16 Easy to Use Tips to Travel on a Budget In 2023: How to Travel Cheap

Everyone loves to travel and check out new places to refresh their minds from hectic everyday life. But have you ever wondered how to travel on a budget or how to travel cheap around the world? Well, we bring you numerous unique ideas for giving you the chance to explore fantastic places to visit once in a lifetime.

If you are searching for advice on how to save money while traveling, you have landed at the right place. We at Budget Travel Buff inspire people to explore their dream destination worldwide on a budget.

How To Travel Cheap and Save Money

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Traveling is an adventure that will fill your heart with new experiences and give you the thrill of living in the moment. However, if it becomes budget-friendly, more people can have the accessibility to travel more.

There are many places to explore in the world. You can carefully plan out a trip and find the most affordable ones ideal for you.

The best way to travel on a budget is to keep some valuable tips in mind that can guide you throughout your journey and make your trip a memorable one. So, let’s go through the points to plan a budget-friendly trip for your next vacation.

1. Plan and Pick a Destination

If you are planning to travel on a budget here is our guide for you to travel cheap to the most gorgeous destinations in the world. Planning a trip is challenging for everyone who wants a pocket-friendly traveling experience. Choosing the perfect timing or season for your vacation is also necessary.

For example, if you want a trip to Italy or Greece, the right travel time is during spring and autumn. However, touring these places between mid-September-October is less crowded and cost-effective.

Visitors also have to be flexible in selecting destinations for vacation, as the fares vary from place to place. The Eastern part of Italy is less expensive for travelers than other parts.

Hence, planning your trip to a budget-friendly place is worth your time. Check out the currency exchange rates of every country and plan your trip carefully. Make a thorough research of all the places before including them in your itinerary.

2. Skip Expensive Destinations: Travel on a Budget

If you are traveling for the first time, you have to decide wisely about your destination. American passport holders have the privilege to gravel many countries without any visa. If you are from India, check out these visa-free countries where you can get a visa on arrival.

One of the tips to travel cheaply includes skipping the destination, which is priced heavily and not too pocket friendly for tourists. If you intend to maintain the flexibility for traveling on a properly planned budget, you must choose a less expensive yet more attractive place.

You can also enjoy locations with higher visa prices for some time and enjoy another locale that looks much more attractive than the others.

3. Travel to Countries Where Your Currency Value is High

You may have the best guide on how to travel the world cheap, but it is necessary to keep in mind that the currency of each country varies. Hence, planning a trip with a low budget becomes somewhat tricky.

As a tourist, you must make a thorough analysis of the currency values of different countries, which can help you cut off the extra expenses and enjoy more on your holiday. Traveling is fun when you get more discounts on your fares, and you can travel to any country of your choice.

Hence, pick a destination where your currency fares go higher at the travel time, and choose wisely. For example, most Americans and Europeans prefer traveling to Southeast Asian countries due to the higher exchange rates of the dollar or euro in these places. It is a great tip to travel on a budget.

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However, since the economic exchange rates experience fluctuations most of the time, so start searching for locations suitable for you. There are many helpful travel apps too, which you can gain access to find the right destination as per your budget.

Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand

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4. Follow the Best Travel Companies on Social Media

Are you eager to know tips on how to travel to Europe for cheap? Or are you interested in some other destinations around the world? No worries. You only have to search for the best travel companies to guide you on your entire journey.

Suppose you are up for a bungee jumping adventure in Arizona or a sky diving experience in New Zealand. In that case, you must follow the travel organizations that have tremendous opportunities to give tourists the adventure of a lifetime.

Travel companies usually offer discounts on your first bookings for any destination. Interested tourists can check out their websites regularly to keep track of sales, giveaways, or any promotions, which can be helpful for you to get the best deal according to your requirements.

5. Start Exploring and Begin Your Journey with Google

Traveling to new places gives your heart a calm aura that relaxes your mind and releases excess stress. However, planning a less expensive trip has become a hassle nowadays due to the higher inflation rates.

But you can still get access to different locations worldwide with ease by following the travel sites on Google or social media networks. Earlier, people used to refer to guidebooks for trying out something new, but that procedure is long and hectic.

Make Google your best friend while planning your trip, and get hold of thousands of travel blogs that shower you with vast knowledge on how to save money on a vacation. These blogs have an incredible storehouse of advice for traveling around the world for free.

6. Get a Travel Agent and Travel Insurance

Travel agents are always available to supervise you on your journey. They can be more useful than ever as you can get their travel planning and booking services without any extra charges.

Travel agents can directly connect with insider deals, which is nearly impossible for an average customer. So, you get to save your valuable penny on flights and settlements. In addition, travel agents can be your savior if you wonder how to get cheap hotel deals globally.

Once you are settled to go on a trip, always try to buy good travel insurance. If you are questioning yourself whether it is worth it or not? Or it might cost you extra fees? Then, it’s a big NO!

Nobody wants to catch an unknown sickness while traveling abroad and pay a huge sum to get back to their native places. Especially, if you are planning for a family travel on a budget, then health insurance is a must have thing. Hence to stay on the safer side, buy travel insurance which will only be helpful to you at the need of the hour.

7. Plan Your Trips Using Google Maps

If you want to know how to travel for cheap and save some money on your journey, plan your trips with the Google Maps tool. You can search any places of your interest and find out all the necessary information connected to them. For example, you can research destinations having the best restaurants, museums, hikes, cafes, etc.

After plugging in the details, you can easily plan out the trips for each day by grouping nearby and easily accessible sightseeing. Moreover, it lowers the chances of getting confused about specific locations while backpacking in another destination. Thus, using Google Maps is vital for every tourist looking for fantastic sites with a magical experience.

How To Travel Cheap

8. Make a Priority List

Make a priority list before you pack your things and jump on to catch your flight to any country worldwide. Creating a list of essential items for you during the trip will be more advantageous to enjoy your time abroad.

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Once you plan and pick a destination of your choice, it’s time to specify your vital requirements before departure. For instance, if you are a foodie and want to try out new dishes in a different region, you must make a bucket-list of the delicacies you want to taste there. It will help you catch up and make your trip even more special.

9. Set a Proper Budget and Track Your Expenses

Are you an avid travel enthusiast browsing some incredible destinations across the globe and wondering how to vacation on a budget? Then, stop thinking and start preparing yourself for the trip. Once you pick a destination of your choice, set a budget and a tracker to calculate your daily expenses. Europe budget travel is not that hard if you follow these budget travel tips.

Monitor your budget with the latest tracking and wallet apps. Take a realistic outlook on the areas you have to spend every day during your stay in some other place. Keep track of the small expenditures such as food, tours, and shopping, which will help you enjoy your trip by making smarter choices. TrabeePocket and Trail Wallet are the most useful travel apps to keep track of all of your expenses while traveling.

10. Book Cheap Flights

Once you have found your dream destination and planned on the itinerary, it’s time to gear up and fly to cherish the best moments of your life. However, check out the airfares before hopping in, and spend wisely. So, are you thinking of how to get cheap flights? Then, traveling in the off-season is an option for you.

There are several budget-friendly places in the United States where you can travel during the off-seasons without breaking your bank. When you travel in the offseason, you can avoid unnecessary crowds and hassle. In addition, flying to more distant airports can benefit you by cutting off some expenses.

You can consider multiple options for traveling while going to the airport. Some airports are situated far away from the main city but offer cheap deals on flights. So, stop wondering, and start booking an affordable flight today.

11. Look for Affordable Accommodations

Tourists looking for low-budget holidays must try to find accommodations as per their budget. However, there are plenty of hotel or motel deals available on the travel apps which can provide you best accommodations for huge discounts. Apart from these, I always follow some travel hacks to book cheap accommodation.

Going to Airbnb stands as an option for any hotel or lodge alternative. It lets you book a room or an entire house for yourself while vacationing. They also offer long-term settlements if you plan to stay in any country for a longer time.

Couch surfing site is also available for tourists who have the free will to dwell in another person’s spare room or sleep on a couch during their entire stay. However, the option is not for everyone. So, you have to decide which accommodation fits right for you.

12. Pay with Cash, Credit Cards, or Travel Rewards

It’s always important to carry some local cash in your pocket as an integral part of your budget vacation ideas. This may become the need of the hour sometimes. However, since the money exchange rates are higher in some countries, it becomes difficult to manage when you only use an ATM (mainly airport ATMs) to exchange currency at a new destination.

If you use credit cards, then look at whether it charges extra fees for exchanging currency or not. For instance, many credit cards charge up to 3% per transaction, which can cause many inconveniences every time you withdraw money in some other country.

If you are a frequent traveler, then carry a travel rewards credit card which can help in lowering your travel costs to a greater extent.

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13. Travel With Your Friends or a Partner

Even if you are an experienced solo traveler, it will cost you more when you travel entirely on your expenses. Our guide on how to travel the world cheap suggests you travel with some friends or a partner to cut your costs.

Since traveling solo is not always a wise option for paying for accommodation alone in another destination. They say friends can make every moment of your life cheerful.

Hence, sharing expenses with your friends or partner in homestays or lodgings can help curb extra charges. In addition, it will significantly reduce the costs of traveling and staying.

travel on a budget

14. Use Priority Passes to Get Free Food at the Airport

A priority pass is essential for someone who often travels on business trips. They can utilize the priority pass membership to cut extra expenditure on food or drinking items. This is one of the best ways to eat cheap while traveling.

Once you sign up for travel reward cards, the agencies will provide you with a priority pass membership, giving you many advantages while you travel abroad.

15. Use Public Transportation or Walk

After reaching your destination, look for public transportation to travel around the place. Using public transport is a great way to save some bucks. It is cheap, convenient to use, and highly recommended for budget travelers.

If you want to explore the place on foot, you can take short walks across the streets to learn more about the locals and save some money.

However, you have to gather extra time for exploring some places by walking. Therefore, a lightweight anti-theft travel backpack is highly recommended for backpackers. Don’t make any decisions that will be more expensive than you expect.

16. Capture Pictures and Make Memories

You already have smartphones to capture the sweetest memories of your trip through the lens. You can also carry your camera to click awesome photos of the mind-blowing locations you explored with a low-budget plan. Make sweet memories that will put a smile on your face.

Final Words

Traveling is fun, adventurous, and enthralling. If you are a savvy traveler looking for how to travel cheap around the world, you are at the perfect place for finding the best ideas to help you travel at a reasonable rate. The tips mentioned above can be beneficial for people who are planning a pocket-friendly trip soon. Every little tip will always be a savior at times.

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FAQs – How to Travel on a Budget

1. Is it possible to travel for free?

A: Yes, there are many ways to travel worldwide for cheap, and you don’t have to become rich for that purpose. You can cut down extra expenses on things that are not a necessity while traveling. Also, many agencies offer great deals to travel for free or on low-budget plans.

2. Is it cheaper to fly, drive or train?

A: If you are a travel freak and want to know how to travel cheap to every corner of the world without any barriers, find ways to curb your costs in transportation. Trains are usually cheaper than flying or driving as you can travel conveniently while carrying more luggage without paying extra fees.

3. How to save money on transportation?

A: If you are traveling to any new place, look for travel agencies(you can also search online) that offer cheaper flight or train deals. You can also use buses, metros, or other public transportation to travel within a country itself. Make sure to plan a proper budget before moving to a different location. Manage and track your daily expenses via the Trail Wallet app.

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    2. Declining conversion when a foreign ATM asks – this is optional high fees that ATM try to charge you unnecessarily3. To get fee-free cards from home – Of course the likes of Revolut, Wise etc. – they have limits on how much you can withdraw free of cost abroad per month so I get a bunch of them and use all their limits so as to not be charged fees. Also they have weekend usage charges so to try and use them at ATMs on weekdays only.
    4. To avoid withdrawing cash from credit cards as the cash advance fee is very high
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