Moving to Florida Checklist: 18 Things to Know Before Relocating to The Sunshine State

Relocating to a new state can be challenging as well as a lot of fun. Moving to a new state from your hometown or from another city where you had your job or education can take a toll on you.

Undoubtedly, Florida is a great place to move to. With hundreds of beaches, awesome weather, traffic-free walkable roads, and great career prospects, it makes the perfect place to relocate. To make your moving process to Florida less stressful, you need to have a ‘moving to Florida checklist’. Having a moving-to-Florida guide will make your relocation totally smooth and you will land in the beautiful, vibrant state of Florida without any fuss.

Moving to Florida Checklist

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There are tons of things that you need to keep in mind when you move to a new place. But when you have the right moving to Florida checklist with you, relocating to Florida will only be a cakewalk.

If you are wondering what living in Florida looks like, what are the fastest-growing cities in Florida, we’ve got your back. This complete moving to Florida checklist will guide you and all your queries will be answered.

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Florida

One question that can come to mind is why are people moving to Florida? Well, due to its lively spirit, braces, warm weather, Florida is a welcoming state to everybody. A lot of retirees choose Florida to spend the later part of life because of Florida’s amazing weather and facilities.

1. Sunny Weather of Florida

If you have been a former resident of Michigan or Chicago, you have had bitter experiences of cold. But the warm, sunny weather of Florida will make it up to you and you won’t ever regret moving to Florida. Considered to be one of the warmest states of the US, it has an average temperature of 70 degrees.  Rainstorms and hurricanes will be your constant companion once you move to Florida. You must be aware of the hurricane safety rules to keep yourself protected.

2. Fun and Entertainment Awaits You

Your moving to Florida checklist would be incomplete if you don’t visit the famous entertainment parks of Florida. Disney World is one of the top most popular destinations and everyone from around the world admires it. The Disney VIP tour is highly recommended if you are in a group and looking to explore all three parks in one day. Apart from this, you would find a lot of theme parks to spend an amazing day with friends and family.

3. Beaches of Florida

Florida is peppered with beaches. So if you’re a beach person it’s heaven for you. If you plan to stay in inexpensive cities to live in Florida with beaches, then you must consider checking out Venice, Sebastian, Palm Bay, Melbourne.

beaches in Florida | checklist for Florida moving

4. Cost of Living in Florida

Not all the places in Florida are expensive. There are plenty of affordable places in Florida to grow your family, hence people love moving to Florida. Also, Florida state requires no income tax, so you don’t need to worry about how to move to Florida on a budget. There are plenty of pocket-friendly places to visit in Florida like Fort Myers, Ocala, Sarasota, Gainesville, and many more. You can certainly enjoy living in Florida on a budget.

5. Florida Provides Great Education

When you’re planning to move with your kids and family to Florida, then your checklist for moving to Florida must include great schools and universities for your children. Well, Florida has top-ranked universities and an array of public and private schools.

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6. Wildlife filled Florida

Florida is popularly known as the ‘Alligator state’. However, Florida is much more than that just alligators. You would have frequent encounters with various types of animals that include fox squirrels, raccoons, frogs, lizards, and many sorts of insects. You must be aware of near water bodies as alligators can be regular visitors. However, if you’re fond of wildlife and nature, you would enjoy moving to Florida.

7. Full of Adventures

Florida is not just about beach life. You are going to have an active adventurous life in Florida. From freshwater springs to green mangrove forests you can explore a variety of things including several hidden gems in Florida. If you enjoy indulging in activities like hiking, boating, zip-lining then Florida is an ideal place for you.

8. Employment Opportunities

Florida not only offers great education facilities, but the job market of Florida is pretty good. So if you’re anxious thinking about how to move to Florida without a job, you should stop worrying. The average yearly salary of Florida ranges between $35000 to $40000. However with higher positions in companies, one can even earn up to more than $80000.

Most in-demand jobs of Florida are in the fields of marketing, tourism, healthcare, and the aviation industry. Search up recruitment companies and work with them to quickly land a job in Florida.

9. Food of Florida

Your moving to Florida guide must give you an idea of what kind of food you can expect there. With beaches reigning this sunshine city, seafood is the most easily accessible and widely available cuisine option. But you find the Caribbean, Asian and Cuban food options as well. Farm fresh foods are always available in Florida which many other places fail to offer.

10. Housing in Florida

Deciding whether to rent a house or buy one while moving is a necessary part of relocating to Florida checklist. Towns with beaches are slightly expensive. Rents of houses usually are $1800 per month on average. Florida offers all types of styles of houses from modern contemporary to historic style architecture. If you have higher budgets you can opt for Spanish-style architecture for your housing. Also, when you rent a house, be aware of all your tenant rights.

Moving to Florida checklist

11. Insurance for Your Home

Florida is a flood-prone area. So if you’re planning to buy a house in Florida, you must know about the flood insurance policies of Florida. Once you buy a house, it’s best to have flood insurance for your house. This state is full of rivers and seas and floods are a regular hazard. You will not get this in your homeowner’s insurance policy so you have to buy flood insurance separately. Flood insurances are a necessary part but they can easily hike up your budget.

12. Regions of Florida

Florida has a different vibe going on in the East and West parts of the state. The west coast is famous for its pristine beaches and clear water. If you’re a beach person you must consider the west coast as your region as it will offer plenty of wide-open beaches including some secret nude beaches. Also, this part is great for retirees who want to spend quiet time away from the hustle and bustle. West Coast is ideal to move in with your family.

However, if you want a happening life, the east coast is the one for you. It’s vibrant and full of entertainment. You would spot many high-rise buildings. You should also check places in Central Florida, full of green space and walking areas.

Once again North and South Florida will give you two different flavors. Southern Florida has a diverse culture and is warm all throughout the year. But the Northern part does experience snowfall in some places. If you are planning to move to the northern part for cooler temperatures, check out these 7 best cities to live in North Florida. New Yorkers don’t discard your warm clothes when you move to Florida. Moving from NY to Florida checklist must have all your necessary winter outfits.

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13. Meet the Snowbirds

When you’re moving to Florida, you must know who are the snowbirds. Snowbirds are retirees who love to spend the winters basking under the sun of Florida. They flock from the colder states to Florida to enjoy the warm weather. They return to their homes once the winter season is gone.

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How to Prepare to Move to Florida?

Now that you have a fair idea of what Florida can offer you, there are some things that you should be prepared for before moving to Florida.

1. Prepare yourself for the weather

Florida can seem really hot in the initial days. So, if you are coming from NY or Vermont, the heatwave can be challenging for you. Definitely, you would get to spend a lot of time in the outdoors because of the availability of beaches. Make sure to always keep water and sun protection handy with you. The weather is pretty unpredictable in Florida. Anytime a hurricane or thunderstorm can ruin your day.

We have a detailed guide on the pros and cons of living in Florida.

2. Prepare yourself for a diverse population

Florida experiences all kinds of people from all over the country. You will find a mix of the population here which will give you a chance to mix with a lot of people. Florida population has white, Hispanic, African-American, Asian all types of residents. It’s rare to find such a diverse culture in any other state than Florida.

3. Expect a lot of tourists

Tourists make the majority of Florida and undoubtedly tourism is the most growing industry of this state. You will encounter many tourists in the local marketplaces and especially on beaches. So, holiday breaks can be a little bit crowded as you would find tourists everywhere.

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4. Transportation is easy

Florida has quite a lot of options for easy transportation. You can easily get around your city via buses and trolleys. Since public transportation is usually cheaper, you do save a lot on your budget. Also, if you don’t have a car, you still get to enjoy the place by different modes of transport.

5. Be prepared for a higher budget for expensive cities

Having the right budget plan on your moving to Florida checklist is really important. There are many expensive cities in Florida that can make a hole in your pocket if you are not prepared. Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Key West are some of the most expensive cities to live in Florida. So, make sure to do your own research while choosing the city.

Moving to Florida guide

Florida Moving Checklist

Let’s have a look at the moving to Florida checklist.

  • Canceling your utility services is the most important before moving to Florida. It usually takes up to 6 weeks so start scheduling all your cancellation services for water, internet, gas, memberships of the gym, garbage, etc.
  • Start finding a job in Florida. The tourism industry has many employment opportunities you can look into. Other than that, start searching for jobs via different websites before your relocation.
  • Hire a mover. If you can spend on a mover, you must check out different movers and compare their prices. Once you’re happy with the price, set a date for moving. But if you plan to move on your own, then get enough packing supplies for yourself. Book a moving truck service and start packing 2 months before the move.
  • Check out the place you are planning to live. You must do thorough research about the cost of living of the city, the employment opportunities, education and healthcare services, and facilities for you and your family. Read up on the kind of neighborhood you might expect, what are options for recreations, etc.
  • If you have booked your place in Florida, you can easily update your new address online.
  • You must schedule all your utility services in your new location like gas, water, internet, etc.
  • When moving with kids, transfer all the necessary school and college documents with you. You might require them during admission.
  • You must transfer all your bank accounts to your location. Also, update your new address in all other important documents like insurances documents, etc.
  • Check with local charity offices to donate extra clothes or household items. Decide which items to discard and which one to carry.
  • Buy sturdy packing supplies for all types of goods. Label them with names and types like Fragile, Important like this for easy access.
  • Pay all your bills beforehand and don’t keep any last-minute plan.
  • Have food, water, money along with the most important documents on your moving day.
  • Call your movers before the final day and set up the time and mode of payment.
  • Update your new address, registration with the local tax office.
  • Visit Florida DMV for your driver’s license. You will also require identification documents like your passport and your SSN.
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Florida Driving License Requirement

You need a driver’s license to drive in Florida. Visit your nearest Florida DMV to know all the requirements. Here are some of the things that you must require for a driving license for new residents in Florida.

  • Proof of identities like your passport or birth certificate
  • The proof of your residential address which can be your utility services bill
  • You would need to produce your social security number or SSN
  • You will also require your current driver’s license or the completion certificate of the Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course

Getting a driver’s license in Florida will also help you in becoming an official resident of the state. So, make sure to get your license at the earliest.

What is Life in Florida Like?

With your moving to Florida checklist ready, you must be wondering what would be living in Florida like? You are going to enjoy every bit of your stay in Florida. Once you know the basics and you are mentally prepared, you would fall in love with the sunshine state.

Florida is a cultural hub and is a melting pot. People from different cultures, races live here. It is undoubtedly an international destination as people from different corners of the world come to live here.

If you’re culturally inclined you would love to visit the Kennedy Space Center, Hemingway Museum, Salvador Dali Museum, etc. However, if you are a party person, the nightlife of Florida will catch your attention surely. There are clubs, restaurants, shopping places everywhere.

Cities like Miami, Orlando have extremely energetic nightlife scenes and will give you opportunities to mingle with all kinds of people.

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Final Words

Florida is a great place for sports fans too. Florida has soccer, basketball, baseball teams. Colleges have their own sports teams as well. You can enjoy watching your favorite teams play most of the time. Apart from that, Florida also offers more than 1400 golf courses which is a treat for every golf lover.

With outdoor activities being one of the attractions of Florida, you will never be bored with Florida life. Florida has a lot to offer and you’re guaranteed to have a great life here. If you are planning for a Florida vacation, check this ultimate Florida packing list.

Florida and California both are very popular States among students, young adults, families, and retirees. If you’re in a dilemma choosing between these two States, check out this comparison article.

So, what are you waiting for? Put a tick mark on your moving to Florida checklist and come to this beautiful state to have an unparallel living experience.

FAQ – Moving to Florida Checklist

1. What do you need to transfer your driver’s license to Florida?

Ans– You will require proof of identity like your birth certificate or passport, your residential address proof like your house lease or any utility bill, your previous license, and your SSN.

2. Is it good to live in Florida?

Ans– Florida is a great place to live in. Warm weather, no income tax, amazing cuisine, diverse culture, job opportunities make it a perfect state.

3. Should I move to Florida?

Ans– You should move to Florida if you are looking for great benefits like no income tax, sunny weather, beach towns, peaceful life after retirement.

4. What is the safest area to live in Florida?

Ans– Some cities in Florida provide the best security. Cities like Weston, North Palm Beach, Parkland, Longboat Key are some of the safest areas to live in Florida.

5. Is it better to live on the Gulf side or the Atlantic side of Florida?

Ans–  If you’re looking for some adventure then the Atlantic side of Florida is your go-to option because of its amazing water sports activities. However, if your heart wants clean, sandy beaches then the Gulf side should be your destination.

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