Bluetti’s New Expandable Power Stations: Take Power Anywhere

As the temperature continues to rise, spring has arrived. With the sun shining so well, I know we’re all ready to pick up our previous plans to get out and explore this beautiful world!

Simple, lightly equipped trips have a remarkable effect on healing the mind and body. But the wonders of technology mean you can also bring a laptop, hair dryer, or even a coffee maker to enjoy modern life in nature if you wish. And that’s thanks to solar-powered generators!

bluetti ac60 and b80

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In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Bluetti’s upcoming AC60 solar power generation unit, which will be launched in mid-May.

Is a solar generator a must for a trip?

The simple answer is that it is not a necessity for travel. We can still explore the world without a generator, just as we have done before. But in today’s highly technological and modern world, perhaps we have reason to believe that a generator is essential to the modern travel or camping experience.

Of course, a big determining factor in this question is the duration and nature of a trip you are planning. If you’re just traveling in the city, then I think a compact power bank for your phone will be fine for emergencies.

But if you’re planning a multi-day or multi-week camping or RV trip, you may need more power to charge the electronic devices carried with you. In this case, a portable generator is the ultimate camping essential. They can run appliances such as fans, refrigerators, hair dryers and even widescreen TVs. Which will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of technology in the outdoors. Ready to attend a music festival this spring or summer? Power generators can really stretch your comfort levels!

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What is Bluetti?

BLUETTI, with more than a decade of experience in the industry, has endeavored to uphold its commitment to a sustainable future by offering environmentally-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Their products aim to provide an exceptional eco-friendly experience to all, while also benefiting the planet. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe.

BLUETTI has identified a gap in its market during its many years of experience in the industry: although there are many power stations, the smaller ones have smaller capacities, while the larger ones are big and heavy. What about a power station that combines flexibility and scalability to meet the different needs of different scenarios? That is the upcoming AC60, the most advanced power station to date, which surpasses all expectations for traditional mini power stations!

Take an overview of BLUETTI AC60

The BLUETTI AC60 is equipped with a 600W inverter and a 403Wh LFP battery. As a solar generator, it also has the capability to increase its capacity with the addition of a B80 capacity booster. With a compact size (11.4 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches) and lightweight (18.9 lbs), it is portable enough to carry outdoors.

The BLUETTI AC60 includes seven separate outlets, including two AC outputs, a wireless charging pad, one USB-C port, one cigarette lighter port, and two USB-A ports. This solar generator is adaptable and effective at charging a variety of gadgets. It also incorporates a 600W pure sine wave inverter and a Power Lifting Mode that enables it to temporarily power devices up to 1200W in power.


What can you expect from AC60?

The most notable feature of the AC60 is its IP65 rating, which renders it both dust-proof and water-resistant. Additionally, the solar generator’s internal construction has been improved greatly and is now well-built. The device’s safety and functionality are guaranteed by the isolation of the circuits from the fan vents and the waterproof rubber sealing of all of the outlets. That’s why the AC60 resists water splashes and dust from any angle, a perfect power source for outdoor activities such as overlanding, beach camping and more.

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Fast Silent Charging and Smart Power-Saving make AC60 a dream product for the outdoors.

The AC60 supports four different charging methods, including adaptor, car, solar, and generator charging. The solar generator also features a 600W AC Turbocharging capability, which enables it to recharge from 0 to 80% in just 40 minutes. The unit operates quietly at 45 dB, or below 40dB under Silent Charging Mode, enjoy the leisure time without being disturbed.

The AC60 is equipped with an advanced ECO mode, which allows it to automatically power off when no loads are connected, thereby conserving energy. Additionally, it has an ultra-low stand-by loss when not in use, which maximizes power saving for occasional needs.

Furthermore, the solar generator is designed to be both high-tech and user-friendly. It has an intuitive color LCD screen that displays information such as battery percentage, charge/discharge time remaining, output/input power, and other helpful data. Additionally, the BLUETTI App enables real-time monitoring and control from any location, providing ongoing management of the device.

In terms of safety, an advanced battery management system ensures maximum efficiency and prevents over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit and other safety problems. BLUETTI also provides a 6-year warranty for worry-free use.

The B80 Expansion Battery

As an addition to the AC60 battery, BLUETTI has introduced the B80 extended battery. This 806Wh battery is the ideal complement to the AC60 because it has an IP65 rating and the same trustworthy LFP cells with a cycle life of over 3,000 cycles.  Two B80s, 806Wh each, can expand the capacity of AC60 to a maximum of 2,015Wh.

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The B80 also functions as a standalone DC power source with three DC ports: USB-A, USB-C and a car outlet. It can also serve as a power bank for other BLUETTI solar generators like EB3A, EB70S, EB55, EB150 and EB240.

bluetti solar generator_Bluetti’s New Expandable Power Stations

Why AC60 & B80 are trustworthy?

Indeed, when you most desperately need to work or enjoy your time outdoors, some solar generators can easily break down and ruin your good mood while your wallet is $1000 lighter. When you choose a product, safety and warranty service will be a must.

The good news is that the Bluetti AC60 & B80 feature an advanced battery management system to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. And, BLUETTI offers a 6-year warranty on its products, giving customers peace of mind.

Ultimately, BLUETTI’s new AC60 & B80 power stations are a great option for outdoor use. With their portability, outdoor adaptability, flexible and expandable capacity, multiple charging options and fast charging time, these power stations provide a reliable source of power for a wide range of equipment, making them an essential tool for any professional.

The AC60 and B80 will be available on BLUETTI’s official website and in its Amazon stores in the mid of May, with the debut price remaining undisclosed, although relevant staffs leak that it will be budget-friendly. Additionally, BLUETTI is proud to offer a 6-year warranty on these products, ensuring your long-term satisfaction with the purchase, and making it worth your hard-earned money!

Check the official link for more information here.

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