Top 11 Hot Springs on the East Coast: Soak Your Stress Away

Looking for amazing hot springs on the East Coast of the USA? The USA is a hotspot for explorers and travelers. There are so many affordable places in the USA, you’ll fall in love with!

From natural hot springs, and remote hot springs, to comfortable resorts and water surging up from underground, the USA has ample spots to bath, naturally.

Hot Springs on the East Coast

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Take a break from the daily schedule to explore the states of New York, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

The USA looks so amazing during the fall season, Thermal hot springs on the East Coast are renowned for their healing properties and benefits. I’ve tasted it by myself, it feels refreshing.

Explore hiking trails, and relish in the warmth of cozy cabins, all without breaking the bank this winter in the USA.

This blog is a collection of multiple hot springs on the East Coast giving you ample opportunities to experience the East of the USA. 

The Best Hot Springs on the East Coast

1. Dikhashkho Sulfur Geyser (Vani Sulfur Pool), Georgia

Location: In the village of Dikhashkho, Vani municipality, Georgia. It’s south of Kutaisi

The Dikhashkho Sulfure Geyser, located in the village of Dikhashkho, is a natural and open sulfur spring that feeds two small pools, both of which maintain a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The good news is, most of the Georgians are not morning people, so, if you come here around 8 am to dip in the nice natural pool, you’ll feel no less than in heaven.

This hot spring on the East Coast is said to be here for over 100 years making it one of the popular spots among locals and foreign travelers. 

The pool has basic facilities. It is believed that it can heal visitors suffering from musculoskeletal systems, cardiovascular, fungal diseases, and peripheral nervous systems.

However, Dikhashkho Sulfure Geyser does not have a toilet or any fancy spa offerings. But, its atmosphere is refreshing, also Georgia is one of the attractive east coast hot springs getaways. 

Do not worry, you can change, they’ve got a wooden cubical by the pool. Even, you do not have to pay any fees to enter and it is open 24 hours a day. 

Dikhashkho Sulfur Geyser
Dikhashkho Sulfur Geyser, Picture – wander-lush

2. Nokalakevi Hot Sulfur Spring, Georgia

Location: 958W+33J, Jikha, Georgia

Near the Muzeum Reserve of Nokalakevi sits a gorgeous “au natural” hot spring that took away my breath when I first saw it. From a distance, it looked like Dedamoka (Pregnant Mother).

The mineral-sulfured hot water trickles down the hill creating a picturesque travertine, river bed, and an amazing waterfall that looks no less than a white color “sculpture”. 

According to the legend, this place holds a story behind its looks. It is believed that years ago a pregnant lady humped into the water to save herself from the enemy’s army.

Unfortunately, she could not save herself and transformed into stone. I do not know how true it is but that place is very peaceful and soothing. 

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The water is 37 degree Celsius and you can stand under the waterfall or soak in the shallow pool. But, this basin feels very hot to soak in.

During my visit, I saw many locals bringing a bucket with them and mixing the cool water from the river with steaming water and enjoying the bath! 

This east coast hot spring is a must-visit spot on your vacation list. However, they do not have toilets but the place makes you feel happy and rejuvenated.

Tip: From the fascinating hot tub bathing experience visit Nokalakevi Fortress down the road.

Nokalakevi Hot Sulfur Spring, Georgia, Hot Springs on the East Coast
Nokalakevi Hot Sulfur Spring

3. Berkeley Springs, Berkeley, West Virginia

Location: West Virginia 25411, USA

Berkeley Spring is the historic thermal hot springs in Virginia, USA that attracts tourists from all over the world. Berkeley Spring is the first to offer America’s spa service.

Grown-ups to children come to this fascinating, and relaxing, mineral spa that has been in use since colonial times. Guests used to drink this water to relieve stress.

Berkeley Springs Park has its name for its warm spring waters. The mineral water is believed to have both restorative powers and medical properties.  

I was here in the Spring season and was amazed by seeing the park radiating colorful blooms throughout. It looked so beautiful!

The water is a year-round 74.3 degrees. My friend, Soniya, suggested me to visit the Roman Bath House, which I fortunately did. 

It is like a ceramic private walk-in tub featuring 750 gallons of mineral water. The water is 102 degrees Fahrenheit making it the best gateway for winter. 

Tip: For spa, mineral baths, showers, and massage services go to the Old Roman and Main Bathhouse

Berkeley Springs
Berkeley Springs

4. Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, Florida

Location: 12200 San Servando Ave, North Port, FL 34287, United States

If you’re looking for a natural hot spring on the East Coast that won’t burn or itch your body and soul (with temperatures maxing out around 87 degrees Fahrenheit), Warm Mineral Springs is the best option.

It sits between Port Charlotte and Venice, Florida. The spot is peaceful with no options for canoeing, extreme water sports, or glass-bottom boating.

The spring contains minerals like magnesium, sulfur, gases, and salts. I was lucky to soak in these healing mineral hot springs on the East Coast for relaxing.

To reach the tranquil scene of melodic birds, bright sun rays, mossy trees, and a large pond, one must journey down a long, shadowy tunnel.

Juan Ponce de Leon, an explorer leveled this as “Fountain of Youth” because of its healing properties. 

While Warm Mineral Springs is undoubtedly one of the best springs in Florida, some visitors have reported that on certain days, the scent of minerals in the air can be quite overpowering.

Warm Mineral Springs, Hot Springs on the East Coast
Warm Mineral Springs

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5. Hot Springs, North Carolina

Location: 315 Bridge St, Hot Springs, NC 28743, USA

At Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Hot Spring, North Carolina you can only hear the sound of bubbling water, feel the tranquility in the air, and sound of birds and nature.

Overlooking the French Broad River, Appalachian Mountains, and stunning views, Hot Spring in North Carolina makes you feel like a home away from home.

It’s a small brimming village in the Outer Banks that is famous not only for the geothermal waters but an array of outdoorsman’s fun to have! 

You can choose your own adventure, at the confluence of French Broad River and Spring Creek. The spot holds a special place in my heart.

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Since the 1880s, this is considered a peaceful hot spring for romantic getaways on East Coast, USA. You’ll discover endless things to do here.

The setting is so natural. It is an artesian spring that comes from half a mile underground. The water temperature is around 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is outdoor jetted hot tubes built on wooden decks. I can tell you that once you sip in the water you can feel your anxiety melting away in a second.

Tip: This outdoor spa experience needs to be reserved ahead of time

Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Hot Spring, North Carolina
Hot Springs Resort and Spa, Picture – tophotsprings

6. The Springs Integrative Medicine Centre & Spa, New York

Location: 2 Coulter RdClifton Springs, NY 14432

The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa is a luxurious hot springs resort that also serves as a medical therapy center.

Located in New York’s Finger Lakes region, the center combines Western medicine with Eastern traditions such as massage to create a more holistic and therapeutic experience.

The center draws inspiration from the Clifton Springs Hospitals and Clinics of the 1850s, where patients were treated with mineral water.

You can enjoy multiple baths, ranging from $25 – $40. There is an array of options like – the Himalayan mineral bath, the Frankincense reflection bath, the moor peat bath, the lavender relaxation bath and so more. 

I took the sinus relief bath. The water is rich in calcium and magnesium which are able to reduce my muscle cramps and pain. 

Note: This hot springs in New York City do not sit in the Saratoga region. It is open Monday through Friday by appointment only.

7. Sand Springs Pool, Massachusetts

Location: 158 Sand Springs Rd, Williamstown, MA 01267, USA

As the summer heat hits Massachusetts, Sand Springs Pool attracts crowds for its fascinating spring water since the mid-1800s.

It is the family-friendly hot springs on East Coast located in Williamstown, in the pretty Berkshires. The water temperature is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every minute, four-hundred gallons of water is replenished from the underground aquifer, sitting 2800 feet below the surface. 

This oldest natural hot spring in North America was once claimed by the Pittsburgh Sun newspaper that water can cure many diseases. 

The best part of San Springs pool is that it allows running swimming lessons for the kids and “aquacise” for adults. They’ve got a separate toddler pool and lounge chairs too to relax.

In the past, the pool held an event called “swim-a-long” night – featuring Jaws, swimmers can swim and enjoy a movie on a giant projector screen.

In winter, it hosts ice skating events. This place is very beautiful and the perfect spot for family-friendly recreation.

Sand Springs Pool
Sand Springs Pool

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8. Omni Bedford Spring Resort

Location: 2138 Business, 220, Bedford, PA 15522, USA

I don’t need to convince you that Pennsylvania is a beautiful place. It boasts the best stalactite-filled caverns and caves, as well as beautiful natural springs.

Omni Bedrock Spring Resort is a luxurious hot spring in Pennsylvania that makes you believe that the architect had magic in his thoughts and hands.

The indoor pool has a unique feature – when you look at the water, the white ceiling reflects on it, creating an illusion that you’re in an icy heaven.

Back in 1806, people cater Bedford’s water to heal the muscle. They followed a ritual combining artificially heated water with cool natural mineral water to relax the muscle.

I want to recommend an itinerary. After healing your muscle go on a hike to see eight mineral springs and the Iron Spring. 

It is said that Iron Spring is a natural spring that water can treat people suffering from anemia. You can also visit Ronald Reagan.

Omni Bedford Spring Resort
Omni Bedford Spring Resort

9. Healing Springs, South Carolina

Location: Springs Court, Blackville, SC 29817

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Healing Springs, also called God’s Acre, sits behind the Healing Springs Baptist Church in Blackville. I want to make it clear that this is not a swimming spring.

The spring is not deep, even if you think to wade, that’s not possible. You can take a sip of the water because it comes from nearby artesian wells.

A lab test confirms that the water has nitrate, sodium, calcium, barium, cadmium, silicon, zinc, and phosphorous. Trust me, you can drink this water!

While I was visiting, I observed people filling their jugs and bottles with water, which they believe possesses healing properties, to use for cooking and drinking.

The spring gained fame during the Revolutionary War in 1781 when six wounded soldiers drank the water for six consecutive months and became fully healed.

God’s Acre’s healing spring is located in South Carolina, nestled amidst the forest. For those seeking a hot spring with scenic views of the East Coast, this spot is worth a visit.

 Healing Springs
Healing Springs

10. Jefferson Pools, Virginia

Location: 11 Bath St, Warm Springs, VA 24484, USA

Jefferson Pool in the Warm Spring Pool has many buried history and is also one of the National Register of Historic Places. 

Famous personalities like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Martin Van Buren, Franklin D. John Tyler, and Eleanor Roosevelt have soaked in this water due to its healing properties.

The pool, initially built in 1773 with an octagon shape, has a covered structure now. It holds around 43,000 gallons of flowing spring water.

However, in 2017, for safety purposes, Jefferson Pool got closed and it is not accessible anymore. 

Though the good news is that Omni Homestead Resort purchased the property and hopes we get the good news of renovation soon!

Jefferson Pools, Virginia
Jefferson Pools

11. Lifsey Spring, Georgia

Location: Lifsey Springs Rd, Molena, GA 30258

Lifsey Spring is a beautiful hot spring in the United States nestled 4 miles south of Zebulon where the water temperature is 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The spring’s origin is fascinating, as it flows from the loose soil and is collected in an unmanaged pool. It is an open public swimming pool mostly used by farmers to cool off in the pool.

As per The United States Geological Survey (USGS) IN 1935, result, the spring discharged 83 gallons of water per minute. 

Visit Molena, a stunning Whiskey Bonding Barn, but be careful if you choose to take a dip in the unattended spring.


If you’re the one who wants to explore hot springs on the Eastern coast of the United States, this list will be very helpful and the ultimate guide for you. The national parks are really peaceful.

Sometimes relaxing from the routine chaotic city life is important to make yourself feel good and happy. In the end, materialistic things cannot make you happy!

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FAQ: Hot Springs on the East Coast

1. Is there hot springs on the east coast?

A. Yes, there are hot springs on the east coast of the USA. I am sure you’ll love Dikhashkho Sulfure Geyser in Georgia, The Springs Integrative Medicine Centre & Spa in New York, the Sand Spring pool in Massachusetts, and Warm Mineral Springs in Florida. 

2. Which states have natural hot springs?

A. Florida has great natural hot springs. Weeki Wachee Springs, Silver Springs, Fanning Springs, and Wekiwas Springs are so gorgeous. 

3. Is there any natural hot springs on the east coast?

A. Yes, Warm Mineral Spring in Florida is the natural hot spring on the East Coast of the USA. 

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