5 Best Santa Cruz Tide Pools Spots in California

Imagine spotting sea stars, mussels, hermit crabs, black turban snails, mollusks, chitons, anemones, kelp crabs, and other extraordinary creatures.

These mesmerizing arrays of sea creatures can be found in the tide pools of Santa Cruz, where they live and thrive daily. Check my other blog on the best spots for tide pooling all-over California.

santa cruz tide pools

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There are many beaches in Santa Cruz that are yet to explore. In some of the many unexplored beaches, you’ll find a dynamic tapestry of habitats, shaping the lives that thrive amidst shifting tides and crashing waves every day.

Tide pools are like pockets nestled along the rocky edges of the seashore. Twice a day, they become submerged in water, while the majority of the time they are exposed to air.

The first time I brought my cousins to Pleasure Point, they were fascinated by spotting gooseneck and acorn barnacles attached to the rocks.

You should see their joy! I clicked so many photos with the giant green sea anemones and spiny purple sea urchins. 

We saw sea stars scattered amongst the rock, embodying both beauty and power. Hermit crabs in the water depth, chitons in the mudstone, and so more.

I saw Sculpins for the first time at the bottom of the pool. So, you can have fun exploring interesting tide pools, as Santa Cruz is gifted with endless options.

Let’s go for tide pooling in Santa Cruz County!

Best Time to Visit Santa Cruz Tide Pools

In the winter (November to February), when the water level is below average and low tides occur during the day, it is advisable to wear closed-toe shoes and visit the tide pools. 

However, during the summer, when low tides happen in the middle of the night, it becomes inconvenient to explore the Santa Cruz tide pools at that time.

When the ocean water is cold in winter, you can still enjoy observing marine life, and tide pooling, without having to immerse yourself in the water. 

It is recommended to come and observe the marine life following the guidelines. Furthermore, before visiting the tide pools, it is always advisable to check the tide table. 

As a general rule of thumb, the ideal time to explore is approximately two hours before low tide.

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Santa Cruz Tide Pools: Natural Wonders and Attractions

1. The Hook

Address: East Cliff Dr. 41st Ave

Along the East Cliff Drive on the east side of Santa Cruz sits The Hook, the famous surfing spot of California and also one of the best tide pools of Santa Cruz.

You can also check out the other CA beach towns, they’re beautiful! In the past, locals and visitors alike gathered along the Cliff side fence looking at the magnetic allure of Monterey Bay, not knowing that they were missing this gem! 

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Presently, this tide pool beach in Santa Cruz has good access to the parking lot at 41st Avenue closest to the staircase keeping it busy throughout the year.

Lucky are the people who decide to come down to the low tide spot from where the view of cerulean water dancing with the gentle rhythm of rolling water is so fantastic.

Against this majestic backdrop, you’ll be happy to watch the symbiotic harmony between nature and organisms living in the pools like hermit crabs, and green algae.

I was here early morning when the sun cast its pink and orange hues across the sky making the sky, ocean, and rocky surroundings look so mesmerizing.

the hook, santa cruz, california,
The Hook

2. Natural Bridge State Beach

Address: 2531 W Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

Oh, sweetheart, you won’t believe how incredible Natural Bridge State Park Beach is! It’s an absolute gem, along West Cliff Drive.

The first time I took my mom here was in the evening, and it was her first visit. She was amazed to spot a whale and a group of sea otters playing in the kelp!

Natural Bridge Santa Cruz tide pool is very kid friendly giving them the golden chance of having a glimpse of sea life beneath the sea.

Honestly, it took me three tries to have the best Santa Cruz tide pool experience here with Kelvin. Every time I saw the arched “natural bridge” not knowing that it is one of the great spots for tide pooling.

Finally, on our third visit, we came during the King Tides, and that’s when everything was just perfect. Just come to the west side of the beach.

This Santa Cruz tide pool is teeming with thousands of creatures and species striving to survive in an ever-changing environment. 

We spotted sea anemones, shore crabs, hermit crabs, periwinkle snails, mussels, sea stars, and so many colorful creatures.


  • To reach the best tide pooling spot in Natural Bridge State Beach, follow the shoreline and then take a right to walk to the small cliffs. You’ll spot the tide pools.
  • During the fall and winter seasons, bring your family to see migrating monarch butterflies. Make sure you’re getting your binoculars


  • Natural Bridge State Beach Tide Pools is safeguarded by legal protection, as part of a Marine Protected Area. Do not dare to bring your dog or pets
  • Visitors arriving within the first 20 minutes after the beach opens can enjoy complimentary parking.
natural bridge state beach, marine organisms
Marine organisms at Natural Bridge State Beach

3. Davenport Landing Beach

Address: 335 Davenport Landing Rd, Davenport, CA 95017, USA

If you want to try your photography skills in one of the best-unexplored tide pools of Santa Cruz, then Davenport Landing Beach in North California is the spot.

My friend Soniya brought me to Shark Tooth Cove, south of Davenport Beach to click some pictures of the rocks against the setting sun for her project.

We did not know, but later we found out that it is one of the great tides pooling locations in Santa Cruz. So, we planned and came here for the second time!

The beach is 1.6 miles north of Davenport on Davenport Landing Road. You can also walk for 10 minutes from Shark Fin Cove to reach these clean beaches of California.

After reaching the shore take left and walk to reach the small outflow stream and the abalone farm. A lot of locals also called it Davenport Pier.

I guarantee you’ll love this dramatic coastline. Spotting elephant ear tunicate, sea squirt, bristly tunicate, twin sailed salp, and marine mammals in the tide pools is another fascinating thing.


  • The beach has limited free parking spots
  • If you’re planning to hunt sea glass, Davenport Beach is the best spot
  • The exact location of tide pooling is south of Ano Nuevo, one mile north of Davenport town, just off the Highway one
  • Scott Creek which is 6 minutes’ walk from Davenport Landing Beach, you can go for pooling for checking out – Cladophora, a mossy algae, hydroid Eudendrium, peanut worms, and octopuses. The place is equally pretty 
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Note: Davenport Landing Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Santa Cruz

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davenport landing beach
Davenport Landing Beach

4. The Pleasure Point

Address: E. Cliff Dr. Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Strolling along the beach, enjoying the ocean, the softness of the sand, the sight of surfers riding the waves, and the tide pools –the Pleasure Point is my favorite.

This spot sits north of Monterey Bay, renowned as the best surf location in the world and one of the best Santa Cruz tide pools to spot wildlife and marine life.

I came here with Pablo, my German shepherd during the golden hour when the sky seemed to be painted with hues of amber and crimson, the scene looked so gorgeous.

Travellers are well aware of beautiful cliffs and the beach but a lot do not know that during the King tide, they can enjoy tide pooling.

Starting from sea stars, octopuses, kelp crabs, starfish, sea anemones, and nudibranchs in varied colors, to sea dragons, and so many others, you can spot everything here. 

In the ocean, you can spot dolphins and whales. I recommend staying in the beach cottages nearby to enjoy the surrounding vibe and air.

Tip: To get easy access to the pool, take the staircase at 36th Avenue and 38th Avenue. The beach is flat so it’s kid and family-friendly 

pleasure point, santa cruz tide pools
Pleasure Point

5. Sunny Coves

Address: Twin Lakes, CA 95062, USA

If you love to embrace tranquillity with an idyllic retreat spot then look no forward than Sunny Coves. Its offbeat location ensures an intimidating and cherished experience!

The water is so calm that it fell like it’s calling to dip your toes into a refreshing embrace. 

The golden sand and rocks beneath your feet are ready to beckon the adventure. However, I was here just to spend some time alone with my dog Pablo. 

I did not try tide pooling here. It is a small place in the Pleasure Point area where I’ve heard swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, and tide pooling are ideal. 

Note: Dogs are allowed at Sunny Coves but if you’re chilling on top of the cliff be very careful of the big waves.

Santa Cruz Tide Pool Exploration: What to Bring?

My mother once said, when you’re going to tide pool, pack your bag full of curiosity, certainly you need that because tide pooling is all about sensory experience.

I did not understand before until I went tide pooling for the first time with my father. Intertidal areas are bound to bring the inner child out of you!

Apart from that you need to get a good pair of shoes that do not slip in the rocky wet terrain. Also, keep your hand free because you need them a lot while walking.

Ideally, I recommend checking out my blog on waterproof boots as they provide support to your ankle as well as keep your feet dry when you put them on water.

Watch every step as you might step on mussels, barnacles, or anything. I’m sure you only want to bring back great memories, and pictures.

And, yes, do not forget to get your magnifying glass, GoPro camera, and a marine guidebook or ID cards explaining tidal marine animals. 

Because, upon witnessing the fascinating marine animals within, your inner child will undoubtedly be filled with curiosity, longing for answers and names. Therefore, prepare yourself for an exciting tide-pooling expedition in Santa Cruz.

tide pooling dress
Tide pooling dress code, Picture – HaystackRockAwarenessProgram

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Santa Cruz Tide Pool Safety Tips

  • Open the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website to learn about the time and the height of high and low tides
  • Do not mess with the marine habitat, especially sea stars. Enjoy looking at them rather than touching them
  • Always be very aware of the ocean because if the water starts rising and you’re out there, there is no way you can be saved. Be careful of the waves, and please turn back and head inland if the water is rising
  • You do not need to be specialized in knowing everything about marine life, but it’s good to research before to know about the place, its habitat, and their history
  • Please do not pull marine animals sticking on the rocks because it might damage or destroy their thriving energy
  • Overhangs and rocks are home to microorganisms and marine animals as the place is moist and protected from the harsh sun. So, to check out these hidden gems, stay far from the crash zone and lie on your stomach to see the nooks and crannies of the rocks

Santa Cruz Tide Pools vs. Monterey Tide Pools: A Personal Comparison

Monterey tide pool is home to varied coastal marine life and I bet you’ll love coming to Point Lobos State Park Reserve. 

But, I love exploring Santa Cruz tide pools. It’s much quieter and mostly offers a local vibe. On the other hand, Monterey is sure to upscale your experience. 

Monterey is a good place to hike with your adventurous friend whereas Santa Cruz is sure to raise your adrenaline with its surfing and tide pooling culture. 

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FAQ: Santa Cruz Tide Pools

1. What should I wear when visiting tide pools in Santa Cruz?

A. If you’re visiting tide pools in Santa Cruz, make sure you’re wearing your knee-length rubber boots instead of sandals for optimal protection. Wear water-resistant full pants and a full-length tee, avoiding any exposed skin. It’s advisable to carry a raincoat, windproof layers, an extra pair of clothes, and a towel. In the end, staying comfortable and well-prepared can make your trip memorable.

2. Are there any safety precautions I should take while exploring Santa Cruz tide pools?

A. The most crucial safety precaution begins even before you set foot in Santa Cruz tide pools. Prioritize wearing high-quality, water-resistant boots and conduct thorough research before your visit. Once you embark on your exploration, it is essential to adhere to certain guidelines. Keep in mind to follow the waterline and avoid running on the slippery rocks amidst the crashing waves. Maintain a calm and patient demeanor, constantly aware of the ocean’s movements and the tide’s timing. 

3. Can I touch or handle the marine life in the tide pools?

A. As it is said that you can touch marine life as gently as you can but never pick or harass them. But, I recommend not touching them because they are very delicate creatures and your light touch might harm them. 

4. Can I go swimming or snorkeling in the tide pools?

A. Snorkeling and swimming are best when the tide is low but you cannot do any of these in tide pools.

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