10 Reasons Why I Regret Moving to California

I greatly regret moving to California. 

A beautiful place near an ocean is supposed to be a fantasy land and you must probably be wondering why New Yorkers are moving to California.  But the real truth strikes hard. The ideal picture of California is not that amazing in reality, it’s a distant memory. 

10 Reasons Why I Regret Moving to California

“Is it a bad idea to move to California?” I got this message couple of days back from Nishi, my New York friend who dreams to settle in California. This question flashes many incidents which weren’t that pleasure for me in California.

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Every year I used to pay a lot of money for pest control still, I didn’t get rid of it. My emotional turmoil used it get worsen around tax season when I used to realize that my paycheck doesn’t look good to the tax I pay. I always dreamt of buying a new house in California which I can’t afford.  

I will tell you 10 valid reasons not to move to California with examples and you’ll be surprised that the Golden State has witnessed drought, flood, fire, and tornado, recorded the highest temperature, worst air quality, huge population, heat waves, and many more. 

Why Move to California? 

California experiences the best climatic features because of its location. People from different parts of the world settle to enjoy the warm weather and the great beaches, especially in Southern California. You can check out the 10 best places to live in Southern California. For all Californians, “living in California” is an emotion attached to it.

Here are a few benefits of living in California. They are as follows –

Close to Nature:

To all nature enthusiastic, it will lighten you to know that California is home to 9 national parks. The romantic beach towns in California will steal your heart with their beauty and epic hiking trails. There are pet-friendly beaches in California like Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara are amazing. In Southern California, you can spend an amazing weekend.

But is nature the only thing for you to settle down in California?

Big Sur
Big Sur

Different Cuisines: 

Wow! The different cuisines and foods are going to make you fall in love with them. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the international hubs for different types of cuisines. Can you imagine yourself sitting in the hotel with mouth-watering foods? In San Diego, you will find more than 7,000 restaurants that offer Hispanic cuisines.  

Will you go out every day for food?

Budget-friendly places and attractions, natural springs, constant sunshine, mild winters, a good number of International Airports with great job opportunities in the field of tech and film, and the above reasons are reasons why people want to visit California.

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But I believe that people are not aware of what has been happening in this glorious state during the past decade. The incredible green nature around the city is mesmerizing and eye-soothing for all. Then, why people are moving out of California?

I regret moving to California. And, this is not just my own opinion. People are flying away each year because they have their reasons to move out of California

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move to California? 

Why did I leave California after spending 4 years of my life there? First, the miserable living in California has made me take this life-changing decision. It was 10 years back when California was sailing great but California is no longer the place to be, and here is why I hate living in California. 

Top 10 reasons why I regret moving to California. 

1. California’s Dangerous Wildfires and Earthquake: 

It was 9th April 2018 around 7 Am I got a message from my friend that there was a big fire on Mount Eden. He was terrified from the fear of destruction; I was worried for him too. I didn’t want it to destroy his property, but can we fight with nature? 

Not only wildfire is rapidly enveloping the west coast, but also California is suffering greatly. To be truthful, Wildfires are going to be a part of your daily routine while living in California. In recent times, California is considered to be prone to fire during the summer season. 

About 12 million acres were burnt in 2020 for forest fire and at this point, every Californian knows the wildfires are the most devastating thing. Do you want these dangers to be part of your life? This is one of the main reasons why are people leaving California. 

California’s coastline is in the “Ring of Fire” which means it is very much prone to earthquakes. This place also has San Andreas Fault which can make earthquakes severe. 

2. California Drought Make You Cry for Water:

I remember how I used to save shower water to water my plants. If you’re a Californian then you might know that for us water is as pricy as diamond. We know the best ways to conserve water. 

Some places in the sunshine state have rarely received rain and have experienced real harsh extreme weather. It has also experienced intense heat waves and sometimes the temperature in California is so high that it is next to impossible to step out of the house. 

Experiencing weather conditions such as excessive rain, El Niño effect, wind, and landslide is inevitable in California. If you’re not ready for this harsh climatic condition then this is a strong reason not to move to California and settle down. 

reasons not to move to California

3. California Taxes are Terribly High: 

Did you know why I regret moving to California? 60 % of my income goes to paying state taxes. I hated tax payment month. We have to pay taxes on gasoline, water, smog, luxury taxes, food, tags, hidden taxes and so more. I hope I gave you solid reasons not to live in California. 

California has the highest tax rate which is 7.25 % and this also adds up with other district taxes making it nearly 8.25%. You see all the picture-perfect Instagram photos of California but the truth is for this better quality of life we’ve to pay half of our income to the federal government. 

4. California Crime Rate is Increasing:

“Is it safe to move to California”? I get this question often in my inbox. The truth is some places are great and have a very low crime rate but some places like Los Angeles and San Francisco are worsening. You will always want to avoid these worst California cities.

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I remember in Stockton, California, the police union put up a board stating that “Welcome to the second dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops”. 

There are many great and affordable places to live in California. These are relatively safe places for children and have recorded a low violent crime rate. Weapon violation in the road has also increased. 

Recently, due to severe budget cuts, the crime rate has drastically increased. Incidents like vandalism, burglary, grand theft have all increased. The crime rate in San Diego is also escalating day by day. Property crime has risen 12%. I suggest checking the area before shifting here. 

5. California Education System is Ranking Low Day by Day: 

The robust economy has large numbers of public schools but sadly these schools are underperforming degrading with time. 

Therefore, for better education, my niece and my sister went to San Diego but do you know what I heard from her? She regrets moving to San Diego. There are a lot of private schools but can you spend 5,441 USD per year for your child’s education?      

You will be surprised to know that the high school graduation rate and student education rate have lessened in California over decades. California’s 4th and 8th-grade students were ranked at the bottom in both math and reading.

Now, I hope you know why people regret moving to California for a better future in education. 

San Francisco | regret moving to California
San Francisco

6. California is Eroding Small Business: 

Janny, my friend came to California with a lot of hope to enjoy paradise but after a year her response was “I regret moving to California”. The employment rate is decreasing by 24.3% in El Centro. 

Are Californians moving to Texas?” I saw this question yesterday. And, you know what the truth is; not only people but companies are leaving California too. California has been ranked 48th worst state in the nation for small businesses. The high tax rates and the high economy is destroying the middle class and people are fleeing to other states. 

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People who are working at tech startups work more than 13-15 hours at low salaries so that they don’t get fired from their work. Aspiring actors and actresses are working in multiple sectors waiting for their big break. But, will they ever achieve it?

7. California Housing Cost is Very High:

Owning a house of your own is a dream in California if you’re not a millionaire. A decent 2 bedroom house costs you around $ 350,000, and a sub house costs around $200,000. My house cost me $ 250,000. Prices of houses in California are pretty high.

Everything here in California is sky-touching. The tax, living standard, price of the house, private education, price of groceries, utilities, and a lot of others. The housing price, house rentals, or a one small room apartment is crazy and high. It could be quite hard for a newcomer if he doesn’t know how do people afford to live in California.

This is one of the major reasons not to move to California because if you’re a normal bread earner you can’t survive here. Thankfully, there are some cities that are growing very fast and people tend to move to these cities.

Housing in San Francisco
Housing in San Francisco

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8. California Road Traffic is Irritating:

Returning from office to home was a major task because of the long traffic. The population in the state is very high and it’s very normal to find thousands of cars on the road. Traffic is so bad in California. This is one of the bad things about California

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You can drive 10 miles in 50 minutes. So, forget about long drives. During the rush hour (7:00 AM to 8:00 PM) LA, San Diego, and San Francisco, and California witness congestion and car standing. 

The public transport in California is also below average. It has buses, ferries, trains, and subways but they are not reliable. Therefore, you’ve to get your car to start moving to places. 

9. California Summer Heat Are Extreme:

Indeed, the coastal parts in California experience a Mediterranean type of climate with a humid-free warm summer but as one goes to the interior, he/she would experience fiery, harsh, and hot summers.

When I used to live there, even I was not able to bear such a harsh climate like that! My skin use to get all red.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park

10. California is Dumping Ground for Nuclear Waste: 

Diablo Canyon Power generates about 20 tons of nuclear waste assists about 7% of the state’s electricity. But, over the past few years, this is rising which is causing environmental pollution and emitting harmful ultra radiation.

This is now a matter of concern especially about the potential explosion which can be caused due to earthquakes such as the Fukushima incident. 

No place is perfectly ideal; there are pros and cons of living in California too. Is it worth moving to California? Well, after knowing the pros and cons, I’m sure you’ll make a wise decision. Before relocating to California you’ve to be self-sufficient to match up the expenses. If you are planning for retiring in California then it can be ideal because of its serene culture and stress-free lifestyle. 

Enjoy the beach life with the best food in California! 

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FAQ on Regret Moving to California

1. Do you regret moving to California?

A: Yes, I regret moving to California because its tax structure and living style are very high compared to the other states in the United States of America. In 2019, the tax rate was nearly 7.25 % with other district taxes. 

2. Do retirees regret moving to California?

A: It depends. Retirees who don’t have great savings cannot come and stay in California because the expenses here are too high. If also you can afford this place you may not like the busy lifestyle. Here are some of the best places in California for retirees.

3. What should You know before moving to California?

A: California is diverse and has great weather, fast economical growth, beautiful beaches, amazing educational institutions but the cost of living in California is pretty high. Read this article to know the things before moving to California.

4. Is it normal to regret moving?

A: Yes, it is normal to feel bad and regret it for a long time. But, can we do anything about it? I do regret moving to California because it took a huge toll on my pockets but California has also given me a lot of experiences that are very dear to me. Therefore, let go of the regret and move forward. 

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  1. California is a once-beautiful state that has been destroyed by the DemoSocialist politicians who punish the middle class and favor criminals.
    I moved to San Francisco from New York in 1969 and it was a beautiful city. During the 30 years from 1969 to 1999 I saw it being destroyed by the likes of Feinstein and Brown, and the huge influx of criminal illegals.
    Upon retirement in 1999 I left the city because it had become Bumtown USA, and the taxes and rents were sky-high. The voters are responsible because they elect people like Newsom.

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