9 Best Sunflower Fields in California to Entertain Your Mind

Did you know you can capture the best sun-kissed photo of yourself during the golden hour around the beautiful, sunflower fields in California? Early morning or late evening, California sunflower fields welcome you with the best landscape and natural lighting. The towering blooms and glowing fields lighten and calm your mind with its easy-breezy summery vibe. 

Sunflower farms in California have so amazing and beautiful large fields, which thrive you to visit here and enjoy the prettiest sunflower season. The stunning sunflower season in California starts in early July and lasts till late August. So, if you want to enjoy, play, run and want to spend some quality time in the California sunflower fields then these fields are for you. 

best sunflower fields in california

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I did all my research work, scoured some of the locations, and suggest you visit one of these sunflower fields in California to enjoy the summery sunflower vibe with your loved ones.

Let’s have fun in California sunflower fields!

Best Time to Visit Sunflower Fields in California

To witness lively healthy, fully blooms, and 9 feet long sunflowers the perfect time to visit Sunflower Fields in California is the end of June and the beginning of July. If you visit too early you will see small bloom flowers. And if you visit too late you will see them dead.

Tips for Visiting the California Sunflower Fields

The most tempting and new hotness time in California: 

Before visiting any of the Sunflower Fields in California make sure you do your research because every year due to temperature and rain the blooming season of sunflowers varies. 

Perfection is a myth!

Some sunflower fields in California also bloom at the end of September and lasts till the end of October. So, always contact the owner of the field or visit their sites(if any) before visiting the Sunflower Fields. 

Find the love of your life in the California sunflower field:

Do you disrespect your lover? No, right? Similarly respect, and never trespass or destroy sunflower fields in California. Most of the sunflower fields in the Golden State are maintained by private owners; therefore, if you try to explore more and forget rules, you can be put into jail. So, remember that – respect, love, and care about your surroundings. 

Take permission and then explore the best sunflower fields in California! 

Explore the Incredible Sunflower Fields in California
Explore the Incredible Sunflower Fields in California

Plan and prepare before visiting sunflower fields in California: 

Can you imagine how beautiful it looks when the sunflowers are eagerly faced east for the first ray of sun during the early morning? The view is mesmerizing and fresh for all sunflower lovers.

The 9 feet bloom golden petal field can be really hot so always wear a flared summer dress or a loose full sleeve shirt with beautiful shorts. Wear your high boots to compliment your beautiful dress and protect your legs from specks of dirt and bugs. Don’t forget to compliment yourself by applying good quality sunscreen, sunglasses, and a big hat. Protect yourself and enjoy! 

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Wearing hiking boots is not necessary to explore these famous California sunflower fields. However, you can check out our guide to buy cheap hiking boots if you plan to buy any.

To capture the splendid and marvelous view of the sunflower field in California, carry your camera. 

Bees are sweeter around sunflowers:

If you want to protect yourself and don’t want to get fired by bees in the sunflower fields in California then be alert and follow the guidelines given by the owner of the field. 

Places to See the Best Sunflower Fields in California: 

Yolo County located in the northern portion of the United States of America states of California has the best fields of sunflowers in California. Incredible places like Davis, Dixon, Woodland, and Winters are some of the best sunflower fields in California. 

Have you ever hiked in Lake Tahoe in the United States of America? If yes, then you had a perfect opportunity to get a spectacular view of the best sunflower fields. These gorgeous and marvelous California sunflower fields are popular among people.  

Best Northern California Sunflower Fields

No matter what Sunflower fields in Northern California you’re visiting, I recommend you to enjoy them to the fullest. Get some of the perfect sunrise or sunset views with yellow flowers. 

Andreotti Family Farms

Did you miss the best timing for the Sunflower season in California? Worry not! You can visit the Andreotti family farms in September and October and get amazing views of the fields. Its 90 years old farm started in 1926. The family is very passionate about sunflowers and pumpkins. Even you can beat the scorching heat of the sun, as during this month California cools down.

Interestingly, you can bring beauty to your own house, because you can buy 5 sunflowers. On this farm, sunflowers grow to a height of eight-inch to nine-inch and when the bright sun rays reflect on the beautiful yellow petals, it makes a breathtaking view. 

The sunflowers are arranged in rows and there is plenty of space for you to enjoy the spectacular view. This place is family-friendly and also welcomes kids. You can plan photo shots, dining arrangements, and other fun activities but for that, you have to seek permission. 

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best sunflower fields in California | Andreotti Family Farms
Andreotti Family Farms

Address: 800 Cabrillo HWY North, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Peak Season: October
Tip: Book your tickets before and reservation is a must. $ 15 / person. An early morning visit is desirable.  
More Info: Andreotti Family Farms

Cloverleaf and Collins

The trip to Davis Sunflower Fields in California offers yearly U-pick ceremonies for apricots, figs, plums, and many more. It’s an 8-acre organic orchard and farm that specializes in peaches, nectarines, and others. If you are visiting this place, you can get a view of beautiful sunflower fields. This is private property and very popular among people because of its yellow boom. 

You will find some gorgeous sunflowers of different sizes and you can drown yourself in the field of flowers. This place for sure will bring peace, joy, happiness, comfort, ecstasy, and glory. This place is a little crowded and so you have a great chance to make new friends and have fun.

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Therefore, if you are in the Bay Area in San Francisco and Sacramento, the Davis sunflower is the best place to visit. Davis field is private property so be respectful and mindful in this area because he owns this amazing area. You can click photos and bring tons of memories back home.  

Address: 9055 Olmo Lane, Davis, CA
Peak Season: Mid-June to Mid-July
More Info: Cloverleaf and Collins

best northern California sunflower fields | Cloverleaf and Collins
Cloverleaf and Collins

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M3/ Muller Ranches

Are you searching for the best and public sunflower field in California? Then Muller Joe & Sons Ranch is the best public field for you. It is a 40 years old ranch that produces tomatoes, peppers, garlic, cucumber, grapes, walnuts, almonds, sunflowers, and a lot more. This place is perfect to spend some quality time with your loved ones as this is far away from the city and less crowded with people. But reservation is a must. 

This is a great spot to breathe in the beauty of yellow color and fresh soothing air. I suggest you visit during the golden hour and spend time watching the sunset. I bet you have never seen such breathtaking views. Take beautiful photos of the field and get lost in the beauty of the field. 

Address: 35472 Co Rd 18A and 15810 Co Rd 95, Woodland, CA 95695
Peak Season: Middle – End of June
Tip: Talk to the owner through their Instagram page before visiting M3/Muller Ranches. 

best sunflower farms in California | M3/ Muller Ranches
M3/ Muller Ranches

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Field of Sunflowers

There’s something mystical and outstanding about these sunny summer sunflower fields in California. They’re even more unbelievably beautiful and splendid as far as the human eye can spot on the field that cannot be reached. Lying across the Dixon Fruit Market at 7808 Batavia Rd, this private California sunflower field is famous for outdoor photo shooting. 

The field of Sunflower is private land therefore, you should be very careful about crops and flowers. So, my suggestion is, park your car by the side of the road, and sit there and spend time watching beautiful golden petals and sunset.

It is a place for blooming yellow beauty! 

Address: 8747 Currey Rd, Dixon, CA 95620
Peak Season: July
Tip: Don’t enter the sunflower field. 

Sunflower Field in Dixon
Sunflower Field in Dixon

Pedrick Produce

Pedrick Produce is private land for sunflower viewing and offers breathtaking views and soothing pictures. It is again advisable to not enter into the field and take pictures from the side of the road. If you want to explore the field, remember to contact the owner before. 

Address: 6850 Sievers Rd, Dixon, CA 95620
Peak Season: July- August

best California Sunflower Field | Pedrick Produce
Pedrick Produce

Still, wondering where to see the best sunflower fields are in California? Take your car and visit any of these places. I’m sure you will fall in love with these sunflower fields in Northern California. 

The Most Popular Sunflower Fields in Southern California:

Sunflowers are in bloom in southern California and if you are visiting these places, I’m sure your day will be as bright as the sun.

Swank Farms

Swank farms welcome people during the fall season. In the south of the Bay Area, in Swank Farm, California, the sunflower bloom festival fall event takes place from the last weekend of September till the first week of November.

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This place is one of the most popular destinations for sunflower lovers as they are allowed to bring their children too. The long-awaited summertime is the best epoch of the year to enjoy the awesomeness and sumptuous view of the bright yellow flowers in this California sunflower field. 

Address: 600 Acquistapace Rd, Hollister, CA 95023
Peak Season: Mid-June to Mid-July

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best California sunflower farms | Swank Farms
Swank Farms

The Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Station

Once you see the happiest flowers in the field of Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Station you are bound to get happy. It is no surprise that people visit here to get beautiful shots of both pumpkins and sunflowers. You can enjoy a free long walk along the cornfield and hayride. 

Located just 30 miles away from San Diego, there are varieties of sunflower species and you can buy sunflowers and pumpkins for Halloween. During the daytime, the sunflower head faces the sun as if they are all bathing in yellow light. Bring your partner and spend the whole day exploring this beautiful area of southern California sunflower field.  

Address: 13421 Highland Valley Rd Escondido, CA 92025
Peak Season: October, Time: October 1 – 16 from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM; October 17 – 31 from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tip: $2/sunflower if you want to buy.

The Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Station
The Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Station

Tanaka Farms

Do you want to enjoy time around the pumpkin canyon, relish a wagon ride or stop at barnyard animals? Tanaka Farm is the best sunflower field in Los Angeles. This place offers so many things to its visitors. Tanaka Sunflower Farm is famous for reasons.

One, during fall they host a U-pick event where you can pick pumpkins and flowers. Second, on off seasons they host U-pick events where you can collect watermelons and strawberries. You can also pick veggie wagon rides to include picking spinach, celery, and Japanese turnips. You must visit this beautiful sunflower farm in southern California once in your lifetime. 

Address: 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612
Peak Season: Mid-Sep to Early October
More Info: Tanaka Farms

best sunflower fields in Southern California | Tanaka Farms
Tanaka Farms

Currey Road Sunflower Fields

This is a private land therefore, be extra cautious while enjoying and exploring this land. No drones are allowed but you can click photos and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth. There is nothing gorgeous like sunflowers in Curry road’s sunflower field in California. Bring a bright yellow sunflower into your home and cherish the special time you spend.  

Address: 8747, Currey Rd, Dixon
Peak Season: Mid-June to Mid-July
Please Note: Being a popular sunflower field in southern California, it is often heavily crowded.

Currey Road Sunflower Fields
Currey Road Sunflower Fields

Apart from the above-mentioned sunflower fields in California, you can also visit Farm John’s Pumpkin Farm, Sacramento at Half Moon Bay. You need to follow all the rules and regulations of the sunflower fields in California. These places ensure that you will have a great and pleasant time and will always be memorable to you.

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