11 Best Places to Live on the Oregon Coast

Suppose you’re looking for the best places to live on the Oregon coast that offer peace, ample recreational opportunities, good job prospects, and healthcare facilities without the fear of theft or violence, you’re at the right place. If you’re on a budget, then you can check my other blog on affordable destinations to live on the Oregon Coast.

Beaver State is all about beautiful natural scenery starting from Astoria in the Northwest to Brookings- Harbor area. The place is all about the coastal satisfaction you desire! Let me tell you where can you find your home on the Oregon coast. But, before that, I want you to know the pros and cons of living in Oregon, because everything that shines is not gold!

Best Places to Live on the Oregon Coast

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Oregon Coast – Climate and Weather

The life is green here! You’ll experience little rain, little fog, little wind, and a good amount of sun. But as the sun sets you need layers to cover yourself from the cold.

I can tell you the weather is pleasant, especially when the rest of the USA is complaining about heat and summer sun, we on the Oregon coast enjoy beautiful weather with soothing ocean breeze with little rainfall in April.

In Winter and Fall, we experience foggy weather in the morning and grey skies but you know that makes it so dramatic and cozy! Regardless it’s cold, Oregon coast cli9mate is something bearable and you’ll love to experience it.

Best Places to Live on the North Oregon coast

1. Tillamook

  • Population: 5,364
  • Cost of living index: 100.7 (US average of 100)

On the edge of the ocean-adjacent Tillamook Bay in the northwest region of Oregon sits a thriving city and a friendly community where you can find your home. 

The median home price starts at $201,400, which is quite affordable. It also has an airport and an aviation museum that helps children learn more about planes. 

The town is renowned for its fertile land, resulting in great agricultural production. Not only that, but it has also made a name for itself in the production of dairy products.

You’ll hear people from all over Oregon bringing their children here to enjoy Tillamook ice cream and cheese. 

You can also book a tour of Tillamook Creamery. The real cost of living is around $42,000 a year, with a median household income of $45,737. 

Residents are enthusiastic about hiking, kayaking, and other fun activities. However, this place receives so much rain that you cannot go out of your house without a raincoat. 

Also, this Oregon beach town due to the many dairy farms, the air smells different.

Things to do in Tillamook:

  • Rent a boat at Tillamook Bay or go for crabbing
  • Hike at Cape Lookout Trail to get a view of the Pacific Ocean
  • Stretch your legs through a forest hike along the Hoquarton Interpretive Trail
  • Have local food from Tocos La Providencia
Tillamook Creamery
Tillamook Creamery, Picture – Facebook

2. Manzanita

  • Population: 633
  • Cost of living index: 100.7 (US average of 100)

As you drive south from Neahkahnie Mountain, you see small purple mountains against the light shade of the blue sky, and as you get closer, you reach Manzanita.

It is one of the scenic North Oregon coastal towns, which has been ranked as one of the 55 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America by Architectural Digest.

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If you choose a home at the southern end, you’ll enjoy proximity to Nehalem Bay State Park, beautifully designed with pines along the bay. 

This is one of the small towns on the Oregon coast where you can easily walk from your home to Downtown and the ocean beach. A single adult spends only $36,992 annually.

In the winter, the air gets foggy, and the waves turn big, but on other days, the climate is sunny, and you can enjoy the sun’s warmth! 

On normal days, the waves range from 4 to 15 feet, making it ideal for surfing. The place will offer you a rustic environment, carved paths, and mountain weather.

If you love fishing for salmon, come to Nehalem River, and if you love crabbing, head to Dungeness on the Bay. 

Things to do in Manzanita:

  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset on the northern side of the beach
  • Go for a beach photo session at Neakahnie Manzanita State Park
  • Enjoy the trail to The Forbidden Cliffs
  • Go for a drive at Cape Lookout to spot whales

3. Seaside

  • Population: 7, 482
  • Cost of living index: 107.1 (US average of 100)

Seaside is a coastal city in Oregon that attracts thousands of tourists because of its amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, luxurious resorts, and plenty of entertainment options.

And I think that’s the major reason you should choose Seaside, as it has ample hospitality opportunities. The median household income is around $42,625. 

Seaside living in Oregon is about escaping the hustle and bustle of life and engaging in a multitude of recreational activities like hiking, surfing, and exploring historical sites.

However, for medical emergencies or serious health issues, specialists are not available at the local hospital, resulting in a serious downside to residing in Seaside.

Things to do in Seaside:

  • Enjoy the trails and sunset view at Saddle Mountain Area
  • Watch earthy populations like hawks, elk, deer, and more at Jewell Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Take your child to the Seaside Historical Society Museum
  • Have tasty ice creams from Zingers Ice Cream
  • Step your foot in the world of history at the end of the Lewis and Clark trails

4. Gearhart

  • Population: 1,945
  • Cost of living index: 108.1 (US average of 100)

Gearhart is one of the most beautiful but expensive places to live on the Oregon Coast along the Pacific Ocean, just three miles north of Seaside.

My friend Aryan, who is a resident, says that a person needs to make at least $80,000 to support a good standard of living. Do you know why it’s so expensive?

The people who live here are descendants of grand ancestors whose grandfathers built the homes and accumulated great wealth.

I have stayed here for more than two months with Aryan’s parents, and I have felt that if you do not have an established foothold in the area, it’s difficult for a newcomer to fit in.

But, you can choose it as one of the retreat spots as it offers serene beaches, lush forests, bustling neighborhoods, wide streets for riding bicycles, and no traffic lights but peace. 

Things to do in Gearhart:

  • Beginner surfers welcome to Gearhart’s beach
  • Take some Insta-worthy snaps with beautiful flora and fauna while hiking at Ecola State Park
  • Take a gold course at Gearhart Golf Links
  • Enjoy swimming with your dog at Cannon Beach
Gearhart beach

Best Place to Live on The Central Western Oregon Coast

5. Corvallis

  • Population: 60,199
  • Cost of living index: 108.1 (US average of 100)

Corvallis in Willamette Valley is one of the desired places for students in the West, as it is home to some top colleges like Oregon State University. 

Its proximity to ski slopes, 60 miles of biking and hiking trails, the coast, farms, vineyards, and rivers are the reasons why the adult population and retirees love residing here. 

As per records, the average family income in Corvallis is $70,935, with the average median expenses per month being $2,000, excluding utility costs which are around $1,294. 

However, according to records, it is the only place in Oregon that has the lowest percentage of children, resulting in fewer youngsters in the city. 

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You’ll find small families buying houses and having their own farms, farming and growing their food, and living a simple life.

Things to do in Corvallis:

  • Come to Juicy’s Outlaw Grill to have a burger which holds the Guinness World Record for offering 777lbs hamburger
  • Enjoy kayaking, rafting, and paddle boarding at the Willamette River Water Trail
  • Enjoy mountain air at Maryas Peak
  • Enjoy bird watching at William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge
Corvallis Farmers ' Market
Corvallis Farmers ‘ Market

Best Secluded Beach Towns in Oregon

6. Brookings

  • Population: 6, 924
  • Cost of living index: 99.6 (US average of 100)

Brookings is a small, quaint coastal village in the southwest of Oregon. Its economy is largely based on the health sector, education, and Chetcho Federal Credit Union, 

It may not attract hundreds of tourists, but it offers residents an unexplored charm with the pristine air of the Siskiyou Mountains and the serenity of the Chetco River.

This peaceful village boasts one of the lowest property and violent crime rates in the country, making it a safe and secure place to live. It provides a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and kayaking, for its residents.

Residents often gather at Azalea Park or Harris Beach State Park for evening walks, relaxation, and friendly conversations, sharing stories about their day.

Families, in particular, love Brookings because they can enroll their children in schools that are rated #149 among all school districts in Oregon by Niche.com.

Not only limited to that in Brookings you’ll find a median home that starts from $468, 409 with a median rent of $1,254. I believe you’ll never find such an amazing affordable coastal living spot in Oregon. 

Note: Azalea Festival and Curry County Fair hundreds of Oregon in Brookings

Things to do in Brookings:

  • Someday plan a day trip to Redwood National State Parks
  • Enjoy camping or plan a picnic at Harris Beach State Park
  • Enjoy the scenic view at Samuel H. Boardman

7. Rockaway Beach Town

  • Population: 1,497
  • Cost of living index: 100.7 (US average of 100)

A small city in north Oregon where mountains meet the sea is no other than Rockaway Beach town. You can find a small log home from the beach and enjoy the coastal life!

The best part is it doesn’t attract hordes of people making it one of the most peaceful places to live on the Oregon coast. You’ll rarely see any traffic here!

This place is such a paradise for retirees to cool down and have a slower pace of life. A single adult expense here is around $36,992 annually.

Rockaway Beach town is famous among locals for its annual kite, pirate festival, July fireworks display, farmer market, and art festivals.

However, there are no hospitals nearby, the nearby hospital is 25 miles away in Seaside. But, you can get primary emergency care nearby.

Things to do in Rockaway Beach town:

  • Meet your friend at Manhattan Beach State Recreation State
  • Go for tide pooling with your grandparents at Rockaway Beach
  • Spending time in Eugene Park 
Manhattan Beach State Recreation State
Manhattan Beach State Recreation State

8. Neskowin

  • Population: 59
  • Cost of living index: 100.7 (US average of 100)

Neskowin’s unique natural setting is sure to take away all your worries and help you calm your mind. This small town is situated between Pacific City and Lincoln City. 

I would say that its location is so advantageous that residents have easy access to dining and shopping in a big city like Lincoln City and can return to their remote address.

You’ll find that the houses are small, and most of the locals work at Hawk Creek Café and a few hotels. A single adult’s expenses are around $36,992 per year, with a minimum rent of approximately $952 per month.

Neskowin Beach Golf Course keeps fathers and older people busy in the evening, while mothers and grandmothers come to spend time at Ghost Forest to see the 200-foot ancient Sitka trees. Indeed, it is one of the most peaceful places to live on the Oregon coast.

Things to do in Neskowin:

  • Strap on your hiking boots to take the Cascades Head trail
  • Challenge yourself to climb Proposal Rock
  • Spend some time in Mother Nature’s lap at Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site 
Cascades Head trail, take a pause and enjoy the view
Take a pause and enjoy the view

Best Place to Live on the Central Oregon Coast

9. Yachats

  • Population: 1, 023
  • Cost of living index: 101 (US average of 100)
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If you’re the one searching for the top retirement communities on the Oregon coast, Yachats’s Cape Perpetua Scenic Area should be on your list. 

There are ongoing local programs like writing, discussions, jam sessions, poetry, reading opportunities, community gardens, exercise classes, art workshops, and so much more. 

The place boasts art galleries, a variety of charming shops in the Downtown tasting rooms, a farmers’ market, and more. There’s no way you can feel alone among the friendly locals and the vibrant town. 

The biggest draw is its temperature. In the summer, it is no more than 66 degrees, and in the winter, it is 39 degrees. 

Even frost and snowfall are rare! Other than retirees, it’s also a highly demanded spot for families, as top universities and schools are around the town. 

Residents celebrate events like the La De Da Parade, mushroom festivals, and other small festivals to keep the lively vibe going among them.

Things to do in Yachats:

  • Lunch at Luna Sea with their famous fish and chips
  • Have baked food at Bread & Roses
  • Enjoy time soaking at the Basalt shoreline
La De Da Parade
La De Da Parade

Oceanfront Living in Oregon

10. Pacific City

  • Population: 1,362
  • Cost of living index: 100.7 (US average of 100)

Pacific City is a true gem among Pacific coastal towns, situated on the edge of the Three Capes Scenic Drive. You can expect a very coastal life here!

You might be a little confused about its location because the entire Pacific region is scenic, but this place holds a special charm because of its community and serenity.

Haystack Rock is the landmark, where you can go for Dory fishing or watch the boats zipping along the shore.

Things to do in Pacific City

  • Go on coastal hiking on the trails of Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area
  • Soak your time at the ocean
Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area
Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

11. Florance

  • Population: 9,553
  • Cost of living index: 106.6 (US average of 100)

Florence is located just an hour from Eugene, offering a unique blend of urban and coastal life, with access to the gorgeous Sea Lion Caves to explore, known for its rich culture and architecture.

The city’s economy is boosted by the fishing and tourism sectors, resulting in endless opportunities for fun and adventure. You’ll find beaches, forested lands, riversides, and historic centers.

Downtown is exceptionally walkable and offers a great social nightlife scene. The residential area is quite desirable, as you can find homes for $237,000, with a median income of $42,356.

This is where families love to stay, as they can also take advantage of Siuslaw Schools, known for offering quality education. Mostly retirees choose the Heceta Beach neighborhood, as the setting is more rural and right by the water.

Things to do in Florence:

  • Stroll the neighborhood around pine trees, cherry trees, and cedar trees
  • Can plan for ridding dunes at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
  • Spend beachy time at Bob Creek Wayside, or Carl G. Washburne State Park


In sum, if you’re interested in moving to Oregon, these lists of the best places to live on the Oregon coast will surely help you find your home. However, I would like to remind you that it’s one of the most expensive states in the country, and finding a home in a small town can help you save a lot!

FAQ: Best Places to Live on the Oregon Coast

1. What is the sunniest part of the Oregon Coast?

A. The south-central region of the Oregon coast receives the most sunshine throughout the year, making it home to natural and cultural wonders. In particular, Klamath Falls is a spot that enjoys 300 days of sun.

2. Which coastal town in Oregon has the best weather?

A. Seaside has beautiful weather for chilling. The place rarely sees snowfall and is abundant in greenery with colorful blooming flowers all around.

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