14 Best Chocolates in Switzerland for Die Hard Chocolate Lovers

Welcome to Switzerland, the land of cheese, chocolate, and stunning scenery! Switzerland is renowned for its delectable chocolate, and in this article, we’re exploring the best Swiss chocolate brands and shops. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a chocolate connoisseur, this guide will take you on a journey of indulgence.

From traditional chocolatiers to modern chocolate shops, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, grab a piece of your favorite chocolate, and join us on a mouthwatering adventure through the best chocolates in Switzerland.

best chocolates in Switzerland


10 best chocolate shops in Switzerland

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The journey of Lindt started in 1845. This is one of the most well-known Swiss chocolate brands in Switzerland. They have around 370 chocolate shops all over the globe. With great quality and wide availability help Lindt to maintain its position as one of the finest chocolate producers in the world.

best chocolates in Switzerland
Lindt Shop in Switzerland

Lindt offers its visitors tastings and workshops at their Chocolateria in Kilchberg for 70-80 CHF. You can also visit their Swiss Chocolate Adventure at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. It costs 16 CHF to attend. Lindt also runs several factory outlets and cafés across all the major tourist places in Switzerland. Use their interactive map to locate the nearby stores.


The Villars family is the world’s oldest Swiss chocolate band paying tribute to the “Swiss Milk Collection Bars” and “Swiss Dark Chocolate Bars”. Thanks to the location, the Fribourg region of Switzerland, and their wonderful dedication to offering chocolate bars with the finest quality dairy products. No way, you’ll get bored.

You’ll be amazed to know that with their Maitres Chocolatiers and century-old experience you can taste the real Swiss chocolate heritage. I love the texture and trust me with every bite the flavor and taste seem so different. I believe that the word “delicious” doesn’t make quite a justice. The cover design is so detailed and exclusive.

The signature taste of Villars milk chocolate, the best Swiss chocolatier, is its remarkable smoothness and with each bite, you can feel its “white gold” taste. Every ingredient like Forastero, Criolla, Trinitario, Cinnamon, the subtle bloom of coconut, the nuance of bananas, and beans are roasted in such a manner that it enhances its aroma and flavor to give a new personality. 

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Toblerone is my personal favorite Swiss chocolate for its long-lasting flavor and insanely delicious taste. Back in 1908, Theodor Tobler and his cousin invented this unique triangular shape Swiss chocolate bar. Undoubtedly, Toblerone is one of the best Swiss chocolate brands that can bring instant happiness to your taste buds and soul on every single bite.

Toblerone’s unique, high-quality ingredients create an incredible flavor that can stay with you for several minutes after the chocolate has melted. They use pure Swiss milk, natural honey, and some of the finest raw materials from around the world.

Toblerone Swiss chocolate
Toblerone Chocolate – PC: Flickr

Most chocolate lovers believe that the unique triangular shape of Toblerone is inspired by the famous Matterhorn peak. If you are a chocolate lover, you must take a bite of this classic Swiss chocolate. Your taste buds will be reawakened with the heavenly taste of Swiss milk, filled with natural honey, finest cocoa, and almond nougat pieces.


You must visit Max Chocolatier if you are looking for the best chocolates in Lucerne, Switzerland. Founded in 2009, Max Chocolatier is a Swiss chocolate brand that offers some of the best chocolates in the country. Their chocolates are crafted with the finest ingredients and are known for their exceptional taste and quality. From creamy milk chocolates to rich dark chocolates, Max Chocolatier has something for every chocolate lover.

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Their truffles are particularly popular, with unique flavors such as raspberry balsamic and lavender. For individuals who want to learn the craft of manufacturing chocolate, they also offer classes. They continue to push the limits of what is possible in the chocolate industry with their dedication to quality and inventiveness.

Max Chocolatier | Top   chocolates in Switzerland
Max Chocolatier – P.C: Pinterest

If you visit Switzerland in Nov-Dec, you will find these mouth-watering chocolates in almost all Christmas markets in Switzerland.

Website: Max Chocolatier

Opening Hours: Open 10:00 – 18:30, Mon 13:00 – 18:30, Sat 10:00 – 17:00. Closed Sun.


Nestlé is a big multinational food and beverage company based in Vevey, Switzerland. They serve their customers in more than 80 countries. Although they are mostly known for its variety of Swiss chocolates, their products include different food items beyond their famous Swiss chocolate division, like baby food, pet food, medical food, snacks, coffee, cereal, etc.

Nestlé produces various types of chocolate bars with different flavors like milk chocolate, dark chocolate(best Swiss chocolate to lower blood pressure), choco chunks, fruit and nuts, almond and hazelnut, milk crunch, and much more. The silky texture and intense taste of their chocolate are praised and loved all over the world.

Nestle Kitkat
Raspberry & Passion Fruit KitKat – PC: Flickr

One of Nestlé’s most popular products is KitKat wafers which were launched in 1935 and still maintain their unique premium flavors. Milkybar and Quality Street are also very popular among white Swiss chocolate lovers.


Sprungli is the ultimate stop for chocolate lovers who are looking for the best chocolates in Zurich, Switzerland. This classic Swiss sweet shop was opened in 1859 on the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz in Zürich. They make chocolates, truffles, and pralines by hand every day.

Sprungli, Finest Swiss Chocolate
Sprungli, Finest Swiss Chocolate PC: Flickr

Sprüngli continues to make high-quality products using high-quality ingredients. Buy a box of truffles to try a wide variety of indulgent treats. Their specialty is they don’t use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Sprüngli has its cocoa processed by Felchin of Schwyz, one of the best cocoa processors in the world. But their hot chocolate is not at all up to the mark.

Website: Spruengli

Click on the below link if you are looking to buy Swiss Chocolate online.


The first time I came to the Camille Bloch Chocolate factory, I did not know they supply the famous Swiss chocolate Ragusa and Torino. I wanted to have their liqueur chocolates. You might wonder what’s so special about these.  Okay, let me warn you that after a bite of Camille Bloch, you’ll crave more! In a good way! 

Liqueur and the chocolate combination seem to unite the varied population. I recommend trying the cherry liqueur from an Aussie Red Tulip assorted box, it tastes sweet and strong at the same time. The taste is so inviting and intriguing. I love the egg shape of Cognac, the chocolate calmly soothes your taste buds making you feel flattered. 

The best part about this Swiss chocolate company is that you get the taste of a unique Swiss character. With a bite, you can taste the crunchy hazelnuts, feel the hazelnut cream melting in your mouth, and leave a taste that you never want to forget. Whereas, Torino introduces you to the world of Dolce Vita that has the power to offer tender bliss!

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Maison Cailler is the oldest chocolate brand in Switzerland. The best part is that the quality of their original chocolates has not faltered in the least throughout the years. Even the quality of Maison Cailler can compete with some of the best premium Belgian chocolate brands.

If you ask which chocolate factory tour is the best to learn more about Swiss chocolates, I will highly recommend the Maison Cailler chocolate factory tour.

This 90 minutes self-guided chocolate factory tour begins with an interesting history of how the Swiss became so famous for their chocolatiers, how chocolate came to Europe, and how the Swiss people refined the product. Audio-guides will explain the various aspects of growing cocoa and some fundamental chocolate making facts.

You can sniff, touch, and taste the high-quality ingredients used to make chocolates. At the end of the tour, visitors loiter in luxury in an all-you-can-eat chocolate tasting room.

Cailler Chocolate | Swiss chocolate brands
Cailler Chocolate Factory | Swiss Chocolate Brand PC: Flickr

If you are on a honeymoon in Switzerland, joining a chocolate making class together could be a great idea.

Admission Fee: CHF 12 (Free if you have Swiss Travel Pass)   

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 am to 5 pm.


Looking for the best chocolate shops in Switzerland? None can beat Du Rhone Chocolatier when it’s about the best chocolates in Geneva, Switzerland. This popular chocolate factory in Geneva has been around since 1875. They use cocoa beans only from South America and West Africa to make their incredibly delicious chocolates, which come in a wide variety of flavors.

Du Rhone Chocolatier | best chocolate factory in Switzerland
Du Rhone Chocolate

Du Rhone Chocolatier also offers a chocolate tasting workshop. It is a very interesting and informative workshop where visitors are shown around the chocolate making area and the history of Du Rhone. I will recommend trying particularly three famous chocolates, each of which is award-winning chocolate – Coline, praline Imperial and Mocca Glace. The last one is made to a recipe kept secret for more than a century.

Website: Du-Rhone


It is one of the most exquisite chocolate brands in the world. Läderach has been operating since 1962 and is the largest chocolate retailer in Switzerland. They’re popular for their “FrischSchoggi” (fresh chocolate) barks and fancy bonbons. Don’t forget to taste their white chocolate with crushed raspberries and blackberries.

In Bilten, there is a self-guided tour that walks you through the production of Swiss chocolate. Especially if you’re doing it with kids, it’s a highly thrilling and enjoyable pastime. The procedure begins in a tropical rainforest and concludes with a live production of Läderach chocolates.

Laderach, One of the Best Chocolate Shops in Switzerland
Laderach, One of the Best Chocolate Shops in Switzerland PC: Flickr

Läderach is one of the best selling chocolates in Switzerland. They also offer amazing selections to take away as gifts and souvenirs. The only downside is Läderach is relatively expensive but you won’t regret its heavenly taste.

The only downside of Läderach is that it is an expensive Swiss chocolate brand, but you won’t regret its heavenly taste. 


The name Auer comes from the family name who is running a chocolate business for five generations. Undoubtedly, they are one of the best chocolate brands in Switzerland. There is a wide variety(more than 50) of flavors and styles from outstanding pralines to divine truffles. Their chocolate covered almonds are very famous all over the world.

Auer chocolatier | best chocolates in geneva, switzerland
Auer Chocolates

This year-old family-run chocolate maker is one of the country’s most prestigious names for top-notch Swiss chocolate which are all handmade. They also have a beautiful café where you can relax with a cup of Swiss hot chocolate and enjoy the taste of truffles, pralines, and luxurious ganaches. If you like to keep a traditional souvenir, pick up an assortment box in specially designed packaging.

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Website: Auer


Chocolat Frey is another top-class Swiss chocolate brand, steeped in tradition since 1887. They are not as big as Laderach, Lindt, or Cailler, but they have a prestigious role in the Swiss chocolate scene. The best thing is their enormous variety, with over 50 different shapes and fillings such as praline, gianduja, ganache, or cream.

Chocolat Frey has a wide variety of Premium Swiss Chocobloc Bars and Chocobloc Mini Bars & Premium Nut Bars and a beautifully crafted Swiss Praline Box Assortment.

Chocolat Frey
Chocolat Frey Chocolatier

They opened their visitor’s center in 2014 near Aarau. Their interactive museum offers the visitors an entertaining journey through the process of cocoa beans turning into chocolate. Don’t miss the chance to try a roasted cocoa bean if you have not tried it before.


Durig Chocolatier offers a rich selection of Swiss chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and chocolate specialties. It is renowned worldwide for its fine chocolates made from certified organic and fair trade ingredients. Durig Chocolatier gives a great deal of care and passion for the making of chocolate.

Durig Chocolatier | Best chocolate shops in Switzerland
Durig Chocolatier

All of their chocolates are made in-house from the best cocoa beans (mainly Criollos beans from South America), pure cocoa butter, and all-natural ingredients. They also offer an hour-long chocolate making workshop that involves decorating and setting the chocolate. They have different flavors but their salted caramel and marzipan shouldn’t be missed.

Website: Durig


Gottlieber is a famous chocolate brand in Switzerland founded in 1928 by Elisabeth Wegeli. Gottlieber is one of the best chocolates in Switzerland and specializes in making mini wafer rolls(a popular Swiss chocolate roll), Easter bunnies, truffles, and tartufi.

Gottlieber Chocolatier
Gottlieber Chocolatier

Gottlieber stands out from the rest of Switzerland’s top chocolate shops as it makes Swiss chocolates without using any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Website: Gottlieber


To sum up, every chocolate brands in Switzerland have something in common: the real taste of Swiss chocolates, a passion for offering the best and the impeccable taste. 

From affordable brands like Frey Supreme to luxury Swiss Chocolate brands like Lindt, I’ve given you a list of Chocolates from Switzerland of various brands and prices to fulfill your dark or white chocolate desire!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Swiss Chocolate Brands

1. Why is Swiss chocolate so good?

A: Swiss chocolate is famous for its beautiful combination of milk and cocoa. They use pure Alpine cow milk, and high-quality cocoa beans to produce award-winning chocolates. Switzerland is renowned for milk chocolate which contains cocoa butter that melts quickly at body temperature. The creamy texture, alluring flavor, and innovation is the key to their success in the chocolate industry.

2. Where to buy the best chocolates in Switzerland?

A: Läderach, Lindt, Sprüngli -these are some of the best chocolate shops in Switzerland. You can find their outlets in all major cities like Zurich, Geneva, Bern. Supermarkets are also great places to find different chocolate brands in one place.

3. Is Swiss chocolate expensive?

A: Switzerland is renowned for its quality product and so is its chocolate. Most of the chocolatiers in Switzerland don’t compromise with their quality. So it might be costly if you are looking for premium Swiss chocolates that offer the ultimate taste. Don’t worry, you can find cheap Swiss chocolates in supermarkets.

4. Where to buy cheap chocolates in Switzerland?

A: Most of the Swiss chocolate shops in tourist areas are pretty expensive. You will find affordable chocolates in supermarkets like Migros and Coop.


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    If you are travelling to Switzerland don’t only try big names Lindt, Nestle, Toblerone & Läderach. Although big names like these do taste different country to country (ie. Lindt chocolate is better in Switzerland than it is in America), you’re missing out on incredible chocolate if you don’t shop locally at a small chocolatier.

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    You need to taste them all to make the correct order. Good luck

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