11 Best Budget GoPro For Kids – Action Camera Reviews (2023)

Adventurous kids need a camera that can keep up with their wild escapades. And that’s where GoPro comes in! These action cameras are perfect for capturing every jump, dive, and spin. But it can be difficult to decide which model is best for your little explorer when there are so many options.

In this post, we’ll examine the best GoPro cameras for kids and compare their capabilities, robustness, and usability. We have all you need, whether your youngster is a budding filmmaker or just likes to record their adventures. Let’s search for the top GoPro for your young explorer now!

Best GoPro For Kids

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If you are in a hurry, you can choose GoPro HERO 8 Black Retail Bundle. Most customers have raved the product as easy to use and perfect in quality. Also, the pictures and videos it shoots are perfect!

Buying Guide For The Best GoPro for Kids

  • Select a camera that is easy to carry and lightweight.
  • Opt for a camera that offers simple and intuitive controls for kids to use.
  • Choose a camera with a wide-angle lens to capture the surroundings.
  • Look for a camera that offers built-in stabilization to keep the footage steady.
  • Look out for the right accessories. Different GoPro models offer different kinds of accessories like tripods, floating cases, and handles. Understand your kid’s requirements and choose the right model.
  • Always check the product for ‘waterproof’ features. Usually, all GoPro for kids has waterproof features. But it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure that it is the right budget for you. Yes, GoPros are expensive items. But nothing can match its unbeatable performance. So when you look for a GoPro, look at the cost first. Many GoPros are cheaper than others. Choose the one that best suits you.

1. GoPro HERO 7 White Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen

With a smart capture superpower and the oh-so-smooth footage, Go Pro HERO 7 is our favorite. Available in white body color with camera qualities that only give you the best experiences, this item is one of the best GoPro for kids.

Sometimes, adults get confused about what to gift and what not to. With dozens of GoPro models in the market, we have taken the liability to choose the best action camera for your kid. This is a priceless buy and is available for under $280. I owned this action camera, and my user experience with it was so good that I decided to gift a GoPro to my nephew. He was thrilled to receive his favorite gadget and couldn’t wait to start using it.

GoPro HERO 7


  • This item has a stunning Video Capture Resolution of 1080p and Bluetooth connectivity technology. When your kid screams for the most popular camera with high-end features, GoPro HERO 7 is the best gift for them.
  • Your kid will be the next superstar with its voice control features. They can easily make their videos in 14 different languages. Cool, isn’t it? When you are wondering which GoPro is the best for beginners, this one will be a happy purchase.
  • It is no surprise that kids love adventure. With the advent of social media, kids want some action in their life. GoPro HERO 7 will be able to handle all kinds of activity, with its waterproof, rugged feature. This model is your kid’s best friend!


  • Live streaming is not available in this model.
  • Time Wrap has not been installed in this system.

2. GoPro HERO8 Black Retail Bundle

This model is a sweet steal, indeed. As a parent, sometimes gifting your child gifts, can be a daunting experience. They might or might not like your choices. When in doubt, always trust the expert. GoPro HERO8 is the best action camera for 10 year old kids. 

The GoPro HERO8 Black is a great option for kids because it is durable, easy to use, and features HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization for steady footage. When it was released in the market, most customers gave it raving reviews and it continues to sell in all markets at a high rate. GoPro Hero 8 comes with a GoPro camera, shorty, head strap, 32GB SD card, and 2 rechargeable batteries. The product is available for $350, but once you get it, it would never let you down.

GoPro HERO8 Black Retail Bundle
GoPro HERO8 Black


  • The GoPro HERO8 Black has three extents of stabilization. Your kid can choose any between on, high, and boost modes. When it comes to photography, videography and fitness tracking, this model will let him choose the best angles and smooth footage.
  • Yes, the Time Wrap feature is available! It will enable taking time lapsing videos, easy and fun. No, you do not need to worry about outdoor performance. This item will automatically adjust itself with speed, motion, and lighting.
  • With the live burst feature in this video camera for kids, one can easily take nonstop shots without missing any of the precious moments.

3. DJI Osmo Action – 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera 

The ideal way that kids use a camera is by being unbothered by the equipment. They are souls who are unworried and want to live life to the maximum. So why spoil their fun? As parents, you can gift your free birds the DJI Osmo Action, one of the most popular video cameras for kids.

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It has received raving reviews for its quickness and efficiency by pressing just a button. When the camera offers you a great frame, user-friendly display, and smooth performance, why not grab it! If you are looking for GoPro alternative for your kids, gift your child this amazing action camera to take on the whole world!

best GoPro for kids | DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam
DJI Osmo Action – 4K Action Cam


  • This camera comes with a stunning feature of dual-camera systems. Yes, you heard it right! The front camera offers you the performance of a lifetime. Your kids can shoot themselves anytime and anywhere without any help. The back camera has a crystal-clear, hyper-responsive display which will give you versatile usages.
  • It is one of the most popular choices as the best action camera for 10 year old. This item is equipped with a 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor, 12MP, 145° wide-angle lens that gifts you the ability to shoot 4K HDR videos seamlessly.
  • Slow Motion fans? This is the right item for you. This is easily the best kids vlogging camera for those who love the effect of slow motion. Social media fans who love the clarity and smooth-performing camera for shooting slow-motion videos can buy this masterpiece. It provides 8x slow motion with 1080p resolution and 240fps.

4. AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K 30FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera

The name says it all. As parents, you have to take off the fact that your child loves the action camera you gift them. With AKASO Brave 7, there should no two thoughts in your mind. This is easily one of the best kids action cameras which comes at an average price of $135. Yet, it is one of the best in the camera market for kids. This item can be controlled by remote, one of those points which will instantly grab your kid’s attention.

best gopro alternative for kids | AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K 30FPS WiFi Action Camera
AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K 30FPS WiFi Action Camera


  • It is one of the best GoPro alternatives for kids when it comes to outdoor. AKASO is the best fit for those kids who love shooting outdoors. Since there is no guarantee of the weather, AKASO makes all your shoots safe. It is 100% weather-resistant. Come hail, rain, or snow, the fun must never stop!
  • The dual camera design makes it all easy for your kids. It has a superior quality front and back camera which will offer the most dynamic shooting experience with 100% comfort.
  • This is the best choice for those who are looking for kids’ vlogging cameras with stable and fluent recording experience. AKASO is equipped with 6-axis EIS to provide improved quality stabilization, the best for kids.
AKASO Brave 7LE Action Camera Review...As Good As A GoPro?

5. GoPro HERO9 Black – E-Commerce Packaging – Waterproof Action Camera

It is not wrong to say that GoPro makes the best action camera for kids. This could be the best birthday gift for kids and let us assure you they are going to LOVE it. This item is built for adventurous activities like a good hike, long-distance travel, etc. and well we can say it will record the most dynamic videos ever! It has special features like wireless connectivity and image stabilization that help the kids have a lot of fun with their new cameras.

Yes, it is available in the market for under $400 but nothing beats the extravagant performance that it gives. There are zero issues of glitches or breakdowns. So with a good charge, you can use it 24/7.

GoPro HERO9 Black
GoPro HERO9 Black


  • It gives you a 5K resolution while shooting outdoors and indoors. When you zoom in, the picture quality remains perfect. There are great details in the picture clicked or the video that is shot. You can see the camera clicking pictures that are lifelike image sharp, fluid-in motion, and many such amazing details. Truthfully, it is the best GoPro for kids.
  • Your kid will be able to capture pro-quality photos at 20 MP clarity. Don’t worry about the crispness and image processing. It is very easy to nail a great picture with HERO9 Black.
  • This GoPro head camera has a front display and rear touch screen that is simple to use. If you are gifting it to a 12/13-year-old, it is the best option in the market. They easily pick up the handling of this camera and also learn camera control.
  • Worries about battery life? Not with HERO9 Black. It has a 30% longer battery than other GoPros. The large 1720 mAh battery makes your kid take great shots and videos throughout the day!

6. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, Yellow

Isn’t it said that yellow is a ‘happy color’? Well if you have a young daughter at home, who is interested in shooting and taking pictures, VTech has something special for her. The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is the best action camera for a 10-year-old girl. It is easy to handle and one can handle the camera without any adult supervision.

This product is great for the outdoors too. With its waterproof body and amazing time-lapse feature, shooting outdoors would not be a hassle. My brother uses this low budget action camera while visiting Hawaii. I was really amazed seeing the video quality that it captured.

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
VTech Kidizoom Action Cam


  • It is the best kids vlogging camera that has a versatile and durable body. It does not have temporary break issues and serves a long life. If your kid wants to capture memories of a lifetime, this is the item to go for.
  • This is an underwater camera too! Yes, you read it right. It has a waterproof case that allows your kid to take photos and videos 6 feet underwater. Well, isn’t it the perfect beach day outing tool?
  • This GoPro alternative has a great 1.4-inch color video camera with an LCD screen that can produce stop-motion videos, time-lapse photos and so much more. It is the ultimate deal for a kid’s camera.
  • Well, who does not love a little funk in their camera? Vtech camera has pre-downloaded filters, effects, and other quirky features that will make the photo/video cooler. Your kids can easily handle the editing part and trust us, they are going to love it!
  • This camera has a rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery that can shoot or take photos for a long time. So your kid can enjoy the experience without being worried about ‘when’s the camera going off’! It is the best accessory to take on any travel. With the 32 GB micro memory card the camera can record 240 minutes of shooting!

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7. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera

Looking for an affordable action camera for kids? Choose AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera. Customers have raved this product because of its affordability and also the dynamic performance that it offers. If you are taking your kids outdoors and are searching for a camera that will click amazing pictures and also will be easy to handle, AKASO Brave is the product for you.

It is the perfect GoPro alternative for kids. The best part about this product is that it is super affordable. This is a perfect gift for any kid. Trust me, they will thank you!

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera
AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera


  • Talking about the high-definition pictures that it clicks, it has 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, and 1080P/60FPS video resolution. Isn’t it amazing? Your kid can click HD photos and videos with this amazing camera.
  • AKASO Brave is the most amazing sports camera for kids. If you are taking your kid’s hiking, skating, or to other remote locations for a quick getaway, this camera will help them get a WiFi signal anywhere. Download free apps on this camera and with the steady signal, you can edit and share photos and videos in the most remote locations.
  • Not even rain can make an impact on this powerful waterproof action camera. Just make sure your kids use the waterproof case that is present in the packaging of this camera. When you take your kids swimming or surfing, they can easily record their adventures. This camera lets you take dynamic shots even 30 meters underwater
  • Your kids will love the free valuable accessories that are present in the packaging of this product. It comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, remote control wristband, and 19 accessories kits.

8. GoPro HERO7 Black + 2 Extra Batteries + Lanyard Sleeve- E-Commerce Packaging 

This item is honestly one of the best products that GoPro has released for kids as well as for teenagers. Easy to handle, with high-quality image stabilization and fast capturing features, GoPro Hero 7 Black works the best for any kid. It can be a birthday present, a ‘good luck’ gift, or just a present for good behavior, no matter what the occasion is, the kid is bound to love it.

Customers have raved this product as the best GoPro for kids and teens and there is no way you should miss this product when you consider buying a GoPro. It is available in shades of black and blue. Of course, it is a high-priced product available under $400 but it’s a stellar buy. You won’t regret investing in this!

GoPro HERO7 Black Bundle
GoPro HERO7 Black Bundle


  • The new shape that this GoPro is available is extremely comfortable for kids. It is pocket-sized so that fingers can be easily wrapped around it. It has been seen that kids find it difficult to hold action cameras. This GoPro takes this concern seriously and has developed this great new design.
  • It can take perfect high-quality dynamic shots outdoors without any damage or breakage. I understand how much stress you take as an adult supervising a kid’s accessory outdoors. With this GoPro, you don’t need to worry much. The camera and your kid are both safe.
  • Who can say that kids can handle their accessories? If you are a parent then your worst fear is that of your kid breaking their gifts and accessories. This camera is the ideal solution for you. It has an in-built smart gyroscope that prevents shaking. Your kid will be able to hold the camera firmly and take the perfect shot. No more worries about breaking or damaging anymore!
  • This kids action camera has a great easy to use touch screen with streamlined capture modes. It won’t take time for the kid to understand how these GoPro accessories work and how to handle it. GoPro has kept your kid’s comfort in mind while framing the design of this item.
  • If you are looking for those GoPro for your kids that take beautiful Full HD video and photos, this is the best option. There is no way that the image quality will be any less than a ‘good photographer’s camera’! In short, your kid can capture all the memorable moments of his/her life and share them with the world!

Cons: Some customers have complained about the battery life of this product.

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9. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision

If you are looking for an affordable action camera for kids, Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera is the ideal deal. Especially if you are planning to gift it to a neighbors’ kid, or a friend’s kid and you are on a tight budget, go for this one.

It is available for under $80. Sweet deal isn’t it? And do not worry about the quality of the pictures and the videos that it can shoot. Backed with high-definition pictures and great image stabilization, it is the best action camera for young adults too!

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera
Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera


  • Talking about the image resolution, this camera has 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS video, and 16MP photo resolution. With this quality, it is the best GoPro alternative for kids.
  • If you are gifting it to a young adult, the wrist remote control action of this camera will appeal to them greatly. Since it is the best sports camera for kids, it records action even when the kids are involved in outdoor sports activities.
  • It has WiFi with a 2” screen that helps your kids reach network in remote places too. So sharing their travel experiences with this camera won’t be a hassle!
  • How can one forget that rain and snow attack when one is least prepared. Well, this kid-friendly action camera is well prepared for weather trouble. You can simply lock the item in the waterproof case and no damage will occur.

10. Ourlife Kids Camera, Selfie Waterproof Action Cameras

When it comes to producing the best GoPro alternatives for kids, Ourlife Kids Camera is undoubtedly a good choice to go for. It is available for under $40 making it one of the most affordable action cameras for kids. You can get this one if you are on a strict budget. Your kid will definitely love it. Plus the outer body is designed to suit the preferences of small kids.

Ourlife Kids Camera
Ourlife Kids Camera


  • It has FHD 1080p/30fps videos and 8MP photo quality. Your kid will be able to capture the most dynamic photos with the 2.4 inches colored large screen on this camera.
  • Is your little one fond of clicking quirky selfies. This GoPro alternative has an in-built self-timer that detects faces and clicks the selfie naturally. So the next time, you go outdoors with your kids, all that is required to do is SMILE! The camera will take care of storing your picture-perfect memories!
  • Talking about the beauty of this camera, it can record at a steady pace for over 2 hours. It has an 8 GB memory card that stores all photos and videos that are shot. None of your moments will get erased. The lights that are complimentary with this camera enable your kids to shoot at night too!
  • If you are on an adventure, this is the best action camera for kids to consider. You can take your little ones anywhere in the world-skiing, diving, surfing, long drives, hiking, etc. This camera will take care of the fact that it captures everything with high resolution. Even underwater activities will be easier to capture with the 100 feet underwater click features available.
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Cons: Some customers have called this product out for its low battery life.

11. REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD and 12MP Waterproof Sports Action Camera 

The USP of this product is it’s outdoor performance. If you are looking for a camera that will provide great outdoor performances, Remali Capture Cam is the best action camera for kids. Available under $ 100, this is your best choice when it comes to gifting any kid. Any tech-fanatic kid will love this amazing product.

What is the best part? You can take it anywhere and it will provide high-quality pictures and videos. Not to mention the outstanding storage capacity that makes sure no moment is lost!

REMALI Capture Cam
REMALI Capture Cam


  • This camera gives you 12 MP quality pictures and 4K UHD videos at a fraction price of a GoPro. If you are on a tight budget, this is the deal to look for. It comes with an automatic timer too. Your kid can easily take precious pictures without getting nervous about the timing. The timer will take care of it!
  • As a GoPro alternative for kids, it provides a great WiFi signal anywhere in the world. If there’s any network nearby, this camera is sure to catch it! You can also control this action camera through mobile apps. Instantly all your travel adventures can be shared on social media for your friends and family to enjoy.
  • Are you thinking of taking your kid on an underwater adventure? Take this action camera too! It will click all your cool underwater selfies and videos without causing any damage to the product. Just imagine going snorkeling with your little one and capturing the exotic sea life HD photos and videos!
  • The whole package comes with a lot of other accessories like 3 batteries, a battery charger, a shockproof carrying case, a waterproof case, etc. It also has a 32 GB Sd card to store all the memories.

Now you will face no confusion while buying GoPro action cameras for your kids or any kid. Honestly speaking, this will make a thoughtful and unique gift idea for any modern kid or teenager. So pick up any product from my list and watch how the kids love you a little extra!

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Frequently Asked Questions – Best GoPro for Kids

1. Is there any negative effect of using GoPro for kids?

A: Not really. Unless of course, your kiddo is photo-allergic! GoPro makes trendy and easy-to-use cameras for kids. They pick it up in no time and use the product greatly without any adult supervision. So, you can get your kid any of the GoPros available in the market.

2. Which GoPro is easiest to use?

A: GoPro HERO7 Black is the easiest model to use. Kids have loved this product due to its great battery life, adventure-friendly nature, and waterproof features. Mostly the manual that comes with the package contains all relevant information about this product. If your kid reads the manual carefully, he/she will use this item like a pro!

3. Are all GoPro cameras waterproof?

A: Mostly all of them are waterproof. Please check the product details before buying so that no confusion occurs.

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