10 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in California

Planning for a beach vacation in California, but worried about your four-legged friends? Don’t worry. Luckily there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in California. Almost every western part of the Golden State has at least one beach where dogs are allowed, although on many they must be on a 6’ leash.

From dog-friendly beaches in Malibu to Baker Beach in San Francisco, you will find some of the best beaches in California that will welcome your furry friends. Some beaches have a designated area where dogs can run freely with their owners, and there are also some gorgeous beaches where dogs can roam and truly enjoy freedom.

dog-friendly beaches in California

Here we discuss the best dog beaches in California where you can enjoy a lovely beach vacation with your beloved pets. You just need to follow a few safety rules while taking your pets to a designated place.


best dog beaches in California

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1. DEL MAR NORTH BEACH: Dog-Friendly Beach in California


3200 Camino Del Mar, CA 92014

It is located north of 29th Street in San Diego county and extends nearly one-half mile to the border with Solana Beach.

Beach Information

The North Beach of Del Mar is the one and the only beach in the Del Mar city beaches where you can off-leash your dog. It is also one of the best dog-friendly beaches in California.

The long beachfront, shallow water, low winds, and gentle waves make this place an ideal playground for your pup. While your dog is enjoying the splash of small waves you can indulge in volleyball, surfing, and even fishing.

best dog-friendly beaches in California | Del Mar Dog Beach
Del Mar Dog Beach -PC: Flickr

Entry Fee/Parking

There is a metered parking facility along Camino del Mar behind the beach and also at 29th Street.

Dog Rules

Dogs can enjoy the full extent on the beach from June 16th to Labor Day while on-leash and allowed to run off-leash along the shoreline after Labor Day to June 15th. Owners must carry cleaning bags to dispose of dog waste.

Hours of Service

24 hours throughout the year.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in Del Mar



100 Ocean Boulevard, Coronado, CA  92118

It is located in the city of Coronado in San Diego county.

Beach Information

It is not only a romantic California destination but also renowned for being a popular off-leash dog-friendly beach in southern California. Coronado Dog Beach is perfect for pet owners looking for enough space to roam, bright sun, and a leash-free environment throughout the year. The sign of a designated off-leash area can be easily noticed from Sunset Park on Ocean Drive to the border of the U.S. Naval Station.

Set between the famous Hotel del Coronado and the excellent shoreline, Coronado is one of the best beaches in southern California that offers a mesmerizing view of the Point Loma skyline and the Pacific Ocean. The beach has a shower area south of the entrance on Ocean Boulevard.

Tip: Hotel del Coronado has Yappy Hour every Sunday from 4-5 pm when you can get a discounted drink and complementary organic dog treats for your pooch on the huge back deck.

Please Note: Dogs must be on-leash from the parking area to the designated off-leash area. The fines are really big.

best dog beach in California | Coronado Dog Beach
Coronado Dog Beach-PC: Flickr

Entry Fee/Parking

Parking is available along the north end of Ocean Boulevard.

Dog Rules

You should have your current dog license and must pay close attention to your dog. Cleaning must be done in a timely manner. All dogs must remain free of any contagious diseases. Owners must carry cleaning bags to dispose of the dog waste. No aggressive dog behavior is allowed at Coronado Beach.

Hours of Service

Open 24 hours all year round.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in Coronado

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1 Argonne Ave, Long Beach, CA, US 90803

Long Beach is a cheap coastal city in southern California located at the waterfront between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues. Also, you should check out the free and cheap things to do in Long Beach. You’ll thank me later.

Beach Information

It is another popular dog beach in southern California where you can bring your dog to enjoy the splash in and out of the waters. Rosie’s Dog Beach is the one and only off-leash dog beach in LA county. The calm water and mild wave are perfect for your lovely pup.

Volleyball courts are there in the sand and a paved bike path meanders through Granada Beach. Pet-friendly restaurants and accommodations can be found in an affordable range.

Please Note: Only one dog per adult is allowed in Rosie’s Dog Beach that makes it a less crowded dog beach in California.
dog friendly beaches in southern California | Rosie’s Dog Beach
Rosie’s Dog Beach-PC: Flickr

Entry fee/Parking

Plenty of paid parking services are available. You can find free parking at the end of Granada Avenue after 5:00 p.m. Getting a free parking slot at weekend and holidays can be very difficult.

Dog Rules

No aggressive dogs are allowed to reach the sand. Off-leash dog walking is allowed. Owners must clean up dog waste.

Hours of Service

Opens daily from 6 am to 8 pm.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in Rosie’s Dog Beach

4. CARMEL BEACH: Best Dog Beach in California


Ocean Avenue and Scenic Road, Carmel, CA  93922

Carmel-by-the-Sea is located on the California Central Coast, about 190 km south of San Francisco.

Beach Information

Do you know that Carmel-by-the-Sea was ranked #1 most dog-friendly town in the USA? Once you visit this leash-free scenic dog beach, you can see why it is heaven for your four-legged friend.

It is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in northern California with white sand and clean water. Your dog will get a friendly atmosphere here and can run between the waves with full freedom. When your dog is done with water and sand, stroll along the bluffs on the Scenic Path and explore the quaint street with your dog on a leash.

Carmel is not only for dog lovers, this charming town has so many things to offer its visitors. If you’re planning for a weekend trip, check out the top 15 things to do in Carmel by the Sea.

Tips: Alcohol and small bonfires are allowed on the beach.
dog friendly beaches in northern California | Carmel Dog Beach
Carmel Dog Beach

Entry fee/Parking

Free parking space available at the road’s end or one of the other streets near the water.

Dog Rules

Dogs are allowed to run off-leash. Owners must clean the dog waste and carry cleaning bags.

Hours of Service

6am to 10pm everyday.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in Carmel

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West Point Loma Boulevard and Voltaire Street
San Diego, CA 92107

It’s located at the northern end of Ocean Beach in San Diego county.

Beach Information

The Original Dog Beach is one of the best dog beaches in San Diego County and the first official leash-free beaches in America. Dogs can roam this popular canine hotspot off-leash at any time of the day. This is a charming beach destination in California where people, their pets, beach lovers, and surfers enjoy the spirit of Ocean Beach.

Beach-loving dog owners can enjoy dramatic views of the ocean, hillsides, jetties, cliffs, palm trees, and more. Take a dip in the waves with your canine friend, walk along the sandy beach or just relax on the bench watching the jaw-dropping sunset over the Pacific – the beach has plenty of things to offer pet owners and their pets.

The Original Dog Beach | dog friendly beaches in California
The Original Dog Beach-PC: Flickr

Entry fee/Parking

There is a free parking lot that is located right in front of the Original Dog Beach. Try to get there early as parking fills up very quickly on summer weekends.

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Dog Rules

Your dog must wear a current and valid license from the County Department of Animal Services. Dog owners must pick up after their pet’s waste.

Hours of Service

24/7 throughout the year.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in The Original Dog Beach

6. HUNTINGTON DOG BEACH: Dog Beach in Southern California


100 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

It is located along the southern California coast, 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 94 miles north of San Diego.

Beach Information

Huntington Beach is not only a popular surfing destination but also one of the finest off-leash dog-friendly beaches in southern California. The designated off-leash dog area is located between Seapoint Street and 21st Street. Huntington Dog Beach also organizes the annual dog surfing competition, Surf City Surf Dog.

Owners can wash the sand off their pets’ paws in Dirty Dog Wash which is about a 10-minute walk from the beach. The other beach amenities include public restrooms, a grassy lawn with picnic tables, and drinking fountains for your pooches.

Huntington Dog Beach
Huntington Dog Beach-PC: Flickr

Entry fee/Parking

Several parking lots are available above the eroding bluff along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Dog Rules

Dogs are allowed to remain off-leash only if they are non-aggressive. The pet owners must dispose of the pet waste and keep it close to their pet’s activity.

Hours of Service

7 days a week, dawn until dark. Parking opens from 6am to 10pm.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels in Huntington



Battery Chamberlin Rd.
San Francisco, California 94129.

It is located one mile south of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Beach Information

Looking for spectacular views with a beach where your dog is free to roam off-leash? Baker Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in San Francisco. can be a perfect destination for you. Visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge from this beach which is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

If your furry friend is well-behaved and under control, it can freely explore the northern part of the beach while off-leash. Owners can also enjoy a sunbath in the warm weather or have a small picnic at the east end of the parking lot.

Note: This is a clothing-optional beach, so there may be the occasional sunbather. It is important to check before your visit whether the rule has changed on beach access for dogs.
Baker Beach | pet friendly beaches in california
Baker Beach-PC: Flickr

Entry fee/Parking

There is a parking lot next to the beach. Make sure to start early to get a parking spot. You can try other parking lots along Lincoln Boulevard between Kobbe Avenue and Pershing Drive.

Dog Rules

Dogs are allowed on this northern section of the beach either on-leash or under voice control, but they must be on a leash at the south of Lobos Creek. Make sure to carry clean-up bags on hand.

Hours of Service

Sunrise to Sunset throughout the year.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels near Baker Beach

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2981 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 9310

It is located about 10 minutes west of downtown Santa Barbara.

Beach Information

Arroyo Burro Beach must be present in the list of ‘Best Pet-Friendly Beaches in California’ for its clean, well-maintained beach with fine sand and gentle waves, and friendly people. Even the local restaurants also welcome well-behaved dogs.

It is locally known as Hendry’s Beach. This off-leash beach in Santa Barbara county runs below the Douglas Family Preserve from the east of the slough to the steps at Mesa Lane where your tail-wagging friend can run freely.

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Owners can go for a scenic walk on the bluffs of the Douglas Family Preserve. There is a self serve dog wash station to clean your pooch before putting back in your car.

Dogs Playing in Arroyo Burro Beach
Dogs Playing in Arroyo Burro Beach

Entry fee/Parking

There is a parking lot at the west of the intersection of Cliff Drive and Los Positas Road. The parking lot generally fills up very quickly on weekends and holidays.

Dog Rules

Dogs are allowed off-leash on the beach south of the creek mouth. Dogs must be on leashes through the parking lot to the bathing beach. Owners must dispose of the dog waste in the trash container.

Hours of Service

8am to sunset.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels near Arroyo Burro Beach



1750 Fiesta Island Rd.
San Diego, CA 92109.

It is located within Mission Bay in San Diego county.

Beach Information

This is a huge dog park with a beautiful beach. Bring your dog to socialize here and let them wander in the sandy dunes and splash through the calm bay water. It is one of the best dog beaches in San Diego county. The beach is a part of San Diego’s Mission Bay – a secluded and quiet spot where your dogs can roam off-leash.

Beach loving dog owners can watch ships, jet skis and boats glide across the Bay or enjoy the views of the vast white sand and clear blue waters. Other outdoor activities include water sports, jogging, biking, having a bonfire.

Tip: Make sure to bring plenty of water for your dog, as there are no water fountains on the Fiesta Island Dog Park.
10 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in California
Fiesta Island Dog Park

Entry fee/Parking

Plenty of parking spots are available by the opening gate.

Dog Rules

Fiesta Island Dog Park is a 24hr off-leash area but makes sure your dog is well trained to listen to your commands and well socialized to be around other dogs. Owners must clean up after their dogs to keep this land beautiful.

Hours of Service

Open 24 hours, but the island closes tp vehicles from 10 pm to 4 am every day.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels near Fiesta Island Dog Park



Del Monte Ave. at Park Ave.
Seaside, California 93955

It is located in southern Monterey Bay in Monterey County.

Beach Information

It is one of the top-ranked dog-friendly beaches in central California. Here, you can do more than simply allow your dog to socialize and to enjoy the beach and the historic boardwalk. Your dog must be on-leash at Monterey State Beach south of the Monterey Beach Resort hotel.

Monterey is an amazing place and it has several attractions and sightseeing. The beach is spectacular and it has beautiful sweeping views. Dog owners can also take their leashed dogs on a whale watching tour at the Monterey Bay Whale Watch. After a day at the beach, go for a stroll on the boardwalk with your furry friend. Many of the local restaurants are pet-friendly. 

Monterey State Beach | dog beach calfornia
Monterey State Beach

Entry fee/Parking

Free parking is limited, so arrive early or be prepared to wait to park. Although, plenty of street parking is there before the entrance.

Dog Rules

Dogs are welcome at Monterey State Beach south of the Monterey Beach Resort hotel as long as they are on leashes. Owners must be at attention all the time. Please note, dogs are not permitted at Monterey State Beach North of the Monterey Beach Resort hotel.

Hours of Service

24 hours a day.

Dog-Friendly Beach Hotels near Monterey Beach


best dog friendly beaches in California

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