10 Off the Beaten Path in Switzerland for Solitude Seekers (2023)

Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern we, the travel buff are already familiar with these most beautiful places in Switzerland. Most of the travelers plan an average of 6-7 days trip itinerary for Switzerland travel that includes the above-mentioned places mainly.

Even when you search for ‘Most beautiful places in Switzerland’ or ‘Switzerland trip itinerary’ in Google, the maximum results you will find those most visited touristy places. But is it all about Switzerland? What’s about some off the beaten path in Switzerland?

Offbeat places in Switzerland


off the beaten path in Switzerland

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Here I am going to tell you 10 of that picturesque but less touristy off the beaten track in Switzerland. If you want to experience the pure essence of Switzerland you must visit the untouched offbeat countrysides of this beautiful country.


How to Reach Wengen:

Wengen is a little mountain village located at the elevation of 1274 m. just above Lauterbrunnen. The most amazing part about Wengen is it is a car-free area and you cannot drive your car to Wengen(you have to park your car in Lauterbrunnen). Wengen is accessible only by cogwheel train or hiking trail.

Things to do in Wengen:

No car, no horn, fewer tourists make Wengen super quiet with a cool breeze.

  • The hiking trail or 25 minutes train journey from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen both are equally beautiful.
  • In Summer you can enjoy a sunny day in a lush green valley with surrounding beautiful mountains like Eiger, Monch.
  • Wengen is a ski lover’s paradise in Winter for its great range of hiking paths.
offbeat place Wengen

Wengen is basically a place to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. You can hike this little village to explore more or you can have day trips from Wengen to Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn which are not cheap.


How to Get to Stoos:

Stoos is another little off the beaten path in Switzerland located at a height of 1300 m. It is also a car-free area which you can access by Stoosbahn funicular rail from Zurich.

Things to do in Stoos: 

  • Hike, Hike and Hike. You will experience here one of the best hikes in Switzerland. The grassy land in Summer with a spectacular view of mountains make it one of the amazing places in Switzerland.
  • You can also take a ride on the chairlift that offers a splendid view of Lake Lucerne from the top.
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ZERMATT- Off the Beaten Path in Switzerland:

Zermatt is a tiny town from where you will get the best view of iconic Matterhorn hill. It is also popular as one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

How to Reach Zermatt: 

Zermatt is located at an elevation of 1620 m in the Canton of Valais. Zermatt has some of the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland. Train is the easiest transport to reach Zermatt. If you drive our car then you have to park your car in Tasch and then bard to Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn to Zermatt. Another most popular way to reach Zermatt is Glacier Express that starts from St. Moritz.

Things to do in Zermatt:

Matterhorn peak from Zermatt
Matterhorn peak from Zermatt
  • Enjoy skiing on the popular ski slopes in Matterhorn.
  • Hike around the Alpine hiking trails and lakes.
  • You will get the stunning beauty of Matterhorn and the sunset.
  • You can enjoy the cable car ride to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.
  • You will get some Instagrammable picture of the Alpine peaks from Rothorn.


It is another offbeat place in Switzerland which is not so famous but you can enjoy a calm atmosphere in a picture-postcard beautiful place where the only sounds you can hear are the chirping of birds and tinkling of cowbells.

You can still find Swiss people in their traditional Swiss clothing in this remote region of Switzerland, but mainly they wear it in traditional festivals.

How to Get to La Gruyere:

If you go by car, La Gruyere is 120 km away from Geneva and just 50 km away from Lucerne.

Things to do in La Gruyere:

  • Roam around the village on foot to extract the pure essence of the Swiss countryside
  • Visit the Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory in Broc village, one of the best chocolate factories in Switzerland. You will get a chance to see different types of chocolate making procedure and the surprising part is one can taste unlimited chocolates there with an entry fee of 10 CHF.
  • Visit the village of Gruyeres for Swiss cheese-making factories. It produces one of the best Swiss cheeses in the world.

You can use one of my Best Travel Apps Guides by Lonely Planets ‘ that will give you transport information to must-see sights details and many more. Especially when you are visiting any off the beaten paths in Switzerland.

offbeat destination in Switzerland, La Gruyere
La Gruyere


This UNESCO world heritage site is the largest glacier in the Alps with a length of 23 km.

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How to Reach Aletsch Glacier:

Take a bus or a train from Brig to Aletsch village that takes around an hour to reach the viewpoint.

Things to do in Aletsch Glacier:

  • Take a thrilling mountain hike from Eggishorn to Lake Marjela. The journey offers a magnificent view of over the entire Aletsch Glacier.
  • Enjoy a pleasant view from Moosfluh, followed by a walk in the Aletsch Forest.
  • Visit the World Nature Forum and get a better understanding of the history and formation of Aletsch Glacier.
Aletsch Glacier
Aletsch Glacier


How to Reach Nendaz:

Geneva is well connected with cheap flights to most of the major cities in the world. Board on a train from Geneva to Sion and then hop on a local bus to go to the up mountain.

Things to do in Nendaz:

  • You can go for a hike around Tracouet, Siviez in Summer here.
  • Nendaz is famous for ski resorts in Winter. There are several other winter outdoor activities you will find here from November.
  • Join a cheese-making workshop and get an understanding of Swiss cheese.
  • Enjoy terrifying mountain biking and explore more untouched off the beaten path around Nendaz.
Skiing in Nendaz offbeat destination
Skiing in Nendaz

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This car-free offbeat destination in Switzerland is totally beyond your imagination. It is located in the Swiss Canton of Valais at an elevation of 1957 m.

How to Reach Bettmeralp:

One has to take a train from Zurich to Brig that takes around 2.5 hours to reach Brig and from Brig, it is just 10 minutes train ride to Betten train station. You will find gondola there that takes you to alpine village Bettmeralp.

What to do in Bettmeralp:

  • Take a cable car from Bettmeralp that leads up to the summit of Bettmerhorn that offers an elegant view of Aletsch Glacier.
  • In Winter, Bettmeralp offers a breathtaking view of snow-covered Swiss Alps.
  • Skiing is another popular activity here among the adventure enthusiasts that starts before Christmas and makes this place more scenic and beautiful.
  • Being it less popular among tourists, you can spend a relaxing time here in the serenity of nature.
offbeat place in Switzerland, Bettmeralp
Offbeat place in Switzerland, Bettmeralp


This hidden gem of Switzerland is located in the southern part of Switzerland. Lugano offers mesmerizing city sights, cultural events, beautiful lakes and churches. It is also considered as one of the best honeymoon places in Switzerland.

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How to Reach Lugano:

Lugano can be reached from any major city in Switzerland by bus or train. You can go there from the north of Italy also.

Things to do in Lugano:

Lake Lugano
Lake Lugano
  • Take a short walk towards lake Lugano and I am pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed after spending some hours here. The breathtaking view will capture your heart and pull you into its magic at first sight.
  • Visit Monte Bre and Monte San Salvatore, both are perfect for taking spectacular images. Enjoy the hike and a picturesque sunset from the viewpoint.
 Monte Bre, Lugano
Monte Bre, Lugano


How to Get to Vevey: 

It is just a 1-hour journey by train(IR90) from Geneva. You can also travel by bus here.

Things to do in Vevey:

  • The best way to explore Vevey is to have a long walk across the lake. The old town is a real treat to walk past them in the early evening.
  • Visit the vineyard slopes of the Wine Road which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This route is total 12 km long and you can taste the pure Swiss wine here.
  • Don’t forget to visit Charlie Chaplin’s house and the museum called Chaplin’s World. Vevey is also famous as Charlie Chaplin spent his after retirement life in Vevey.
Charlie Chaplin Sculpture in Vevey
Charlie Chaplin Sculpture in Vevey


This tiny off the beaten path Switzerland will offer you a pleasant climate as it is located just 196 m. above sea level.

How to Reach Ascona:

Getting to Ascona is quite complex but you won’t regret it after reaching there. Board on a train from Geneva to Lugano. From Lugano change 2 trains to reach Locarno. Take a shuttle bus from Locarno to Ascona.

Things to do in Ascona:

  • Visit the Brissago Island and the botanic garden on the island.
  • Enjoy a funicular journey to Orselina for an eye-catching view.
  • Spend some quality time in lake Maggiore which is located in both Switzerland and Italy.
  • Take some vivid pictures of colorful houses of Ascona that looks really beautiful from a distance.

Ascona has more to offer. I will recommend staying in Ascona for a minimum of one night to explore the small town. Here you can book some budget hotels.

Colorful Houses in Ascona
Colorful Houses in Ascona

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  1. This makes me want to head back to Switzerland ASAP! I have only been to Lauterbrunnen but didn’t have time to hike while there, so thank you for these suggestions!

    1. Hi Emily, Switzerland is much more than just Zurich, Interlaken, Lucerne or Geneva. Explore the country side to get the pure essence of Switzerland.

  2. Even weeks are less to spend in the beautiful Bernese Oberland region!

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