11 Best Places to Watch Sunset in Key West

The sight of hues of red, pink, orange, yellow, and blue on the sky with its reflection in the water is something mesmerizing and splendid.

Key West always holds a top position on gorgeous sunsets, palm trees, relaxed restaurants, street performances, food vendors, warm weather, and so more.

Best Places to Watch Sunset in Key West

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Honestly, I feel I am so lucky to enjoy the romantic beaches in Florida and witness some magical sunsets in Key West with my best friend. Even Key West is popular among The LGBT community.

Did you attend the beach parties in Florida? You must attend one! This is the very reason I want you to take around the best places to watch the sunset in Key West and plan your next visit here. 

Also, some beach towns in Florida are equally beautiful, peaceful, and clean. You can plan both trips in one go and carry back the best travel memories with you. 

Let’s know where to watch the sunset in Key West this year.

Best Places to Watch Sunset in Key West

Can you watch too many Sunsets at the same time?

No, that’s never possible because you cannot be in different places at the same time. This reminds me of the classic song by The Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun…”

Simple, evoking, and my all-time favorite sunset song.

So, here I bring you a list of the best sunset spots in Key West which offers a clear view of the setting sun looking like a ball of fire behind the horizon with the colors. 

Choose any one depending on the atmosphere of your preference and join in the glory of the setting sun! Let’s begin. 

1. Mallory Square – Sunset Celebration

Address: End of the Duval Street

Celebrating the sun setting with a magical entertainment show by the sea is a great way to cherish a day of your life and experience happiness.

While I was planning to witness the best sunset in Key West with my sister, the only result that highlighted the list was – Mallory Square. What’s so special?

Just before the sunset, artisans, food vendors, and street performers gather at Mallory Square to celebrate, amplifying to the fullest extent saluting the day. 

I was amazed to see the sword swallowers, tightrope walkers, and jugglers, showing their talent and most importantly enjoying what they are doing.


  • Come to Mallory Square 2.5 hours before the sunset
  • Grab a seat at the water edge beach shacks with a mojito and a conch fritter witnessing the magical colors. You can check out El Meson de Pepe for tasting Cuban food or Mallory Fish Company for seafood. 
  • Click a photo with Dominique and The Cat Man
  • Stay at Ocean Key Resort’s Sunset Pier to witness the same view in peace.
Best Places to Watch Sunset in Key West_Mallory Square Sunset
Mallory Square Sunset

2. Fort Zachary Taylor

Address: 601 Howard England Way, Key West, FL 3304

Regardless of your sunset plans in the most romantic and quieter way, Fort Zachary Taylor is a fort from the Civil War era famous for hiking, biking trails, and history. 

The only reason Zachary Taylor is the best place to watch the sunset in Key West is the view of Conch Republic over the beach with very little crowd. 

I came here around 4 pm and sat on a rock clicking a lot of photos along the crooked trees at the backdrop of an unobstructed sunset view. 

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The view of the sun touching the horizon with a gorgeous panoramic view of the meeting of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic is nothing but an experience that you can never forget. 


  • For a more remote experience climb up the battery for the most incredible views
  • Just imagine, you’re snorkeling when the sun is setting. Did you get the view? Or, collecting shells from the beautiful Florida Beaches. The shadow and the shells look amazing!
  • You can get your camping chair and a blanket to enjoy the beauty of nature
  • The state park closes just after sunset. If you plan to visit the beach, walk in the wet sand or check the fort, please come here around 4 pm
  • Pay $7.00 for 2 people in a car and 0.50 cents for each person adding on
Fort Zachary Taylor
Fort Zachary Taylor

3. Latitude, a Fancy Restaurant

Address: 245 Front St, Key West, FL 33040, USA

If you follow my blog then you know that I love to travel on a budget. Posh and fancy restaurants are not my things, then why I’m suggesting Latitude? 

Let me tell you, the view of the sun setting in the evening with the quality food like conch fritters on the table and the experience is all worth all the price tag. 

There is no money tag on experience, isn’t it? 

To reach Latitude you have to take a small ferry to reach Sunset Key. It is one of the best restaurants to watch the sunset in Key West. 

The view of the white sandy beach and crashing waves with the warm rays of the sun setting on the edge just make life satisfying.


  • The Sunset Key is a small island with beautiful cottages and restaurants. If you plan to stay in any one of them remember to reserve it in advance. These cottages are complementary to make a reservation in Latitude. So, it’s the cherry on the cake. However, yes, always ask them for an outdoor patio setting.
  • The “Dress code” for Latitude is casual. A V-neck dress with shorts or tank tops and slit skirts or t-shirts and shorts goes so well.  
Sunset in Key West_Latitude

4. Southernmost Point

Location: 1400 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040, USA

Just at the corner of Whitehead and South Street extending to Cuba sits Southernmost Point, a great spot to watch the sunset with your lover.

The view of colors in the sky from Southernmost Point is a true work of art. Also, the natural beauty of the sky and sea is something amazingly revealing and gorgeous.

On a few people’s Instagram feed I used to see an ornate hunk stone that looked like a buoy with beautiful gorgeous settings and a green sea behind. I planned to come here.

I snapped a few pictures and shared them on Facebook with the caption “wish we were together forever”. This is the best place to visit in Florida in February with family.

The picture of the Southernmost Point buoy with a sunset background and me received more than 300 likes and a lot of people dream to come here.


  • You can bring your furry dog to Southernmost Point
  • Best place to visit at 18 feet above sunset
Southernmost Beach Resort
Southernmost Beach Resort

5. Truman Waterfront

Address: Southard St, Key West, FL 33040, USA

Once my friend told me that without an evening walk in Florida, at Truman Waterfront Park, a trip to Key West is incomplete. I truly agree with her. The layout is so visually pleasing.

The unique benches, dock, museum, and large green patches at the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico make it one of the ideal sunset locations in Key West.

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At the west end of Southard Street sits the Ingham Museum from where you can come to enjoy Happy Hour on Friday and Saturday one hour before sunset. 

Also, you can come to Pier B, a commercial pier for docking boats at the harbor to witness the sunset that you always watched in Nicholas Spark movies. 


  • Nearby there is a splash park for children 
  • The best alternative of Mallory Square
  • Walk further along the red-brick customs house to reach the quitter spot surrounded by moored boats
Truman Waterfront
Truman Waterfront

6. Casa Marina Resort

Address: 1500 Reynolds Street Key West, FL 33040

There is no romantic resort to reside in Key West other than Casa Marina. Brides Magazine ranked it as one of the top 10 Florida destination wedding spots.

Also, it is a great place to watch the sunset in Key West. The feeling while grazing in the sky and listening to the tune of your favorite singer is something unforgetful. The beach and piers are so beautiful.

Just imagine, you sitting at their exclusive Sun Sun Beach Bar & Grill with mojitos and witnessing the magical yellow-orange-pink sunset. How does it feel?

A walk through the western pier with your loved ones in the evening to witness the sunset is the best memorable gift you can offer for free. 


  • For the sunset view come to the other side of the pier
  • Very less crowded with beautiful views.
Sunset from Casa Marina Resort
Sunset from Casa Marina Resort

7. Schooner America

Address: 202 William St, Key West, FL 33040, USA

Schooner America 2.0 is one of the famous sunset cruises in Key West which cannot be missed if you want to add adventure to your sunset travel diaries. 

Get on a spacious catamaran, with live music playing, offering a panoramic view of the setting sun, dancing to the tune, and enjoying complimentary drinks.

Enjoy the ocean breeze and the view from the cruise. There are many such cruise services like Cruisin Tikis Key West or Sebago. The light sparkling off the water creates an amazing view.

I took service from Danger Charters; particularly their “Wind & Wine Sunset Sail”. It offered me more than 8 different wine tastings and hors d’oeuvres. Great!


  • Such a chilling experience while cruising on the water with alcoholic and non-alcoholic appetizers 
  • If you’re 21, you’re eligible to get into the cruise
Sunset Cruise at Key West
Sunset Cruise at Key West

8. Lagerhead Beach Bar & Watersports

Address: 0 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040

If you’re searching for the most authentic local waterfront gateways for memorable sunset views of Key West, come to Lagerhead Beach Bar & Watersports.

Here, you can see a 100-year-old shipwrecked on one side and on the other side a friend throwing a bachelorette party.  It is a place for good food, live dance, sunset views and unstoppable fun!

The bar is run by two local families offering you the most traditional and local taste that you must experience while in Key West. 

Just imagine, you are having fun, swimming, or riding a bike on the water while the sun is setting down with all its glorious colors in the sky. 

Tip: The most relaxing spot in Key West to witness the sunset

Sunset from Lagerhead Beach Bar
Sunset from Lagerhead Beach Bar

9. Louie’s Backyard

Address: 700 Waddell Ave, Key West, FL 33040

Feast your eyes and shock your taste buds with the exclusive cooking of chef Dough Shook of Louie’s Backyard. The restaurant was opened in 1971 by Louie Signorelli.

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This oceanfront Victorian home is now one of the famous sunset celebration restaurants which you cannot miss! It is part of the National Registry for Historic Places. 

You should try their tapas like shrimp fritters with coconut curry or lamb chops, cracked conch with mango chutney and tamarind-glazed duck breast. 

In short, Louie’s Backyard is one of the most popular destinations serving elegant food and incredible sunset views. It is a great little place to treat yourself!

Tip: Sit on the top of the Bahama Channel, at the backyard deck for the best view.

Sunset from Louie’s Backyard
Sunset from Louie’s Backyard

10. Historic Seaport

Address: 201 William St, Key West, FL 33040

Did you know that if you look closely when the sun sets you can actually see a green spot above the rim of the sun’s desk? This light makes the setting more incredible.

Historic Seaport is the best sunset location in Key West as I actually saw that green light. The unforgettable act of nature made Historic Seaport my favorite spot to see the sunset in Florida.

The captivating golden skies and view of the sun melting down in the distance with the turquoise water underneath are so satisfying. 

Tip: Walk along the docks of the boardwalk for the best sunset view

11. Bistro 245 Restaurant / Sunset Deck

Address: 245 Front St, Key West, FL 33040

A mesmerizing cruise silhouetted under the dying light of the setting sun is an experience that Bistro 245 restaurant provides at the cost of just your presence. 

The restaurant has a perfect sunset ambiance with an indoor and outdoor waterfront setting to enjoy the meal and cherish the view. 

To experience the best Key West sunset, Bistro 245 Restaurant is highly recommended. The best part is it is completely budget-friendly.

Tip: The Sunset Celebration tables and Bistro 245 Sunset Deck bar are out on the pier which you should definitely explore. 

Sunset from Bistro 245 Bar
Sunset from Bistro 245 Bar


Key West is away from hustle and bustle, it is a spectacular location to enjoy, relax, and watch Mother Nature beautifully dazzling every evening. 

The list of best places to watch the sunset in Key West is a complete guide to getting the best glimpse of the sunset and enjoying the area with no worries. 

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FAQ: Sunset in Key West

1. Which Florida Key has the best sunset?

A: Fort Zachary Taylor is the best sunset spot in Key West. Here you will find very less tourists. The best thing about Fort Zachary is that it is very less crowded and the view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is mesmerizing.

2. Why is the Key West sunset famous?

A: Yes, Key West sunset has always been famous, the mix of beach, water views, food, the color of the sky, weather, and relaxed vibes are unmatched by any part of the world. The view of the sun slowly sinking below the horizon in Key West seems to be god gifted! 

3. Where is the prettiest sunset in Florida?

A: The prettiest sunset in Florida is mostly on the western coast and Panhandle. The view of gorgeous blue water and the hue of colors in the sky is just amazing.  

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