8 Best Christmas Markets in Switzerland in 2023

The Best Christmas markets in Switzerland are all decked up full of love, hope, and blessings. On this festive day, Switzerland is splendidly decorated which reminds us of the song – 

…Deck the halls with boughs of holly

best christmas markets in switzerland

Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la)

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la…

The city is enveloped with fairy cheerful lights, snows, Christmas carousels, and people hooded with red caps and enjoying the happiest moment of their life which brightly eliminates every part of the society. During this time, one forgets singularity and spends their time with their families and friends. Switzerland is surrounded by the most fascinating and well-known Christmas Markets. 

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Enjoy your time in the Best Christmas Market in Switzerland!

You can get amazing Christmas gifts for your family and friends because I’m listing the best Christmas markets in Switzerland. 

Every Christmas market in Switzerland offers the best quality creamy, milky, sweeter, and smooth Swiss chocolate.

Bring some mouth-watering cocoa buttery Swiss chocolate for your friend!

Spend some “Aha” moments in the Switzerland Christmas market: 

Christmas night has a cheerful and joyful atmosphere with wine-and-cheese nights, harmony with sweet and welcoming ambiance. The city emerges with the music and songs such as Noël Suisse – Swiss Christmas, Kommt all herein, ihr Engelein – Come All Ye Little Angels, Bells of Muothatal or Stille Nacht, or Heilige Nacht – Silent Night, Holy Night (Ahh! This one is my favorite) in the background. The streets are wide for you to walk around and explore the stalls and buy beautifully crafted items. 

Did you get a Christmas gift for your friend? 

Do you remember Jim and Della from “The Gift of the Magi”? Both Della and Jim sold their priced procession to get the most valuable gift on Christmas Eve. 

So, here, you can freely explore the best Christmas markets in Switzerland and you’re your friend, something which is valuable, inexpensive and custom made and much wiser than what Jesus got on his birthday.

When do the Christmas Markets Start in Switzerland?

Roam freely in the best Christmas markets in Switzerland. Here are the best and the most romantic and well-known markets. They are as follows:

  • Bern:  Buy unique handcrafted items from this market, it starts from 27th November and lasts till 24th December.
  • Basel: Do you know which the oldest Christmas market in Switzerland is? It is a hub of more than 180 stalls and you can buy and eat delicious foods. This market starts from 25th November to 23rd December. 
  • Chur: Historic town Chur offers one of the best Christmas markets in Switzerland. The market opens only for one day 26th November to 27th November. 
  • Einsiedeln: A beautiful Switzerland Christmas Market opens from 27th November and continues till 6th December.
  • Interlaken: Do you want to buy creative romantic gifts for your spouse? Then Interlaken Christmas Market is for you. It opens from 17th December to 19th December. 
  • Lausanne: If you think you have missed marketing during Christmas then this place is open for you till 31st December. It starts on 18th November. 
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There are many more places in Switzerland other than these. Decoration and planning for Christmas in Switzerland starts from the last week of November and continues to the middle of December. The best Christmas market in Switzerland is found in ski resorts and small towns of Switzerland. These are all open stalls around the streets and open in the late morning to around 9 pm and closes around 10 Pm. 

The best Switzerland Christmas market is functional till 24th December and stays closed on 25th December. 

Christmas is a time to spend with your family and loved ones and not for business!

Best Christmas Markets in Switzerland

Did you know what Switzerland is famous for at Christmas? It’s the market. Some top Christmas markets in Switzerland make this place so attractive for tourists and locals that they spend their nights out here. Here I am listing 8 of the best Christmas markets in Switzerland. They are as follows:


South of Switzerland and close to Zurich lays Lugano, one of the prettiest places in Switzerland. During Christmas, this place is decorated with shimmering lights and magic beans which brings happiness to everyone’s lives. Locals and tourists participate in full compliance and enjoy the traditional norms and explore the beautiful market and eat dinner in dolce vita.

Christmas Market in Lugano, Switzerland
Christmas Market in Lugano

In the city center, Piazza Della Riforma, the Christmas tree is decorated with lights, balls, and it looks so illuminated yet magnificent that you feel like you have reached the world of dreamy trees. Parco Ciani is remodeled in an enchanted trail. If you are here you can even click pictures with swans and Christmas trees. Yes, even swans walk around the stress of Lugano. This place offers a variety of foods and restaurants to give a shock to your taste buds. 

Time: Open from 5th to 24th December.

Tips: The products in this market are so affordable that even Swiss people come here to shop. 

2. BASEL: Best Swiss Christmas Market

Basel is a border city of Switzerland; it shares a border with Germany and France.  Basel is famous among people because of its robust and bustling art culture. This city is exceptionally beautiful and one of the oldest and best Christmas markets in Switzerland. Münsterplatz and Barfüsserplatz are very close and together they are considered the biggest market in Switzerland. Kleine Schanze is one of the prime attractions for tourists. The Waisenhausplatz has so many stalls which makes it desirable among tourists.  

best Christmas Markets in Switzerland, Basel
Christmas Market in Basel – PC: Flickr

Basel Christmas market during this time is transformed into a fairy wonderland. The market is decorated with fairy lights, stars, and the air surrounds with tantalizing aroma all over. Basel Minster Catholic Cathedral is beautifully decorated during this time. In Basler Münster the giant beautiful Christmas tree stands making the perfect place to click photos.

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Time: 23rd November to 25th December 

Tip: Don’t forget to purchase traditional handicrafts, wooden toys, and candles and taste traditional Chäsbängel here. You’ll thank me later. 

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Are there any glamorous Christmas markets in Switzerland? Then, Zurich is your place. It is a dream destination for many travelers. Zurich has a magical vibe that looks as bright as the sun at night. From Culinary Delicacies to Bellevue village to the main railway station the whole city is decorated with twinkling lights and love. Zurich has 4 markets that offer a plethora of products for you to buy. Niederdorf is the most lovey-dovey and oldest Christmas market in Zurich. Treat yourself and your lover an ornate Swiss, and a mug of mulled wine.  

 Christmas Market in Zurich
Christmas Market in Zurich

Every year in Christkindlimarkt 50-foot Swarovski Christmas tree is decorated here. Near the Opera House, there is another best Christmas market in Switzerland. You can bring your children and make them take part in a traditional carousel or ice-skating rink. In Werdmühleplatz you can hear a singing Christmas tree, isn’t that amazing? This is an urban Christmas market in Zurich that has more than 100 stalls for you to buy unique gifts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Time: 11th November to 3rd January

Tip: Have a memorable memory in the land of Zurich where you relish the time at the ice rink. 

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Cheers to the yellow wintery nights at the working capital of Switzerland! 

Berner Sternenmarkt is near Kleinen Schanze Park which is surrounded by wooden cabins that sell hot drinks, traditional foods, handicrafts, and other gift items. The best Bern Christmas market in Cathedral Square market is also called Münsterplatz. If you are not clicking photos then you are missing some serious stuff. This place is perfect for clicking a couple of pictures and buying gifts for each other. 

 Christmas Markets in Bern
Christmas Market in Bern

Buy some hand-crafted earrings, necklaces, and pieces of jewelry at a very affordable price. In Orphanage Square, Waisenhausplatz you can have appealing and delicious food recipes. Don’t forget to visit the Artisan Market in front of the Munster Cathedral. You should buy some handmade items from this place. Bern is the best Christmas market in Switzerland. The old town gets dressed up during the time of Christmas.


Montreux is just more than the best Christmas markets in Switzerland. It has some magical places like the Loggers’ Village, Medieval Magic at Chillon Castle, Santa’s House at Les Rochers-de-Naye, and the Gourmet Space. Beautiful stalls sit around the shore of Lake Geneva surrounded by alpines – can you imagine the breathtaking scenario Montreux offers? You can buy Canadian maple syrup which has a different flavor. 

 Christmas Market in Montreux
Christmas Market in Montreux

Montreux Christmas market is not just a market to buy and sell but it is a place of memories. Go for the light show in Montreux Palace’s façade. The market along the lakeside makes it a picture-perfect frame for all camera lovers. 

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Time: 24th November 

Tip: Visit the state of Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury and sip a glass of special flavored wine. The best time is to visit during the day. The market is less crowded but you will miss the lights. 


Geneva Christmas market gives you plenty of gift ideas because this place has so many stalls which sell delicious foods, crafts, and handmade pieces of jewelry. The most exquisite classical Christmas market Rue du Mont-Blanc put forward flavorsome roasted gourmet food, special gifts, and ornaments.

 Christmas Market in Geneva
Christmas Market in Geneva – PC: Flickr

If you are fascinated by lights and beauty then Noël aux Bastions in Geneva is the best Christmas market in Switzerland. In Bastions Park there are so many stalls for you to purchase unique gifts. If you want to enjoy time in the ice rink and hum a carousel then Noël aux Bastions is your place. Food lovers must try Chalet of Fondue which is made with famous Swiss cheese and tastes like heaven. Parc des Bastions is embellished with beauty. 


Lucerne is not only a picturesque honeymoon destination in Switzerland but also it features one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland. You can witness the Christmas magic from the Lucerne railway station. The streets are beautifully decorated with lights; I’m sure your eyes will be dazzling from happiness. There are so many festive stalls outside the railway station. In Franziskaner Kirche (Franciscan Church) you can see hundreds of people visiting just to taste the mulled flavored wine. 

Christmas Market in Lucerne
Christmas Market in Lucerne

From the Lucerne Christmas market, you can buy tasty and crispy handmade biscuits and Glühwein. Buy those beautiful knitted sheepskin gloves and hats to make your friends jealous. Luzerner Handwerksmarkt is a beautiful market for handicrafts items. Don’t forget to visit Venite.

Time: 16th December to 23rd December 

Tip: It’s better to stay one night and visit Mount Pilatus in the morning. 

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City of Stars is situated near the German border and is decorated with more than 700 shiny twinkle stars. ST. Gallen is coined as a UNESCO Heritage site. In the Abbey area of St Gallen, sits the power tree which is the main focus of attraction and hundreds of people visit here. From Market Square to Bohl and Waaghaus there are so many stalls selling candle handmade crafts, Christmas ornaments, and a lot more things. 

Take a ride on Merry-Go-Round and take back the memory with you!

Christmas Market in St. Gallen
Christmas Market in St. Gallen

These are all the best and popular Swiss Christmas markets you can visit this coming winter. Apart from all these, you can visit Thun, Winterthur, Zurich, Solothrum, and Schaffhausen. All the Christmas markets in Switzerland are well decorated and worth time spending. There are so many stalls glimmering candles, bright lights, a chandelier, and so many things. It is really difficult to narrow down the best but I tried my best as per my personal preferences.

Enjoy this Christmas in Swiss admiring the best market with your loved ones! 

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