4 Best Spots for Bungee Jumping in Colorado

If you’re in Colorado and an outdoor thrill seeker, then bungee jumping is a must-thrill ride to take. Welcome to my favorite bungee jumping spots in Colorado. 

Throughout this blog, I’ve rounded up everything you need to know before jumping off the cliff or tower in Colorado with the bungee tied around your ankle.

Bungee Jumping in Colorado

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Colorado is a beautiful place with its own set of pros and cons. Moreover, it is a place for adventure seekers. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Riders, let’s dive right in!

My First Bungee Jumping Experience in Colorado

Before embarking on my first winter ice cave hike in Colorado, I vividly recall sharing my exhilarating dream of skydiving in Australia with Kelvin. It was a wish that ignited a fire within me!

A year ago, I fulfilled my dream of experiencing my first skydive. Ever since then a thrilling adventure, the idea of leaping off a cliff has persistently toyed with my imagination.

And finally, the moment arrived. A week back, I embarked on my first bungee jumping excursion in Colorado, specifically at Glenwood Caverns adventure park. The anticipation and excitement coursing through me are simply indescribable!

What is bungee jumping? This famous question has hundreds of answers online yet I’m sure you are still finding the right one. 

Because adventure sports like bungee jumping guarantee elevated heart rate, and a high rate either force you to “die for bungee jump” or “die with a wish to do it someday”.

So, here’s the simple answer. Only if you weigh between 90 to 240 pounds the bungee service provider allows you to choose this outstanding outdoor adventure. 

The idea is jumping off from a tall spot while connecting to an elastic bungee cord around your ankles. It’s like you’re jumping off without touching the ground.

You will experience free-fall and rebound as the cord will protect you from smashing down. It will stretch you and recoil till it reaches the designated length.

The answer might sound very simple but brings undeniable panic! I know how it feels because I stood there, alone, breathing, and looking down.

I did sky driving and was confident until I stood at the jumping platform, feeling the wind on my face and realizing the height. 

My mind and heart constantly pleaded with me to reconsider Glenwood Canyon bungee jumping, all excitement was gone. I was there standing alone.

The only voice that was echoing in my ears was my instructor saying – “Do not shake your legs and just look up, don’t look down, look up, look up…”

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And, then the moment of my first bungee jumping in Colorado came. The location was splendid yet took my breath away.

I bound both my legs together and walked to stand at the edge, I could not feel anything at that point. I reached and counted reverse…”5, 4,3,2,1…and jump”. 

Those 10 seconds of pure free-fall were bliss. I experienced complete peace which seemed to me “forever”. I surrender myself to the energy to which I’ve no control.

Each second I was pacing towards the ground I felt free, suddenly, I was pulled up by the bungee, almost halfway to my original height, only to experience the fall again.

I was there hanging for another two–three minutes for my bungee to stabilize so that the guy can pull me down. It was at that moment I felt I conquered my fear.

bungee jumping in Colorado
Bungee jumping

You’ll love to read on…

Best Bungee Jumping Spots in Colorado

1. Royal Gorge Bridge

If you’re in search of extreme bungee jumping experiences in Colorado, I would recommend coming to Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City, South Colorado. 

Perched at an awe-inspiring height of 955 feet above the majestic Arkansas River, this 1,270 feet long bridge was built in 1929 as a tourist attraction.

It gives the visitors a nice view of the Royal Gorge. This suspension bridge is the tallest in the United States. It suspends from towers 150 feet high. 

The bridge serves as a venue for numerous endeavors, aiming to push the boundaries of human achievements through extreme world record attempts.

Royal Gorge Bridge bungee jumping is not like traditional bungee jumping rather it offers activities that are different and called “bungee swing” or “Royal Rush Skycoaster”.

You’ll be dropped to 100 ft. at a speed of about 50 mph from the “flying Superman” position where you’ll feel no less than Superman flying in the air. 

This unique bungee jumping location provides an exhilarating free fall experience that ignites the heart with adrenaline, all while treating you with panoramic vistas.

The good thing about Royal Gorge Bridge bungee free-fall swing is they offer no weight limit. Hence, no matter what your physical weight is you can experience the thrill.  

Royal Gorge Bridge, Royal Gorge Bridge bungee jumping
Royal Gorge Bridge

2. Glenwood Canyon

For exhilarating bungee jumping near Denver accompanied by the resounding symphony of the roaring river below, Glenwood Canyon is the best place for bungee jumping in Colorado. 

Glenwood Canyon sits near Glenwood Springs which is just 160 min west of Denver. This bungee jumping spot sits on top of the Iron Mountains at an elevation of 7,100 feet.

To all my daredevils, this heart-stopping, 70-foot descent into the void, ensures a thrilling yet secure adventure that pushes you to the edge of excitement and safety. 

The park also boldly propels the Giant Canyon Swing that takes you on the astonishing ride of 1,300 feet height above the majestic Colorado River. 

Adding to the thrill and excitement, they’ve also a brand new Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, spanning over a distance of 625 feet, giving an opportunity to all adventure seekers to enjoy the exhilarating aerial journey. 

For the traditional family-friendly bungee jumping options in Colorado, Glenwood Springs is perfect for summer things to do. 

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If you weigh between 80 – 240 pounds, you’re eligible to climb the tower to jump off and experience your first bungee jump overlooking the steep walls of Roaring Fork Valley.

I think it was my best decision to do something crazy and go for the bungee jumping here. It boosted my enthusiasm and helped me to conquer my fears.

Things to remember: To experience the enthralling giant Canyon Swing you must be 4 feet tall.

Glenwood Canyon
Zipline Glenwood Canyon

I know you want to read this…

3. Black Canyon of Gunnison

While the Black Canyon of Gunnison might not claim the title of being the largest in America, this remarkable attraction is sure to grab camera clicks that you never thought to witness.

The steep canyon walls, the rushing river, the untamed atmosphere, and the wild mahogany tree, offer bungee jumpers a rare view that no other place in Colorado can offer. 

Colorado is famous for its mountains and bungee jumping with scenic views Colorado with its enticing feature can only be found in the Black Canyon of Gunnison.

I made two trips to this offbeat location of Colorado and every time it takes away my breath seeing the canyon and its steep scree.

Black Canyon of Gunnison
Black Canyon of Gunnison

4. XLR8R in Elitch Gardens

As the sun began its descent behind the horizon, I sat there, which gradually lifted me to 150 feet above. Time seemed to stand as I reached the pinnacle of their ascent.

I could feel my heart racing, my palms getting damp, and veins popping out of my skin, I experienced a full free fall mix with bungee jumping, skydiving, and hang-gliding.

Yes, Elitch Garden’s XLR8R offers a unique bungee jump in Colorado that is only filled with adventure and screaming fun! It is one of the best places to visit in Denver.

Some Rare Spots for Bungee Jumping in Colorado

  • Mount Evans via Ferrata is an epic Cliffside journey nestled in the picturesque town of Idaho Springs! It is a unique way to walk on the rugged rock faces while securely attached to a steel cable.
  • For a unique bungee jumping experience in Colorado, head to Durango. I’m sure you’ve heard about Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Bridge, yes that’s the place. Here you’ll experience the thrill of bungee jumping with the charm of vintage locomotives.

Bungee Jumping Equipment Used in Colorado

To my adrenaline junkies, no matter whichever bungee jumping spot you choose in Colorado, you’ll find the bungee jumping adventure tours in Colorado mostly using braided shock cords.

This type of cord is crafted with meticulous engineering from multiple resilient latexes stands ensconced within a robust outer cover. 

It facilities a dynamic bounce experience, adding an extra dimension of exhilaration to the outdoor adventure.

Some other bungee jumping tour companies also use un-braided cords which offer soft yet longer bounce. However, they are made at home and are less secure compared to the braided cord.

You’ll see that operators using an un-braided type of cord also use a full-body harness as a backup to the ankle cord attachment.

However, despite following all the safety measures, miscalculations and errors have occurred. All these have resulted in death, upper body intravascular pressure, neck damage, eyesight damage, and more.

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Therefore, it is highly advisable to go to professional bungee jumping companies in Colorado to have an ideal experience. 

Bungee jumping
Bungee Jumping

You cannot miss out on this blog…

Proven Tips: Bungee Jumping for Beginners in Colorado

Compared to other outdoor sports activities, a bungee jump is the most short-lived, but life-altering adventure. It will push you to an extreme to feel free and enthralled.

Hence, here are a few tips you should follow as a beginner bungee jumper – 

  • Believe in yourself and give it a try! 24 hours prior, do not consume alcohol, and come here with a positive visual and fresh mind. 
  • Always choose professional bungee operators who will not only ensure your safety but will also motivate you. Do not come eating heavily, you might get nausea and vomiting. 
  • Always wear comfortable clothes sticking to your body (not tight clothes). Please do not wear loose clothes like long skirts. Loose clothes might get entangled with the rope and might cause a serious safety issue. And, the same goes for shoes. Wear boots and not flip-flops
bungee jumping tips
Bungee jumping tips


Calm your nerves and come to the edge, take deep breaths, and jump off! Yes, that’s how you experience the thrilling bungee jump. 

I agree that it is difficult to articulate these emotions in words, also, there aren’t the right adjectives to describe how bungee jumping feels, but indeed it’s the most enriching thing to experience. 

So, get ready to explore these great places in Colorado for bungee jumping. And, remember to smile while standing at the edge before jumping off. You’ll feel confident! 

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FAQ: Bungee Jumping in Colorado

1. Is it legal to bungee jump in Colorado?

A. Yes, it is legal to bungee jump in Colorado only in bungee jumping spots. You cannot go anywhere you want and jump off with the bungee tied around your feet. Bungee Jumping in Colorado is legal only in Royal Gorge Bridge, and Glenwood Canyon.

2. Can you still bungee jump off the Royal Gorge Bridge?

A. Bungee Jumping at Royal Gorge Bridge is strictly permissible exclusively during limited three days events known as “Go Fast Game” legal BASE jumping, as mandated by pertinent legal regulations. Also, everyone cannot choose the adventurous, only if you’re invited to this event you can. 

3. What are the bungee jumping prices in Colorado?

A. At Glenwood Canyon, per jump cost $20 (not including a tram ride from the park entrance). In general, admission for adults is available at a wallet-friendly price of $30, granting access to a thrilling adventure. For a single Skycoaster jump the price gets slightly elevated to $35.

4. What is the bungee jumping age restriction in Colorado?

A. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in bungee jumping. Unless and until you’re 18 you cannot sign on the waiver prior to jumping. 

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