9 Most Liberal Cities In Texas In 2023

One of the largest states in the United States of America, Texas is famous for its vastness and hot climate. Think of live music, cowboy culture, and BBQ, and Texas has everything in store for you.

Popularly known as the “Lone Star State”, every year thousands of people are moving to Texas because of its friendly ambiance and abundance of liberal cities. So, if you are on the lookout for the most liberal cities in Texas, you are at the right place.

Most Liberal Cities In Texas

A high-demanding job market, affordable housing, and no state income tax have made Texas definitely one of the top states in the country to live in. Moving to Texas would be super easy for you when you are aware of the most liberal cities in Texas.

Also, did you know Texas has one official nude beach or dazzling some great white sand beaches that are no less than heaven? It’s not only liberal in thoughts but also in actions. For now, let’s hop on and find out the most progressive cities in Texas.

Top 9 Most Liberal Cities in Texas

1. Houston

Houston certainly makes it to the list of liberal places in Texas. People from diverse backgrounds live here making the place a friendly place to live in. Houston is not just a welcoming city but its location beside Galveston Bay makes it an awesome place to move in.

Residents of Houston have an open outlook and their standard of living is definitely one of the major reasons for people to consider moving to Houston. With a vast population, Houston has grown to be one of the best places to live in Texas. The low cost of living, affordable housing, and people from diverse backgrounds have made Houston a popular place indeed.

Investing in real estate in Houston is one thing that one must consider. Since the housing options range between affordable and luxury, Houston has a got a house of everyone’s taste.

People can indulge in a lot of outdoor activities like visiting parks, nature centers, museums, etc. Apart from some scenic views of Galveston Bay, Houston has a pretty happening food scene as well. So, if you are planning to relocate to the most liberal cities of Texas, make sure to keep Houston on your list.

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2. Eagle Pass

Are you looking for a place that is less on population yet gives you a friendly vibe? Then, Eagle Pass is the answer for you. Held as a liberal small town in Texas, Eagle Pass boasts of having a small community of friendly neighbors, and warm and liberal people.

Situated in Maverick County, Eagle Pass can be considered a good retiring place in Texas. Since the city is not packed with a lot of people, it can be great for people who want to live in a calm and quiet environment.

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Eagle Pass truly gives the feeling of hometown because of the friendly community. Although it has a small population, you will find diversity here. The cost of living is considerably lower than in other cities in Texas. So, if you are planning to move to an affordable place in Texas, Eagle Pass can be a great option.

Eagle Pass is also a very good choice for people with families and kids. The city is devoid of any crime making it a safe place for people to move in. There are ample elementary schools and opportunities for higher education as well.

3. Dallas

If you want to have the true taste of Texas culture, then Dallas is the liberal city you must check out. Dallas has a huge population and the diverse background of these people is the most exciting part of Dallas.

From energetic young people to close-knit families to retirees, Dallas’s vast population is unparalleled. And even with such dynamic demographics, Dallas is a friendly place to live in and people are always welcoming to new residents.

For people who are especially considering moving to North Texas, Dallas has to be one of the best places to live in Texas because of its liberal nature.

Moving to Dallas has tons of advantages. From the affordable cost of living to great options for jobs, education, and healthcare, Dallas is gradually becoming the hub for relocators.

Frisco, Colleyville, and Grapevine are some of the most popular neighborhoods of Dallas that you must consider moving in. People are extremely hospitable here so you will never feel away from home. Also, the safety quotient is quite high in Dallas which is another added advantage.

most liberal cities in texas
Protest in Dallas

4. Austin

Thinking of live music, a popular market for jobs, and a booming economy in Texas? Austin has to be in your mind. Ranked as one of the most liberal cities in Texas, Austin is one such place that only emits positive and friendly energy.

The capital of Texas, Austin is known for its cultural scenario, growth in education and jobs, and delicious foods.

Residents of Austin are quite friendly and they have a hospitable nature. You will always find smiling faces of people greeting you and making your day a great one.

With great outdoor recreation activities, bustling nightlife, and millennials around the world flocking to Austin, it is the most high-demand city in Texas currently.

If you are a music lover you would love living in Austin as it is considered to be the “Music Captial of the World”. Moving to Austin has certainly tons of perks like having a great friend circle, meeting new people, grabbing new and unique work opportunities, tasting the famous foods of Austin, and so on. Among the most progressive cities in Texas, Austin certainly tops the list.

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5. El Paso

Welcome to the “Sun City” of Texas, El Paso. A perfect home for a nature lover with an abundance of scenic beauty and stunning views of the desert, living in El Paso has its own set of pros.

People of various backgrounds and cultures live here making it a perfect cultural hub for people to mingle. A majority of the population consists of Hispanic people. However, the city has a friendly vibe and you will fall in love with the unique energy of this city.

Although a border city, El Paso is a very safe city due to its low crime rates. Besides the low cost of living in El Paso has made it popular among people who are looking for affordable places. If you wish to relocate to Texas, but do not want to go to Houston or Austin, the cosmopolitans of the state, El Paso will give you the same vibe but at a pocket-friendly rate.

El Paso is also gradually becoming an economic hub as big companies of the world are setting up their business here and creating multiple job opportunities for young aspirants. The city has a rich history of heritage and culture which makes the city even more interesting and welcoming.

6. San Antonio

Another small town in Texas that has a mix of both urban and hometown feelings, San Antonio is considered to be a liberal city in Texas. A historical city situated in South Central Texas, San Antonio is a lovely city with great diversity. The city is currently booming in economic growth which has made moving to this city even worth for.

Among the most liberal cities in Texas, San Antonio is the most friendly one because of its warm and hospitable people. Residents respect the values and cultures of people with varied backgrounds making San Antonio a progressive and peaceful place to live in. Quality of life is great in San Antonio and its calm, relaxing vibes make it a wonderful place.

There are plenty of parks for you to enjoy outdoor activities. Visiting the Riverwalk is certainly a top attraction among residents as well as visitors. Popular as “Tex-Mex” and being a hot spot for margaritas, San Antonio is becoming a favorite of everyone.

Liberal city in Texas
San Antonio

7. Laredo

Laredo is another city in Texas that is free of conservative attitudes and is known for its liberal atmosphere. Relatively a smaller city in comparison to the vast cities of Texas, Laredo has been witnessing a constant growth in terms of its population. If you are not looking for a move to an urban city, then Laredo can be a great option to explore because of its suburban feeling.

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Locals are extremely friendly and you will get a community feeling in Laredo. Due to its affordable cost of living, Laredo is a popular destination among retirees. However whether you are 20 or 60, you will always feel at home with Laredo’s friendly neighborhoods and warm culture.

People from different races and sexual orientations can live peacefully in Laredo due to its accepting culture. However compared to other big cities in Texas, Laredo does not have great job or education opportunities.

8. Amarillo

Wish to experience a small-town culture in one of the most liberal cities in Texas? Well, come to Amarillo, for a real and unique Texan taste. Ranked among the fastest-growing cities in Texas, Amarillo has a great job market and a promising economic scenario.

Despite gaining population, the city is friendly and cordial with new people as well as tourists. Moreover, Amarillo is a great place to entertain and rejuvenate yourself. From sports to art to mouth-watering cuisines, Amarillo has in store everything. Having a true Texan steak experience at Big Texan Steak Ranch Brewery is one of the favorite activities of the locals.

9. White Oak

White Oak, another library city in Texas recognized for its friendly and safe community is only 125 miles away from Dallas. The low cost of living is a pro for people looking for affordable communities to shift to Texas.

White Oak is a very small population and due to a lack of economic and educational growth, the population has not been growing very rapidly. However, the city is quite liberal in terms of accepting people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and sexuality.

Final Words

It is difficult to find the worst places in Texas with such a wide array of liberal cities. Our curated list of the top 9 liberal cities in Texas will help you to make the right decision for yourself. So, analyze the pros and cons and be ready to live a life on your own terms.

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1. What is the best city to live in Texas?

Ans– The state capital, Austin is the best city to live in Texas because of its happening lifestyles, flourishing economy, and a great influx of myriad people.

2. Why is Austin so different from the rest of Texas?

Ans– Undoubtedly, Austin ranks as the most liberal city in Texas due to its diversity and acceptance. A musical and cultural hub of the state and people with open mindsets have made Austin a top attraction among people.

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