13 Top Nude Beaches in Hawaii: The Best For Any Age

This time I did not want to spend my beach vacation in Oneloa or Lanikai Beach in Hawaii. I wanted to taste the same experience I had on the nude beaches of Texas.

Kapa’a is one of the most affordable places to live in Hawaii. I was staying here for seven months with my friend. Being a digital nomad, I enjoy freedom so much!

nude beaches in Hawaii

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I was always in search of nude beaches in Hawaii. Little did I know that Hawaii has some awe-inspiring beaches. You can also read blogs on winter travel destinations to travel in the USA.

You’ll love it!

Nude Beaches in Hawaii

Are there nude beaches in Hawaii? Topless or nude, Hawaii considers it illegal. But you can enjoy some secluded and offbeat beaches here.

Hence, once you travel to the USA in a cheap way, you can cheaply explore Hawaii’s beaches, as I did. I always travel on a budget!

I am giving you a list of 13 nude beaches in Hawaii. 

Naturist Beach in Hawaii

1. Steam Vents Beach – Pahoa

Steam Vents Beach is a mile away from Kilauea Visitor Centre of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which sits just north of the caldera. Just imagine how beautiful it will be to look at the Lava Lake, its molten flows, and fountains.

Steam Vents Beach is a nude beach in Hawaii owned by a person. It offers you a beautiful view of Ohia forest and groundcovers far. The place features Wahinekapu or Steaming Buff which forms a “mysterious smoking” brink. It looks amazing!

From here you can stroll casually around the Sulphur Banks following the Crater Rim trail and witnessing the volcanic crates. There are many more cracks in the area, so please be very cautious. You can reach the beach area via Highway 130 via mile 15. 

Tip: Crack emits toxic gas namely hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, so be careful. 

Nude Beach on Big Island

The atmosphere on nude beaches on the Big Island is really different than on the mainland, people are more polite, humble, and considerate. I did not meet any nudist creeps!

Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine ranked Big Island as number one in the Indo-Pacific region as the best place to snorkel.

Let me take you around the nude beaches on Hawaii’s Big Island.

2. Kehena Beach

Kehena beach is a clothing-optional beach that sits on the southeast of the Big Island. To reach here you’ve to take highway 137 in Pune to reach mile marker 19. You’ll hear people playing drums, belly dancers showing their moves, and people having fun!

Upon arriving at Kehena, I was disappointed to find a lofty hill cliff down the water. I thought what beach is this? However, the place was more than what my initial eyes saw. I saw a 150 ft. wide stretch of black sand beach with 100ft deep water.

On Instagram I saw pictures of Kehena Beach with a lot of trees, however, neither of the trees is hammock material. But, nothing amazed me so I went to the Dolphin sighting spot. 

I sat there with my action camera in hand watching the waves crashing on the sand, and some kids playing in the water. I was clicking pictures! I loved this place.

Imagine, white water rushing through the black sand! Though Kehena Beach is not an official nude Hawaii Beach natives made it their own paradise

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  • I came on Sunday and saw a lot of people playing music and dancing. You can come on weekdays to enjoy peace
  • Bring a soft towel, in case local authorities visit, and cover yourself
  • The current is strong, so be careful in the water
Kehena Beach, Nude beach in Hawaii
Kehena Beach

3. Makalawena Beach

Makalawena Beach is one of the secluded beaches in Hawaii.

I have found you the most deserted, postcard-perfect nude beaches in Hawaii where sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and body boarding are ideal. Come to the south side of the beach as the place is the unofficial nude spot from prying eyes.

A veil of soft white sand and green-blue water spilled over the land – no wonder why I fell in love with the lure of Makalawena Beach. Tanning the whole body is bountiful – especially when I lay down on my soft beach towel with a mystery book in hand, all naked.

You will spot a few locals camping with friends or fishing, however, you’ll still feel like you’re in paradise. It is one of the Hawaii clothing-optional beaches. The place feels like another world – untouched fresh air, cool breeze, and waves.


  • Reaching Makalawena Beach requires extra effort. You have to drive on a poorly maintained road and park the car at the first parking area. Then hike to reach Mahai’ula Beach you will find an abandoned house. From here walk 20+ minutes more to reach the lava rock trail dumping into Makalawena Beach
  • Do not approach sea turtles. Maintain a distance of 20 ft on land or 50 yds in the sea
  • Wear good grip shoes to walk to reach the place. After that wear your beach slippers 
Makalawena Beach, Nude Beach on Big Island
Makalawena Beach

4. Beach 67

Beach 67 is a beautiful nude beach in southern Hawaii.

You’ll find many unofficial naturist beaches in Hawaii, but no one can match the vibe of Beach 67. Just next to Kona airport sits the coziest yellow sandy beach surrounded by black rocks, hidden behind gauzy lush trees.

Waialea Bay is home to two beaches – Beach 69 (the bigger one) and Beach 67 (a tiny cove). Both beaches are separated by private property. Beach 67 is a small ribbon of sand where you can have the best snorkeling experience.

I saw a turtle in the clear shallow water, I came down in the water and was amazed to find a stunning white snail shell, moray eel, shoals, yellow tangs, and crabs. You’ll be jealous of me if I say I spot reef triggerfish (the state fish of Hawaii) too!

There were a few naked trees that I thought I would climb, but unfortunately, I fell from a tree and hit another branch on the way to the ground. I am alive! Later in the afternoon, I saw many quails. I got my lunch, I peacefully had it on the nude beach of Kona.


  • Be careful because next to Beach 67 sits Beach 69, which is a clothed people’s beach. It is just a 5-minute walk
  • The beach is very small, so if you’re alone its good or else you might get bothered by the second person
  • Never try to hike over the headland to get from Beach 69 to Beach 67
Waialea Bay,  Beach 67
Waialea Bay – Beach 67

5. Kealakekua Bay

Did you know, The Big Island stated that as per Hawaii – ultimate guidebook, “snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay near the monument is perhaps the best place you will find anywhere in the State”? So, I wanted to snorkel here nude.  

Kealakekua Bay is not an official nude Hawaii Beach. I was worried and called my friend. Soniya said – the local authorities have better fish to fry for Sunday lunch than to arrest naked sunbathers. Hearing that, I laughed and decided to come here.

The blue hues, the water’s dark lava shoreline, tropical fishes, the pale purple forest in the distance, and the white coral architecture made me awe-struck by the view. A dive into the calm water confirms how clear the underwater view is. 

Tip: Kealakekua Bay is the nicest nude beach in Hawaii but make sure you’re away from the prying eyes of passing boats.

Kealakekua Bay, Nude beach Hawaii Big Island
Kealakekua Bay

Nude Beaches in Maui

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6. Baldwin Beach Cove

It is a great place if you are looking for an affordable warm place to explore in winter. Baldwin beach cove is the seasonal nude Hawaii Beach where only freedom and gentle breezes make their way into the cove. Adding to the magic the white sand and calm water is added advantage. The trees are God gifted for you to loosen up your clothes!

Baldwin beach cove is one of the Maui clothing-optional beaches where I saw people of all ages and sex relaxing. Some were wrapping towels, some were wearing bikinis, and some were nude. I clicked a picture of the gigantic tangle of fallen trees and boulders I saw on the beach!

Tip: You can be topless, but if you want to open up your bottoms, I suggest coming to Secret Beach.

Baldwin beach cove, Maui clothing optional beaches
Baldwin beach cove

7. Secret Beach

As the name suggests Maui’s Secret Cove is a secret nude beach in Hawaii that is actually hidden behind the lava rocks wall and palm trees giving you all the privacy you need to open your top. 

Believe me, the Secret Cove has a photogenic shoreline and is the most interesting coastline destination in Hawaii. I have heard, couples also set their marriage party here. However, I am not sure about it!

Secret Beach is one of the unofficial clothing-optional beaches in Hawaii where you’ve to hike down the hill to reach the spot. Also, locals simply call it Paia’s, Maui Secret Beach. 


  • Paia’s, Maui Secret Beach sits between Baldwin Cove and Paia Bay
  • Getting to the beach is not easy

8. Little Beach

To my free spirit, here comes an official naturist beach in Hawaii, Little Beach, where you can enjoy the warm Maui sun in peace. The tree-lined golden sand oasis is also called Puu Olai. They say God gives good things in “Little Things”. Yes, they are right!

Little Beach Maui nude is clothing optional beach and is coined as the best nude beach in America. Little Beach is one of the two Beaches of Makena State park. The second beach is Big Beach. 

Both beaches are gifted with turquoise Pacific water, soft golden sand, green trees, volcanic cinder cone, and cliffs. You’ve to climb about 20 ft. vertically adjacent to Big Beach struggling to reach the spot. 

I think God made Little Beach with all its heart. Due to its location in the west, you can witness the best sunset every day. During the sunset, the sky turns orange, pink, and red. Basically, you feel like Eve in the middle of paradise.


  • Park at the Makena Beach parking lot. However, it feels very soon so come around 9.30 am. The fee is $5 per person
  • Famous among boogie boarders, but also famous among neck injuries
Little Beach Maui, little beach Maui nude
Little Beach Maui

9. Red Sand Beach

Can you imagine how the red sand and black rocks crashing by the blue water change the spectrum of colors and lights beautifully? The volcanic nature of the island is so glorious to look at. It is one of secluded Hawaii’s nude beaches.

To reach here, I’ve to hike along the narrow water edges winding path and the big streak of dead grasses holding a rope at some places so that I do not slip down and fall. I am sure you do not want to do such a type of hike after a shower!

But sometimes such hidden gems in Hawaii can take you to places that can forever leave an impression that you can never forget! Oops! I forgot to tell you that Red Sand Beach is also called Kaihalulu Beach. 

The top view with crumbling red cider and lava rock wall is all that you need to capture on your camera! Red Sand Beach in Hawaii is one of the cheapest places to travel in the USA

Kauai Nude Beaches

10. Donkey Beach 

Donkey Beach is the nude beach in northern Hawaii which can be reached through an old sugar cane field. Okay, what’s the name, Donkey Beach? Didn’t they have a good name? This is what I thought when I heard the name for the first time.

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Oh, Donkey Beach is also called Paliku Beach. But once I came here, I was speechless to see the foam created by the rough waves in the hues of blue and green hitting the shoreline reminding you’re so little in front of nature.

I saw monk seals sunbathing on the parched pale sand making the land more scenic. It is the clothing optional beach Kauai, moreover, I would recommend keeping your shorts on! 


  • Try to be here during sunset to witness how rays of the sun splashing on the green-blue waters
  • No lifeguard towers on Paliku Beach
Donkey Beach, Kauai nude beaches
Donkey Beach

                                             Oahu Nude Beaches

After exploring the dog-friendly hikes in Oahu, I wanted to soak in the sun topless. So, here I was exploring Oahu’s nude beach.

11. Polo Beach

I mostly saw locals’ soaking the Vitamin D, topless in Polo Beach. Also, this is famous among gay. Polo Beach is a clothing-optional beach in Oahu mostly famous for hanging out.

Once my feet touched the sand and my ears heard the sound of water lapping against the shore, my mind lit up within a second. I felt an “old Hawaii” aura around me. You’ll see soft sands flanked by blue and white painting that surely makes you feel in paradise. 


  • Do not venture too far to the east if you do not want to end up in jail
  • No sign boards leading to the beach
  • You can also call it a gay beach

Nude Beach in Honolulu

12. Honokohau Harbour Beach

Honokohau Harbour Beach is one of the popular Hawaii nude beaches among the gay community who wants to go topless as it is shielded from prying eyes. It sits along the Kona coast in Kaloko Honokohau National Historical Park. 

You’ve to hike a short way down the golden sand to reach the spot. However, I was not comfortable here because it gets very crowded as time flies. Nevertheless, people are friendly. Also, it is the best place to have fun in the water!

Tip: Take Highway 19 and follow the signboard to reach Honokohau Harbour Beach

13. Cromwell’s Beach

Cromwell’s Beach is an extremely secluded and off-beat beach near Kahala Mall, Waikiki. I would recommend picking up an acai bowl from Lanikai Juice and heading to the beach. It is a bit rocky at the entrance but offers a phenomenal view of sunsets. 

This unofficial nude beach in Hawaii has calm safe water which makes it ideal to dip in the water and have all the beach fun. For me, Cromwell’s Beach sand feels like my toes are crashing soft sugary white sand and I am in paradise. 


  • Between rock wall and crystalline cove sits the gorgeous Cromwell’s Beach
  • It is a coastline of 750 miles
Cromwell’s Beach, nude beaches in Hawaii
Cromwell’s Beach

Map of Nude Beaches in Hawaii


The state is against nudity but there are some unofficial nude beaches in Hawaii that can give wings to your liberating feelings. Come to these beaches and enjoy nudism!

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FAQ: Nude Beaches in Hawaii

1. What are the best nude beaches in Maui?

A: Baldwin beach cove and Secret Beach are the best offbeat nude beaches in Maui, Hawaii.

2. Are there any clothing-optional beaches near Hilo Hawaii Big Island?

A: Yes, Makalawena Beach and Kehena Beach are clothing optional beaches near Hilo Hawaii Big Island

3. Can people swim at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii at night?

A: Yes, you can swim at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii at night but it is highly inconvenient to swim once the natural light goes off! 

4. Is Nudity Legal in Hawaii?

A: No, nudity is not legal in Hawaii. You cannot abandon your pants and tops on Hawaii beaches. 

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  1. I have paddled from Mahai’ula to Makalawena nearly every year for ten years and I have never ever seen a naked person of either gender at Makalawena. And Honokohau I paddle out of nearly every year and it is firmly signed against nudity. I have never seen naked people there either.

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