11 Best Miami Souvenirs You Want to Bring Back from Florida

Due to the vibrant beaches enveloped in sunrays and pleasant weather, Miami has always been a tourist magnet. Millions of tourists come here each year to relax on the sand, attend music and art festivals, get up close and personal with numerous endangered exclusive species.

The place is full of tourists enjoying and having a gala time in the pool; the boisterous parties are the memories they create for themselves and Miami souvenirs allow them to reminisce about those memories once they return. There are many great Miami gift shops to buy souvenirs from Miami.

Miami Souvenirs

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If you want to keep the souvenirs from Miami, you should get ones that are related to Miami and your vacation. If you’re buying anything for someone, get a sense of what they like. Miami souvenirs are unique and are a great choice to keep the memories of your trip alive.

List of The Best Souvenirs From Miami

1. Cigars

whether you’re a seasoned cigar expert or a stogie beginner! There is a treasure trove of real cigars ready to be fired up, ranging from popular Monte Cristos and Cohibas to undiscovered locally hand-rolled sticks. Add in a line of exquisitely crafted humidors, cigar cutters, and presentation boxes, and you’ve got a cigar lover’s dream come true.

Head to Calle Ocho in Little Havana for a real cigar-smoking experience, where you’ll discover a multitude of cigar shops. Purchase a single stick to puff away at or a bundle to take home. This is one of the most unique Miami souvenirs.

Price: $2-$30

Where to Buy: El Titan de Bronze

Miami souvenirs | Cigars

2. Miccosukee Crafts

The Miccosukee tribe of Miami, Florida, crafted these handcrafted items. Hand-carved wooden bowls, spoons, toys, and other excellent beaded jewelry, a woven basket made of sweet grass, and dolls with patch designs on their garments made of palmetto jars are among their creations.

If you’re looking for cheap souvenirs in Miami,  you should go to Miccosukee Indian Village. You will find objects being handcrafted and carved at this amazing place.

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Prices: $3.99 and above.

Where to Buy: Miccosukee Indian Village

3. Shell Jewelry

Ocean jewelry composed of seashells, pristine coral, and turquoise is well-known in Miami. The shells are collected organically when diving in the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean rather than being curated. Then they’re turned into excellent jewelry, making these pieces highly valuable due to the fact that they’re fashioned from natural gems.

Buy one of these items in South Beach, Miami, and wear it at the beach with your fashionable beachwear or with a stunning evening gown for a nighttime party. There are many great Miami beach souvenir shops to shop from.

Where to Buy: Yellowstone Fantasia

Price: $5 to $30

Shell Jewelry
Shell Jewelry

4. Miami Unique Foods

Head to Tropical Supermarket for a genuine Latin food shopping experience, and you’ll be overtaken by a sense of nostalgia for a time before multinational supermarket chains. Miami souvenir shops have gastronomic treasures stored on the shelf after shelf in boxes and bottles that are easy to transport but perhaps not so easy to part with. 

If you are wondering what to bring home from Miami, this is what you could choose. Miami food souvenirs are a hit among tourists. 

Prices: $2.99 and up.

Where to buy: Tropical Supermarket

Beef Jerky | souvenirs from Miami
Beef Jerky

5. Beachwear

In Miami, beachwear is the most obvious attraction for fashionistas. Several fashion designers and influences have affected the city’s fashion, including Bruce Weber, a world-renowned local resident, Lazaro Hernandez, and Gianni Versace. In Miami, there are not only many boutiques and designer stores, but there are also pop-up stores that appear from time to time.

They show young people new and fresh ideas in beachwear, swimwear, and other similar items. This is one of the best Miami local gifts.

Prices: $53-$200

Where to Buy: Indie Soul

Beachwear Cover up | Miami souvenir shops
Beachwear Cover up

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6. Guayabera linen clothing

From Mexico to Miami, the popular Guayabera shirt, constructed of linen with four pockets and pleats in the front, has been worn. It has since become a highly popular fashion statement, including many different types of clothes in addition to men’s shirts. This is among our favorite picks for the best souvenirs to buy from Miami.

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It is a formal costume that is worn all over the world. It was popular among Cubans at the turn of the century, but it was only in the hands of George Feldenkrais, chairman, and CEO of Perry Ellis International, that it became popular in Miami.

Where to buy: MyCubanStore a Guayabera and Panama Hat Store

Price: $20-$100

Guayabera linen clothing | Miami gift shops
Guayabera linen clothing

7. Alligator taxidermy products

You can spot these hungry monsters in Miami, Florida, but you can also bring memories of them back home with you. In Miami, alligator taxidermy products are well-known. Everglades Gift Shop is one of the best souvenir shops in Miami that is very popular when it comes to buying Alligator taxidermy products.

Because of the immaculate finishing, the goods are well-made and have a real-life charm. If you inquire, you might be able to locate a lot of contacts for licensed curators who specialize in turning stuffed Alligators into the type of product you want. You may also be able to select your own Alligator for curation.

Where to buy: Gray Trophy Fish Mounts

Price: $20-50

8. Latin herbs and spices

Miami offers some fantastic spices to tempt your taste buds. You must visit Little Havana if you want an authentic taste of their unique foods. These local markets in Little Havana have a wide choice of spices, sauces, and herbal rubs, perfect for preparing a delectable Latin feast.

If you want to taste the authentic flavors of Latin herbs and spices, go to one of the supermarkets on ‘Calle Ocho’ or one of their native markets. Confused about what to buy in Miami? Head to Little Havana to find great Miami gift shops to buy these items.

Where to buy: Bijol & Spices Inc

Price: $5-$20

Latin herbs
Latin herbs

9. Resort clothing

Miami is regarded as one of the world’s most important fashion centers. Because of its year-round warm environment, it allows people to experiment with fashion and apparel without having to worry about staying warm and covered. Several modeling businesses have sprung up in Miami, resulting in a plethora of designer clothing outlets, boutiques, and even low-cost shopping options. 

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If you’re seeking vacation wear and attractive accessories, you might want to pay them a visit. If you want to see the best of fashion, you might want to go to South Beach. South beach souvenir shops offer wonderful Miami themed gifts.

Where to buy: Taj By Sabrina Crippa – Miami Beach

Price: $20-50

 Miami themed clothing
Miami themed clothing

10. University Of Miami Souvenirs

The jerseys of the University of Miami, which stands as a reputable educational organization with its philanthropic activities, are one of the best souvenirs to show off in Miami. T-shirts, Miami Hurricane jerseys, vehicle accessories, home décor, and other novelty goods will serve as the most authentic reminders of your vacation.

The Miami Dolphins jersey is also a terrific souvenir to represent your dolphins and football enthusiasm. You may acquire retro athlete jerseys with your name embroidered on them. These are among the famous things to buy in Miami.

Where To Find: University of Miami Bookstore

Cost: Starts from $2.99

University Of Miami Souvenirs

11. Local Honey, Jams, and Preserved Food

Because Miami is a tropical city, you’ll discover unusual tropical fruit jams, preserves, and honey here. You’ll have a hard time choosing between key lime, amaretto, wildflower honey, Vidalia onion sweet relish, and other preserves.

If you have the opportunity, go to the Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market or any supermarket that is nearly as nice as the local farm stores to find all of these tropical delights. You can sample the jam or purchase it from these shops, which can even wrap it as a gift for friends and family back home.

Where To Find: Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market

Cost:  $5-10

Local honey to Miami

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FAQ – Best San Diego Souvenirs:

1. Where can I buy Miami souvenirs?

A: You can buy such gifts in Miami souvenir stores or you could buy Miami souvenirs online.

2. What are the best souvenir ideas from Miami?

A: Food items, clothes, spices, and herbs are among the best Souvenirs in Miami.

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