11 Most Liberal Cities in Florida in 2023

Florida is one of the most well-known and populated States in the country. The Sunshine State is known for being liberal and welcoming to people outside its horizon too. These places are a dream to many who feel like living in a non-judgy environment and living life the way they want.

Luckily I have done all the hard work and in this article, you will find the most liberal cities in Florida which you can visit and retire. Now, let’s begin, shall we?

Most Liberal Cities in Florida

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1. Miami

It is not uncommon in Miami to find people from a wide array of backgrounds. This tourist and residential spot is a thriving mix of people from various cultures. You will find it very easy to settle with the vibe of Miami. This city has been titled ‘Capital of Latin America’ and is widely considered to be one of the most liberal cities in Florida.

If you are anything like me, the one to enjoy budget-friendly travel and incredible nightlife, Miami is the city for you. There are some amazing places to reside in Miami in your budget. In addition to its beautiful diversity, you will find loads to do after sunset hours.

According to visitors and residents, this city promises you a life of incredible freedom. So in case you are tired of being around smaller towns or suburbs with little to nothing to do with time or your independence, Miami will welcome you with open arms.

There are many famous clubs and bars in Miami so all you have to do is dance your life away in these pubs and take full advantage of the happy hours. No one will stop your fun and in fact, you will meet and make a lot of new friends here.

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2. Key West

This place has been ranked and globally known to be one of the most liberal cities in Florida. The diversity and liberal culture of this city attract a lot of tourists. You will be surprised to know that this destination is flocked with people most times of the year, especially those who want to get a feel of the most progressive cities in Florida.

I had the chance to visit this place during my honeymoon and the experience was superb. As a young couple, we needed to get our privacy and also the option to have the most fun. Key West offered us all of this and so much more.

Along with these great attributes, the city has the motto of ‘one human family’ as it has given homes to many writers, eccentrics, painters, etc. They have lived in this place, just how they liked without any interference. So you could be of any caste, race, or sexually, Key West will welcome you wholeheartedly.

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3. Fort Lauderdale

Among other small liberal towns in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is the most well-known and tourist-friendly. Once you enter this beautiful town, you will find picturesque beaches with a wonderful community of LGBTQ+ people. There are several arts, culture and entertainment options as well, which you can enjoy.

The motto of this town is that one should live the way one wants. There are no barriers in terms of sexuality, gender, race, etc. Everyone is accepted and treated with the same warmth and respect.

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If you are a student, looking for a weekend getaway to a liberal beach town in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a tourist destination. There are several small parties organized during spring and summer breaks, especially for young adult college students. You can let loose here and enjoy the haven of all holiday destinations.

Other than this, LGBTQ+ people find this town to be a safe and sound place to settle permanently. The folks of this place are tolerant and accepting. Not only that there are several gay-friendly nightclubs, bars, etc. which one can enjoy.

Fort Lauderdale is home to several beautiful parks where tourists can swim, fish, and picnic with their friends and family. Quite a delight, isn’t it?

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale

4. Port St. Lucie

It is not the best place to live in Florida, however, the community and town are most liberal. You won’t find a lot of tourists here but once you come to this town, you will be swept away by their friendliness. Port St Lucie is a city that has a population of 184,000 people and is the ninth-largest city in Florida.

Despite it being such a populated one, it doesn’t get as many tourists as it should. However, in my list of affordable places in Florida to visit, this will be on the upper side of the list!

You will be surrounded by tall palm trees and a beautiful ocean. Not only that, the people here are quite warm and welcoming. They truly take the motto of ‘treat the guests right‘ with a lot of passion.

If you take a walk across the beach after sunset, you are bound to find a lot of couples. This place is quite liberal in its mindset, believe me, once you come here, you will want to visit again and again.

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5. St. Petersburg

Well, who hasn’t heard of St. Petersburg, right? Possibly one of the most progressive cities in Florida with the right amount of Vitamin-D that’s good for the head and heart! Arguably and according to Cosmopolitan, this is the gayest city in Florida that isn’t Miami or Fort Lauderdale!

Because of this reason, there are a lot of gay-friendly activities which you can enjoy without any guilt! The LGBT community enjoys a lot of freedom and independence here. You are bound to find a lot of their culture mixed with the culture of this place because of their increasing population. There are several nightclubs, drag shows, bars, etc. that you can check out when in St. Petersburg.

It is right to mention that St. Petersburg is the fastest growing and thriving city in the United States of America. This is because of its low cost of living, expenditure, and close distance to Tampa Bay (an international airport).

Any tourist that visits here would want to do it again and again because of the lack of conservative ideas in the minds of the residents here. The spirit of ‘Live and let live’ is quite strong and prominent in the personality of St. Petersburg. You can truly enjoy a wonderful vacation here without any sweat or worry.

6. Cape Coral

This city is a choice for many when it comes to places to retire in Florida. If you are actively seeking to tour or settle in the more progressive side of the United States, you are bound to love the Cape.

There is a minimum of conservative hold and you will find yourself in the company of the most welcoming and friendly people. This island city boasts of great living amenities that any city can offer. You won’t find yourself bereft of anything in this town.

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There are several safe public transportation options, numerous public parks, diverse local people, etc. It’s not a surprise to me why people are relocating to this city, although Cape Coral has several pros and cons!

The best part about this place is its affordability and the clean and efficient way the public service department functions here. Who wouldn’t want to breathe in all that goodness in the air right? Other than this, you will also find Sun Splash Family Waterpark, parks, libraries, etc. to enjoy.

Cape Coral
Cape Coral

7. Orlando

Orlando is a moderately liberal city stimulating the growth of a young population and families making the place diversified in terms of population. The majority of Orlando’s residents (60.9%) have been Democratic since 2000.

Only 37.8% of residents voted for the Republican Party. It has prioritized the voice of long-ignored people of color and finally made it welcoming and raucous. Respectful debate from the point of politics and social spectrum is always welcomed.

I moved to Orlando in 2022 and really I was amazed by its liberal attitude. I have to say that the local leaders are the influencing factors that determine the city’s political climate. The budget for the products, residents’ living standards, and campaigns are enacted to reflect the city’s liberal attitude. 

GayDays Orlando is an event organized for the gay and lesbian community, bisexual and transgender attracting more than 150000 travelers coming to Orlando in June. I should tell you that it is one of the most unbeatable combinations of hippy parties, fun events and attractions. So, all the best, singles!

Not limited to that, the City of Orlando believes in equality for everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, nationality, gender identity, race, and religion. Under Anti-Discrimination Act, Non-Discrimination Ordinance is updated. 

In terms of abortion, Florida ensures women get easier access without any judgments. In 2017, 65 clinics offered abortion ensuring that there is no adverse effect on patients’ health plans. 

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8. Tallahassee

This has been voted one of the best places in Florida to start a successful career, settle with a family, and even retire. The reason being? The flavor of complete independence is in the air!

If you are a student who is looking for affordable accommodations for study purposes, Tallahassee is it! Even for a beachy getaway, this is perfect. The hotels and dorms near its beautiful beaches are affordable and student-friendly. This place could be a perfect option if you are hoping for a great spring break or summer break!

Among other liberal small towns, this one has something for everyone. The residents here are lovely and welcoming of you and what you represent. So don’t wait anymore! Visit this beautiful Florida town as soon as possible!

9. Daytona Beach

One of the greatest beach destinations in Florida, Daytona beach welcomes a lot of tourists during all vacation seasons. You will be exhilarated to know that this destination is one of the highest-rated honeymoon destinations too. Want to know why? Because of its liberal attitude.

There are so many worst places in Florida that do not allow or welcome, heterosexual couples or homosexual couples, wholeheartedly. There are a lot of rules imposed upon them. But Daytona Beach is truly a great place where you can let loose. You are the king of your world when in Daytona beach.

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There are usually no strict restrictions imposed and you can have the best time of your life here! Among other Democratic counties in Florida, this one truly stands out for its beauty, charm, and freedom.

10. Jacksonville

Jacksonville is proud to be one of the most sought-after places that people have on their moving to Florida checklist! There are a lot of people who are planning and will plan on moving permanently to this beautiful and charming place and of its main reasons is the absolute liberty that they have, living here.

The city offers ample job opportunities, undoubtedly a great place to build a successful career. This city is home to many successful and rich local businesses. In addition to career success, the locality is welcoming to folks of all races and sexuality.

10. Sarasota

Because of the great freedom that Sarasota promises its locals and tourists, it becomes a great place to retire. On its own, the city has a thriving art and cultural life with various operas, ballets, and orchestras being organized here weekly.

The nightlife is vibrant too. For the LGBTQ+ community, there are several safe and fun bars and nightclubs in Sarasota. In short, Sarasota promises a great time to its locals and tourists alike.


12. Tampa

Although Tampa has a small local population, the number of tourists keeps increasing each other. This is because of the vibrant culture and beach life that the city has.

Other than accepting people just as they are and giving them 100% privacy and space even in public places, this city has a ‘live and let live‘ culture. You are bound to fall in love with its beautiful weather and dreamy beaches too!

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  • You are bound to love the weather in Florida. It’s usually one of the reasons why such a huge number of tourists flock to this destination.
  • There are abundant recreational options that you can explore with your friends and family. Florida won’t bore you in any way or form!
  • The cost of living is reasonable in most cities in Florida. This is the main reason why a high percentage of people are willing to retire in the Sunshine State.


  • There are not many season changes in Florida. If you are someone who loves the summer to winter transitions, it’s best to avoid this place.
  • It is home to many insects and bugs. If you are a tourist, it is best to carry bug repellents.
  • This place is home to various natural disasters like hurricanes and sinkholes.

Now that you know the obvious liberal towns and cities of Florida, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to some of my favorite destinations in the world where you can have the fun you desire!

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FAQ – Most Liberal Cities in Florida

1. Is the Florida Panhandle conservative?

A: Yes, it is. It is more similar to Central and South Florida conservative politics which makes it less liberal.

2. Where are the most progressive places to live in the United States?

A: Burlington, Santa Ana, Eugene, and Arcata are the most progressive places to live in the United States.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I am starting a search for a place to live in Florida. You gave me some direction. Thank you.

  2. Why not mention Gainesville? It’s the most Democratic leaning town in the state!

  3. Chris Kelley says:

    You left out West Palm Beach! 🙂 Don’t let the fact that Trump lives on the island east of the city deter you lol. It’s a vibrant, constantly improving and growing, welcoming city!

  4. You also forgot Orlando. If anything, Orlando is more liberal in both culture and politics than like Port Saint Lucie or Cape Coral.

    1. Thank you Yoshua for your suggestion. The article will be updated.

  5. Daniel F. Rousseau says:

    Even with those bastions of liberal-leaning voters, Florida has a governor who dictates a “Don’t say gay” gag rule on state employees and schools; who has created a private police force that is paid for by the taxpayers but is immune from public scrutiny; who is actively banning books (including The Diary of Anne Frank) from public schools); who has made it a felony for any teacher to have a banned book in her/his classroom; who has appointed extreme right-wing persons as university presidents and board members; who has attacked the state’s largest employer–Disney–for its stance on issues the Governor opposes; who is implementing a curriculum into public schools that was designed by a right-wing college. My Great-great-grandfather was born in Florida in 1818, and in 1845 he voted against statehood because it was feared that if Florida became a state, too many people would begin coming in. He had no idea someone like Ron DeSantis would eventually impose fascist rule on the people of the state. But, if none of that bothers you, well . . . come to Florida.

  6. Well written, Daniel, except for one error: The original version of The Diary of Anne Frank wasn’t banned; rather, an illustrated version – supposedly sexually explicit – and written by the child of holocaust survivors – was indeed banned. Of course, it shouldn’t have been.

    We are Canadians who used to regularly visit the US, but have decided not to visit anymore. The creeping fascism evident in states that we would have to travel through if driving, scares us a lot. And that’s not all – the gun violence and the Republican stance and hypocrisy (pray for the victims, but continue to allow assault weapons to be readily available) is truly frightening. By the way, we’ve met lots of fine, progressive folks in the States. My wife and I wish that they were a strong majority, but they don’t seem to be.

    So, our travel dollars will be spent here in Canada.

  7. Miami is ok, FLL bearable, Sarasota not too bad, Venice gay and cool, the rest are HORRIFIC

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