26 Best Things To Do In South Bay, Los Angeles in 2023

South Bay is one of the best sea beaches in Los Angeles. This wide seabeach was not very popular but in recent times it’s gaining huge popularity for its pristine sea beaches, surfing, and fun activities. You may wonder what are the most popular attractions and activities to do in South Bay that’s why we’ve catered a list of “best things to do in South Bay”.

South Bay is situated in the county of Los Angeles. This area is surrounded by soft sand beaches. Today, we are going to check out the top things to do in South Bay in this article. So next time you plan to go to South Bay, you don’t have to google or ask people what to do in the South Bay. Don’t forget to check out the best tattoo studios in Los Angeles, California, because getting inked in Los Angeles is a must!

best things to do in South Bay, LA

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We have sorted out the best things to do in South Bay according to their popularity with locals and tourists as well. We hope these things will give you the best joy when you’re at South Bay. If you’ve got time, I recommend coming to Los Angeles Zoo, one of the great zoos in CA.

Before we jump into the main section of the best things to do in South Bay let’s know some interesting fun facts about South Bay.

  • Renowned music bands The Beach Boys, Pennywise, 98 Mute, and Redd Kross originated from South Bay.
  • Surfers like Hoppy Swarts, Jim Bailey, Greg Noll, Dewey Weber, and Leroy Grannis come from South Bay.
  • 1990’s drama film Beverly Hills 90210 was filmed in South Bay.

Best Things to do in South Bay

1. Surfing:

Among the best things and activities in South Bay, Surfing is the only activity that harbors thousands of people to this place. It is said if you talk about or sing about surfing then automatically South Bay comes to mind.

Even celebrities also recommend this place through their arts and crafts. There is a mention of South Bay in the song of Beach Boy.

If you’re new to surfing then in South Bay, you will get a lot of surfing training institutes where you can learn this technique. This has become very popular in South Bay and, is one of the main South Bay attractions among other activities.

2. Paddleboarding:

If you’re looking for an activity in which you can include your kids then exploring Marina Beach is one of the best things to do in South Bay with family.

This doesn’t have high waves. Often remains cool and calm, where your family members can have fun without any hindrance.

Sometimes when you do paddleboarding it’s really hard to balance in high waves but in this part of the county, the ocean remains calm and doesn’t throw high waves at you. If you’re looking for a place where you can have fun with your kids then South Bay is the best choice for you.

3. Walking and Biking:

The Strand is popularly known as Marvin Braude. This is one of the long seabeach roads that go to Santa Monica of South Bay.

If you like cycling then this 22 km long road would be the best for your cycling. Or you can do a morning walk or even biking. The picturesque view alongside the road will give you extra energy.

Cycling or biking with your loved one is one of the most romantic things to do in South Bay. Or if you prefer a slow morning walk then this is perfect for you.

Here you will get rental bikes and cycle at a reasonable price so don’t need to worry about that.

View of Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach from San Pedro
View of Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach from San Pedro – PC: Flickr

4. Swimming:

South Bay has most of the incredible sea beaches where you can spend your whole day just by swimming in the sea. If you’re planning to go to a beach this weekend then South Bay has many sea beaches to offer you.

Most of the people come to South Bay on their weekends. This has become the best place to visit on the weekend for locals and as well as travelers.

Among all the beaches in South Bay, Manhattan is the best beach we can recommend to you without even thinking. Here you can learn swimming and surfing in the easiest way.

5. Manhattan Beach Pier:

Manhattan Beach Pier is one of the best sightseeing in South Bay that you must visit. This pier is a symbol of the history of South Bay.

This Pier was built back in 1925. This charming tiny pier is part of the Manhattan Beach Historical District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you’re seeking a leisurely storm with a picturesque view then Manhattan Beach is the best place to visit on the weekends.

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Weekends are often filled with families and kids. If you are planning to visit this spot and looking for some fun activities to do with kids then visit Roundhouse Aquarium at the end of Manhattan Beach Pier. This is an ideal place to know about local people and their lifestyle.

Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach Pier

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6. Shop at The Point:

Planning to buy some souvenirs for your friends or family members? Then go shopping at “The Point” shopping mall.

Located at the center of South Bay, The Point is a shopping mall where you can buy a lot of things from clothes to showpieces, Or you can have some good snacks from Point shopping center.

People love The Point because they can hang around for hours in this beautifully decorated Shopping mall. Your kids can play a lot of indoor games in this shopping mall. One of the best things to do with the family in South Bay is hanging around at The Point.

7. Downtown Manhattan Beach:

Weekends are next to the doors and you’re confused to decide your destination. Then we must suggest you put Downtown Manhattan Beach on your bucket list.

Along with Manhattan Beach’s downtown streets, there are a plethora of excellent restaurants, bars, fashion stores, and other specialty stores. Sure, the area is small, but it has many shopping malls and dining opportunities available!

Are you a foodie or looking for the best sea cuisines in South Bay then check out Some of our favorite restaurants there. These are Manhattan Beach Post, Simmzy’s, and Lemonade.

Explore Best Things To Do In South Bay, Los Angeles_Downtown Manhattan Beach
Downtown Manhattan Beach

8. Hermosa Beach:

It is a hidden gem in Southern California. Playing volleyball in Hermosa Beach comes in the top 10 things to do in South Bay. Still love to play volleyball or have a plan to spend time on the weekend with family then Downtown Hermosa Beach is a must-visit place in South Bay.

Manhattan Beach and Redondo beaches are famous for family outings but Hermosa Beach has something unique to offer you. We all have that unreleased energy that we like to bring out when we are with friends. That’s the reason we are suggesting you visit Hermosa Beach for extra energy.

Want some extra energy in midday, and looking for an energetic drink then there are two best spots you should go to are “The Brews Hall” and “Palmilla Cocina Y Tequila

9. Redondo Beach Pier:

We all love beach Piers because it helps us to connect with the sea and from the pier. You can see sea animals up close.

What could be more desirable than having seafood with a seafront view? Redondo Beach Pier offers its tourists the best sea cuisines at a fair price.

The best thing you can have is hot Churros from the very popular restaurant Pier Bakery Churros.

Another must-do thing that we can suggest to you is Jue’s Poke. One of the best raw fish Poke is available in this area.

10. Best Fish Tacos:

The last time we visited South Bay we ate a lot of fish tacos from Ensenada’s Surf N Turf Grill. And not for a single time, in those couple of days, we went to this place over and over. And eventually, we accepted that Surf N Turf Grill serves the best fish tacos in South Bay.

This has become one of the best spots to visit in South Bay for all the foodies outside there. If you don’t like tacos at all then we would recommend their burrito.

We would recommend you visit this place on Wednesday as Surf N Turf Grill runs incredible offers on Wednesday.

Battered Fish Tacos at Ensenada's Surf N Turf Grill
Battered Fish Tacos at Ensenada’s Surf N Turf Grill

11. Comedy Show at Magic Club:

One of our favorite things to do at night in South Bay is to go to a comedy show at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach.

The best thing about this club is this is so cozy and some great artists are there to entertain you the most. This place makes South Bay the best at night for travelers.

Visit this comedy club on holidays. On these occasional days, they do have different shows that are engaging and entertaining too. The “10 for 10” show on Saturday night is the most entertaining show where 10 artists perform for 10 minutes. Sometimes they invite the audience to stand up in front of others.

12. Whale Watching:

If you’re planning to visit South Bay in winter you will get to see a lot of migrant whales on South Bay beaches.

The ideal time to visit whales in South Bay is between November to December. During this time hundreds of whales migrate towards the warm water from the cool water. 

There are several groups of agencies that conduct whale-watching trips at a minimal cost. Whale watching is a must to keep on your South Bay bucket list. A lot of cities in South Bay that are close to coastal areas offer whale-watching trips.

Whale watching is a unique activity to do in South Bay Los Angeles. Alongside, whale watching you can enjoy extremely beautiful views of rugged Palos, Verdes Peninsula cliffs, and many more.

13. The Palos Verdes Peninsula:

Pacific Coastal Drive in Malibu is not only a scenic highway drive. Very few people know that The Palos Verdes Peninsula is also one of the great highway drives in South Bay. Most people don’t wanna drive this long distance to reach here in The Palos Verdes Peninsula but it’s a true gem in South Bay.

In Malibu, you’ll have scenic and quiet seashores where nobody disturbs you with high-volume horns. You can simply stop your cat at the roadside and enjoy the quiet weather and picturesque place.

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There is no specific time to visit. At any time throughout the year, you can visit this beautiful South Bay tourist spot when you want to feel the serenity in solitude.

Palos Verdes Peninsula
Palos Verdes Peninsula

14. Biking trails at The Palos Verdes Donut Loop:

If you’re looking for free things to do in South Bay, go cycling at Palos Verdes Donut Loop. You will love this biking trail loop if you are an avid cyclist. It doesn’t have huge traffic like other places in South Bay.

This loop is 24 miles long and will take you along the rocky shores of southwestern LA County. Because of its scenic beauty, this place is desirable and popular with locals. But this is also one of the busiest places because of its high popularity.

To reach this place all you just need is to ride your bike towards Palos Verdes Drive North.

15. Point Vicente Lighthouse:

Soak yourself in the magnificent site view of Point Vincente Lighthouse. This is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Califonia and a historical register at the National Registry of Historic Sites.

Built in 1979 this lighthouse boasts the most magnificent viewpoints in South Bay. If you are confused with the question of what to do in South Bay then we would suggest going to this Lighthouse to witness beautiful views and enjoy charming weather that features azure sky and soft breeze.

It is said that this place is haunted but there are no valid proofs of this folklore. So if you’re not superstitious this place is ideal for you. It might turn into a fun activity to find the truth of these haunted folklores.

Point Vicente Lighthouse
Point Vicente Lighthouse

16. Catch A Sunset at Terranea Resort:

Tired of hot summer and planning to have a glass of cocktail at a cool place then Terranea Resort is the best destination for you. This resort is situated on the Palos Verdes Peninsula sea beach.

The best thing about this resort is this sprawling 122-acre land situated in such a way at the bay of the pacific ocean so that you can enjoy the best scenic beauty.

Do you want a place where you can spend time with your loved one? Then Terranea Resort has the best lounge and relaxing bars where you can dance on a soft melody with your partner.

17. South Coast Botanical Garden:  

Located in Palos Verdes this lush green oasis is a house of 2800 different species of plants and trees. If you’re a nature lover and love to walk through greenery then this is heaven for you.

If you’re planning to travel around the South Bay then come to this place with your kids and family. They will definitely love this place. It is said that this is a fairytale place in South Bay because of its tranquility and serenity.

If your family members are looking for a place where they can have fun things near South Bay then this botanical garden is the right choice for you.

It is a popular botanical garden in California. Throughout the year people who are in charge of this botanical garden conduct many activities related to gardening. So if you want your children to learn things about gardening then South Coast Botanical Garden is must visit place for your kids.

South Coast Botanical garden
South Coast Botanical garden

18. Check out the Famous Korean Friendship Bell: 

You may wonder why there is a giant Korean Bell placed in San Pedro which is very close to South Bay. It was donated by South Korea in 1976 as a symbol of freedom and friendship.

You may get a glimpse of a little piece of South Korea when you visit this place. People ring this giant bell on special occasions. Such as Independence day, National Liberation day, and Korean-American day.

This is a calm place, people don’t make a lot of noise here. So you are safe from the heavy crowd.

19. Queen Marry:

Queen Marry is a ship that holds the pride and historical evidence of South Bay. This beautiful ship sailed between 1936 to 1967 from New York to South Hampton England.

This ship is no longer in use for sailing. Since 1967 it has been docked in Long Beach Port and using a floating restaurant. So if you’re thinking about what to do in summer in South Bay then visit this dockyard.

Authorities often conduct programs to showcase the interior of this beautiful ship. You would love this small trip in the daytime. They also have an evening trip schedule. As per your convenient time, you can choose the trip timing.

Queen Marry has a special event named Dark Harbor. This is an event where you will get to see ghost things and stories in 4D. This is one best funny things to do in South Bay for sure.

20. Eat Randy’s Donuts:

Eat a box of delicious Randy Donuts. We can assure you that you will get the best donuts in South Bay from this local shop. They are not only famous for their food but also famous for their good hospitality.

Randy Donuts is very famous in the whole South Bay region. Your kids will love this sweet bread with toppings on them.

Next time when you visit South Bay make sure to buy Randy Donuts for your kids. If you want to explore some other donut shops then we would recommend the ButterCrumb.

Randy's Donuts
Randy’s Donuts

21. The James R. Armstrong Theatre:

Another fun thing to do in South Bay is watching a show in The James R. Armstrong Theatre. This is another major attraction in South Bay. People from different parts of this county come to catch a show in Armstrong Theatre. This theatre hall is situated in the Torrance arts center.

This giant theatre conducts meetings, film screenings, seminars, and a lot of big occasions. Next time when you visit this place, you might catch some heavy-weight personalities in this theatre.

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This theatre is not a conventional theater at all. It has been decorated in a modern way. You will love this for sure.

22. Del Amo Shopping Center:

This is one of the biggest shopping centers in America. Local people love this shopping center for its retail services. On weekend you might struggle to get into a shop due to the heavy crowd. In recent days this shopping center is gaining popularity among locals.

Del Amo shopping center has more than 200 shops in it. From fun activities to luxurious dining, you will have a plethora of options to do in the Del Amo Shopping Center. So if you have kids with you then go to this shopping center. They do have a different section for kids, a popular kid-friendly place in the South Bay area.

23. The Torrance Art Museum:

The Torrance Art Museum is a great place to see contemporary art exhibitions. For people who love art and crafts, this is heaven for them. That’s why we have The Torrance Art Museum on our lists of “what to do in South Bay”.

This is an eclectic amalgamation of all forms of art so you won’t get bored. Here, the authority of the Torrance art museum organizes different cultural activities for its tourists to teach them local cultures and art forms.

Artworks like painting, photography, acrylic paint, graffiti, minimalistic artworks are there to take you through some divine experiences.

The Torrance Art Museum
The Torrance Art Museum

24. Porsche Experience Center:

Do you have a plan to ride a Porsche? Then in South Bay, you can experience a luxurious car driving experience at a minimal cost.

In 2015 Porsche started this venture to give its fans test drives. This initiative is the first of its kind. This is a theme-based car park for you. You can drive Porsche for 90 minutes at only $595 US dollars. This concept was first introduced by Porsche itself.

As per your choice you can choose different models. Sports car enthusiasts love this car-based park for its unique quality. You can do videos while riding your dream cars. 

25. Roadium Flea Market:

Are you looking for a market where you can get great goods at a reasonable price? Then Roadium Flea Market is best.

You will get N number of used and new merchandise at a very low rate. This market remains open from 7 am to 3 pm.

From Sneakers to jeans, local cuisines to dry fruits what not? Everything you can get from this market. Here you will get trending goods at a low price. So when you visit South Bay don’t miss Roadium Flea Market.

26. Watch A Shakespeare By The Sea Play:

Do you love live drama? Or want to be the witness of one? Then The Sea Play bands have good news for you.

One of the best things to do in South Bay is to watch a Shakespeare Play by the group of The Sea Play band. Every year this young artisans group performs a masterpiece of Shakespeare at Polliwog Park.

The best and most unique part is you can enjoy this play by just sitting under the open sky. They set the platform for the public. So you don’t need to worry about show tickets. Sometimes you may have the offer to perform with the artists.

Where to Eat in South Bay:

  • Jame Enoteca is one of the best restaurants that offer the best seafood.
  • Zam Zam Market is another gem for south Asian cuisines.

Where to Stay in South Bay:

Hotel Hermosa:

Hotel Hermosa is one of the best hotels in Hermosa Beach. It is the most beautiful and convenient hotel. From this hotel, you can enjoy beautiful ocean views. Wi-Fi facility is available in this hotel. This hotel has 81 different suites and rooms that offer luxurious living with a homely feeling. Hermosa allows guests to enjoy true Southern California living at a reasonable cost.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Hermosa Beach Hotel:

It is located southwest of Los Angeles in California. This hotel has different types of rooms – king, king study, double queen, and balcony rooms. Another thing that this hotel feature is a fitness center on-site. Each accommodation has an iron/ironing board, hairdryer, refrigerator, coffeemaker, TV with HBO, and a balcony in more than half of our rooms.

There are many places in South Bay that we’ve already covered. If you’re planning to go to South Bay and looking for a list of South Bay attractions and activities, this is the ultimate guide to travel in South Bay. Each place and activity will keep you busy while you’re traveling South Bay. If you’re planning to visit South Bay then no wonder you will be amused by its charm. So visit this place with your family to enjoy your weekends to their fullest.

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FAQs – Best Things to Do in South Bay

1. Is South Bay worth visiting?

A: Yes. This a great place that offers parks, theatres, museums piers and many more. It has something for all age groups.

2. Is South Bay safe?

A: 86% parts of south Bay is safe for tourists and 14% is not okay to go. But, maximum areas are protected by the cops. So, female travelers or solo backpackers don’t need to worry about safety.

3. What is considered South Bay LA?

A: The South Bay Cities region is expanded to the cities of Carson, El Segundo, Gardena, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lomita, Los Angeles (Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro and Wilmington), Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Estates and many more.

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