10 Tips How to Book Cheap Flights in 2023: Best Deal for Flight Booking

So, you have landed on this page because you are looking for how to book cheap flight tickets to save money as much as possible while finding cheap flights. Right? Nobody wants to donate extra money to the flight companies when they can book the same flight at a cheaper price. But how many of them are actually successful to book cheap flights at the lowest price using so many comparison tools? Very few.


How to book cheap flights

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At first let me tell you, booking a cheap flight is neither too hard nor a frustrating process if you follow the process properly, but in most cases, it ends up being puzzled with endless search options, comparison sites and fluctuating prices.

Well, here I am going to tell you 10 best tricks and hacks on how to book cheap flight tickets from anywhere for all the budget travel enthusiasts who are always on the go.

1. Be Flexible While Trying to Find Cheap Flights:

You need to be flexible while booking flight tickets. You have to consider your destination, date, time to get the best deal. Let me give you an example: If you want to travel to a specific place where everybody wants to visit on a specific date like Christmas in Switzerland, New Year in Dubai. You will never get the best flight deals on those days. But if you are flexible about your time and destination and the only that you care about is your budget then you can find some pretty good flight deals.

2. Plan in Advance:

Make your travel plan ready at least before 10-12 weeks and keep a close look on flight fares on different websites and book your ticket 7-8 weeks before your journey because in most cases the price starts to creep up from six weeks out. I was successful most of the time using this flight booking hacks while trying to find cheapest flight to Europe.

3. Use the Best Flight Booking Sites:

It is not a good idea to rely on the only official website of airline companies to get the best deals for your flight, rather it is time-consuming too. To find the cheapest flight use the best flight search engines which offer you the best result according to your needs.

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Best Flight Booking Sites:


WayAway is a flight aggregator that gives travelers the best rates on airline tickets by comparing deals from the major US and global airlines and agencies. The service offers the best flight deals for specific travel dates as well as more affordable tickets on alternative dates.

Users who sign up for the WayAway Plus membership plan (get your 10% off) earn additional cashback on bookings of flights, hotels, rentals, and more.

wayaway site


One of the most popular flight booking sites(especially in Europe). It offers you to find and compare flight, destination, dates. It is very easy to use the site which allows you to browse cheap flights anywhere. Try their ‘Search Everywhere’ function to explore the best price available anywhere in the world. Skyscanner can be accessed easily by app also.

cheapest flight booking using skyscanner
skyscanner search everywhere  features


It has also a user-friendly interface to search for cheap flights according to your needs. Their ‘Explore’ function is a blessing for free spirits. You just set your budget and let Kayak do its magic. You will be surprised to see which places in the whole world you can travel with your budget.

kayak explore features


It is another amazing site both well designed and functional. It presents your options with a bar graph that shows fare across time as well as three options for sorting your result: the Cheapest, the Quickest and the Best overall. It also has the ‘Trip Finder’ function which allows you to put in what exactly you are looking for and your budget.

Google Flight:

It is really fast than any other search engine, but it won’t show the cheapest flights all the time. It has a ‘Discover Destination’ feature which allows you to choose interest and budget and find where you can go with your budget.

Airfare Watchdog:

This US-based website is different from the rest because it has actual people living humans, searching for cheap flights, not just algorithms. Just sign up to their email notification, so that when one of these real humans actually finds a cheap flight they will send you a notification giving you a chance to grab the discount before anyone else does. It is perfect for budget travelers who want to plan their entire trip within a low budget.

air fare watchdog to get best flight deal in email

Make My Trip:

For Asia specific commuters it is one of the most trusted flight booking sites, especially in India. It provides an excellent industry network and amazing sales throughout the year.

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Another Asia specific website which allows its user to find the best budget flight as per their need.

These comparison sites won’t show you the local airlines which are less popular routes and in remote places. In such cases, google your local destination and book your ticket from their official websites which might be cheaper than comparison websites.

4. Search in Incognito while Finding Cheap Flights:

Have you ever wondered that each time you search for a flight fare, the price increases repeatedly? It is because of the cookies in your browser that store the data you provided. To avoid this scenario always use Incognito mode before you begin your search for flights. So that your previous data won’t be saved and the price won’t be increased.

Incognito window to search cheap flight

5. Book Flight Tickets on Weekdays:

Flight fares tend to be cheaper when you are looking for your journey on a weekday. While looking for how to book cheap flight tickets try to book your ticket for the journey on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday because statistics say that flight fare tends to cheapest if you book flight tickets on weekdays at 2-4 pm. Never book your flight on a weekend or public holiday as most of the people usually take flight on those times.

6. Fare Sales:

Airlines companies give fare sales for a limited time to attract more customers. You need to subscribe to the airline company’s email list to get an early update. Another way to get these kinds of deals is Flightdeal.com where you can find all the flight booking discounts from different airline companies.

7. Use Different City or Currency:

One of my friends from France asked me how to book cheap flight tickets while booking from a different country. Here is the solution to find a cheap flight. When you book a flight ticket, the system basically assumes a certain country that you are issuing the ticket in. So If you go to the international website of the airlines, for example, instead of buying a Malaysia airline ticket from the U.S. website if you buy the ticket from Malaysia website that ticket will be sold in Malaysia with Malaysia ringgit. Often when the tickets are sold in a different country with the different currency you might get a better flight deal for the exchange rate.

While you are applying this flight booking tips, make sure you are using the incognito window in your system where location settings is off and you must have a credit card which is free for foreign transaction fees.

8. Connecting Flights:

If time is not a constraint then prefer Connecting flights(1 stop or 2 stop) rather than direct flights. Airlines companies know that people prefer Direct flight and hence in some cases, it is expensive than connecting flight. Airwander.com is the best flight booking website to search for this kind of crazy flight booking deals. This search engine will offer you cheaper routes with multiple airline options.

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airwander stopover forecast to save budget
Airwander Stopover Forecast

9. Last Minute Flight Deals:

There is a myth that if you book a flight ticket at the last minute the price will be cheaper. Though many airlines open up a lot of their award seats(the unsold seats) before one to three days of the journey. At that time you will get a really amazing flight deal but if you are sure about your destination and time then don’t wait for the last minute sale because in maximum time the flight tickets are likely to get more expensive at the last moment. I will suggest looking at Lastminute for such crazy flight deals. This site also offers last minute cheap hotel deals to book.

best site for last minute cheap deals for flight and hotel booking

10. Error Fares Flights:

It is like a lottery when airline companies sell their tickets at the wrong price because someone typed it wrong in their system. Flyertalk is a website where you find these kinds of benefits but it is really hard to find.

However the use of flat discounts, cashback, credit card offers can make a huge difference, so don’t forget to use them if any site offers. Please keep in mind, before going to book any flight from any website remember to double-check between multiple websites and keep your eyes open for any hidden fees, baggage charges etc.

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How to find cheap flights

I tried my best to give guidance on how to book cheap flight tickets. I hope these flight hacks will help you and if you find any other cheap flight booking tips, please share with us in the comment box below.

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  1. Danielle G says:

    This will certainly help me when planning my next trip. Thanks!

  2. Kimberlie says:

    I just found out about Google Flight and Airfare Watchdog and had no clue about the others, so I’m thankful I happened across your post.

    1. You are welcome. Recently I booked round trip ticket to Bangkok and I found it cheap while booking through Skyscanner.

  3. This is really exciting as I haven’t heard of some of these like Airfare Watchdog. It’s looking like I may have to book a flight to Paris just a week or two before and I will definitely be signing myself up for these.

  4. Viaje ni Bree says:

    Great tips! I always use Skyscanner. I think it’s the platform where you can see the cheapest flights.

  5. Your tips are great. I check flight tickets in Skyscanner and some times in Google but I know I’d we regularly check prices tend to increase due to cookies.

    1. That’s why I have said that always use incognito mode while doing a new search

  6. Great tips! I already used most of these, but always good to learn a few new tricks. One of the things I usually do is create my own connections by buying two separate tickets and creating a long layover: two trips for the price of one 😉

    1. That’s amazing Sophie. Next time I will surely apply this trick.

  7. These are some great ideas. I had never heard of booking on Wednesday in the afternoon, but it makes sense. Google Flights is my go-to, but I probably should expand my toolkit; these other sites clearly have some additional functionality. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yukti Agrawal says:

    Very useful tips on booking cheap flight tickets. I too agree that weekdays are cheaper instead of weekends. And during holiday and peak season we cannot expect cheaper rates too. Checking flight in Incognito mode is the thing I do first when i book for my air tickets.

    1. Yukti you can try Google Flights first then compare the price with Skyscanner. It will help to get the best deal.

  9. I often check the international exhibition calendar of my destination. Thanks for the tips.

  10. limat navles says:

    I would like to visit south east asia for bike ride, can any one assist me in getting visa?

    1. Hi Limat, countries like Thailand, Malaysia offer visa on arrival.

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        Thanks for some wonderful tips Trijit.

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