3 Best Spots For Bungee Jumping in Texas

My 19-year-old cousin expressed her desire to try bungee jumping after watching my videos of bungee jumps in California. I made a promise to take her once I was in Texas. Not only is Texas a perfect work destination, but it also offers ample opportunities for fun and adventure.

So, this past weekend, I took her to South Padre Island, a paradise for bungee jumpers in Texas. My husband, Kelvin, joined her as her jumping partner. I’ll tell you the story! I know the bungee jumping in Texas has brought the time of their lives.

Bungee Jumping in Texas

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This is a place you will never regret visiting, offering everything from parties, white sand beaches, and adrenaline activities in the sea breeze to events, wildlife observation, and relaxing activities. Witnessing the sense of satisfaction, comfort, and peace in their eyes after completing the jump inspired me to write a blog about it.

Bungee jumping in Texas is truly a thrilling experience. The Lone Star State offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping options at Gravity Park. So, let’s explore the fantastic bungee jumping locations in and around Texas.

Best Spots For Bungee Jumping Texas

As you experience free-fall like no other, time around you slow down making each moment exhilarating. The feeling of being suspended in mid-air like a weightless acrobat swanning back and forth, makes you feel like a pendulum of triumph. The experience is very hard to explain!

Trust me the air around you is filled with cheers of jubilation. You’re not only making some extraordinary memories but winning over your fears of heights. Bungee jumping is something that forces you to push your boundaries and be the winner.

So, let’s go beyond your comfort zone and explore the best bungee jumping places in Texas.

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1. Air Boingo Tower by Zero Gravity in Dallas, Texas

Address: 11131 Malibu Dr, Dallas, TX 

For my adrenaline seekers, here I bring an extraordinary, breathtaking, and downright thrilling spot – Air Boingo Towera great bungee jumping spot in Dallas, Texas. This spot will test your courage and offer the best views of the place.

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The focal point of Zero Gravity Bungee Jumping is the tower structure that looks like it has pierced the sky to heaven. Imagine the height and experience you can get! You’ve to walk up 70 feet height to witness a dizzying vantage point of the city and then the memorable fall.

Just in the middle of the Metroplex, this is the best bungee jumping location in Texas where a triple safety system is followed. They use nylon safety straps, and great-quality bungee cords ensuring a safe and controlled descent.

Below, they positioned the stuntman airbag which acts as a cushion landing from the fall. Safety and thrill harmonize, deceiving you of the best bungee jumping experience in Texas. The best part is you only have to pay $30 for each jump!

Air Boingo Tower, Bungee Jumping in Texas
Air Boingo Tower

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2. Gravity Adventure Park, South Padre Island

Address: 106 W Marlin St, South Padre Island, TX 78597

Adventure junkies of the USA who wants to try 140 reverse-bungee, The Rocket, the 110-foot giant swing, The Skycoaster, and 60-foot Ferris wheel, and the Trampoline Thing and Climbing Wall– Gravity Adventure Park is your place.

This bungee jumping spot in Southern Texas, South Padre Island is surely a great place to bring your family and friends in the evening and have fun. The park sits opposite Louie’s Backyard, making it very accessible for tourists to find it.

Kelvin, my husband, always had an eye on this towering bungee jump tower, the tallest of its kind in Texas. So, this summer when he got the chance he dared his feet to jump off from the Rocker-World’s Tallest Reserve Bungee or Bungee Grande Texas, soaring an astounding 150 feet fall.

Gravity Adventure Park in South Padre Island is the best bungee jumping spot for thrill-seekers in Texas. Not only that, if you’re getting your child let them enjoy Bungee Chico World Smallest Bungee, recording 35 feet fall. So, bungee jumping for beginners in Texas, you’re most welcome here!


  • The Park has shops that serve the best spicy Mexican food, don’t forget to taste it. You can also go for mini-golfing and karting
  • The park is closed in winter

Note: Each jump at Gravity Adventure Park in South Padre Island costs $25 – $59

 Gravity Adventure Park, South Padre Island, Bungee Jumping in Texas
Gravity Adventure Park

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Closest Bungee Jump Near Texas 

1. Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

You’re on your way to Santa Fe and stopped for a coffee break, I guarantee you’ll hear the locals telling you about “Gorge Bridge”, one of the best bungee jumping locations near Texas. And, also Texas shares a border with New Mexico, and the location is prime.

Soaring 565 feet above the river, the Rio Grande Bridge acts as a remarkable structure and is the highest bungee jumping spot in the USA. It provides an incredible backdrop for capturing stunning photos, scenes, and memories. 

Bungee Expedition operating for more than 25 years in the business offers this great experience to taste. This company holds the great bungee jumping experience in this “Land of Enchantment”. So, just go for it!

I would recommend stepping into the spotlight yourself and going for the jump against this iconic backdrop, adding the best charms to your memories. More than that the place looks more like a television show set.

Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico, Bungee Jumping near Texas
Rio Grande Bridge

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Bungee Jumping vs. Skydiving in Texas

Though there are a lot of free things to do in Texas, adventure enthusiasts always come here to either find the best place to bungee jump or the best place to skydive. Now, which one is more fun and better to do in Texas, is the question.

Personally, I have not tried either activity in Texas. However, I have done a bungee jump in Colorado and California, as well as skydiving in Australia. Therefore, the review comparing bungee jumping and skydiving in Texas is based solely on Kelvin’s experiences and my cousin’s. Interestingly, Kelvin has actually participated in both activities in Texas!

Kelvin did his first skydiving with Skydive Dallas 35, the most cutting-edge skydiving training center that not only gave him the best experience but also offer great Texas hospitality. He was rewarded with an exceptional unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, Kelvin’s first bungee jump took place at Gravity Adventure Park in South Padre Island, as mentioned earlier. According to him, bungee jumping delivers an incredibly intense rush of adrenaline, accompanied by a surge of butterflies in the stomach, creating an overwhelming experience.

In contrast, skydiving made Kelvin feel as though he was a bird soaring through the sky with wings. He describes the experience as liberating and inducing a sense of freedom and relaxation.

However, what makes both activities truly remarkable is the aspect of safety provided by trustworthy adventure operators. This common factor ensures that participants can fully enjoy these exhilarating experiences with peace of mind.

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Best operators for sky diving in Texas

  • Dallas Skydive Centre
  • Texas Skydiving, Lexington
  • Skydive Dallas 35
  • Skydive Spaceland Dallas
  • Dallas Tandem Skydiving
  • iFLY – Dallas & Fort Worth
Skydiving in Texas
Skydiving in Texas

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America has ample options for bungee jumping, but the quality of bungee jumps that Texas offers, overshadows its lack of varied options.

The place which is known for a myriad of bars, clubs, and shopping malls with endless entertainment options, such thrilling activities can prevail, sometimes doesn’t come to mind.

So, if you’re in search of affordable bungee jumping experiences in Texas for a lifetime, then make a plan to try Texas’s world-class bungee jumping and skydiving.

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FAQ: Bungee Jumping in Texas

1. Is bungee jumping legal in Texas?

A. Yes, bungee jumping is legal in Texas only if you do it with verified tour operators and at authentic locations. The Gravity Adventure Park on South Padre Island and Zero Gravity in Dallas are the major spots in Texas for bungee jumping. I have heard very little about a third operator named Luxergy, which operates near El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin. However, there is limited information available online about them, and due to our limited time to explore Texas, we didn’t make it there.

2. What is the minimum weight requirement for bungee jumping in Texas?

A. Every bungee jumping site in Texas has different requirements. For example, Zero Gravity requires the jumper to weigh between 80 – 240 pounds, while at Bungee Chico in Gravity Park, the jumper can weigh between 40 -160 pounds. Additionally, many requirements are fairly consistent, such as the recommendation that individuals in poor health should avoid taking the risk of bungee jumping.

3. What is the cost of bungee jumping in Texas?

A. The cost of bungee jumping in Texas varies from place to place. Moreover, the cost ranges from $30 to $50 depending on the type of jump you choose. Zero Gravity charges around $30, while Gravity Park’s Rocket Coast is around $50. Luxergy determines its price on demand.

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