6 Best Spots for Bungee Jumping in California

As I was walking towards the edge of the plank like a helpless penguin knowing what I’m going to do, anticipation coursed through my veins like a wild river, fueling my adrenaline. It felt like the wind whispering the secrets to dare –THE JUMP.

Heart pounding, I grazed down into the abyss below, I could hear my instructor from the back telling me – “Looks up, Don’t Look down, look up, look up…” I entrusted my life to their service and the bungee cords. I closed my eyes…

Bungee Jumping in California

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And as I leaped, I felt the world around me going numb and it vanished into an ethereal void, the time stood still as I can feel the free fall. My sense was overwhelmed by the sheer velocity and the fall. 

And, yes, that’s my first bungee jumping in California from Bridge to Nowhere. 

After maybe 10 – 12 seconds the bungee cords stretched and contracted, catapulting me like a pendulum, I remembered the times in Physics lab when I was taught about pendulum, swinging, gravity, and momentum.

I won’t lie but it took me a few more seconds to come to my real senses and movements. I centered my focus, took a deep breath in and out, and gradually steadied my breath. I love the thrill of uncertainty bungee jumping brought to me that day.

So, yes, this blog is all about sharing information and tips on the best bungee jumping spots in California. I’ll talk about all of them so that you know what to expect and what to do. So, let’s jump down!

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Bungee jumping is a daring and exhilarating activity, and luckily California has got the legal permission to conduct this activity amidst of picturesque landscape. But, the organizer running the activity should navigate the stringent safety measures laid down by the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH).

To legally operate within the Golden State, bungee jumping organizers should follow every crafted regulation and protocol and obtain a license from DOSH. In terms of safety, DOSH demands perfection because one miscalculation can cost one life. 

Therefore, if you’re like me, a bungee jumping enthusiast, then you can pack your bags and come here and choose the best bungee jumping operator in California. Every scream of exhilaration mixed with joy should not cost a life! Prepare to take that leap of faith, and experience the fun!

Bungee Jump in California
Bungee Jump in California

Know More about California

California Bungee Jumping Spots for Adrenaline Junkies

If you’re searching for bungee jumping spots in San Diego, bungee jumping in San Francisco, or bungee jumping near Los Angeles – this blog informs you everything. So, let’s get ready for the jump!

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1. Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge, Sacramento

Bungee jumping in Sacramento is organized by Bungee Adventures, one of the most trustworthy bungee jumping organizers in America, they use the tagline – “Go Jump off a Bridge”. Every Saturday afternoon they organize the jump from anything.

In California, this extreme sports club is where “anything” can become a tree, a cliff, a tower, a bridge, hot air balloons, or even a helicopter. Yes, they’re crazy, and people come here solely to experience this thrill. 

Back in 2019, I had the opportunity to go bungee jumping with Bungee Adventures in Sacramento. The best part about the team is they organize bungee jumping in remote and mountainous regions making it one of the most thrilling experiences to taste.

Things to know before choosing Bungee Adventures in Sacramento

  • The pricing for bungee jumping varies depending on the structure and height you’ve chosen for yourself. For instance, if you’ve chosen a jump from a bridge measuring 100 ft. in height, the cost will be approximately $149, whereas a jump from a tree standing 200 ft. tall is priced at $249. My friend, Soniya, choose to jump from a rock that was 400 ft. in height which cost her $349
  • Bungee Adventures choose spots mostly like the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a variety of bridges in North California, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite National Park. I choose Sierra Nevada Mountain Bridge – a spot between Sierra Nevada Mountains Range and Lake Tahoe.
Bungee jumping at Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge
Bungee jumping at Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge

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2. Northern California Bridges, Alameda

Address: 1415 Webster Street, Unit 801, Alameda, California 94501

Welcome to Icarus Bungee, sitting in Alameda, California! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure and experience the most thrilling sensation of bungee jumping in California? 

Icarus Bungee offers you to grab the best experience of bungee jumping in Northern California from various bridge sitesJust imagine, stranding on the edge of a bride, surrounded by a gorgeous landscape, as you plan to jump off!

One of the greatest aspects of the team is their unwavering commitment to perform each expedition with the proper trained professionals’ supervision. They have been running since the 1990s. There is also another remarkable feature about Icarus!

Things to know before choosing Icarus Bungee in Alameda

  • Icarus organizes per month one thrilling bungee jump that also schedules at the break of dawn or evening for you to witness the most beautiful time of the day.
  • They have primary 15 bridge spots. They choose the spot depending on the day’s weather. My brother, Zen drove 5 hours from San Francisco to experience their 220 ft. drop, this is considered the highest bridge drop by Icarus bungee
  • The pricing for bungee jumping by Icarus is relatively expensive compared to others. It normally costs $139 per jump. The 220 ft. is more compared to the average.
Northern California Bridges, Alameda
Bungee Jumping at Northern California Bridges

3. Bridge to Nowhere, El Segundo

Address: Camp Bonita Rd, La Verne, CA 91750, United States

My first time bungee jumping in California happened at the Bridge to Nowhere with Bungee America, an 18 years old company. This spot is located outskirts of Los Angeles but within a 1000-mile radius of the city. The Bridge to Nowhere is a lonely bridge with a mysterious history.

Do you know in 1938, during the great flood, the East Fork Road was washed out, resulting in the Bridge to Nowhere being permanently stranded? The bridge runs over the San Gabriel River, but rather than linking it simply terminates at a mountain.

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It looks abandoned, Bungee America chose this 120 ft. height bridge top as their spot for bungee jumping. You’ve to hike 5 miles watching the sweeping views of Sheep Mountain Wilderness, gorging San Gabriel River, herds of big horned sheep, campers, gold diggers, and some peace. 

Things to know before choosing Bungee America in El Segundo

  • These bungee jumping locations in Southern California are chosen by Bungee America coordinated jumping experience every weekend, all year round. You’ve to jump off the deep gorge which is known as the Narrows
  • Bungee America is the only Government certified bungee jumping company in Los Angeles offering options like front dive, backward jump, single jump, multiple jumps, camping on the bridge for nightlife jumping, and so more
  • Bungee America also welcomes kids for a raw traditional bungee jumping experience. However, always check the criteria before bookings because some locations have age and weight restrictions
  • For discounts and offers, check out – Groupon

Price for bungee jumping near Los Angeles – Bridge to Nowhere

  • You’ve to pay $99 for a single jump. Additional jumping cost is $50
  • For Superman’s front dive and backward plunge, you’ve to pay $149 and $50 respectively
  • For overnight camping on the bridge and nighttime jumping pay – $275
  • For midweek jumps for multiple participants and multiple jumps pay $1000. You’ve to pay extra once the event is finished
Bungee America, Bridge to Nowhere
Bungee America

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4. Redwood Forest Trees, Humboldt

Address: Redwood Forest, CA, USA, Near Redwood Creek

For ultimate scenic bungee jumping locations in California, I would recommend the Tree bungee jumping experience. Bungee Adventure has got legal permission to lead bungee jump activities between the two giant trees in the Redwood Forest.

First, you’ve to climb up the majestic giant trees, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. At the top, you’ll see the beauty of nature. For me, it’s an incredible test of courage and focus that helps me to earn the feeling of accomplishment and being alive.

Once you’re up, you’ve to go for the mind-blowing tightrope walk between the two trees maintaining the balance, and at last, you will finally go for the jump from 150 ft. height. Truly, this bungee jump is far more adventurous compared to the bridge jump!

Note: You’ve to pay $249 per person, making it expensive. Moreover, they would make your bungee jump video with their GoPro. You can check out my blog on GoPro collections!

Bungee Adventure, Bungee jumping at  Redwood Forest Trees
Bungee jumping at Redwood Forest Trees

I have got a lot of blogs on this beautiful place, give it a read…

5. Parrotts Ferry Bridge, Bridge in Pioneer

Address: Pioneer Creek Road, Pioneer, CA 95666, USA

I’ve found an affordable bungee jumping option in California, Parrotts Ferry Bridge in Calaveras County. The jump is carried from a bridge that stands strong over the New Melones Lake Reservoir with a height of 180 ft. 

The best part is though it’s cheap it records the highest safety ranking spot and great reviews. However, Parrots Ferry Bridge is considered one of the extreme bungee jumping adventures in California as you’ve to jump off onto the river.

Its height can be a little intermediating for beginners. If you’re doing it for the first time, I recommend not doing it here. Bungee Experience organizes this trip in Central California between the pristine waters of the lake and green rolling hills.

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Things to know before choosing Parrotts Ferry Bridge bungee spot

  • Parrots Ferry Bridge sits near Black Chasm Cavern National Natural Landmark
  • Jump from the bridge in Pioneer is nearly $75
Parrotts Ferry Bridge, Bridge in Pioneer
Bungee jumping at Parrotts Ferry Bridge

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6. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Dive Devil Ride

Address: Six Flags Magic Mountain, 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia

If you’re ready to embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey that combines bungee jumping, skydiving, and hand-gliding, welcome to Dive Devil at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. The fall takes you from a 152-foot-high tower beckoning you to conquer your fears.

At 60 mph you can feel the free fall only hearing the loud rush of wind and your heartbeat. You’ll be hoisted up by a slim cable, dangling up there and within a second experiencing the free fall.


  • You’ve to pay $25 for solo flights and $15 per person for trios
  • It operates Sunday to Thursday from 10 am – 10 pm and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to midnight, through August 
Six Flags Magic Mountain - Dive Devil Ride
Dive Devil Ride

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Bungee Jumping Safety Precautions in California

  • Before selecting a bungee jumping operator in CA, ensure that it holds a DOSH license. Additionally, check for positive reviews and ensure that the equipment is in good condition
  • Always listen to your bungee jumping operator and trust what he says. Never try to be overly clever and put yourself in danger. Your instructor is an experienced professional who knows his job well
  • Before booking a bungee jumping activity, make sure to check the weather conditions, high winds, and rain can be the adversaries of such outdoor adventures 
  • You should be well aware of your body weight, height, and the terrain you’ve chosen for the jump. Being fully aware of what you’re doing is crucial before actually taking the leaps


There are numerous spots for bungee jumping in the world, and fortunately, California is considered one of the great and safe places for this thrilling activity. Many recognized companies operate legally and prioritize your safety above all else! I hope you’re coming here soon! Let me know in the comment.

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FAQ: Bungee Jumping in California

1. Which spot offers the best bungee jumping experience in Northern California?

A. Icarus Bungee offers the best bungee jumping experience in Northern California, featuring a 220 ft. drop that is one of the most fascinating in America. You should try their Northern California Bridge trip.

2. Are there different types of bungee jumping experiences available in California?

A. One of the most unique types of bungee jumping experiences in California can be found at Humboldt Redwood State Park. Here, instead of jumping from a bridge, you have the opportunity to jump from a tree. To partake in this adventure, you must physically climb up a giant redwood tree and then carefully balance along a tight rope that is secured between two other redwood trees. From a height of 150 feet, you can perform the bungee jump.

3. Can I bring my bungee cord for the jump?

A. The bungee cord is the most crucial piece of equipment; however, it is not permissible to bring your own from home. In my opinion, it is also not advisable as you should trust the adventure company you choose to do the jump with.

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