11 Safest Cities In Colorado To Live In 2023

If you’re planning to move to Colorado and are concerned about safety, violent crime rates, and affordability then this article is the ultimate guide. 

To get an idea of the safest places to live in Colorado, I’m listing here 11 places that ensure safety to life property, breathtaking scenic views, peace, and opportunities.

Safest Cities In Colorado

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The Centennial State is home to 5,922,618 people with a record of a total of 189,152 crimes in 2022. Before coming here, I recommend knowing what are the reasons Colorado is famous for!

Though the crime rate looks huge still it is comparatively safer than other states in the USA. Worry not, I’m not making up, the residents themselves say this.  

There are plenty of the safest cities and affordable mountain towns in Colorado that are perfect for raising a child and enjoying retirement without the worry of huge taxes and Government policies.

Therefore, let’s start planning your new address! 

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Colorado

  • Colorado is really dry. You can blend your nose if do not keep yourself hydrated
  • Colorado sits at a higher altitude, so without proper acclimatization, you might get flu, headache, and dizziness
  • Marijuana has been legalized
  • The lifestyle is very green. Residents believe in recycling and solar power.
  • The housing market is expensive. You’ve to earn well to afford a standard life.
  • The hospitality sector and Medical sector is the strongest part of Colorado
  • A lot of people are moving to Colorado making it one of the highly demanded places to reside in America
  • In winter, Colorado is no less than our favorite Frozen movie set! You should explore the ice caves which look so beautiful and out of the world

Is Colorado a safe place to live?

I often hear people asking this question, but tell me one thing: how do you judge a place’s safety or danger?

If you would have been asked me then I would say crime rates and statistics. And, I think that’s the way even Government officials rate them. 

There are several pros and cons of living in Colorado. It is a huge state with a diverse population and crime rates. 

But, this blog will only focus on the safest cities in Colorado offering you updated data. So, let’s discuss. 

Safest Cities to Live in Colorado

1. Frederick

  • Population: 15,679
  • Crime rate: 3.51 (per 1,000 residents)

Frederick is a blooming place tucked almost 55 miles from the Denver city center in Weld County with a laid-back environment and incredible community. 

It is one of the oldest mining towns back in 1907 when immigrants from Latin America and Europe used to work here and the reason for the success of the future. 

However, the industry shut down in 1928 but has worked hard to pave a new way to development and success. The resident believes – “built on what matters”.

The average cost of living of a single adult in Fredrick is around $48,362 annually which is much less than in other cities of Colorado. 

Frederick is one of those places in Colorado to live on a budget and it is considered safer than 29% of the US cities in 2022. 

So, yes, you have 1 in 4,838 chances to be a victim of violent crime and 1 in 302 chances to be a victim of property crime. 

Firestone and Dacono are also one of the safest places in Frederick to reside. Nowadays, high-tech firms are also attracting the young population here. 

The main attractions in Frederick: 

The Centennial Park, Frederick Recreation Area, Mirror Image Brewing Company, Anderson Farms, Pearl Street, and The Flatirons. 

Anderson Farms
Anderson Farms

2. Milliken 

  • Population: 8,942
  • Crime rate: 447 (100K people)

Milliken is a vibrant, safe and small town in Colorado for families, located at the confluence of South Platte Rivers and Big Thompson ensuring the quality of life.

The town sits in the midst of a beautiful farmland with open space, recreational activities, places to explore, and history, earning a name as – “Tree City of USA”. 

During the time of pandemic in 2020, the town stayed together and no crime was recorded. This reflects its strong economy and closed sense of community.

As per research by 247 Wallst, on average a single adult in Milliken is around $36,185 annually and the median home value is around $ 232,800. 

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The quiet neighborhood, old buildings, and strong local business remind how Milliken strongly fought the struggle of a trading post in the 1880s to a strong town. 

As per the research, violent crime was 2.3 in 2019 that dropped to 0.4 in 2020 and 0.1 in 2021.

Government policies have constantly reduced the crime rates in Milliken. Lastly, good schools and blue-collar jobs made it one of the most desirable places to reside in Colorado. 

The main attractions in Milliken:

The Daniels School, Devil’s Backbone Open Space, The Loveland Museum, Boyd Lake State Park, and Centennial Village Museum.

Safest Cities In Colorado_Milliken

3. Severance

  • Population: 8,587
  • Crime rate: 327 (100k people)

Severance is forever famous for its variety of spices, delicacies, bold menu, and Rocky Mountain Oyster. Within Weld County east of Fort Collins sits this incredible town.

The town believes, “Where the geese fly and the bulls cry”. I hope from the name you understand the town is mostly rural and domestic. 

However, yes, Severance has some quality public schools and an affordable cost of living. A median household income is around $69,291.00 annually.

Also, the robust economy is the major reason why new residents desire to settle here. For me, Severance is the safest and cheapest place to live in Colorado.

The annual cost of living of a single adult is around $36,185 which is less than the national average. 

The murder rate is 0.4/10,000 which is 86% less than the national average. As per Area Vibes, you have a 1 in 307 chance of becoming a victim of crime. 

However, year over year the crime rate has increased by 3% but still, it is 92% safer than other cities in the United States. 

The main attraction in Severance:

The Bruce’s Bar, and Windsor-Severance Fire Museum.

4. Lamar

  • Population: 7,663
  • Crime rate: 12.88 (per 1,000 residents) 

The safest place to live in Colorado’s Prowers County is Lamar which shares its border with Kansas. The quaint and historic charm is something Lamar is famous for.

Back in history, Lamar started as a single railroad; now it is a closed community of cattlemen. On average annual household income is around $76,268 annually. 

Here, you can buy a median home at around $87,500 which is less than the national average. Also, you only need to spend $704 per month on housing rent to survive.

Lamar has 80% of students graduating with diplomas ensuring that the students have quality education. Tourism is a strong sector. Also, it is the warmest place in Colorado recording 115 degree Fahrenheit in 2019.

Property crime is relatively higher compared to the violent rate. You’ve 1 in 79 chances to be a victim of property crime whereas, 1 in 3,844 chances to be a victim of violent crime. 

The lifestyle in Lamar is quite simple and dynamic. As per neighbourhoodscout, Lamer has recorded only 2 assault cases, 0 rape, and 0 murder cases with 10 burglary and 87 theft cases.

The main attraction in Lamar: 

The Big Timbers Museums, Petrified Wood Gas Station, John Martin Reservoir State Park, and Two Buttes Trail.

Lamar Downtown
Lamar Downtown

5. Firestone

  • Population: 17,627
  • Crime rate: 13.61 (per 1,000 residents)

Firestone is a small beautiful town sitting between Denver and Fort Collins. Let me tell you that Firestone shares a border with Fredrick, another safe place to live with family. 

It has 18 parks and beautiful hiking trails making it one of the most desirable towns among explorers. Come to St. Vrain State Park from there you get a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains. On average a median income is around $90,000 in Firestone. 

Not only spectacular views but it is home to tech companies like International Van Lines, American Van Lines, and Safeway Moving.

The cost of living of a single adult here is around $36,185 annually which is less than the national average. You can also get a house at $ 329,000.  

The official statistics show that there were only 11 violent crimes and 212 property crimes in 2022. The number of property crimes is lower than the national average.

Moreover, Firestone is a new town born in 1908. Did you know that in a particular area, Firestone was the first town to open its first salon, post office, and lumber store? 

The main attraction in Firestone: 

The Front Range Trail System, Hart Park, and Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District. 

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6. Cherry Hills Village

  • Population: 6,534
  • Crime rate: 13.4 (per 1,000 residents)

If you ever wished to make a house near a cherry orchard come to Cherry Hills Village. This is a beautiful village in Arapahoe County south of Denver.  

The stunning luxurious properties, huge mansions, and huge opportunities in the real estate business against the backdrop of huge mountains, Cherry Hills Village is my favorite. 

Also, it has been ranked as Top 25 Places to Retire Rich. The median home value here is around $1,588,799 with an annual average cost of living of $41,215. 

It is one of the safest places to retire in Colorado but due to its high cost of living, it results in high property crime and low violent crime. 

The lush parks, cute cafes, job opportunities and standard public schools make the area desirable for wealthy people to settle down.

As statistics, you have 1 in 6,442 chances to be a victim of violent crime and 1 in 78 chances to be a victim of property crime. 

Most cases are burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Cherry Hills Village is an affluent community and plans your next address soon. 

The main attractions in Cherry Hills Village: 

The Barnhouse Tap, the Annual Winter Celebration, Harvard Gulch Golf courses, Roxborough State Park, and Devil’s Head Distillery.

Cherry Hills Village
Cherry Hills Village

7. Castle Rock

  • Population: 78,144
  • Crime rate: 16.79 (per 1,000 residents)

Castle Rock is one of the safest cities in Colorado from where you can visit Colorado Springs and Denver within a few minutes. 

Colorado is famous for its endless adventure. Outdoor ice skating rinks, state parks, paved trails, and unique wine festivals are exclusive features of Colorado. 

As per neighbourhoodscount statistics, Castle Rock is 36% safer than other USA cities. You only have 1 in 1,626 chances to be the victim of violent crime. 

Castle Rock is a great place to raise a family as the city is infused with good jobs. Best schools and green space. 

You will be happy to know that Academy Charter School has consistently ranked as the best school in Colorado. 

Also, the sales tax is 2.90% lower than the national median sales tax of 5.95%. However, the median home value is around $391,100 which is higher than the national average. 

The main attractions in Castle Rock: 

The Rock Park, The Edge Adventure Park, Philips S. Miller Park, Hidden Mesa Open Space Trail, and Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

8. Eagle

  • Population: 7,711
  • Crime rate: 569 (100K people)

In the Northeast region between Denver and Utah sits Eagle, one of the beautiful towns from where you get a good view of Rocky Mountain’s pristine wilderness. 

Though the cost of living in Eagle is around $43,955 a year but ensures a $70,000 income per month. You can consider that a person on minimum earns $12.56 per hour. 

Though Fredrick has recorded the lowest crime rate, Eagle is the second safe place to live in Colorado. Only 50 crimes were recorded in 2022.

That means you have 1 in 1,502 chances to be a victim of violent crime and 1 in 167 chances to be a victim of property crime. It is 74% safer than other US cities.  

There are a lot of walking trails, parks, restaurants, and bars to chill out and enjoy the fruit of a good economy. 

However, remember you have to earn well to buy your own house here. A median home value is around $503,600. 

The main attractions in Eagle: 

The Sylvan Lake State Park, Mount Thomas Trails, Moe’s Original Barbeque, Glenwood Hot Spring Resort, and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

9. Brush

  • Population: 5,315
  • Crime rate: 111 (100K people)

The Brush is such a lovely place where you can spend your life without giving a thought to moving out. It sits on the northeastern side of Colorado.

With its clean blue sky, green prairie, award-winning fishing spots, and limitless recreation opportunities, Brush is the best place to live in Colorado

I never thought I would discover Brush, a hidden gem in Morgan County with an average annual cost of living of around $36,324, less than the national average.

The good news here is that you can buy a median home at $153,200 which is again less than the national average. Brush sits near Fort Morgan. 

Brush has recorded the lowest violent crime rate, at 0.2 and the lowest property crime rate, at 0.9. It is the most ethnically-diverse city.

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Residents of Brush are mostly working in blue-collar jobs earning well and affording the low cost of living. 

The main attraction in Brush: 

The Pawnee Pioneer Trails, Montana Trail, Brush State Wildlife Area, and Jackson Lake Reservoir.

10. Erie

  • Population: 32,418
  • Crime rate: 11.79 (per 1,000 residents)

Located in Weld and Boulder County, Erie is one of the suburban towns located just 27 miles north of Denver. The majestic views and scenic trails make Erie famous among nature lovers. 

On average a median household income is around $110,000 with a $38,842 cost of living a year. However, the median home value is around $437,000.

On the brighter side, Erie is 50% safer than other US cities. In total it has recorded 354 crimes in 2022. You only have 1 in 1,073 chances to be a victim of a violent crime.

Erie is a stand-up city with its economy driven by the coal industry and hospitality sector. This is one of the wonderful rural areas in Colorado. 

The main attraction in Erie: 

The Boulder Reservoir Regional Park, Colorado National Golf Club, The Dougherty Museum, and The Agricultural Heritage Center.

11. Dacono

  • Population: 6,725
  • Crime rate: 9.85 (per 1,000 residents)

Dacono is a small farming town in Weld County, Colorado’s Carbon Valley outside of Denver. Firestone, Fredrick, and Dacono are the most peaceful towns in the state.

Dacono is not the place to avoid in Colorado, rather 58% safer than other US cities. It has recorded only 62 numbers of crimes in 2022. 

The median home value is around $241,100 with a minimum income of 35,000 USD per month. You have 1 in 3,249 chances to be a victim of violent crime. 

There were no rape or assault cases reported in 2022. Dacono is one of the lovely American towns with a very low crime rate and justice for every crime. 

The main attractions in Dacono: 

The Clem Dufour Park, First Baptist Church, Dacono BMX Track, and Sharp Farms.  

Dacono City Hall
Dacono City Hall

Is it safer to live in California or Colorado?

Colorado and California both are home to nature enthusiasts and adventurers. However, yes, in terms of safety, California is relatively safer compared to Colorado. 

Colorado has experienced 32.76 crimes per 1,000 people. On the other hand, California experienced 25.70 crimes per year for every 1,000 people. 

You only have 1 in 227 chances to be a victim of violent crime in California whereas 1 in 35 chances to be a victim of property crime. 

But, there is good news, Colorado is home to 5,922,618 people whereas, California is home to 39,995,077 people. 

And, with proper justice, both States are doing well. The crime rate in Colorado is a little higher compared to California. 


These safe neighborhoods of Colorado are beautiful and have all the basic and luxury amenities to call home for families, retirees, couples, and young professionals. 

There are a lot of amenities that act as play factors to decide your next address soon! Come here to enjoy the small-town vibe with no fear of injustice!

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FAQ: Safest Places to Live in Colorado

1. What city in Colorado has the lowest crime?

A: Fredrick has recorded a 3.51 (per 1,000 residents) crime rate which is 41.4 times lower than the US average. This is the very reason Fredrick is considered the safest city in Colorado. 

2. What county in Colorado has the highest crime rate?

A: Evans, Colorado has the highest crime rate index which is 21.39 per 1,000 residents. In numbers, in 2022 it recorded 474 crimes in total. In Evans, you have 1 in 504 chances to become a victim of violent crime and 1 in 52 chances to be a victim of property crime. 

3. Is Denver safe for single mothers?

A: Yes, Denver is safe for single mothers as it has an unforgettable charm, unique personality, and job opportunities. Denver is home to 738,594 people. Though neighbourhoodscout, rank it 2% safer than other US cities. In 2022, 40,818 crimes were recorded in Denver. Therefore, with the right precautions and safety measures, you can easily reside here safely. 

4. Denver or Colorado Springs, which city is safer?

A: Colorado Springs is safer compared to Denver because Colorado Springs has recorded only 19,335 crimes in 2022 whereas Denver has recorded 40,818 crimes. Colorado Springs is 7% safer than the US cities. 

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