10 Best Souvenirs from San Francisco & Where to Buy Them

Are you looking for the best souvenirs from San Francisco to bring back home from your trip? There are many fun and unique products in San Francisco to buy for your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Whether you are in San Francisco for a day or for a long trip, you should definitely visit a souvenir shop in San Francisco.  

There are lots of beautiful, nice, and yummy things you can buy during your stay in San Francisco. Or, get botanical art inked on your back from Rose Gold, one of the famous tattoo shops in California. Whatever it is, if you’re looking for the best and cheapest gifts for your family or relatives, here’s a list of the top San Francisco souvenirs that will surely be loved and enjoyed by your loved ones.

souvenirs from San Francisco


Best souvenirs to bring home from San Francisco

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#1 Local Olive Oil

California is one of the best olive oil producers in the US. Spanish missionaries first started Mission Olive Trees in the 16th century. Later the California producers brought back the olive oil industry putting big effort.

If you are looking for the best quality olive oil, go for Stonehouse which bagged many awards for their California Extra virgin Olive Oil. Olive oil is a very healthy cooking oil due to its antioxidative properties. It can be a perfect gift from San Francisco for people who are health conscious or love cooking.

Cost: Around $14

Where to Buy:

Stonehouse California Olive Oil
Ferry Building Plaza, 94111
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-7PM; Saturday: 8AM-6PM; Sunday: 10AM-5PM  

souvenirs from San Francisco | Stonehouse California Olive Oil
Stonehouse California Olive Oil

#2 Ghirardelli Chocolate: Delicious San Francisco Souvenirs

Who doesn’t like delicious chocolate? Ghirardelli Chocolate can be a perfect example of good souvenirs in San Francisco. Their amazing combination of taste and packaging is loved by everybody. Ghirardelli doesn’t produce chocolates in San Francisco, but it is widely popular among locals and tourists.

Ghirardelli Chocolatier has varieties of selections with different flavors that appeal to both milk and dark chocolate lovers. Other popular chocolatiers include Recchiuti Confections, Dandelion Chocolates, Socola Chocolates, Poco Dolce, Jade Chocolates, and Charles Chocolates which are equally delicious as Ghirardelli chocolate.

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Cost: Around $30-40

Where to Buy:

Namesake square at Fisherman’s Wharf

Stockton Street next to Barney’s

souvenirs in San Francisco | Ghirardelli Chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate

#3 Muni T-Shirt

Buy some Muni T-shirts from San Francisco, one of the best solo travel destinations in the US. It is one of the best souvenirs in San Francisco which will remember you of your trip. Muni t-shirts have their printed signature logo of the squiggly line of the Muni transit system of San Francisco which is the collection of buses, subways lines, trolleys, and cable cars in the city.

You can find t-shirts with different designs in the form of route numbers, line names, and a list of the main stops of the Muni transit system. Muni t-shirt is a must-buy thing in San Francisco to make your trip memorable.

Cost: Around $20

Where to Buy:

440 Brannon
440 Brannon Street, 94107

what to buy from San Francisco | Muni T-Shirt
Muni T-Shirt

#4 Coffee

Looking for tasty but cheap San Francisco souvenirs? Buy some fine quality local coffee at a reasonable price and give a surprise to your coffee lover friend. You will find varieties of roasted beans in San Francisco that make it more interesting.

The Four Barrel coffee is very popular in San Francisco. The name refers to the gas-heated, four-barrel roasted coffee bean. You should not miss the heavenly taste of the Friendo Blendo blend. If you are still looking for what to buy in San Francisco then go for Ritual Roasters which is considered superior in flavors and aroma from Four barrel roasted beans.

Cost: Around $13-15

Where to Buy:

Four Barrel
375 Valencia Street, 94103

Ritual Roasters
1026 Valencia Street, 94103

San Francisco Coffee souvenirs
San Francisco Coffee, P.C: penangfoodforthought.com

#5 Hats: Souvenirs in San Francisco

Classic designer hats are something that defines the old culture of San Francisco. These classic designed hats can be perfect gifts from San Francisco for boys. It not only helps you to hide from the sun but also plays a crucial role in your outfit.

A fourth-generation enterprise Goorin Brothers are working endlessly in hat designing and creation since 1895. They are one of the oldest hat makers in the country. Currently, they have 1333 Minna Collection, designed by local tattoo and graffiti artists, illustrators, and printers. They offer the best designer hats that you can take away from San Francisco.

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Cost: Around $50-100

Where to Buy:

Goorin Brothers Hat Shop
Haight Street – 1446 Haight Street, 94117

Vintage San Francisco Hat
Vintage San Francisco Hat, P.C: etsy.com

#6 Wine

San Francisco is one of the most romantic places in California. When I’m saying about a romantic place how can you ignore local wine? If you are a drinker, a bottle of local wine should be on the list of must-buy souvenirs in San Francisco.

Therefore, if you want to buy some top-quality wine brands in SF, PlumpJack is the most popular wine brand. Now they have extended their business with a restaurant, bar, a resort group, and a Cabernet house winery where visitors can enjoy all sorts of wine with classic cultures of California.

You can also visit boutique wineries such as Hill Family Estate that manufactures premium flavored wines ranging from caramel popcorn, black licorice, chocolate, and cherries. These are some of the most popular souvenirs in San Francisco. Just make sure that you buy a cushioned wine bottle holder for easy shipping.

Cost: Starting from $50

Where to Buy:

San Francisco Wine Trading Company
250 Taraval Street, 94116

Wine Bottle
Wine Bottle

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#7 Wallet: Unique Souvenirs from San Francisco

The wallet is one of the best souvenirs to buy in San Francisco. Heathered Handmade manufactures a series of the wallet using recycled materials. The interesting fact is they use old 1930s and 40s newspapers, maps and fabrics, postcards, and airline manuals as recycled materials.

Muni wallet is another popular series from Heathered Handmade. Here they use Muni transfer tickets and maps of the city. These are not only eco-friendly gifts but cool and unique souvenirs from San Francisco.

Cost: Around $15

Where to Buy:

Collage Gallery
1345 18th Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107

Park and Pond
1422 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

Heathered Handmade
Heathered Handmade Wallet

#8 Cable Car Replica

You have definitely ridden a cable car during your trip. This is a symbol of San Francisco’s city. Then why not buy a cable car replica as a souvenir from San Francisco? It is a small, colorful cable car model which is made of wood with movable wheels.

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Cable car replica is cheap and it can be an ideal San Francisco gift for kids. Adults will also enjoy it. You can decorate your desk and Christmas tree with this replica. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in San Francisco. I personally like it very much as it is cheap, small, lightweight, and perfect for all age groups. Especially, if you are looking to buy some souvenirs in bulk, I will highly recommend Cable Car Replicas and chocolates.

Cost: Around $15-20

Where to Buy:

Chinatown along Grant Avenue

San Francisco Cable Car Replica | souvenirs from San Francisco
San Francisco Cable Car Replica

#9 Posters

Posters are one of the best things to buy in San Francisco. Many travelers love to keep posters of the places they visited. You can decorate your room walls with these posters of your favorite places. Your walls are the reflection of your likelihood and personality, so let them speak with your favorite art, quotes, and designs.

From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to vintage cable cars, posters are cool gifts that remind your trip to San Francisco. Posters are also cheap and can be bought in bulk for your friends and office colleagues.

Cost: Around $8-15

Where to Buy:

The Poster Source

Pier 39 Ste N3, San Francisco, CA 94133

San Francisco Poster
San Francisco Poster. P.C: Etsy.com

#10 Vintage Levi’s Jeans

The world-famous apparel brand Levi’s was founded in San Francisco. You can see the third-largest Levi’s store on Market Street in south SF. It can be a costly thing, but a vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, high-waisted shorts, or denim jacket is truly a cool and unique San Francisco souvenir.

They have special limited edition products that are created to replicate other old vintage jeans founded in mine shafts and in the Nevada desert. Needless to say, all the products of Levi’s are high-quality and durable. These are perfect San Francisco souvenirs for fashionistas and for vintage cloth lovers.

Cost: Around $250-400

Where to Buy:

Levi Strauss & Company
300 Post Street, 94108

unique souvenirs in San Francisco
Levi’s Items


Top 10 San Francisco Souvenirs


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