6 Best Nude Beaches in Texas: Say Bye To Tan Lines!

Let me tell you how my friend Soniya, coaxed me to visit Hippie Hollow Park, a nude beach in Texas on my 25th birthday. 

Truly, I thought nude beaches are not for everyone. And, then the conversation went –

best nude beaches in texas

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Soniya:  What is so terrible about being nude on nude beaches? 

It was a question she asked me half-rhetorically and I did not know what to say.

I went with her to Hippie Hollow Park for the first time, and believe me within a second of arriving my doubts and un-comfortableness was gone in the air!

Did you visit the white sand beaches in Texas? That’s another beautiful place to explore. I have explored many liberal cities in Texas but never thought the Lone Star is home to gorgeous nude beaches which I will fall in love with.

Here are the best options to rope off your clothes in Texas! So, let’s get topless!

Be smart – keep the legalities in mind.

As per Texas nudity law – exposing your genitals intentionally offending other people or throwing a towel around your lower half is illegal and against the law.

You can enjoy your nude sunbathing but remember to wear it back if someone is coming. Hippie Hollow Park is a 100% official clothing-optional beach in Texas.

You can click photos of yourself, but remember to respect others’ privacy too! You do not want to end up in jail in the case of harassment or preaching body negativity. 

Unwanted attention through touching, staring, verbal or non-verbal actions is considered inappropriate action and can result in immediate expulsion.

Moreover, as per the advocacy group Go Topless, Texas is one of those states in America where being topless is legal. 

Nude Beaches in Texas

I wanted to jazz up my summer plans and wanted to feel more human on my 25th birthday! But, with clothes on, girls feel so vulnerable, without it, how will it feel?

I did not know how it will be. Soniya kept on telling me – going nude is not something you’ve to do, and it’s not a requirement after all.

The nude beaches in Texas – bikini tops, swim trunks, and any item of clothing are allowed to come off – on your wish. Yes, the beaches are clothing-optional.

But the Lone Star completely changed my perspective. I am saying it because I never felt so liberated, at peace, and pretty at the same time. 

I am not saying you’ve to make a cloth bonfire and move to public naturist beaches and resorts in Texas, I am saying to come to any of these nude beaches in Texas and judge it by yourself.

You can get rid of the annoying tan line on the back and flaunt the tan! So, let’s take off the shoes, shirts, and worries at the nude beaches in Texas.

Nude beach in Houston

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1. Emerald Lake Resort

If you would have seen me in Emerald Lake Nudist Resort, you would know how thrilling it was to soak in the lake and spot a white heron flying by the Kingwood area establishment. We explored this place after my birthday!

Not to mention, you might be groaning during sleep in the afternoon, as Soniya and I had a beautiful view of the lake, and shared laughs, beers, and cookies. But, you would see us naked. Yes, Emerald Lake Resort is a nude beach in Texas. 

It’s true to its advertising – “Houston’s only nude beach”. See, you’re at a safe place, Emerald Lake Nudist Resort is affiliated with the Wisconsin-based Naturist Society (TNS) and the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR).

Emerald Lake Nudist Resort is 21 acres of parkland located just off Highway 59 in Porter, which is 30 minutes north of downtown Houston. Believe me, feeling the sun on your whole body is fantastic. There is a man-made swimming area too, check it out!


  • Once you reach here, call the office and then enter inside. If you’re coming after 6 pm, please let them know beforehand
  • They impose special rates for long-term residents with seasonal discounts
  • A day pass is $50 per couple and $40 per person.
  • You can dip as well as enjoy water recreation activities. Good news – you can fish, no need for a fishing license 
  • In winter, go for an indoor spa. Watch out turtles and birds all around you
  • You can stay here at night in the camp or the RV campsite. Both have different price rates. We stayed at an RV campsite, they charged $20 per night
  • Have mouth-watering fish species like crappie, bass, and catfish
  • Complete nudity
Emerald Lake Resort, Nude Beaches in Texas
Emerald Lake Resort

Nude Beach in Galveston

2. McFaddin Beach

Disclaimer: Do not confuse Bolivar Beach with McFaddin Beach. McFaddin Beach sits on the Bolivar Peninsula

McFaddin Beach’s biggest draw – aside from enjoying the tagline as “Nude beach Galveston Texas” is its nude beachgoers’ chutzpah and a deserted strip of beach coast with no cabins and buildings. McFaddin Beach is the last beach on the stretch. 

However, McFaddin Beach has not been legally declared a nude beach in Texas, so you might wonder why am I calling it that. The towners call it. Soniya brought me here, it is 5 miles north of High Island, Texas. 

Sometimes, I wonder about settling here as Texas is home to such beautiful beach towns. Apart from the natural beauty, Texas is also home to some beautiful thrilling bungee jumping spots.

I have invited a number of girlfriends, and McFaddin Beach never made them ashamed of their pregnancy scars or hairy body. The dynamic environment, extensive spacious beachfront and my search for artifacts make this place a must-visit in Texas. 

Once you’re driving on Highway 87 and reach the dead end of the road due to erosion, do not lose hope, keep driving at least 3 miles into the deserted area. Remember to drive as far down as possible. 


  • Be very mindful of crabs fishes, and alligators in the water
  • Overnight camping is allowed at McFaddin Beach. You can park at the shore
  • In summer the water is brown as it is part of the Gulf of Mexico. The water is clean, no worries. 
  • From here visit to McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, a large freshwater marsh on the Texas Coast
  • Go topless but not bottoms at McFaddin Beach!
McFaddin Beach, Bolivar Peninsula, Clothing optional Texas
McFaddin Beach

Nude Beach Padre Island

3. UFO Beach

It was October 2022, and on Soniya’s b’day, we were in South Padre Island, exploring UFO Beach. Did you know it has been ranked as the 10 Best Nude Beaches by Traveller’s Digest.

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I saw a lot of the college population but everyone expected the peace and comfort coming along with being clothes-free! I loved this place!

Nude beach Padre Island is not officially recognized as a nudity beach, but along the park’s 60 miles of beach, there are plenty of remote areas. Head south and select a site from where you can keep an eye if someone is approaching.

Soniya says that UFO Beach is her “sunny beach escape pod”. Now, I know what she meant. It is the only Texas nude beach that has white sand and crystal blue water to swim in. As the name says – “Nude Beach: and “No Tan Lines”

It is one of those nudist beaches in Texas where you will find washed-up ocean buoys that look like flying saucers. Take a picture of this! From the Island drive nearly 8-9 miles taking the remote dusty road to enjoy remoteness. 


  • Go topless but not bottoms at UFO Beach! Do not uncover the lower part of the body
  • Sometimes nude sunbathing can be interrupted by beach patrols
UFO Beach
UFO Beach – P.C – Facebook

4. North Beach of Padre Island National Seashore

Craving a wonderful deserted beach in Texas? The north end of Padre near Corpus Christi is all about naked beaching. Here you’ll find nobody for miles due to bad roads. You have to walk to taste the freedom.

Unluckily, I did not get a chance to explore this beach but have heard a lot from Soniya. However, I heard rangers patrol the beach, you can see them from afar and have plenty of time to put on your clothes.

As North Beach of Padre Island is not officially recognized as – a “no clothing beach in Texas” therefore, it’s better not to press your luck. Rumors say, if you are not unpleasant they won’t press any charge against you. It’s unpredictable!

Tip: Your happy mood needs a good treat at Snoopy’s Pier. I would suggest taking the Combination Plate  

North Beach of Parade Island, Nude beach Padre Island
North Beach of Parade Island

Nude beach Austin TX

5. Hippie Hollow Park

It was my 25th birthday when I got up with Soniya’s message saying – “Today we’ll spend your day in our birthday suits respectively”

Austin is such an appealing town in Texas. I knew it is a beautiful place to live but nude beaches? I was shocked!

Welcome to Hippie Hollow, Lake Travis shoreline where you’ll find limestone cliffs surrounding, and in between lies crystal clear blue water. It is an official all-adult clothing-optional beach in Texas where you can spend time on the rocky shores.

Hippie Hollow is just 18 miles away from Austin which makes it perfect for Soniya to visit on weekends. I came here on Wednesday. I loved the shades of the mature trees, step layers of rock, and soaking my feet in the blue-green water. 

You know how hot Austin can be in the summer, the temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, I think you will desire to get naked and take a dip in the water. There are hiking trails too, but remember to wear back your clothes. 


  • Until you reach the shore, do not dare to be topless. Take the limestone staircase to reach your dream oasis!
  • Per person $8 in cash if you’re between 18-16. If you’re above 62, you only pay $3
  • You can spot Golden Cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo
  • Hippie Hollow is clothing optional Austin nude beach
Hippie Hollow Park, nudist beach in Texas
Hippie Hollow

6. Barton Springs Pool Beach

Did you ever take a naked outdoor plunge? You are missing out on many perfect pleasures my friend. See me, I never thought I could peel off my suits! Barton Springs Pool Beach might not be official but refreshing and the best naturist beach in Texas. 

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Here you’ll find naked yogis of all gender practicing yoga, family members, hippies, and drum circles. The positive side of Barton Springs Pool beach is that it is a natural spring and has a lot of shaded areas offering great privacy. It is one of the most romantic getaways in Texas.

The waist-high pool water attracts a lot of topless people to soak and enjoy the warm water. Moreover, its location in the heart of Austin at Zilker Park’s 358 acres is highly attractive. 


  • Parking can be challenging, arrive early to get your spot
  • Pay $5 if you are an Austin resident or $9 for non-residents
  • You can enter the pool from 2 sides – through the stairs or the rocky surface
  • Barton Springs Pool beach is closed on Thursday. And, remain open from 5 am to 10 pm
  • You can be topless but do not open your bottoms!
Barton Springs Pool beach, clothing optional beaches in Texas
Barton Springs Pool beach

Clothing Optional Texas

I have not heard of any official Port Aransas nude beaches, but a few of my friends told me about a resort hotel in Port Aransas. There are a few clothing-optional resorts in Texas where freedom is equal to being topless, not hooking up.

You can check out Emerald Lake Resort in Porter, Wildwood Naturist Resort in Decatur, Bluebonnet Nudist Park in Alvord, and Star Ranch Nudist Club in McDade.


These 6 nude beaches in Texas are ideal to dip your toe and let the sun touch your bare body.

Also, Texas is home to many cheap places with affordable costs of living. If you want, you can settle down to explore the beaches and standard lifestyle.

While your friends are having a sexy Saturday night dancing at clubs, you can enjoy nature in its bare form. If you are in Hawaii, check out the nude beaches there too. What type of scenery are you most interested in: charming coastal towns, vibrant city festivities, or snowy mountains, USA has it all.

You’ll also find many zoos in the USA which serve as important institutions for education, conservation, and research, providing opportunities to connect with and learn. You should check out Houston Zoo in Texas!

Read more about beaches in the USA:

FAQ: Nude Beaches in Texas

1. Where are all the clothing options on beaches in Texas?

A: Emerald Lake Nudist Resort, McFaddin Beach, UFO Beach, North Beach of Parade, Hippie Hollow, and Barton Springs Pool beach are some clothing-optional beaches in Texas.

2. Are there any clothing-optional areas in the Corpus Christi area?

A: Yes, there is a clothing-optional area in the Corpus Christi area. The north end of Padre near Corpus Christi called North Beach is completely empty for you to topless. However, this is not officially recognized. 

3. What should I know before going to a nude beach?

A: Before visiting nude beaches in Texas, remember to check out their official website and understand the rules and regulations. You can get topless on some beaches but not throw off your bottoms. Keep your distance from others and respect others’ privacy. You do not want to pay a fine of $500 to the police or end up in jail for overruling laws.

4. What are the top nudist beaches in Texas, USA?

A: The top nudist beaches in Texas, USA are Hippie Hollow Park, North Beach of Parade, and Barton Springs Pool.

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