13 Best Nude Beaches in New York for Sun-Worshippers

Everything feels better when you open your T-shirt and put down your shorts and jump straight into the water. Also, I cannot deny sunbathing, or sleeping nude by the beach is so enriching. Apart from that USA has so many beautiful budget-friendly December getaways.

I’ve been to Texas, Hawaii, California, and Florida nude beaches with my friends. Now, I wanted to explore nude beaches in New York, the Empire State. Hence, if you like the idea of nude sunbathing in NY, you’re in luck. Also, New York has some great dog beaches. You should check them out!

Nude beaches in New York

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So, in my new exploration, I’ve found some nicest nude beaches in New York that will make you comfortable in your own skin.

Note: New York is not very rigid against going topless. So, let’s experience public nudity in New York!

In 1992, Penal Law 245.01 of New York was amended, stating that on the grounds of gender equality, it is legal for women to be topless in the public. Note it: women or men are legally allowed to go topless on the beaches, High Line, and Central Park.

However, this does not mean that New York allows complete nudity. It also does not have public nude New York Beaches. Additionally, there are some beaches in New York where you can keep aside your clothes but there is fear of police encounters.

Still, to make your dream come true, I’ve compiled a list of 13 nice nude beaches in New York and nude resorts where you can unwind in your birth suit. 

Best Nude Beaches in New York to Explore

1. Jacob Riis Park

Jacob Riis Park is one of the best de facto nude secluded beaches in New York sitting at the west end of the Rockway Peninsula on the foot of the Marine Parkway – Gil Hodge Memorial Bridge. Trust me, this small 1-mile beach is the must-visit place. 

The sands of Jacob Riis Park are less explored by tourists and also a sister beach of Fort Tilden. Additionally, it is one of the famous legendary LGBTQ-friendly spots since the 1990s. However, reaching Jacob or “The People’s Beach” is little challenging. 

Hence, to all the supporters of #FreeTheNipple, if you want to go shirtless in New York, Jacob is the place. Also, look at the 4 faced clocks on the boardwalk which was built in 1891 holding such a historic value and importance.


  • Swimming can be done only in presence of lifeguards. The beach is open between May and September from 10 am to 6 pm
  • You can reach Jacob Riis Park via ferry, bus, and subway
  • At the end of the beach, there are many gift shops for buying souvenirs and also many bakeries stores. I recommend coming here to taste tons of food at Riia Park Beach Bazar opening from 11 am – 7 pm
Jacob Riis Park
Jacob Riis Park

2. Gunnison Beach

In Sandy Hook, sits Gunnison Beach, a well-known LGBTQ+ friendly spot and the oldest legal nude beach in the States. One of the best ways to reach the beach is by heading to Pier 11, near Wall Street, and getting a double-way ferry ticket to Sandy. From the docking area, you can get into the yellow buses to reach the beach.

Just by entering you’ll see a sign stating – “Beyond this point, you may encounter nude sunbathers”. Also, a few parts are clothing optional. Hence, this is one of the rare nude beaches near New York where you can wear your swimsuit or your birthday suit. The wooden path leading to the beach is so instagrammable!

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Gunnison Beach is everyone’s favorite New Jersey nude beach and the largest nude beach on the east coast of the United States. Also, it is the only legal nude beach in New Jersey. If you’re not comfortable opening your clothes you can walk to the southern end of the beach. Oh, I forgot to say, Gunnison Beach is also called “Beach G” from where the view of Verrazano Narrow Bridge is spectacular. 


  • Gunnison Beach becomes popular among the residents of the Big Apple during the summer season as ferry services between the beach and Manhattan become very rare
  • Before getting to the beach, do not forget to use the bathroom because it is not close to the beach
  • You can reach Gunnison Beach by car from Manhattan (2 hours). The parking fee is $10/ car. Whereas the ferry cost is around $45. But the ferry experience is great!
  • The beach does not have many food truck options, hence please carry your own food from home. Also, carry portable sun umbrellas as in the afternoon the sun can be unbearable
  • Entry fee for Gunnison Beach is free between 5 am – 7 pm every day
  • Pet parents you cannot bring your pets to Gunnison Beach. Check the dog umbrellas!
  • I recommend taking a tour of the historic Fort Hancock, the oldest working lighthouse in the USA which starts between April and December
Gunnison Beach, Nude Beaches in New York
Gunnison Beach

3. Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreational Area

Just 10 minutes from Riis Park Beach Bazaar sits a serene, scrubby white sand beach named Fort Tilden, an unofficial New York nude beach. It is one of the abandoned military sites in Queens sitting over 317 acres with grasslands and dunes. Visitors to this beach often bring beach coolers with wheels to transport their food and drinks.

I came here in 2019, with my friend, Soniya with whom I explore the nude beaches of Hawaii too. Once I came here, I saw people wearing thin bathing suits and slowly opening them off! From here you can see egrets, hawks, and Piping Plover.

Also, as this is an unofficial nude beach in New York, remember cops might come to check from time to time. Make sure, once he is here you put on your clothes back or- else end up paying a heavy cheque. I would recommend coming here in mid-week to stop getting creepy looks from strangers and be part of the nude community.

Tip: Better to keep your shorts on and enjoy the water

Fort Tilden
Fort Tilden

4. Juniper Woods Recreational Park and Campground 

Come to this beautiful setting amidst lush Juniper Woods, the clothing-optional nude beaches in New York sitting on the remote 65 acres of land. The best thing about Juniper Woods is you’ve to hike through lakes, trees, and rich meadows to rich here.

The space is also great for cheese parties or admiring the beauty of nature. I was amazed by the rolling hills around it. It is one of the most family-friendly spots to wrap yourself without clothes in nature’s magnificence. There is also a heated outdoor pool.

The lakes, hidden trails, and exhilarating running trails around the campground greet you to have some unforgettable memories you craved for weekends. In the lake, you can boat, or enjoy fishing with your grandparents. The spot has Wi-Fi, and a bathroom too!

Tip: In summer it gets crowded. You can stay the night at Juniper Woods Campground

Juniper Woods Recreational Park and Campground
Juniper Woods Recreational Park and Campground

5. Lakeview Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

Lake Ontario to the west, Southwick Beach State Park to the north – sits Lakeview WMA, a 3,461-acre area of large natural freshwater barrier beach system. This is a beautiful northern nude beach in New York offering relaxed vibes.

Lakeview is open to the public year-round, you can surely get naked, however, and “Dune Stewards” might give you a citation if they see you. It means, makes sure if the police are coming to the beach you should cover yourself as soon as possible. 

The fragile dunes along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, the shoreline of Lake Ontario, the observation tower on Montario Point Road, embayment, wetlands, and Lakeview Natural Beach Hike are some attractive features of Lakeview WMA. 

Tip: The entrance is a little far, so you can spot them far away and have enough time to cover yourself up

6. Alice Falls

In the town of Keeseville, towards the Ausable Chasm attraction, you’ll see a board with a sign stating Alice Falls Hydro Project, you know you’re at the right spot. Yeah, this is nested a little off the road making it one of the unofficial nude beaches in New York.

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If you desire to witness some simply unmatchable rushing waterfalls, Alice Falls is the perfect spot. In the late summer season, the fall gives a different perspective. Locals state it as a nudist swimming spot too. 

You’ll love the view in the Spring season when the West Branches and Ausable’s East melt the snow in the Adirondacks, and the waterfall and the pool look giant. You’ll hear people calling it Little Falls too. This place is family-friendly!


  • The sign board states swimming is prohibited but still, people go down to swim
  • If you want to wear your birth suits please be careful because the police might come for a stroll
  • The best idea is to keep your clothes handy and if you see them coming, wear them back

7. Copperas Pond

Copperas Pond is nestled in the Sentinel Range Wilderness Area, along Route 86 between Wilmington and Lake Placid. This region can be accessed via two ways – the Owen Pond trailhead, and Winch ponds trail.

At Copperas Pond you can get naked and enjoy the clean refreshing clear water getting 10 feet – 15 feet within. This naked spot in New York is also great for campers. They also have two primitive tent sites. However, do not camp near the summit.

The fragile alpine vegetation near the pond is worth exploring and inhaling some good oxygenated air. A lot of people come here for hiking to enjoy sweeping views of nature and the Ponds.  


  • Black bears are common in the campground. Hence, use a bear canister
  • There are a lot of erratic large rocks making it perfect as a jumping rock
Copperas Pond
Copperas Pond, Picture – foursquare.com

8. Potters Falls

Not a New York nude beach but Potter’s fall on Six Mile Creek is a 25 ft. waterfall that welcomes nude beachgoers with open arms. Potter’s fall is also called Green Tree Falls as in the 1970s the place is termed a Wildflower preserve.

When I came to Tully to spend my holiday away from the hustle and bustle of life, I came to know about Potter’s fall. The view of water gushing down the Adirondack Mountains is so beautiful and photogenic that you cannot miss it!

The pool at the base of fall is a great spot to be topless and dip into it. The water is cool and refreshing. However, Potter’s fall state that swimming is prohibited but I’ve seen people swimming. 

Tip: You can bring your dog to Potter’s Falls. This is one of the central nude beaches in New York. 

Potter’s fall on Six Mile Creek
Potter’s fall, Picture – Facebook

9. Skinny Dip Falls

In Chautauqua County about an hour’s drive from Erie and five miles outside of Westfield sits a pretty nudist swimming hole in western New York known as Skinny Dip Falls. To reach here you need to take the dirt road after the parking sign from Taylor Rd. in Westfield. 

This nude recreational path can only be accessed by hikers who want to reach Chautauqua Gorge. On walking downstream, you’ll find it is carved on a stone with yellow color “Nudist Area Next One Mile”. The hike is not very strenuous.

Skinny Dip Falls is 45 wide, 7 feet height waterfall with light grey siltstone and a large tree all around. In the Catskill Mountains of New York, you’ll find this fall the most photogenic. You can relax in the water nude watching the beauty of New York around you. 

10. Stony Kills Falls

I was searching to explore some unknown place, and suddenly, Soniya from the background shouted – “Let’s go to Stony Kill Falls”. I perched over my laptop to find it – near Minnewaska in New Paltz. That’s how we decided to come here.

I’ve heard about Shawangunk Ridge, but Stony Kill Falls was a new name. It sits on the southwest flank of Minnewaska State Park Preserve, from where you can witness an 87-foot drop waterfall, which not only looks gorgeous but so appealing.

Stony Kill Falls is the nicest nudist pool in New York you cannot miss out! Remember, the pool at the base is the clothed area whereas the nudist pool is at the top of the falls. You’ve to hike through boulder fields and follow the sustainable route up the steep slope to reach here.  

Apart from swimming nude, you can come here in the wintertime to see the icy cone-like structure at the base of the fall and also the waterfall which is completely frozen. It looks so beautiful!

Tip: In the summer season, the fall slows to a trickle, so to witness its beauty come in Winters.

Stony Kill Falls
Stony Kill Falls

11. Fire Island National Seashore

Just one hour east of New York City, Fire Island National Seashore is a paradise to enjoy solitude and camaraderie oneself. On the shore of Long Island, it is the 26-mile-long barrier island where you’ll only see the white sand beach.

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However, the bad news is until 2013 it was one of the famous nude beaches in New York City but now if any Government officials see you nude you might be fined. You can go topless, nude can be very risky. Own risk, my friend!

Apart from getting nude, here you can enjoy pristine ocean shores, the view of the lighthouse, and historic estate of William Floyd, ancient maritime forests, and salty air. This place has such great energy that you’ll be fuelled to function positively. 

My Favourite: New York’s Nude Resorts

12. Steph’s Pond

If you’re at Lake Ontario in Williamson you’re not far away from Steph’s Pond, a nudist or nude or bare club and campground. Ask any local about the place they’ll guide you to reach. The property belonged to Gary and Judy. 

If you want to explore nudism in the most private manner, Steph’s Pond resort is the perfect place. You’ve to drive through a dirt path and wooded land to reach the house. Also, there is a place for campers to put up their tent and spend the night.

Tip: Getting information from their website is the most hopeless task. Families and couples have to pay $30, and singles have to pay $20.

13. Bare Lake Nudist Club

Bare Lake Nudist Club near Corning is the most private New York nude resort where you can relax in your birth suite indulging in many fun activities. You can paint, swim, walk, have Nerf battles, or just enjoy Vitamin D. 

The small private lake is every nudist happy place to relax with family members and friends. You can enjoy beautiful summer times here and spend the night camping at their property. I’ve heard there are new cabins available too. 

You can also check out – Naturist Rochester, Full Tan Sun Club, and Niagara Naturists. 

Bare Lake Nudist Club
Bare Lake Nudist Club, Picture – barelakenudistclub

General Tips: Nude Beaches in New York State

  • Always stay in the designated area – the nude area. Keep your clothes on in the common area, and hiking trails – in a world where nudity is not allowed
  • Respect and show love to other fellow beachgoers. Do not stare or comment on other nude beachgoers. You can carry books or sunglass to stop staring at people
  • Nudity on the beach is very natural, there is nothing sexual about it. Do not make videos of other people without their consent. Hence, no photos or videos of other nude people
  • Do not play loud music to disturb neighbors on the beach
  • Carry a towel and keep your shorts handy. In case the beach is not termed as an “official” nude beach
  • Embrace nudity with full liberation and do not make fun of it!
  • Apply sunscreen all over your body to prevent damage from harsh sun rays
Policemen on the beach
Policemen on the beach


I hope these lists of nude beaches and nude resorts in New York will give you the best adventure of a lifetime. I did not go to Empire Haven at Moravia and Split Rock Hole, you can definitely try them out!

Also, these are the most scenic region of the Empire States, which you should explore in your coming trip! If you’re a family person, you can take your kid to the best zoos in the USA. The USA has a lot to offer!

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FAQ: Nude Beaches in New York

1. Where are the nude beaches in New York?

A. New York nude beaches are Jacob Riis Park, Alice Falls, Gunnison Beach, Copperas Pond, Skinny Dip Falls, Fire Island National Seashore, and more

2. Are there any nude beaches in New York City?

A. Yes, Jacob Riis Park is a well-known nude beach in New York City. On the other hand, Juniper Woods, Gunnison Beach, Stony Kills Falls, Split Rock Hole, and Empire Haven are unofficial nude beaches.

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