11 Safest Cities in Florida to Live in 2023

Think of beaches, an abundance of natural beauty, sunny weather, and a great lifestyle- what comes to your mind? Nothing but Florida. The Sunshine State, Florida, is full of life, and many people dream of visiting this place once or settling here. Popularly known as a place for retirees, Florida is amazing for all ages because of its rich diversity. A huge number of young crowd is found here, and undoubtedly the city life is quite happening.

So, whether you want to visit as a traveler or you plan to move to Florida, you must know what are the safest cities in Florida. When you have a fair idea of the safest places to live in Florida, relocating to Florida or visiting during a holiday would be super easy and smooth.

Safest Cities in Florida

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Before we dive in and find out the safest places in Florida, let’s have a quick look at the things you should know before moving to Florida.

Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

  • Florida has warm and sunny weather all throughout the year. The state hardly experiences winter. So, it’s a great place for tropical weather lovers.
  • Florida has no income tax policy. Hence your savings is surely going to increase.
  • The academic scenario in Florida is quite superior. It has a huge collection of private and public schools as well as top universities.
  • The cost of living in Florida is lower than the national average.
  • Get your flood insurance and hurricane insurance done if you wish to buy a house in Florida.

Our guided list of safest cities in Florida will clear every doubt you have regarding Florida such as is Florida a safe place to live, what are the safest places to live in Florida from hurricanes and crimes, places to avoid in Florida, and many more. So, let’s check out the top safest cities in Florida.

1. Weston

  • Population: 68,107
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.53 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  4.51 per 1000 residents

Situated in Broward County, Weston is one of the safest places to live in Florida. With a low population, this city gives a community feeling, and the neighborhoods are pretty friendly. Weston is also famous for its green landscapes.

The city also has plenty of public schools and universities, and the diverse culture makes it one of the safest cities in Florida for families. Although living in Weston can be a bit expensive, keeping in mind the safety quotient, you will never regret living in Florida.

2. Satellite Beach

  • Population: 11,226
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.53 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  4.81 per 1000 residents

Home to pristine blue waters of the Atlantic ocean and beautiful sandy beaches, Satellite Beach is a coastal city in Brevard County. With the lowest crime rate, Satelite Beach tops the list of safest cities in Florida. This city is great for families and children because of its friendly community culture. Public schools and colleges also provide a great education.

The cost of living in Satelite Beach is 11% higher than the national average. Housing is more expensive than transport, food, and other services. However, if you want to have a coastal lifestyle feel, consider living on Satelite Beach.

3. Parkland

  • Population: 34,670
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.23 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  5.80 per 1000 residents
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Another safest city in Florida to check out is Parkland. Located in Broward County, Parkland is a less populated city and is extremely safe to live in or travel to. The city is great for people who love to indulge in good food, books, art, and culture.

The cultural scenario of the city is quite engaging as there are a lot of live theatres, and operas taking place. Also, the family-oriented community and the peaceful atmosphere make it one of the best places to live in Florida.

Moreover, Parkland has tons of parks making it a paradise for sports lovers and it’s also great for children and pets to play around in these parks. Most of the residents of Parkland are quite affluent.

4. Sebastian

  • Population: 25,054
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.84 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  6.19 per 1000 residents

Just two miles from the Atlantic Ocean, Sebastian is a part of the Indian River County and a safe city in Central Florida. One of the safest beach towns in Florida, Sebastian has a small population of friendly people around. The lifestyle here is pretty laidback and relaxed.

People usually love to take a stroll by the river bank or go for quick drives for recreation. Sebastian is famous for being the best place for fishing from deep-sea fishing to bass fishing, this city offers all sorts of fishing adventures.

Also, it’s just halfway between Miami and Jacksonville, making these two popular cities easily accessible. Sebastian again makes the list of places in Florida to live on a budget as it is certainly the safest and cheapest place to live in Florida.

Sebastian_Safest Cities in Florida to Live in

5. Marco Island

  • Population: 15,760
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.95 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  6.54 per 1000 residents

Situated 28 miles south of Naples, Marco Island is famous for its beaches, golf courses, resorts, and marinas. The ever-so-famous Everglades National Park is just beside the city, and people have easy access to the Gulf of Mexico as the city is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.

Another interesting fact about Marco Island is that it is the largest island of the Ten Thousand Islands. If you truly want to have a Floridian experience, then Marco Island is the ideal option to opt for because of its abundance of outdoor activities and gorgeous beaches. Moreover, if you are looking for the safest places to retire in Florida, Marco Island is the choice worth considering.

6. North Palm Beach

  • Population: 13,162
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.91 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  6.84 per 1000 residents

Ranked at 5 for being the safest city in Florida, North Palm Beach has to make our list of safest places to live in Florida. North Palm Beach truly resonates with the small-town beauty, and living here is completely safe, secure, and peaceful.

The cost of living in North Palm Beach is $38,025 on average per year. The clear sky and warm weather are an added advantage of living in North Palm Beach. The job market of North Palm Beach is quite exciting, and people get various job opportunities in different fields of interest. Most schools are private institutions in this city, so keep that in mind while moving to this city.

North Palm Beach
North Palm Beach

7. Oviedo

  • Population: 40,059
  • Violent Crime Rate: 1.30 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  6.17 per 1000 residents

Looking for a safe city in South Florida? Come visit Oviedo, a small and quaint city situated in Seminole county. The architecture of the historic buildings and houses is a treat to the eyes when you are in Ovideo. Also, Oviedo’s location is perfect as it is only 20 miles northwest of Orlando.

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Oviedo is home to various adventure parks, such as The Black Hammock, Central Lake Park, and Little Big Econ State Forest, so you are bound to have fun times with your friends and family. Community events are quite popular in this city, and residents flock during these events. It is a great way to taste local food, buy local artistry, and support small artists.

There is an adequate number of elementary, middle, and high schools that takes care of your children’s education as well. Be ready to meet some chickens on the road as they are always roaming around.

8. Naples

  • Population: 19,115
  • Violent Crime Rate: 1.10 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  14.44 per 1000 residents

If you plan to live a luxurious life or planning to move to a wealthy town after your retirement, come to Naples in the Florida Keys. Famous for high-end shopping and gorgeous golf courses, Naples certainly makes the list of safest cities in Florida.

The beaches of Naples are worth spending your time. Residents love to bask under the warm sun on these lovely beaches. If you are a food connoisseur, make sure to visit Naples as it is popular for its sophisticated dining scenarios.

Keep in mind the cost of living as it is on the higher side and housing is very expensive in Naples. Naples is chosen by most retirees because of its advanced lifestyles, great communities, and diverse culture. The job market in Naples is also booming with tons of opportunities, so definitely consider Naples as a safe city in your moving to Florida guide.

9. Sanibel

  • Population: 6,382
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.31 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  5.95 per 1000 residents

Having the second-lowest crime rate, Sanibel, a city on the Sanibel Island is another safe city that you need to explore. The blue seas, the crystal clear beaches, and the shell-filled beaches from the Gulf of Mexico make it a perfect destination not just for holidays but also for settling down.

The residents are extremely hospitable and are always there to help you with your needs. People love to indulge in watching stunning sunsets over the beaches or dolphin watching. There are ample options for outdoor activities like boating, kayaking, and fishing. The cost of living in Sanibel is 44% higher than the national average.

Sanibel_safest places to live in Florida

10. Groveland

  • Population: 18,505
  • Violent Crime Rate: 2.11 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  9.35 per 1000 residents

One of the fastest growing cities in the Sunshine State, Groveland is another safe city option for you. Groveland is truly a nature lover’s paradise. The breathtaking landscapes, an abundance of wildlife, and the picturesque town life make it an ideal place to live in.

If you wish to live in a quiet place, away from the hustle-bustle of city life yet want to have proximity to the town, then you must check out Groveland. Located near Orlando this city has a serene and peaceful ambiance.

New residents are constantly coming to Groveland which signifies that the city’s importance is growing day by day. There are good options for schools and jobs as well. The real estate market of this beautiful city is always on the rise.

11. Key Biscayne

  • Population: 14,809
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.20 per 1000 residents
  • Property Crime Rate:  13.30 per 1000 residents

Wondering which is a safe city near Miami? Key Biscayne is the option to choose here. Located between two large parks Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Crandon Park, Key Biscayne is famous for pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and scenic beauty.

It is also known as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami. So, if you’re hunting for a safe and beautiful place to live around Miami, don’t miss out on Key Biscayne. However, this city can be heavy on your pocket as the cost of living is 91% higher than the national average.

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People of this city usually spend their leisure time biking or visiting the lighthouse and there are a bunch of water activities too. This one city is certainly great for moving in with your families because of its family-friendly communities and easy-going vibe.

Is it safer to live in California or Florida?

Safety is the first and foremost concern of everyone whether you are moving to a new place or you want to spend your vacation. California and Florida are the two most popular states and people dream to come to these states. However, both the cities have their fair share of dangerous and safe cities. Here is our detailed comparison of living in Florida vs California.

If you want to measure the safety of the states through numbers, then certainly Florida comes first. It is the 27th safest state in America leaving behind California which ranks at 36. In terms of natural calamities, Florida is more dangerous than California as hurricanes, flood are quite frequent in Florida.

Both the states have cities that are safe to move in with family. However, if money is your concern, then California is more expensive than Florida. And the no-income-tax benefit of Florida, makes it an economically safer option as well.

Final Words

What are you waiting for? Florida has everything under its roof. If you still want to measure the pros and cons of living in Florida, then the advantages will surely overpower the demerits of living in Florida.

From natural beauty to wildlife, to friendly and welcoming neighborhoods to great scope for education and jobs, you will find everything that the state offers with guaranteed safety.

Make sure to check our curated list of the safest cities in Florida to choose the right place for you and your family. Also, if you’re in the midst of changing states and Florida is on your wishlist, check out our Florida packing list before you make the big move.

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FAQ – Safest Cities in Florida

1. What city in Florida has the lowest crime?

Ans– Satellite Beach has the lowest crime and is considered the number one safest city in Florida. It experiences a 94% lower rate of crimes than the other cities in Florida.

2. What county in Florida has the highest crime rate?

Ans– Bay County in Florida has the highest crime rate. The property crime rate of Bay County is 52.7. The northeast part of the county is safer, according to the residents. The chance of becoming a victim is one in 20.

3. Where is the most peaceful place to live in Florida?

Ans– Punta Rassa is the most peaceful to live in Florida. It is also a very safe city. The city is part of Lee County and is family-friendly.

4. What is the best small town to live in Florida?

Ans– Vero Beach is the best small beach town to live in Florida. Vero Beach is a perfect holiday destination if you want to experience museums, beaches, and nature tours. Residents of Vero Beach enjoy activities like fishing, playing golf, and tons of water activities.

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