10 Best Souvenirs from Thailand to Take Home with You

You’re visiting Thailand and are wondering what to buy from Thailand to have a bit of the city with you? Here’s a list of the best souvenirs from Thailand that you can buy and bring for your closed ones.

Whenever one travels, they always want to bring something from the places they visited as sweet memories. Not only that, if you bring some sweets or gift items from Thailand for your friends and relatives, but it will also let them know you thought of them during your stay. Today I’m going to tell you about the top 10 souvenirs of Thailand. Some of those are a bit cliché, some not so much but cool and lovable.

Best Souvenirs from Thailand

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What Souvenirs to Buy from Thailand?

Before we get down to all those bargains, space-saving ideas, let’s have a look at some important aspects of Thailand souvenirs. First of all, Thailand is a cheap Asia country from where you can get some unbelievable deals from clothing to super cheap electronic gadgets. But unfortunately, there are many tourist traps in Thailand from where you can get scammed.

What’s the benefit if you throw away the cheap things in a few months? So, stay alert, double-check the items thoroughly, and show your bargaining skill. To avoid getting defective items, we’ve rounded up a list of some authentic souvenirs in Thailand you should buy.

Thai Clothes and Thai Silk

It’s pretty cliché! But Thai clothes are definitely on my top 10 souvenirs from Thailand list. It’s probably the most bought souvenir in Thailand, but it’s actually quite an obvious choice for everyone’s gift. You can find countless inexpensive graphics t-shirts with a painting of the Thai flag, elephant, tuktuk, and many more. Elephant pants in Thailand is very popular among young girls and are perfect to wear in Thailand.

Best Souvenirs from Thailand | Thai Clothes in Chatuchak Market
Thai Clothes in Chatuchak Market

Thai silk is a must-buy souvenir in Thailand. A wide variety of silks are available here. Any woman will be impressed if you gift her silk cloth. Men also love to wear silk ties or shirts. The best part is these souvenirs can be folded and fit easily in your suitcase.

Best Gift for: Anyone

Price Range: 150 to 600 baht

Where to Buy: Chatuchak weekend market, Pratunam market for cheap clothes. Jim Thompson House for quality silk products.

2. Thai Soaps & Spa Products

Thai massage and Thai spa treatment have their own class and worldwide popular for its healing power. You can buy genuine Thai spa products such as massage oil, bath foam, aromatic herbal liquid soap, shampoo, and many more. The scented candle and fruit-shaped soaps will remind you of your Thailand trip whenever you use these. Thai spa products are one of the best Thailand gifts for women.

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souvenirs in thailand | Thai Soaps
Thai Soaps

Best Gift for: Women.

Price Range: 150 to 600 baht

Where to Buy: Bath and Bloom outlets, Harnn outlets, or any Supermarket like Top, Big C.

3. Thai Instant Noodles and Snacks

Next on my top 10 souvenirs to bring back from Thailand is a packet of instant noodles and snacks. These are the best food souvenirs from Thailand. I still remember how these cheap instant noodles saved my money during my Thailand solo trip on a budget.

You can buy it from any 7-Eleven store in Thailand. From Tom Yum Kung (sour prawn soup) to stir-fried pork with basil flavor or pork with chicken soup, each item is delicious and cheap.

souvenirs of thailand | Tom Yum-Thai Instant Noodles
Tom Yum-Thai Instant Noodles

Bangkok is a foodie’s haven and foodies will surely love the durian chips and other delicious snacks. Packets of dried fruits are the perfect edible souvenirs of Thailand. Get some coconut candy or elephant-shaped chocolates for kids.

Best Gift for: Kids, friends and co-workers.

Price Range: 50 to 100 baht

Where to Buy: 7-Eleven store, Gourmet outlets.

4. Muay Thai Shorts: Best Souvenirs from Thailand

Muay Thai is a famous martial art in Thailand. Watching the Muay Thai fight is now becoming a popular thing to do in Thailand. As a result, Muay Thai gears are becoming trendy and unique souvenirs of Thailand. Muay Thai shorts are very comfortable and look cool and are perfect Thailand gifts for guys who have a keen interest in martial art.

Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai Shorts

You can buy these cool Thailand souvenirs from any market in Thailand at a very cheap price whereas, in western countries, you will never find a Muay Thai boxer at a cheap price. The quality of these boxers in Thailand is not premium, but enough to make your loved ones smile.

Best Gift for: Male friends, boyfriend

Price Range: 250 to 1000 baht

Where to Buy: Chatuchak market, MBK, Bangkok chinatown.

5. Thai Silver Jewelleries

Thailand is a great country to find some unique silver jewelry at a cheap price. The majority of international travelers love to buy handmade accessories and jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, as well as gleaming cups and plates. These are lightweight and easy to carry souvenirs from Thailand that you can not leave Thailand without.

Thai Silver Jewelleries
Thai Silver Jewelleries
Tips: Be careful about where you buy jewelry, especially when the items are pricey. Check for the .925 stamp(92.5% silver) on the silver jewelry to make sure that the silver items you are buying are genuine.

Best Gift for: Spouse, parents

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Price Range: 250 to 10,000 baht

Where to Buy: Chatuchak market, Khao San Road.

6. Bangkok Tuktuk Keyring

This one is my personal favorite. Whenever I visit a new city or a new country, I always buy keyrings. It is cheap, small, lightweight, and can be gifted to anyone.

When it’s about keyring, you will have countless options to choose from. While visiting Bangkok, you will travel by Bangkok’s popular tuktuk at least one time during your Thailand trip. I will recommend choosing tuktuk keyring that contains the picture of Bangkok’s famous tuktuk. Elephant keyring is also popular in Thailand. If you are buying Thailand souvenirs for a big group, the keyring can be an ideal choice.

Bangkok Tuktuk Keyring
Bangkok Tuktuk Keyring

Best Gift for: All(specially for big group)

Price Range: 10 to 30 baht

Where to Buy: Chatuchak market, Pratunam market, mall.

7. Thai Antiques

Looking for cool things to buy from Thailand? If you have a keen interest in antique things, Bangkok is the place for you. Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin, one of Bangkok’s night market is very popular for retro and vintage goods. Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market has a separate sector for antique things such as antique home decor items, clocks, lamps, photos, dishes, etc. Not only Bangkok, but Phuket Oldtown is also a popular place to buy genuine Thai antiques.

Thai Antiques
Thai Antiques

Thai antique things can be a memorable and valuable souvenir from Thailand. Keep in mind that genuine Thai antiques are expensive and very rare in Bangkok but the replicas are still worthy for decorative purposes.

Please Note: Bringing Buddha statues and other things that are part of Thai national heritage out of Thailand is prohibited. You have to apply for a permit to the Fine Arts Department to bring them out of the country.

Best Gift for: Anyone who understand the value of antique thing(Specially collectors)

Price Range: Different range from 2000-50,000 baht

Where to Buy: Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin, Chatuchak market, River City Complex, Silom Village

8. Handmade Bags

Bag is a necessary and useful item for women and when you are traveling in Thailand you should grab the special Thai style bag that you can’t find in other places. Handmade bags are normally costly, but in Bangkok, you can great deals on designer bags.

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what to buy from Thailand | Thai Handmade Bags
Thai Handmade Bags

Every bag is made from fine Thai silk and high-quality fabric. NaRaYa and Jim Thomson are two popular brands of Thai bags where NaRaYa is well-known in Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan and Jim Thomson is loved by western countries. Both Jim Thomson and NaRaYa have their own class and identity; they have elegant and colorful Thai patterns.

Best Gift for: Mother, girlfriend, wife, sister.

Price Range: Different range from 300-500 baht

Where to Buy: MBK mall, Bangkok Chinatown, Chatuchak weekend market, Sukhumvit Nightly Street Market

9. Coconut Products

Next on my top 10 souvenirs from Thailand is coconut products. Coconut oil has numerous benefits for your skin and hair. It is a super-effective natural beauty product that helps in protecting hair from damage and moisturizing skin. It also acts as a sunscreen.

Coconut Products of Thailand
Coconut Products of Thailand PC: ThaiBestSellers

A bottle of coconut oil makes a popular souvenir from Thailand for anyone who’s into their health and fitness. Popular coconut products include organically manufactured virgin coconut oil, coconut oil hair products, and coconut oil bath items.

Best Gift for: Mother, wife, female friends and co-workers

Price Range: 200-500 baht

Where to Buy: Beauty shops and major supermarkets.

10. Thai Inhalers and Balms

Inhalers are called ‘Ya Dom’ in the Thai language. These inhalers are not only used to clear a clogged nose but to enjoy other health benefits as well. Thai inhalers are made using locally harvested herbs. Thai herbal inhalers are 100% safe and effective for its natural components. It is very useful, small size, and has a fresh smell.

Thai souvenirs | Thai Herbal Inhalers
Thai Herbal Inhalers

You can also buy Thai balm called ‘Tuay Thong’, which is herbal extracts, are used as medicine to relieve body pain and swelling, to relieve itching skin and insect bites. Both Thai inhalers and balms are small in size and easy to carry and are one of the best souvenirs from Thailand. Gifting these herbal health products to your closed ones will show how much you care about them.

Best Gift for: People whom you care about.

Price Range: 100-300 baht

Where to Buy: Bangkok Chinatown, Chatuchak weekend market


10 Best Souvenirs from Thailand

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