11 Best Nude Beaches in California to Be Naked and Unafraid

Looking for a sun-kissed adventure that’s liberating and exhilarating? Then welcome to the secluded and secretive as well as convenient and interesting nude beaches in California. Just imagine being topless, with your back tattoo shining as you proudly flaunt it! California has some great tattoo studies!

However casting aside clothes at the shore to feel the cold water completely and being able to drive and swim naked under the sky is a different feeling. California nude beaches are incredibly gorgeous with soft smooth white sand all around which dare to “let it all out” and enjoy fully. 

Nude Beaches in California

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Note that California Code of Regulations Title-14 section 4322 states that nudity is prohibited across the country but every beach has its own set of rules; nudity has been accepted socially on some of these beaches.

So, grab your sunscreen and join us as we explore the best clothing-optional beaches California has to offer!

Are There Nude Beaches in California?

Yes, there are amazing nude beaches in California which are also called “free beach”, or “clothing-optional”. There is a lot of taboo around nude beaches and that’s why these fantastic beaches are a hidden treasure in the heart of California.

There is a lot of misconception and belief that people stare at each other, but the truth is that everyone is afraid of being judged by others. Therefore, no one stares at each other but rather stares at the beauty of the environment. 

All these beaches are family-friendly and most of the visitors are families with kids, elder couples, and family men rather than voyeurs. So, if you’ve already enjoyed your time on the stunning southern California beaches then it’s time to get nude and enjoy the beach. 

I’ve collected 10 beaches for you to enjoy in the buff to bare your ass and enjoy the fullest in the best nude beaches in California.

Let’s go!

Best California Nude Beaches

In the Golden State, regardless of the beaches, you’re visiting it is always a good idea to brush up on California Public Nudity Law as well as common Nude Beach Etiquette. This guide will help you not to wander onto the wrong beaches and to reach only the nudist beaches in California.

I’m stating the places and attaching the map of nude beaches in California till then keep your clothes on and drive safe. 

1. Black’s Beach, San Diego

Address: California 92037, United States

Parking: Free

In the town of La Jolla, next to Torrey Pines State Park Black’s and south of Scripps Beach lays a nude beach in San Diego with a beautiful strip of shoreline beneath impressive cliffs of 300-feet. This nude beach starts from Mussel Rocks and extends 100 yards south of the main access trail. The natural rock formation keeps Black Beach secluded and private for nudists. 

This beach remains packed up on weekends and is one of the most popular and most difficult beaches to get to. For easy access to this beach, walk along the paved path to the south of the intersection of La Jolla Farms Road and Blackgold. It’s perfect for nude sunbathing, skimboarding, swimming, volleyball, snorkeling, and surfing. 


  • There are no lifeguards, no restroom on the beach so bring along all your essentials like food, drinking water, and other things. 
  • North of Black’s Beach beside Torrey Pines State Park is a strictly clothed beach so don’t stroll around naked onto those beaches. 
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Black's Beach
Black’s Beach – PC: Flickr

2. Secret Cove Nude Beach

Address: Highway 28 Incline Village, NV 89452

Parking: Chimney Beach parking lot (free)

Secret Cove Nude Beach, a hidden gem in Lake Tahoe, with beautiful vistas of the mountains and crystal-clear water. My personal experience at Secret Cove was unforgettable; the beach was clean, quiet and secluded, making it the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation.

The nude beach is only accessible by a short hike, which adds to its exclusivity. I felt free and comfortable in my own skin, and the atmosphere was welcoming and non-judgmental. If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene escape, Secret Cove Nude Beach is definitely worth the visit.


  • Secret Cove Nude Beach is only accessible by a short hike, so wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water.
  • As the beach is secluded, there are no facilities nearby, so be sure to pack any necessary supplies, such as food and sunscreen.
Secret Cove Nude Beach
Secret Cove Nude Beach

3. Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach 

Address: United States, California, Corona Del Mar

Parking: Free

For a private experience, Pirate Cove is one of California’s best nude beaches. This beach is quite a paradise for nudists with a gorgeous view of rocky caves, sugary sand and clean water. Between San Jose and Los Angeles and particularly between Shell Beach and Avila Beach lies this stunning beach which is also called Cave Landing or Mallagh Landing. 

It is one of the clothing-optional beaches in California with crystal water, rocky caves, and a great spot for hiking on the Ontario Ridge Trail. For immersive leisurely first-time experiences start your car and come to this gorgeous beach. For easy access walk along the Cave Landing Road parking area and walk to the main cave. 


  • For an extraordinary view of the ocean and San Luis Bay put on your clothes and walk to the cave. 
  • There is no water section or restroom on the beach so bring along all your essentials like food, and drinking water. 
Pirate's Cove | best nude beaches in California
Pirate’s Cove

4. Red Rock Beach, San Francisco 

Address: California 94970, United States

Parking:  Available

South of Stinson Beach lays Red Rock Beach which is an incredible place to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach being naked. In Mount Tamalpais State Park, there is a rocky shoreline, large red cliffs, massive boulders, and wet sands which are perfect for a beach day. The translucent water, clean sand, and fun zone made it one of the best nudist beaches in California.

This beach provides a party vibe atmosphere and makes it easy to spend the day. Always collect information or check the internet about tide charts before heading to Red Rock Beach. For the easiest route walk straight south from Stinson Beach and have fun. 


  • Avoid going near the ocean because the waves are big and harsh. There is no lifeguard on the beach. 
  • Make sure not to be naked at Stinson Beach(near Red Rock Beach) where nudity is not allowed. 
  • To enjoy the hot spring near this beach comes during the summer season.

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Red Rock Beach
Red Rock Beach

5. More Mesa Beach, Santa Barbara:

Address: California 93110, United States

Parking:  Free

More Mesa is another popular clothing optional California beach that is perfect to lie on the soft sand gazing out at the roaring ocean and get back home with a perfect tan. This is a stunning nude beach in Santa Barbara near the UCSB campus which attracts a group of college students making it one of the fun-loving and best spots to surf. 

At the end of Mockingbird Lane in the Vista La Cumbre development, you can walk to this paradise through the trees on the path. Remember the path is steep so be careful while walking. You’ll also find Hope Ranch Beach which is half a mile from More Mesa. 

Tip: For more spacious parking space, enter from Patterson Avenue.  

More Mesa Beach
More Mesa Beach

6. Land’s End Beach, San Francisco

Address: San Francisco, CA 94121, USA

Parking: Free

Land’s End Beach is a very popular spot and an amazing nude beach in northern California. It draws a cool crowd who freely can lie down and relax while listening and enjoying the water rushing by and hopping around the rocky shoreline. To enter this beach you’ve to park your car in the El Camino del Mar and walk along the rocky path to reach this beach. 

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For a better experience walk straight to Baker Beach which is another best nude beach in California. This beach offers spectacular views of the horizon during sunset and is perfect for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway in California.


  • This is not perfect for swimming because it is more of a rocky beach rather than a sandy beach.
  • The beach can be a little dangerous during storms; therefore, it’s not safe to walk along the shoreline during this time(especially in September). 
  • Be careful while walking along the beach because these cliffs are very unstable due to constant moisture. 

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7. San Onofre Beach, Gaviota State Park

Address: San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

Parking: Free

San Onofre Beach is the best nude beach in Orange County which has six trails that lead to different beaches at the end. One should walk south to reach the bottom of the trail which is the nude section and perfect to relax and unwind. It is a 3,000-acre state park which is also a clothing-optional beach and offers nudists to spread out and enjoy in private.

Summer is the best time to visit San Onofre Beach. You will see many nudists relaxing on the beach or enjoying picnics with their partners. You can check out our expert buying guide on the best beach cooler with wheels to keep your drinks cool while enjoying the sun on the beach.

You can also go for a hike or stay back at the beach, sunbathe in the sun or view the marvelous landscape with incredibly stunning views. You’ll see a fence that divides the park from the federally owned Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. The locals state that the other side of the fence is a gay nude beach. 

Tip: It witnesses dangerous tides, therefore, collects information before visiting the tide. 

San Onofre Beach
San Onofre Beach

8. San Gregorio Beach

Address: La Honda Rd & Cabrillo Hwy San Gregorio, CA 94074

Parking: Visitors to San Gregorio Beach can park in one of two lots—the upper lot or the lower lot—for a fee and then walk a short distance to the beach. Street parking is also available but can be limited.

San Gregorio Beach is one of the best nude beaches in California for couples looking to explore their wild side. This remote beach in San Mateo County is surrounded by high cliffs, making it a truly hidden gem. The beach is clothing optional, allowing visitors to relax and soak up the sun in their natural state.

Couples can take a leisurely stroll along the beach or a refreshing swim in the ocean. However, it’s important to note that there are no facilities on the beach, so visitors should bring any necessary supplies. Overall, San Gregorio Beach offers a serene and intimate atmosphere for couples seeking an unforgettable experience.

San Gregorio Beach
San Gregorio Beach

9. Hole in The Wall Beach, Santa Cruz

Address: Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

Parking:  $40 per car 

Hole in The Wall Beach is one of the best nude beaches in California with a lot of privacy. The beach is located south of Panther Beach. The name of the beach is a little weird but it has its own reason. The only access to this beach is by a hole in the wall that separates it from Panther Beach. 

South of Panther Beach lies the town of Davenport which is a great clothing-optional beach of Hole-in-the-Wall. The little hole on the huge rock looks amazing and unique to click photos and spend a day. During low and medium tide this beach is perfect for a nudist to walk along the shoreline stress-free. There are many hidden and unknown beaches in Santa Cruz, you should definitely visit.


  • This is a legal nude beach in California but the strong tides are so dangerous making it one of the unexplored beaches.  
  • The temperature of the water is very high so be careful before running into the water. 

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10. Boneyard Beach, Encinitas

Address: CA 92024, USA

Boneyard Beach is the most sheltered and-undisturbed nude beach in southern California which is located below a very steep cliff in Encinitas. You can reach here only through Swami’s Beach or D Street Beach, therefore; during high tide, this beach is not accessible. It’s an unspoiled spot which is evident with its glassy water and clean sand. 

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As you sunbathe in the sun naked you’ll be able to view the beautiful nature, how perfectly it has been shaped, and make it one of the semi-private nude beaches in California. 

Tip: Get information about the tide before visiting the beach. 

California nude beach | Boneyard Beach
Boneyard Beach

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11. Crater Beach

If you want to experience the beach most naturally and want privacy to dip yourself in the water then welcome to Crater Beach which is also called Sand City. The Crater is a huge depression in the dunes that has sand rising around it on all sides making it unique from the other flat beaches. This nudist beach in California is large and offers more fun than you can imagine. 

These naturist beaches in California are best for first-comers as well as experienced nudists. Each beach has its own rules and restrictions and is unique in its ways. They are worth paying to see and enjoy the incredible scenery with beautiful views.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Nude Beaches In California:

  • Know the facts and stop assuming: Public nudity is a punishable offense and if you don’t want to turn your beach mood to stress then visit only the nude beaches and not the other beaches.  
  • Bring a lot of sunscreens: Bring sunscreen with high SPF and reapply it on your skin after every 2-3 hours. It’s important to protect your skin as much as you can.  
  • Don’t click other’s photos: Remember to respect each other’s privacy. You may end up in jail if you click someone’s nude photo. There is no need to feel weird, rather enjoy your own time and cherish every moment you spend. 
  • Don’t stare: Don’t make others uncomfortable. So, sit back and relax.
  • Do bring the necessary items: Don’t forget to bring your towel, drinking water, and food. Remember you’re on a nudist beach and there are no such shops and shacks present on the beach. 

Nude beaches aren’t for everyone. Therefore, if you don’t want to visit nude beaches then come to other beaches. If you don’t want to leave your pooch at home, you can visit these pet-friendly beaches in California. Toplessness is accepted but bad gestures or wrong behavior is not accepted. Respect each other’s privacy when you’re choosing to go topless. 

Keep this guide handy as this is informational and super fun.  Read the above tips before hitting these nude beaches in California. 

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FAQ – Best Nude Beaches in California

1. What are the nude beaches in southern California?

A: Boneyard Beach in Encinitas is an incredible place to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach and ocean being naked. Pirate’s Cove Beach in San Luis Obispo County is another nude-friendly beach in Southern California. 

2. Can anybody visit the nude beaches in California?

A: Yes, nude beaches in California are not hard to find and anyone can visit the nude beaches. But everyone should respect each other’s privacy and make it more comfortable. It’s the place to get naked and enjoy the ocean. 

3. What are the nude beaches in Los Angeles?

A: Venice Beach Boardwalk and Point Dume State Beach are some of the well-known nude beaches in Los Angeles. For little freedom and to achieve a natural tan, this beach in Los Angeles is perfect. 

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