire to embrace this incredible adventure led me to embark on my very first bungee jumping experience in Florida. Additionally, the sun’s rays cascading upon the pristine white sandy beaches added an extra touch of enchantment to the already dreamy atmosphere of the place.

There are three different types of passes – one trip that costs $3, two trips that cost $5, and an all-day pass that for $25. I recommend taking the all-day unlimited pass, that allows you to immerse in boundless fun on floating inflatable slides and toys and enjoy the thrilling bungee trampolines.

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During summertime, you can come here to experience bungee jumping at night as they operate until 10 pm catering to a huge crowd. The rides are very kid friendly so there is no chance of any risks.

Note: Florida Big Event Slides is also in Treasure Island

9 Best Places for Bungee Jumping in Florida
Florida Big Event Slides

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8. Old Town USA

Address: 5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746

If you want to get lost in the world of automobiles like car shows, take Ferris Wheel, or indulge in the soulful tunes of live music at Old Town Kissimmee, then come to Old Town USA, just 3 miles from Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida!

This place serves as a one-stop solution for family-friendly amusement and exhilarating high-speed launch rides. This destination can provide you and your family with the most enchanting and cherished memories you desire. Among their offerings, they provide a bungee cord experience that allows you to jump, flip, and bounce to your heart’s content.

Note: You need to be weighing less than 140 Lbs to do the jump

9. Treasure Coast Bungee Jump

Address: 3174 NW Federal Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

You’ll find this indoor bungee jumping spot inside Treasure Coast Square shopping center beckoning all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. Trust me this is a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle.

The vibrant atmosphere and the sight of children, adults, and retirees learning acrobatic bungee skills like backflips, single, double, and triple front is surely going to make you crave to learn.

I experienced this thrilling adventure alongside Kelvin, and I can assure you that with each bounce and flip, I felt the weight of the day melting away, replaced by an exhilarating surge of adrenaline and sheer bliss. 

The staff members greeted us with warm hospitality, and the vibrant atmosphere surrounding us enhanced our experience, making it the most memorable thing of our lives. So, you should not worry about the jump, because you always have the back of trained staff.

Tip: One session of bungee jumping is for 10 minutes of costing for $13

Treasure Coast Bungee Jump
Treasure Coast Bungee Jump

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FAQ: Bungee Jumping in Florida

1. What is the minimum age requirement for bungee jumping in Florida?

A. If you’ve reached the age of 18, you are legally approved to go bungee jumping. However, if you’re below 18, you need parental approval and must adhere to the rules of the specific location. In Florida, you can visit Trampoline High in Miami as they offer a family-friendly bungee jumping experience.

2. Is bungee jumping in Florida safe?

A. Yes, the aforementioned spots for bungee jumping in Florida are safe as they use modern equipment and have trained trainers. The operators have been working in the same market for a long time and they prioritize a person’s safety. They know what is best to ensure a safe experience.

3. How high are the bungee jumping platforms in Florida?

A. Track Family Recreation Centre in Destin offers a 75-foot height free fall, while Fun Spot America in Orlando provides a 250-foot height free fall. Each place in Florida offers a different height for the free fall experience.

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