10 Secret & Quiet Beaches in Miami for Families

Do you agree with me the need for unwinding your mind from a hectic schedule or the chaos of city life, filled with honking and people shouting?

Life has been an absolute BLAST, filled with non-stop partying at the hottest beaches, grooving in electrifying discos, and celebrating like there’s no tomorrow at unforgettable parties! Woohoo!

Quiet Beaches in Miami

But how long can you take this? Indeed, taking time out from this life and relaxing and recharging your soul is incredibly essential for a healthy mind and body.

If you agree with me, let me show you some of the incredibly quiet beaches in Miami that have world-renowned waters and clean sand. Being a local, I want you to know about my place. Sometimes, in Miami, you have to live your life in quiet places to keep your mind healthy.

I know you think Miami is expensive, but did you know that you can travel and have an incredible amount of fun here for very little money? (Check out my blog to discover some budget-friendly tips and tricks for enjoying Miami without breaking the bank!)

The Best Quiet Beaches in Miami

Moreover, Miami is home to some other hidden spots that will keep you amazed! For now, let’s have fun at some relaxing and tranquil Miami Beaches! 

1. Oleta River State Park Beach

  • Fee: $2 for bicyclists, $4 for single-occupant vehicles, and $6 per vehicle
  • Time: 8 am – sundown

Are you up for mountain biking, swimming, paddling, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, and basking in the Florida sun? Welcome to Oleta River State Park.  

A natural oasis situated between the Oleta River and Biscayne Bay. You’ll love strolling along the beach as your feet touch the soft white sand.

This lesser-known serene beach in North Miami spans over 1,043 acres, allowing you to swing on hammocks and enjoy reading a book.

During my visit, I went canoeing through the calm waterways between the pedestrian bridges and mangroves spotting water birds and manatees too.

I also saw two families grilling the fish they picked from the ocean and barbecuing. Hence, if you’re up for picnic plans in the afternoon, this place is a great day trip spot.

Things to do in Oleta River State Park Beach:

  • I want you to rent canoes and kayaks here. You’ll love the experience. You can either go for the whole day or just by the hour. And, also, they run Full Moon Kayak Tours and Sunset Tours, which is an incredible experience to taste
  • Break from your regular spot of watching the sunset and enjoy the sun from the beach. The view of the sun against the beauty of Biscayne Bay is mesmerizing
  • Oleta River State Park is not only home to beautiful, quiet beaches in Miami, but also one of the best mountain biking spots in Florida, offering twists and turns for every adventure seeker.
oleta river state park beach, quiet beaches in Miami
Oleta River State Park Beach

2. Homestead Bayfront Park

  • Fee: $7 on weekends and holidays, $5 from Monday to Friday, $15- $17 for buses or RVs
  • Time: Sunrise – sunset

Kelvin and I were driving toward the Florida Keys, and for our lunch stop, we decided to visit Homestead Bayfront Park.

Little did we know, we were stopping at one of the remote beach retreats near Miami, the place instantly captured our hearts!

It’s a charming oasis tucked away in a small town just 30 minutes southwest of Miami between Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. 

Due to its proximity to two National parks, Homestead Bayfront Park is home to an abundance of recreational activities. The setting is so tropical and peaceful!

The clear water makes it perfect for snorkeling. For a weekend getaway, if you’re looking for a peaceful and composed environment, you should consider this place. 

Things to do in Homestead Bayfront Park:

  • The reason we were here in the first place was to enjoy South Florida seafood with beer at La Playa Grill. Yes, it has good reviews and indeed serves the best! The live music, the view, and the food were something we loved it!
  • If you’re planning to stay for the night, come to Knaus Berry Farm, a beautiful strawberry farm
  • This exclusive quiet beach in Miami offers a boat ramp, perfect for travelers who are eager to launch their boats and explore the area. So, this summer, are you coming here?

Note: Dogs are not allowed at Homestead Bayfront Park

homestead bayfront park
Homestead Bayfront Park

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3. Crandon Park Beach

  • Fee: $5 on weekdays and $7 on weekends
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Sitting just beyond the Rickenbacker Causeway, Crandon Park Beach beckons with its serene allure, and peaceful escape from the busy mainland city.

This barrier island of Key Biscayne is a secret quiet Miami Beach area that has the power to transport visitors to a world of nature and tranquillity. 

It is an 800-acre park and two-mile-long beach where you have the opportunity to play volleyball and enjoy the marina, golf, tennis, kayak, and kiteboarding.

Additionally, you’ll love the views of dunes, swaying palm trees, calm water, and sea oats. The place is so quiet that while basking in the sun you’ll have a tremendous beachside nap!

Things to do in Crandon Park Beach:

  • For the ultimate beach experience, get yourself a private cabana, spanning over an impressive 100 square feet, where you enjoy exclusive amenities like a personal shower and a private paradise by the azure waters
  • The park is home to hundreds of flora and fauna. So explore the trails past through mangroves and coastal hammocks to witness the view of spy limpkins, green herons, and other shore birds
  • Bring your kids, as the shallow water is ideal for them to take a relaxing dip in the ocean. Also, calm water and perfect water temperature is ideal for snorkeling
crandon park beach
Crandon Park Beach

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4. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach

  • Fee: $8 per vehicle
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Once you come to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach, you’ll feel like someone transported you to a different world. The place is pole apart from Miami mainland!

Its location near Miami’s gridlocked streets makes it perfect for tourists to walk the Rickenbacker Causeway to escape the crowds and enjoy silence and solitude.

Sitting right on the tip of Key Biscayne, this quiet Miami Beach with its crystal clear water is simply going to take your breath away. For day trips, this spot is paradise!

However, I won’t deny that these days you might complain about the beach being a little crowded. In 2013, Forbes ranked it as the best beaches in the country.

I was here with my sisters, and mother before COVID, when we were busy hunting shells and splashing the super clean calm water. 

Things to do in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach:

  • You’ve to come to see the white tower which is called Cape Florida Lighthouse, the only lighthouse back during the days in 1825 in South Florida that signal ships. The path that takes you here seems like a movie set – a concrete path lined with palm trees and fresh marine water is heavenly!
  • You can bring your dog and let him enjoy the gorgeous soft sand and view of the sun setting in the evening. The view of Miami’s coastline from here is phenomenal! I recommend going hiking to enjoy nature closely
  • Bring your camera to visit Stiltsville, a fascinating collection of historic wooden houses built on stilts amidst the ocean. How can you miss this? For experiencing and learning more, I recommend taking a boat tour.
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach

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5. Matheson Hammock Park

  • Fee: $5 on weekdays and $6 on the weekends
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Matheson Hammock Park is nestled within the luxurious Coral Gables Miami-Dade, another quiet beach away from the crowds nearby Cocoplum in Miami.

The park is meticulously planned to blend nature’s beauty of Florida mangroves, and hardwood forests with the beach and manmade atoll pool for children to have fun!

You can enjoy South Florida’s cool breeze while strolling along the trails in peace. During my childhood days, my father used to bring me to teach Kite Boarding.

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My parents often used to take the winding roads passing through swamp-dense mangrove forests to reach the open cove overlooking Biscayne Bay. 

We’ve so many pictures at home of this place! The best part about Matheson Hammock Park is it is one of the dog-friendly quiet beaches in Miami.

Things to do in Matheson Hammock Park

  • It is one of the safest and quietest beaches in Florida where you can also bring small children. You can also visit Fairchild Tropical Garden nearby
  • Bring your towel and dog to stay long to catch the most beautiful sunset in Miami. This time is so ideal to click pictures
  • End your day by having a mouth-watering seafood dinner at Red Fish Grill. Did you know this park was built back in I 1930s? 

Tip: You should plan a picnic with your friends by the lakeside coral rock pavilion. The view is unexplainably beautiful.

Note: Lifeguard is always present on the beach

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6. Virginia Key Beach Park

  • Fee: $8 on weekends
  • Time: 7 am to sunset

Near Downtown Miami and a few minutes from Key Biscayne Island sit Virginia Key Beach Park, an oasis far from the busy crowd and cosmopolitan life. 

Since 1945, families with little ones have come here to ride the antique carousel and miniature train. Grown-ups can unwind or take the walking paths to enjoy views of the water.

It is pretty well-known among Floridians but remains one of the best-secluded beaches in South Florida. The pro tip I can share is to come on weekdays. 

You’re bound to find your private spot in this 863-acre land and enjoy the sun, and spend some time meditating without any chaos. 

More than anything, Virginia Key Beach Park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. Hence, it is one of the best beaches in Miami, Florida, to explore, learn, and relax.

Things to do in Virginia Key Beach Park

  • The place has so much history to soak in that I can say that one day is not enough. 1st August is celebrated as the official Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Day. 
  • Escape to this concealed sanctuary, where you can swim, enjoy coastal hammock trails, and bask in the sun for a healthy dose of Vitamin D
  • This beautiful stretch of land is home to palm trees and mangroves, as well as shaded pavilions with picnic tables. So, beachgoers you can enjoy the sunshine with food and family.
  • I recommend renting any of the six pastel-colored cabins and enjoying the old Miami vibe, which you may have been missing in your daily life
Virginia Key Beach Park
Virginia Key Beach Park

7. Sunny Isles Beach

  • Time: Sunrise – sunset

Sunny Isles Beach is my slice of paradise, nestled between the enchanting Atlantic Ocean and the serene Intercoastal Waterway, south of Fort Lauderdale. 

It’s like Florida’s very own French Riviera, with a touch of nostalgic charm known as “Motel Row.” Also, the palm-fringed stretch and white sand beach look so dreamy!

This secluded and peaceful Miami Beach feels like a little piece of heaven that I can escape to whenever I need a dose of pure bliss.

I have visited this place countless times with my elder sister, attending sunrise yoga sessions on the sand. 

After each session, we would head to Family Fresh Café for their delicious and fresh pancakes. You know the food and entertainment scene on the beach is very eclectic!

Things to do in Sunny Isles Beach

  • I’ve heard from my grandfather that every Friday, he used to come to Newport Fishing Pier, which spans over 700 feet, for fishing with his friends. Afterward, they would return home and enjoy signature dishes from traditional dining spots.
  • If you want to host any family-friendly events by the ocean, you can check out Samson Oceanfront Park
  • Though this is an un-crowded beach for relaxation Miami features countless restaurants, public parks, shopping centers, museums, and luxury resorts. You’ll hear a lot of people coming to Acqualina Resort & Spa for a staycation.

8. Haulover Beach Park

  • Fee: free
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Let me introduce you to one of the family-friendly Miami beaches with minimal tourist traffic and plenty of pet and dog traffic – Haulover Beach Park.

North of Miami Beach sits this pretty blue water soft sand beach that hosts regular kite-making workshops and sells kites to fly-facing Biscayne Bay. Isn’t that cool?

Even if you’re in search of “no tan lines beaches in Florida” Haulover Beach between lifeguard towers #12 and #16 is the official clothing-optional area in Florida.

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Let me make you more comfortable, this beach has been ranked as “Top 10 Best Nude Beaches in America”. So, when are you planning to enjoy the quietness in your birthday suit?

Things to do in Haulover Beach Park

  • Haulover Beach Park is one of Miami’s best quiet beaches with very few tourists and a peaceful environment. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and fishing as much as you want
  • If you’re traveling with family or friends, I recommend renting boats to explore the Miami coastline
Haulover Beach Park
Haulover Beach Park

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9. North Shore Open Space Park

  • Fee: free
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Covering 36 acres, North Shore Open Space Park is a magnificent oceanfront park boasting a lot of native vegetation, dunes, coastal hammocks, and salty breeze.

It sits between the condos of Miami Beach and Surfside, largely undiscovered by tourists. This off-the-beaten-path beach is a hidden gem of Miami that you must visit.

I can assure you that this space holds therapeutic magic that cleanses your aura as you sway in the ocean breezes and experience a sense of calmness in your mind.

The reason why this beach is considered a low-key and quiet beach spot in Miami is because there isn’t much on the beach apart from a few volleyball nets.

The silky beige sand is so clean that you can lie down and enjoy the non-commercialized atmosphere. 

Note: The beach has lifeguards and picnic tables for family fun!

Things to do in North Shore Open Space Park:

  • You can bring your dog to this park, as it features separate dog parks for small and large dogs, ensuring a delightful experience for both furry companions
  • The bike trails and walking trails pass through shaded trees, making the experience soothing for both the eyes and the mind

10. Hobie Island Beach Park

  • Fee: $5 per vehicle
  • Time: sunrise – sunset

Did you know what connects the Virginia Key barrier island to Miami? Rickenbacker Causeway, around here you’ll find Hobie Island Beach Park, the best-secluded beach in Miami for peacefulness.

But, do you know the most interesting fact? Hobie Island Beach is a pooch paradise where your furry friend can run off-leash, and thanks to the calm and shallow waters, there is no danger.

Locals also refer to it as Rickenbacker Causeway Beach due to its location, and it is often called Windsurfer Beach because it’s a perfect place to learn windsurfing.

Note: Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water, as there is a high chance of both you and your pup getting dehydrated since this is a saltwater beach.

Hobie Island Beach Park
Hobie Island Beach Park


These remote and calm beaches in Miami are great to swim in the ocean, lie on the beach, do yoga on the sand, cleanse your mind, and unwinding your body.

The Miami coastline of these beaches is so idyllic that you’ll yearn to come here every weekend to experience the peace and calmness it offers.

So, next time when you’re coming to Miami, make sure you’re hitting any of the above spots serene and explore the undisturbed beaches of Miami.

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FAQ: Quiet Beaches in Miami

1. Which Miami beaches are best for avoiding crowds and noise?

A. In Northeast Miami-Dade County, Florida, Sunny Isles Beach is the ultimate spot to escape from crowds and enjoy the clean air of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. With its stunning vistas, miles of pristine white sand, and an ambiance of tranquillity, this beach is sure to uplift your spirit and make you feel rejuvenated. 

2. What time of year is best to visit quiet beaches in Miami to avoid peak tourist season?

A. Late April to early May is the best time to visit the serene beaches in Miami because, during this period, there are fewer tourists compared to other times of the year.

3. Are there any nearby accommodations or resorts close to the quiet beaches in Miami?

A. If you plan to visit Sunny Isles Beach, I highly recommend staying at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort. For those heading to Oleta River State Park, consider booking North Miami Beach Garden Inn & Suites.

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