8 Incredible Budget Yoga Tours in India for Ultimate Peace

Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word which means unite, yoke or to connect. People can go for a yoga retreat who seek to unite their soul with the universal soul through meditation and exercises. Yoga tourism is an act where people from different countries travel to other countries to obtain salvation and medical care while at the same time exploring the countries which they are visiting.


yoga retreats in india
8 Incredible Budget Yoga Tours in India for Ultimate Peace

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Why Yoga Tourism is Getting Popularity?

It is a basic instinct of humans to get bored with the activity that he/she is doing frequently. Be it your daily job, gym or yoga. Even if you travel a lot you might feel homesick. Here Yoga Tourism made a revolution by combining travel and yoga in a beautiful way.

Now people can do yoga and boost their energy of body, mind and soul even when they are traveling. Yoga tourism not only helps you to stay away from stress and depression but also acts as a catalyst that makes your travel more entertaining in a different way. If you are an avid hiker, try these yoga poses to improve your hiking endurance. 

Where is Yoga Tourism Popular?

India is the origin of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. Obviously India is the first choice for yoga destinations for its perfect ambiance, culture and magical energy. The popularity of yoga tour in India made it one of the fastest-growing wellness destinations of the world.

Nowadays, yoga tourism is not bounded to Indians only, people from all around the world are looking for yoga trips to India. Especially from 2014, when the UN declared the date 21st June as the ‘World Yoga Day’, people from the US,UK, Canada, Australia and other first-world countries started to come to India for yoga retreats.

Best Yoga Destinations in India

If you are looking best budget yoga tours of India and don’t know where to pinpoint your yoga destination, below is a list of top 8 destinations for budget yoga trips in India.


Rishikesh is located in the state of Uttarakhand which is a perfect destination for yoga lovers where visitors can enjoy yoga meditation in a calm, peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere at a cheap price or free.

One of the most interesting facts about India is that yoga is originated in this country. Rishikesh is one of the holiest and most spiritual places in North India located on the bank of the sacred river the Ganges. It is also known as ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ where you will get an opportunity to interact with many gurus, sadhus and saints.

Yoga Tours in India: Rishikesh

Attend the classes of Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram located in the lap of the Himalayan mountains. Here you can learn about Akhanda Yoga. They also provide their visitors a well-maintained accommodation with all basic facilities.

There are many other Ashrams in Rishikesh like Yoga Niketan Ashram, Osho Ganga Dham Ashram, Sivananda Ashram where you can enjoy free yoga classes.

Yoga retreats in india, Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh
Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

Things to do in Rishikesh:

  • There are many adventure activities available in Rishikesh. You can do river rafting, bungee jumping, flying fox, even you can camp on the bank of river Ganges.
  • Witness the Ganga Arati at Triveni Ghat that is performed every evening after sunset. You can really feel the spirituality of this majestic place.
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Kerala is one of the best and cheapest places to visit in India. This South Indian country is also popular among Indians as well as international travelers for a yoga vacation.

Yoga Tours in India: Kerala

Travelers seeking solitude and peace opt for Kerala as their getaway destination. It is not only a popular yoga destination but also a great place to visit if you are planning to solo travel in India. It offers its visitors beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, hills and famous backwaters. Learn some form of Hatha Yoga and Warrior Yoga which will help you to enhance your physical and spiritual powers.

The best yoga experience you can get from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram located in Trivandrum. Experience the yoga session in a group on the edge of the magnificent lake that helps you to feel inner peace and spirituality.

Yoga and meditation tours in India | Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari, Trivandrum
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari, Trivandrum

Things to do in Kerala:

  • Kerala is also known as ‘God’s Own Country’ for its scenic view. Enjoy a backwater cruise in Alleppey, Kochi, or Kovalam.
  • Explore the pristine beaches of Kerala like Kovalam beach, Marari beach, and spend a relaxing vacation.


The capital city of India is blessed with some historical monuments, beautiful temples, and cultural heritage. Besides the capital of India, Delhi is also popular for a bunch of renowned yoga and meditation ashrams that offer some best-in-class yoga workshops.

Yoga Tours in India: Delhi

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the best among all the Yoga and Meditation tours in India. The ashram teaches a variety of yoga forms and sessions in a calm and peaceful ambiance. Their yoga and meditation workshop is really helpful for people who are suffering from stress and depression. It brings out the negative energy of your soul.

You can try headstand, pranayama, balancing postures workshops from Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Nataraja Ashram. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is also worth visiting with Hanuman Mandir. They provide several services on the basis of season.

Yoga holidays in India | Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi

Things to do in Delhi:

  • Visit some famous historical sites of Delhi like Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Qutub Minar and many more.
  • When you are in Delhi, don’t forget to visit one of the seven wonders,  Taj Mahal which is located in Agra, four hours driving distance from Delhi.

#4 GOA:

Goa is not a cheap place, still, I am keeping this beach city in this list because Goa has a lot to offer its visitors. Goa, a popular honeymoon place in India, is not only famous for its pristine blue beaches and vibrant nightlife, beyond this Goa has plenty of yoga ashrams, ayurvedic centers, and wellness resorts to spend a relaxing vacation.

Yoga Tours in India: Goa

While visiting Goa, choose any yoga and wellness resort to stay. I will highly recommend Ashiyana Yoga Center, though it is pretty expensive, their service is top-notch. It offers Chakra Yoga training, spa, and ayurvedic treatments and various kind of yoga retreats in the lap of tropical gardens near Mandrem beach.

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If you are looking best yoga trip to India then South Goa is the best for a yoga vacation. However, SWAN Yoga Retreat is an ideal yoga resort for budget travelers. Here you can experience sacred fire rituals, traditional prayer ceremonies, and singing devotional songs.

Ashiyana Yoga Center, Goa
Ashiyana Yoga Center, Goa

Things to do in Goa:

  • Explore the stunning beaches of Goa. Baga beach, Arambol beach, Sinquerim beach, Vagator beach– these are the beaches of Goa which you cannot afford to miss.
  • If you are an adventure seeker, go for Dudhsagar trek for a breathtaking view of the Dudhsagar falls.
  • Various water sports and adventure activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding are also famous in Goa.


Pondicherry is a beautiful Union Territory of South India, well preserved with French heritage along with rich Indian culture. From charming beaches to peaceful yoga centers to breathtaking French colonial architecture, Pondicherry has it all.

Yoga Tours in India: Pondicherry

Sri Aurobinda Ashram is the ultimate place in Pondicherry who are seeking for a yoga retreat and spiritual enlightenment. The ashram is very popular among foreign travelers as well as Indian visitors and there is no entry fee to enter the ashram. It is located on Rue de la Marine and offers its visitors yoga practices and spiritual learning in a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Sri Aurobinda Ashram, Pondicherry
Sri Aurobinda Ashram, Pondicherry

Things to do in Pondicherry:

  • Pondicherry itself is a very beautiful city to explore. Enjoy a good walk along the beautiful roads among the bright yellow colored buildings.
  • Visit Rock beach the most popular beach in Pondicherry and enjoy a mesmerizing sunrise in the dawn.
  • Raj Niwas, Pondicherry museum, Our Lady of Angels Church are some beautiful places you can visit in Pondicherry.


Sikkim is a mountain state of India nestled in the lap of Himalayas. The surrounding high hills, flowing rivers and lakes, countless monasteries, beautiful waterfalls and cool breeze create an ideal serene atmosphere to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Sikkim is a perfect yoga retreat in India where visitors can also explore the beauty of this majestic place along with yoga and meditation workshops. There are plenty of budget hotels are available in Sikkim.

Yoga Trips in India: Sikkim

The Bodhicharya Meditation Center is an amazing place for yoga and meditation sessions located in Eastern Sikkim. You can do prayer, meditation, pranayama and some forms of yoga in a peaceful place surrounded by forest and terraced gardens. They also provide dorm rooms to their visitors.

You can explore here with Sankalp Yoga & Retreat and Sahaja Yoga Center where you will be taught to acquire inner peace and spirituality.

best yogaa tours in india, Sankalp Yoga & Retreat, Sikkim
Sankalp Yoga & Retreat, Sikkim

Things to do in Sikkim:

  • Sikkim has a lot of tourist destination and you cannot cover all. I will recommend visiting Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. From here visit some high altitude places like Lachung, Lachen, Yumthang, Zero point for some breathtaking scenic view.
  • Visit Tsongmo lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in India at an elevation of 3753 m. If you visit this place in Winter, high chance to get snowfall here.
  • Explore the monasteries of Sikkim where you get to know the history of Buddhism and the life of Buddha. Rumtek monastery is a really good option to visit, it is one of the largest monasteries in India.
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Mysore is one of the best South Indian destinations. This city of Karnataka is not only popular for its frequently visited historical palaces and heritage sites but also renowned for one of the most preferred yoga breaks in India.

Mysore is also known as the birthplace of 20th-century Ashtanga yoga. The antique houses with natural authentic ambiance offer a positive vibe throughout the city.

Yoga Trips in India: Mysore

Travelers can visit Mysore Mandela Yogashala for a memorable yoga holiday in India. Here you can learn and practice Ashtanga yoga at different levels. This yoga will help to detoxify the blood and rejuvenate your body and soul. They also offer Hatha yoga, Kriya, Pranayama, Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage and meditation courses to understand the proper moments, Breathing and alignment of the body.

Things to do in Mysore:

  • Mysore Palace should be at the top of your bucket list while traveling South India. Try to visit this Royal Palace on weekdays to avoid the crowd. This Indo-Saracenic architecture looks more stunning at night.
  • Visit Chamundeshwari temple located on the top of the Chamundi hills. It has a stunning architecture of ancient India.
  • Don’t forget to try South Indian cuisine. It is way more different from North Indian food. They serve their thali in a traditional way on banana leaves. Idly, Dosa, Sambar is really some delicious snacks that I liked.
Best yoga trips in India | Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace


Dharamshala is a beautiful hill town in the state of Himachal Pradesh, located amidst the mountains of North India. It is an amazing place to learn different kinds of yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Dharamshala is one of the cheapest yoga destinations in India. It is an ideal place for those who would like to spend their time in quiet nature and immerse themselves in yoga and meditation. You can also join in various tourist activities and explore nearby towns and waterfalls or take cooking courses.

Yoga Trips in India: Dharamshala

The calmness and noise-free atmosphere made Dharamshala one of the best yoga tours of India. There are several options to choose the best yoga ashrams for fitness freaks.

Shiva Yoga Valley is a popular name in Dharamshala. They conduct one week, two-week yoga and meditation retreat courses at an affordable price. Various forms of yoga are available here like Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Laughter yoga etc. Visitors also love to do Ayurveda massages that keep you relaxed and fit from inside.

 Yoga vacations india,Shiva Yoga Valley, Dharamshala
Shiva Yoga Valley, Dharamshala

Things to do in Dharamshala:

  • If you love adventure then Triund trek is a must thing to do. Triund is located in the North of Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj. The entire trail offers a stunning view of the Dhauladhar mountains.
  • Kangra Valley is a gem of Dharamshala with its picturesque beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is also popular for adventurous activities like para-sailing, mountaineering, and many more.


best yoga destinations in india | yoga retreats in india

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