8 Magical Hot Springs in Mammoth Lakes, CA in 2023

Are you a lover of hot springs? Then this article is a great read for you! In the earlier days, people used to enjoy a good old-fashioned dip in the beautiful hot springs. But now, it takes you a trip to find such a great natural hot spring, right?

If you are thinking of visiting the best hot springs in Californiait is a great thought. You may ask why? Hot springs are known to have sulfur-smelling traditional goodness that is great for the human system. Yes, it is not just a tourist spot, but also a place where you can shed all your weekday blues!

best hot springs in Mammoth Lakes

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If you are looking for the most beautiful hot springs in Mammoth Lakes, this article is an answer to all your prayers! All you have to do is read on!

All you have to do is pack yourself or your family in a nice cozy car and head to these hot springs near Mammoth to make recommendations. I guarantee it will be a trip worth remembering!

But, first things first, do you know how to reach the Mammoth Lakes? Well, let me clear your doubts.

How to Get to Mammoth Lakes?

The natural hot springs near Mammoth Lakes are tucked away in the east of Sierra but it is accessible. So, don’t worry about catching a flight or making a drive. Both options are safe and plausible.


The best natural hot springs near Mammoth lakes can be accessed from several cities across California. You can rely on the air service options, available through the Eastern Sierra Regional Airport. This Airport lies 40 minutes away from the south of Mammoth lakes( United Airlines).

You can catch Advanced Airlines too. This airline offers service from South California to Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

Truthfully speaking, most tourists opt for Advanced Airlines. But you can always trust either of the two airlines to help you reach the lakes safely.


Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful mountain town in California, located right in the heart of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. Due to the fact it is placed right in the center of this heavily populated tourist spot, accessing hot springs near Mammoth lakes won’t be a tough job.

You can rent a car from anywhere in Nevada or California to reach the lakes. It is not wrong to say that your experience of the beautiful mountains will be richer when you drive to this spot. You will get to see the tall looming wonders including the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Death Valley, and so much more.


If you do not want to play safe with Airlines and car services, this is the ideal deal for you! Try the bus service! Yes, it is no less than an adventure. The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority offers bus service to the hot springs in mammoth lakes. This regional transport service comes as a gift to those who want to let go ‘safely’ and arrive with ‘adventure’ to the hot springs.

Best Time to Visit Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

I would recommend all potential tourists to visit hot springs around Mammoth lakes during the fall season. Now, before you ask me why, let me dive straight into it!

These lakes receive fewer tourists compared to other seasons during the fall and if you are coming via flights, then this is the best option for you. The flights are cheaper during the fall season and who doesn’t want to save money when it can get saved right? Not only the flights, but the hotels are also cheap during the fall season. Here are our 10 ultimate hacks to book cheap hotels from anywhere.

Don’t worry about missing any kind of fun, if you visit during the fall season. All kinds of outdoor activities are available throughout the year. So no more FOMO about this, please! You can also visit in the summer if the crowd is what you like. If not, then fall is the best option out for you!

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Best Hot Springs Near Mammoth Lakes

For those, who have decided to visit the lakes, we compiled an entire guide to make the trip even more pleasant. This has all my top favorite and tourist-rated hot springs in mammoth lakes, that will make your vacation steaming and beautiful.

Want to know more? Read on!

1. Rock Tub Hot Springs (aka Whitmore Hot Springs)

Rock Tub is the most visited hot spring in Mammoth Lakes due to its easy accessibility. It is a great choice for you to visit this spot in the fall season. It doesn’t require any hike at all; conveniently placed near the parking lot. You will also find it easier to visit because it’s hardly 15 minutes away from town.

Talking about the water body, it is cooler than the other hot springs in mammoth lakes. Usually, it is comfortable to sit in for about an hour or so. But the best part about this spot is the spectacular view of the Sierra mountains that you will get to see. It’s quite a stunner!

Temperature: 38 c

Size: Easily fits 2-4 people

Tip: Try to visit in the off-season. Otherwise, you may have to share with some other people and it might not be comfortable.

Rock Tub Hot Springs
Rock Tub Hot Springs

2. Wild Willy’s Hot Spring(aka Crowley Hot Spring)

This is one of the best hot springs near Mammoth Lakes because of the great view that one is privy to at this spot. There are no better beautiful natural hot springs near Mammoth lakes than this one because of its nutrition concentrated water. Locals put this spring in high accord because of the natural goodness that enters the bodies of all those who take a dip in it.

When you get to this spring, the sun and the steaming water will directly come in touch with your skin. There is no piping available because of which you can experience all the natural goodness of the steamy hot springs. Not to mention it’s so good for your skin and relaxes your body from all the weekday shenanigans!

Most of the tourists who visit this spring are honeymoon couples. So if you have been recently married, without a doubt head to this romantic destination in California. Take your partner and spend hours on the gravel and the wooden boardwalk near this spring. It will be a heavenly experience.

There’s another catch to this Mammoth Lake hot spring; a deeper and hotter small pool. Yes, you can easily take a dip in this one too as it is more comfortable and cozy than the main pool.

Temperature: 35 c (main pool), 40.5 c (small pool)

Size: Fits 40 or more people between both pools.

Tip: Do not visit with children as mostly adults dwell on this sight.

Hot Springs in Mammoth Lakes, CA_Wild Willy's Hot Spring
Wild Willy’s Hot Spring

3. Hilltop Hot Spring (aka Pulley’s pool)

You can consider this one as the best hot springs in Mammoth Lakes for swimming. It has a great location with stunning views of the snowcapped Sierra mountains. The ideal time to visit this one is during the late afternoon or evening hours. You can witness the amazing sunsets while your body soaks all the steamy goodness of the spring.

This is one of those hot springs that has a less than natural appearance. It is mostly made of man-made stones and the tub also has an artificial feel to it. This is the reason why it is safer to swim in than the other natural hot springs in Mammoth Lakes.

The spring is surrounded by pipelines so you can adjust the temperature too, at your convenience. The stone base that was built this spring offers a comfortable seating arrangement. No more fear of slipping, because the stone slabs are safe and easy to use.

Temperature: Can be adjusted, as per requirement.

Size: 6-8 people

Tip: Evening is the best time to have a soak in this steamy spring (albeit if you are a sunset lover!)

Hilltop Hot Spring
Hilltop Hot Spring

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4. Shepherd Hot Springs

It won’t be difficult to locate this hot spring near Mammoth Lake, as it is placed right next to the parking lot. It also doesn’t require you to walk or hike to your destination. It is not unfair to say that tourists prefer these hot springs around Mammoth Lakes, due to their ease of access features.

Yes, compared to the other Mammoth Lakes natural hot springs, Shepherd Hot Springs looks smaller and less natural but is no less than real beauty. Whether you are a solo traveler or have a partner/friend, this will be the ideal spot to relax! The tub is cemented and receives water from a nearby water body. You can easily adjust the temperature, as per your request, by simply moving the valve.

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Also, there are plenty of ledges present that will offer you a comfortable seating arrangement. You won’t find the scenic wonder of the mountains here, as it remains hidden behind the parking lot. But the meadows can be easily spotted!

Temperature: Can be adjusted as per your requirement

Size: 3-4 people

Tip: If you are a view lover, it’s best to sit this one out!

Shepherd Hot Springs
Shepherd Hot Springs

5. Little Hot Creek(aka Siphon Tub)

Looking for the best hot springs in Mammoth Lakes? This is the ultimate find for you! It is not the most viewed hot spring but is present in my list because it’s oh-so-beautiful! It requires only a 20 minutes drive from Mammoth Lakes. It is a bumpy and dirty 1.5-mile drive, but is so worth it!

You will be surrounded by a secluded tub and lush greenery! Isn’t that enough compensation for a hard drive? The concrete ledges present in the tub, act as a comfortable seating place too. Mostly the people who visit this place are couples, looking for a private hot spring near Mammoth lake. 

Sometimes the temperature in the tub can get hot. It’s best to check rather than ruin your pretty skin. Don’t worry, the valve will adjust the temperature easily. Just wait for the water to cool and take a dip!

Temperature: 46c

Size: 8 people

Tip: Be careful of the rusted metal in the creek area.

Little Hot Creek
Little Hot Creek

6. Travertine Hot Springs

This hot spring near Mammoth Lake is quite famous for its healing powers. The locals believe that the springs were visited by the monks to bless the area with special powers. Tourists arrive at this spot heavily to swim in the amazing mineral-rich thermal water that runs through the crack in the travertine rock.

Quite your perfect swimming hot spring near Mammoth Lakeisn’t it?

You will find many locals here too. Take a chance to interact with them. You will come to know a lot about the other hidden hot springs in the Mammoth Lakes area.

There is a cement tub and parking lot available right near this hot spring to make your experience even more wholesome. Try to visit the secret hot springs beyond the main area. It will give a lot of privacy from the heavily crowded main pool. Not to mention the stunning view that it carries!

Temperature: 38c

Size: 15 people

Travertine Hot Springs
Travertine Hot Springs

7. Buckeye Hot Springs

If you are looking for the best hot springs in mammoth lakes for camping, this spot is the ideal one for you. The Buckeye campground welcomes visitors from around the world and provides a unique camping experience. Tucked away in the beautiful north bank of Buckeye creek, this spring will be an excellent experience for you. Four walled pools have been made to contain all the steamy hot water. It creates the sensation of a mini waterfall. You can take your family and friends or even travel solo to enjoy this beautiful thermal pool.

The best part is that you can have a mini picnic with bonfires too! Yes, taking that guitar and camping equipment might be a great way to use this spring.

Other than the Creekside pools, there are two other hot springs, lying closer to the parking lot. Yes, you can enjoy these beautiful and almost-secluded pools too. Since these two smaller hot springs in Mammoth Lakes are at a lower eye distance, the creek can be easily visible from there. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets that you will be able to enjoy!

Temperature: 38c

Size: 30 people between the main creek and the smaller pools.

Tip: There are no available amenities. You will have to bring everything along with you.

Buckeye Hot Springs
Buckeye Hot Springs

8. Keough Hot Springs

This is one of the oldest hot springs in Mammoth Lakes. It is famously known for being the largest pool in the Mammoth Lakes filled with steamy natural water. Many tourists have raved this spot as the best hot springs in Mammoth Lakes for swimming. Taking your partner, friends, or even having some ‘alone’ time here, dipping in the natural goodness of the steamy spring, is a great vacay idea!

There’s another catch to this hot springs, it is not free! You have to pay a 12 dollar fee per adult. The temperature sometimes gets a bit too ‘hot’ given the natural water present in the pool but it’s not unmanageable. The perfect time to visit this one is in the fall or early winter. You won’t shiver or feel too ‘hot’ taking a dip in this pool!

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Another service for visitors is the camping and RV sites. You can easily experience fishing, bonfires, and skiing at Mammoth mountain.

Temperature: 34c

Size: 6 people

Tip: Try to book their lodging onsite, and enjoy the tent camping and other campsite experience.

What to Pack for Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs?

Now that you know which hot springs in Mammoth Lakes are the best to visit, don’t you want to know about your packing list? Understandably, a hot spring visit is different from other tourist spots. Naturally, the packing list will be different too! But, don’t worry. We have you covered. Here’s what needs to be there in your bag while visiting these pools in Mammoth Lakes.

For Winter Trip:

  • Cozy loungewear
  • Warm sweaters
  • Sturdy winter boots for long hikes or camping activities
  • Comfy jeans for tours
  • Hat and gloves (in case of sudden snowfall)
  • Swimsuit (after all the soaking in the steamy hot springs needs to be done in style!)

For Summer Trip:

  • Hiking or camping gear
  • Emergency medical kit
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (If you don’t want the sun to tan that gorgeous skin)
  • Water filter
  • Fishing or water gear accessories (this activity is quite popular among tourists during summer)
  • Supportive shoes for long hikes

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For Fall or Spring Trips:

  • A mix of winter and fall clothing (the weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cool)
  • Medical kits
  • Camping gear (tourists camp a lot near these Mammoth Lakes hot springs during spring or fall season)
  • Emergency survival kit

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Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs Travel Tips

To have an inexpensive trip to hot springs near Mammoth Lakes, it is best to join a group. The larger the group, the more economic your stay will be. Such groups can be found anywhere from social media to joining travel groups or pursuing your friends will also work.

Take advantage of free transportation:

There are many options of free transport in and around Mammoth Lakes like bus rides, free parking, etc. If you do not know about these options, contact a local or your travel agent. You will save a lot of dollars, trust me!

Where to Stay in Mammoth Lake’s Hot Springs?

Ventura Grand Inn

Address: 3236 Main St, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

If you are looking to enjoy your Mammoth Lakes trip with the best lodging experience, this one is the best option for you! It has kitchens well stocked with food and electronic appliances. Also, the ASO (Adventure Sports Outpost) is a 4-minute drive from this lodge. You can take your friends and your family thereafter soaking in the steamy waters of the spring! >>Book Your Room<<

Juniper Spring Resorts

Address: 4000 Meridian Blvd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

This resort is located in a prime area and close to several popular natural springs near Mammoth Lakes. It has also been featured in 12 of California’s most beautiful and friendly Resorts and Inns. Needless to say, you will have a comfortable stay here. >>Book Your Stay<<

Did the article get your goat? Don’t wait anymore! Pack your bags, book a lodge and head straight to the best hot springs near Mammoth lakes!

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FAQ: Hot Springs Near Mammoth Lakes

1. Are Mammoth hot springs worth it?

A: Absolutely. You will have a great time taking a dip in these natural hot springs. Reaching these springs is also easy and pocket-friendly. As for travel and other expenses, there are many affordable alternate options available. So, do not hesitate anymore to visit the best spots to take a steamy dip in!

2. Can you swim at Mammoth Lake hot springs?

A: Yes, there are many private and free hot springs in Mammoth Lakes California. Travertine hot springs, Keough hot springs, and so many other beautiful hot springs will help you get a delightful experience swimming in the steamy waters.

3. Are there any hot springs near Mammoth Lake in California?

A: Yes, so many! Rock Tub Hot Springs, Shepherd Hot Springs, Hilltop Hot Springs, etc. are great options as the best hot springs near the Mammoth lakes area.

4. Are Mammoth hot springs free?

A: Many hot springs are free to swim in, but you have to make a list of options for that. Private and public(free) hot springs come hand in hand. So contact a local or a travel guide for authentic information regarding free hot springs in mammoth lakes.

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